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So as the new episodes start to come out and I kick up the blogging a few notches I thought I’d review some of my policies for you new readers.

No Spoilers

If you have information about upcoming episodes, about casting, about anything that you shouldn’t know about then please don’t talk about it here.  There are many places where people do appreciate that kind of thing, but not here.
I’m sorry if I’ve ever spoiled something for you, I’ll try to do hold back from now on.

No “Next Time on Lost”

I’ve decided this year that I’m not going to watch the “Next Time on Lost” sneak peek at the end of every episode.  Last season it really started to annoy me.  On some episodes like Whatever Happened, Happened it completely ruined the cliffhanger.  So let’s just stop watching those scenes.  And if you do then just try to avoid talking about those scenes on this site.  Same goes for commercials about Lost.  We can’t always avoid them, but let’s not theorize about them a lot.

– izi


1 Response to “Blog Policies”

  1. January 29, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Hey Izi,

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been avidly avoiding ALL spoilers – obviously a few COULDN’T be avoided, but things last year like sneaking a look at Jack in a Dharma jumpsuit just completely, for the very Lost-minded of us, ruined ALL the suspense and mystery of Season 5 with the possibility of time travel.

    With the fan theory that a reset / reboot could be in order this season (purely judging by the white-background-black-text as opposed to black-background-white-text LOST sign) I want to know NOTHING that would possibly confirm / contradict this theory.

    So no spoilers.

    No hints.

    No episode titles.

    No casting calls.

    No “Next Time On Lost”. Actually, this one I started practising away back in Season 4 – have always hated it as a hardcore fan!!

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