New Header

Just in time for Season 6 I’ve created a new header.  I still can’t force myself to change the theme but I do kinda like creating these headers (although I don’t really know what I’m doing and it takes me weeks to create these things).  WordPress does have some great themes that I would love to switch to, but this is the only one that I find goes well with Lost.

Just for kicks, which header to you like most?


2009 (Season 5):

2010 (Season 6):

I think my favorite was the 2009 header, I just like those legs.  And that poster was really clean.  I actually considered using the only legs in this last header too, but it looked pretty dumb, either I’d have to cut out some people (and Daniel would have been one of the cut characters), or it would be a big black blob.  Then I thought about using the Last Supper picture, but I don’t like it enough.

– izi

1 Response to “New Header”

  1. January 29, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    2008 wihtout a doubt, and I’ll tell you why – the font of the text. Since 2008 it has slowly increased in brightness – I now feel like a camera flash is going off every time I look at your header.

    2010 is technically a nicer header, but the font brightness/flash effect really puts me off 😦

    But at the end of the day – it is only a header. It is the content that keeps me coming back here and checking weekly (even if I do rarely comment – it’s only because I can’t comment in work, only sneak a little glance at the new posts ;))

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