601 – LA X (part 1)


I started watching this episode thinking that I was not going to enjoy it.  I thought that either we’d have a timeline reset or not, it was one way or another.  I would have been unhappy either way.  With the Reset I would have been bored with that time period and I would have hated to see all that “progress” disappear.  Without the Reset, Juliet and Daniel died for nothing, and frankly with a title like LA X and news that every former cast member was coming back, it wasn’t possible for there not to be a Reset.  So I pretty much ignored Lost during the hiatus.  If I spent too much time thinking about it I would make myself angry.

At Comic-Con Darlton asked us to trust them.  And I’m very glad that I did.  They are geniuses.  I would never have guessed that they were doing to diverging timelines.  I’ve heard a few bloggers suggest it as a possibility, but frankly I rarely believe anything my fellow bloggers say, I wouldn’t say that to their face, but it’s true.  Seeing it in action is just glorious.  It’s literally the best of both worlds.

As for this episode specifically, it was awesome.  The inevitable scene that showed that the plane didn’t crash and then underwater Island reveal was perfectly devastating (not unlike the underwater Oceanic 815 wreckage).  At that point I was ready to resign myself to the fact that the writers had chosen the more boring route of starting over.

But that was just the first intro.  The second was another slow reveal of another timeline.  Too good.  Suddenly we were presented with a new format and an amazing new story.

Cut to the beach and we have more insanity.  It’s casually revealed that “Locke” is Smokey.  Smokey tears up some people with guns and blows our mind (what’s new).

Then Jacob shows up to visit Hurley and it turns out he’s very dead but he isn’t helpless, he seems to have a plan, or at least hope.  It’s very comforting to hear Jacob giving orders even from beyond the grave.

All of this is peppered with visits from characters we thought dead.  Charlie and Boone were exciting to someone out there, not me.  But the return of Juliet was quite wonderful.  I still wish that Juliet and Sawyer could have had a happily ever after, but I realize I’m being naive.  That’s not the kind of show I signed on for.  What we did get was a small amount of closure and at least a new final image of Juliet (If I have to see that scene with Juliet’s slow death again… well I’ll outline my plans below).

My expectations for this episode were at about a 7 maybe an 8, but this is honestly a 10.0, mostly for the introduction of this glorious new format (Smokey=”Locke” didn’t hurt).


Formatting:  OK, since we have a new kind of narrative and two diverging storylines I have to find a way to keep them separated.  I’ve decided to italicize the text for the Off-Island comments.  I hope that’s noticeable enough, without being annoying.  If you have any other suggestions please tell me.


-Richard had nothing to do in this episode except look confused.  This guy is suddenly in waaaay over his head.


-Well that’s nice of the writers.  Who knew we could get to see Jacob so quick.  Probably I would know if I had paid attention to the opening credits.  But still, I didn’t expect it.

-Did Jacob want Ben to kill him?  I keep being reminded of Ob-Wan, “If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine”.  Of course we all know how that ended, Obi-Wan turned into a useless ghost.  But there do seem to be parallels.  Obi-wan/Jacob is killed way too easily by a lackey, Darth Vader/Ben, while the real Master, The Emporer/”Locke” sits on the sidelines.  Will Jacob be more useful?  I hope so.

-Jacob says, “I was killed by an old friend who grew tired of my company”.  I’l get back to the Old Friend bit later, but I just want to dwell on the fact that Jacob says that he was killed by “Locke” and not Ben.  I think that’s pretty significant.  I don’t know if he forgives Ben, but at least he knows that Ben wasn’t responsible.


-Ilana, Bram and Richard didn’t get along with Richard like I expected them to.

-Did Ilana even get a line in this episode?  Pretty disappointing for me.  Apparently I might be the only person disappointed though, I hear Ilana isn’t terribly popular.


-And little Bram is no substitute.  He’s a pretty awful actor.  I get that he was hired for his size but still.  I was glad to see him die.


-Without the Swan Hurley’s lucky.  I guess that means that at some point after 1977 the Numbers were cursed.  Or perhaps if you’re an optimist, or just a  boring individual, then the numbers were never cursed and it’s all a matter of positive thinking (If someone brings up The Secret I will punch them in the ovaries, or in the testicles, but frankly it’s a less likely situation).

-Hurley looking at Sayid spitting up some blood, “Oh god, oh god, this is gross.”  He makes the simplest lines so cute.

-I wonder what Airport Security thought about Hurley’s guitar case.

