The Third Lost Last Supper

I wouldn’t mind a new poster for season 3, but apparently that’s not happening.  Instead we have another version of The Last Supper.  This one is more significant, instead of staring at Locke or staring at the camera, the characters are all doing their own thing.  (Also, I’m quite thankful that this promo was obviously a real picture instead of a air-brushed composite of separate character pictures like last seasons cast picture and this seasons teaser poster.)

I found this picture on pretty much every important Lost blog: DarkUFO, DocArzt, Lost.about.com.

This requires some analysis.  So here goes.


She is most definitely staring at “Locke”.  She knows what’s going on here and she is keeping her eye on the ball.  But you’ll notice she is far away from him.  If I’m right an Ilana is powerful then this means that she is still a little afraid of “Locke”.  She’s not stupid enough to get close to him.

Richard & Claire

This is quite significant.  Richard is serving Claire, If we look back Richard serves people like Ben, Widmore (grudgingly) and Ms. Hawking.  Perhaps Claire has some authority over him.  She has been on the Island for some time now, maybe she’s the boss now.  Or perhaps Christian is just using her.


Sayid appears to be offering something to Kate, but he’s looking at Locke.  Hopefully that means he knows what’s going on too.  Perhaps Ilana intended to use Sayid as a hitman of sorts.  Maybe he still has another person to kill.


I’m not sure what Kate is looking at, it almost looks like she’s staring at Ilana.  That would be odd.  She could be looking at Claire.  There’s not telling what they will do with Kate this season.  She’s a main star of the show, so it has to be something important or at least dramatic.  I’m betting Kate looking at Claire.  She says that she went back to the Island to get Claire, maybe that’s true.


Sawyer is obviously doing his protect Kate pose.  Sure he’ll be grieving Juliet for a while but there’s no way he’s going to let Kate die too.


He’s just looking devious.  He has both his hands on the table, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous.  He managed to get Jacob killed without touching him just by manipulating Ben…. let’s just stop for a minute and reread that, “Locke” manipulated Ben into killing someone.  That’s a big turn around.  How many times has Ben done that to someone else?


If Ilana is subtly watching “Locke “then Jack is doing the opposite.  He’s running right up against “Locke. ” This isn’t unusual at all for Jack.  I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Jack actually follows “Locke” for a while.

I’m mostly just happy that Jack isn’t looking at Kate.

Sun & Jin

Aw they’ll be together soon.  I almost care.

Frank with Miles, Ben & Hurley

Here’s the oddest one.  If there’s anyone Miles should be staring at it’s “Locke”, he’s dead after all.  Same with Ben, after the finale surely he’ll be a little on guard when it comes to “Locke”.  And since Hurley is usually representing us, the audience, one would expect him to be watching “Locke” or at least Jack.  But all of these characters are staring intently (even confusedly in Ben’s case) at Frank.  When did Frank get important.  Entertainment Weekly has an analysis of their own where they come to a similar conclusion.  They say it has to do with Ilana saying that Frank could be a candidate.  I brushed that comment off as an excues to continue dragging him along in the storyline and therefor give him more screentime, but perhaps it has more significance than that.

Halfway through writing this post I had a full body shiver.  It just occured to me that Lost is coming back on for the last time in less that a month.  This is too exciting.  I’ve been holdng my excitement at bay for pretty almost seven months, but it just hit me.

– izi

6 Responses to “The Third Lost Last Supper”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    January 20, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    I almost care.

    You kill me!
    They better stop drinking and get back to their baby.

    I think Miles is ignoring Locke because he’s not Locke, and so not dead/ghost.

    I also want to know what the heck Ben is looking at — I think this picture is photoshopped too because he looks more like he is looking past Frank.

    Jack looks like he is looking at the ground behind Locke — and yeah. He’s pissed with Locke – when isn’t he? He’s got the ‘angry wife’ posture — not as funny as ‘wife eyes’.

    Sayid isn’t looking at Kate so maybe he is going to lean forward and give Locke the cup…of poison! er um Dharma wine.

    Your theory about Richard serving Claire is interesting. I was just thinking it was Richard being not-a-leader — you know how he is just always around, getting things done? But turning out to be kind of a disappointment (unless that’s just me).

    Hurley looks like he is: Dude, check out the orange sky.
    Sawyer is for sure protecting Kate — not that she’ll let him.

    I’m sorry to see Juliet is not at dinner. 😦
    Suddenly, I care.

  2. 2 TheMonkeyKing
    January 26, 2010 at 7:39 am

    Couple of things seen and not seen.

    Not seen: Juliet and the rest of the Lost survivors, Others, and the newly lost. No Dues Ex-Machina for the last season? No new characters? My assumpiton is not; these will be the actors where most if not all will b ecentered. Other characters will probably be background noise if at all.

    Seen: Skulls and bones on the ground, set in front of the wreckage of The Swan Station. While other locations have been integral to moving the plot forward, its The Swan that’s central to everything. Also, is it sunrise or sunset?

    My question is about Jin. Why is he pouring wine when there is no cup directly in front of him? And they are not looking at each other. Does this mean they’ll never see each other again?

    • January 26, 2010 at 12:12 pm

      I think that they tend to create these posters with only the main stars. It’s really unfortunate. I think this is the first time that Richard has been included.
      I think it’s sunset. Or else that’s a pretty epic sunrise.
      I think Jin’s kinda aiming for the coconut in front of Sun, but he’s a little off. I’m pretty sure the writers are aiming for a Desmond and Penny type separation with these two characters. The reunion will be very dramatic.

  3. 4 Geovanny
    February 23, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    Does no one notice Kate is posing as the Mona Lisa? Look at her hands. Maybe the other characters are posing as paintings as well.

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