Season 6 Premiere Expectations

Let’s all get our hopes up. Let’s raise our expectations so high that the show will never be able to meet them. Yeah!

What Do You Want?

What do you want from the Season 6 premiere? Do you want a grand reunion episode? Do you want Jughead to reset the past? Or do you want it to simply cause a big explosion? Do you want the past to be ignored? Or do you want the story to pick up where it left off, with our 70s heroes standing around The Swan and our 07 heroes standing around the foot?

What I Want


Here’s what I want. Mostly I want people to not lose their memories. I’m fine with a soft reset of the Lost timeline, but I will be quite sad if Sawyer forgets about Juliet, if Jack goes back to “fixing things”, if Kate goes back to running. That’s not a good outcome for me.

Dead People

I’d be kinda happy to see everyone alive again, but up until recently very few of the deaths really bothered me. Out of all the main deaths: Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby, Eko, Charlie, Michael, Locke, Charlotte, Daniel, and Juliet; I would say the ones I would undo would be Libby, Charlotte, Daniel and Juliet. I’m a little on the fence about Charlotte and Locke.

Course Correction

But I am a firm believer in Ms. Hawking’s theory about changing the past. I think Daniel took it to an extreme when he said, “you can’t change the past” and “whatever happened, happened”. But beyond that I think she was right. You can change the past, but there will be course corrections. If you know the end then anything you change will just throw off destiny for a short time. It’s like what happened with Charlie. Desmond changed the past multiple times, but he couldn’t actually stop him from dying. That’s what I foresee in this coming season. Even if Jughead did work it’s nothing but a big ripple in the pond. It might change things slightly, but in the end these characters will die, they were meant to die.

So what I’m hoping for is a course-correcting premiere. Pretty much a blood-bath where we see a reunion but not a happy one. A reunion where all those people we saw die once, get to die again. That would be a fun way to start a season. (Except that I don’t want to see Juliet die again, once was too much.)


I also want to discover that what’s happening in 2007 on the Island; Sun and Frank exploring, Ben stabbing, “Locke” smiling, Ilana frowning; still happens. I don’t want that stuff undone. That would be annoying and a half. Also it seems unlikely since I doubt Sun and Jin will be reunited this soon into the final season, I foresee that happening near the end.


And I want Walt back!!!

Past Mistakes

You should know, from my track record, that I’m very bad at predicting premieres. That’s why I’ve been all but silent for the last eight months. I wasted a lot of time denying the possibility of Time Travel last hiatus only to be blown away in Season 5. I would have loved spending eight more months denying the possibility of reset timeline, but I think it might have just turned me into an angry, angry boy.

– izi

3 Responses to “Season 6 Premiere Expectations”

  1. February 1, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    As I started writing a response, it morphed into my predictions for Season 6… which became over ten thousand characters of theorizing. That doesn’t strike me as something I should dump on your site, so I posted it to my blog.


    Other than that, I figured I’d respond to your “Dead People” and “Course Correction” comments.

    –Dead People–
    Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Michael, Charlotte really mean very little to me, as I felt that their characters were either never explored very deeply (Shannon, Boone), were continually annoying (Ana Lucia & Charlotte) or became groan-inducingly annoying as time went on (Michael). So, I’m not shedding a tear for any of them.

    The death of Charlie, Juliet, Libby, Eko and Daniel were fair more painful to me as they were characters I was deeply invested in. Not only were their backgrounds interesting, but the actors did a fantastic job with their characters. As much as I’d love to see them return, I don’t think I’d want to see Charlie, Juliet, Libby or Eko come back to life.

    * Charlie had a fantastic send off with the final three hours of Season 3, and bringing him back would demolish that. I’d rather see him stay dead and I’m concerned about how his return is going to be played.

    * Juliet’s life with Sawyer (which seemed one step away from happily ever after), fits the classic mold of greek tragedies. My gut instinct is that I think her death is going to make Sawyer a far more edgy and intense character than we’ve seen in previous seasons. I expect a Season 1 version of Sawyer (unrepentant conman) to come back with a vengance, rather than someone resembles the house-broken and domesticated Sawyer we saw in Season 5. Juliet returning would shatter that transformation, so while I love the character, I hope she remains dead.

    * Libby’s death was extremely dissapointing during Season 2, however her ship has sailed off a long time ago. Way too many questions have come up for me to be concerned about her backstory. I liked her character, and she added a good dynamic to the group. Frankly there wasn’t any significant mysteries involving her character, so while I would have enjoyed watching her story unfold if she didn’t die, I’ve made peace with where we are at. If she comes back, they better knock it out the ballpark.

    * I always liked how Mr. Eko seemed to be one of those characters who seemed more involved in the show’s mythology than some of other characters. As an added bonus, since Eko seemed to be a fusion of John (the mystic) and Sayid (the killer), the character really appealed to me. Unfortunately, this also meant that when Eko died, the issues around him could be told through other characters. Like Libby, I would have been interested in seeing how Eko evolved (what would he be like in the Dharma Initiative or as one of the Oceanic 6), however he joined the choir invisible two and a half seasons ago, so I think it’s best to let him go.

    * … and then we have Daniel Faraday. I thought he was a great character, but his appearance (and death) in The Variable drove me nuts. I don’t fault the actor, but rather the script he was given. It was way too scripted and ham handed. There were too many instances of him stating something as fact, yet running out of the scene before explaining a single word he said. The scene of him dropping the news on Jack that he wasn’t supposed to be there, followed by him immediately running out the door and going to the Orchid with Miles while Jack was chasing him down for answers was extremely annoying. I disliked how a character I liked (who was already Mr. Explain-The-Plot-Device), was reduced to dropping some cryptic lines for the writers until he ran out of plot hooks from the writers. Once that happened, he stupidly ran into the Other’s camp with a gun and got shot before he could explain anything else. At least his flashbacks were priceless, as were the reactions of everyone around him as he quoted from The Gospel of Time Travel. As such, I’d be all for Faraday coming back in Season 6, mainly because it would probably be the best chance to actually get straight answers out of him. 😉

    –Course Correction–
    I’m right there with you on Course Correction, except I think there will be an alternate timeline… until it is changed again and restored. It will appear as a choice/the free will of the main characters, but fundamentally it will be the universe course correcting to restore the timeline.

  2. 2 Kelly
    February 23, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    Yes, it’s a very successful show, but also extremely overrated. Just watching an episode tonight…the dialogue alone is SO painfully shallow…

    “Why did you come back?”

    “Why did YOU come back?”

    “I came back because I was broken.”


    • February 23, 2010 at 11:24 pm

      I don’t think anyone would say that Lost dialogue has ever been good. You could make a drinking game out of scene breaks in the middle of conversations. The reason why we like the show is because it is what all serial shows should be. It’s a show that has to be watched and rewatched. The viewer has to pay attention and have a perfect memory in order to understand what’s happening. There just isn’t anything on TV anymore that demands that. Eeverything else on network TV is simplified into oblivion.
      If you think it’s overrated then you should at least be happy that it isn’t as successful as you would think. It pulls in low numbers of viewers. So apparently most people agree with you.

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