-Hurley’s a frickin hero!  “Can you fix Sayid, Jack?”  “No”  “Then you’re going to have to let me do it”.  What a champ.

-Hurley showed some great taste in this episode when he chose Juliet’s life over Sayid’s.  He would rather wait and check to see what happens to Juliet rather than rush off to the Temple to save Sayid.  High five Hurley.  I hope he keeps up this streak of awesomeness throughout this whole season.


-Was that remorse Ben felt?  he was holding the knife and wondering why Jacob didn’t try to stop him.

-Is it possible that Ben is feeling suicidal?  He’s back on the Island like he wanted, but Locke is there too, ready to snatch The Others away from him.  His own daughter accused him of her murder and now he’s killed his former boss.  I imagine that might be a little discouraging.

– I really felt bad for Ben when he was about to leave The Foot and he turns around to see “Locke” staring at him.  This guy’s in for a rough season.  I hope he gets some revenge.  Then again, Ben’s revenge isn’t always the prettiest thing.


-Ugh, how many times did they make us watch that awful scene of Juliet blowing up that bomb.  Answer: three times.

-Hearing Juliet making noises under the Swan crater (the new Swan crater, different from all the rest) I was not filled with hope.  That was just heart-breaking all over again.  She sounded like a sad little kitten, it was just painful.

-I think the fact that the writers let us have more Juliet scenes implies that they were listening to us over the hiatus.  I think they may have underestimate out love for Sawliet.  As a non-Shipper I was certainly surprised at my own love for the couple.

-Juliet’s last conversation with Sawyer reminded me of Shmi Skywalker’s last words (this is my life: Lost and Star Wars), “Anakin I love-” and then she dies.  Badly timed final words are enough to make you want to turn into a Sith, or kill Sand-People.  But I forgive them for doing it because it gave them a chance to use Miles’s psychic abilities in the next episode.

-Juliet does nothing but suffer in this show, it’s just too awful.

-I never really say this kind of stuff, but I am very grateful to Elizabeth Mitchell for coming back to film this.  She was undoubtably busy filming V, but she came back for us.  And I hope that wasn’t the last time we get to see her.


-It looks like Sawyer’s going to keep up his intense acting this season too.  That’s good news, I like this new Sawyer.  It’s almost like he’s a lead actor now.

-Everyone was so bloody in this episode.  It was pretty gross.  Sawyer was definitely the worst.

-Sawyer’s “You hit the bomb?  Why?” line was odd.  What did he expect to happen?  Did he think she would just give up and ide?  I get it that it would be a huge leap for him to assume that she lived and then caused the explosion, but it was still an odd line.


-“See you in another life” has new meaning now doesn’t it?

-I can’t imagine why they threw him in this episode.  What possibly reason could there be for him to be in Sidney?  And why would he go to LA?  Very odd.  He looked very content though.  I guess they just wanted to make sure that we know that he wasn’t on the Island.

-At this point in the show (from the end of Season 4 on) I would rather not see Desmond anymore.  He’s still one of my favorite characters but I’d rather have him off-screen having a lovely time with Penny rather than putting himself in peril by sticking around this characters.

-I might have an idea why he doesn’t remember Jack, perhaps he’s led such a fulfilling life that he doesn’t have time to reflect on workout sessions in the 90s.  Whereas in his other life he had hours to think about that stuff.  It’s a pretty weak reason.

-Was that “Our Mutual Friend” that Desmond was reading there?


-Was Locke lying to Boone?  I don’t think so.  “Why would I pull your leg?”  I think the answer to that question is covetousness… of legs…  Get it?
Honestly though, I don’t think this Locke, with his happy disposition and strange optimism would lie about something like that.  And I don’t think old Locke would have been able to lie about something like that, at least not so specifically.  He would have said something about going for a walkabout then he would have started yelling and then crying.  Poor Locke.

-And yeah, I thought he was cured too.  It’s amazing what a different attitude can do for a guy.

-They seemed to make a very, very big deal about Locke being dead, just so that we didn’t forget.


-Confirmation of who, if not what, Smokey is.  I didn’t think we’d be getting that.

-Jacob says, “I was killed by an old friend who grew tired of my company”.  I’m definitely thinking a lot about the cave drawing of Smokey and Anubis.
Beside that there is some slight significance to that line.  Apparently the Man in Black was annoyed with Jacob because they had to spend so much time together, presumably stuck on the Island.

-“Locke” can take a bullet like no other.  Not good news.


