Foreign Theories: Who is Desmond?

This is a very fun theory from Do Arzt.  This guy has a big twist at the end of his theory.  I was going to say what the end of the thoery is, but he should be allowed to build that up.

Doc Arzt: Who is Desmond

By the way, I highly doubt it, but it would be fun.  It actually sounds like a theory I would make up.

– izi

1 Response to “Foreign Theories: Who is Desmond?”

  1. 1 Keith Johnson
    December 25, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    That’s real interesting theory… but the reason I don’t think it’s going to be true is because the actor that plays Desmond isn’t a member of the main cast anymore, so I don’t expect a lot of major revelations about the character. Making him (or anyone) the son of Jacob would presumably led to a big twist in the plot, which will presumably eat up a lot of screen time that the actor doesn’t appear to have.

    Desmond has a lot of potential, however I think you called it when you said that his arc is effectively over. I expect Season 6 to be about the 815’ers resolving their destiny. (ie, I expect Miles, Frank and Ilana to have a much greater chance of dying this season than any of the Oceanic survivors.)

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