-I didn’t believe for a second that Sayid was dead.  There was no way they would let me get off that easy.

-Sayid was very concerned about what would happen to him after he died.  I think that raises the possibility of something interesting happening to everyone off the Island after these characters die.  Dying on the Island, in that timeline, might allow a character to pass into the other timeline.  I doubt the writers wanted to bring up heaven and hell at this point.

-When Jack saw his little neck scratch I was expecting Sayid to have an inexplicable gunshot wound.  I figured that’s what the call for the doctor was.  Unfortunately it was Charlie, trying to get more attention, as always.


-Kate was thrown clear of the Swan site and into a tree.  For a while I thought that it was the tree that she hid her time capsule under.  That raised a lot of possibilities.  I think that may have been the aim of the writers when they filmed that.

-I’ll bet I wasn’t alone in checking my sound on my TV when Kate was deafened.

-When Kate goes up to the crater she sees Jack and Sawyer laying unconscious.  She looks at both of them and then decides to go to Jack.  Of course this could just be so that we could have Sawyer waking up out of the frame and lining up a nice field goal kick to Jack’s head, but I like to overanalyze so I think it means something.

-On a related note, on the plane she runs into Jack and it’s not romantic at all she merely pick-pockets him for a pen.  Less romantic.


-When they were hitting the turbulence over the Island I was praying that they would crash.  Funny how my mind couldn’t accept this new story.

-That scratch on Jack’s neck was extremely mysterious.

-Jack seems to be coping quite well with the failure of his plan.  I guess if he was freaking out it would look pathetic next to Sawyer’s justifiable emotions.


-How many people thought that the first flash to the other timeline was a time skip.  It made the same noise as the old Season Five time skips.

-I think we might finally get to see who those watches Jin has were for.  I’ll bet it’s a fun little Easter Egg thing.  They’ll be for some people we’ve seen before.


-I wanted to punch Jin when he pulled the ol’ “do up your button”.

The Marshall

-I was not thrilled to see this guy back.  His face really gets on my nerves.


-After all this time I still get kind of excited when I see Cindy the stewardess.  She’s a totally useless character, but I think absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you always no it’s a special occasion if she shows up.

Seth (the pilot)

-So they could get Greg Grunberg’s voice but not his body.  Not a bad deal.


-Charlie says “I was supposed to die”.  Really?  In the same way he was supposed to die at the end of Season 4?  Is Charlie aware of the past?  That would make him more interesting.


-Boone left Shannon in Australia.  Progress.

-Boone likes mainland-Locke for the same reasons he liked Island-Locke. “This thing goes down, I’m sticking with you.”


-Mr. Arzt is still an ass even in the wonderful Island-less world.  Shocking.

Flashes (what we know now):

Sunken Island

So blowing up a Hydrogen bomb in the Swan caused the entire Island to sink.  Hmm, curious.  That kind of implies that they killed everyone on the Island.  I guess they considered that before they did it, but still, to see it makes a big difference.  All those people died to give Jack a second chance with Kate?  Of course this is all mostly just hypothetical, in reality those people only died in 50% of the show.  They lived in half of these episodes (well until the Purge).

A Different Episode

During the first commercial break after the reveal of the underwater Island a friend who I was watching this with, let’s call him Lavender, said “I wish I was watching a different episode”.  He really wasn’t enjoying the direction this episode was taking.  I agreed completely, and we got our wish after those commercials were over.

A New Crater

Well I guess we can count this one as a technical goof, or at least a technical necessity.  Each season when they show The Swan crater it’s totally different.  I thought it might have been significant.  But this definitively settles that.  I don’t really want to make a big deal about it.  It doesn’t make a difference.

The Third Party

It’s being heavily hinted that these people are evil.  I don’t know what to think anymore.  One hint would have been misdirection to keep us on our toes.  Two hints over two seasons makes it an actual possibility.  Now it’s just Ilana left so it’s hard to believe she has crazy, evil intentions.
“Locke” says these people are just bodyguards.  That doesn’t seem right.  They have to have a bigger plan than that.  There’s no way they don’t have a backup plan for if Jacob is dead.

New Theory: Who Kate Ends Up With

Before this whole diverging timelines things I was pretty sure that Jack was going to end up dying in the end of the show and Kate would end up with Sawyer.  Now I’m starting to think that Kate could end up with both.  I think Kate will end up with Jack in one timeline and Sawyer in the other.  I don’t know which pairing in which timeline but I’ll work on that.  I’ll also try to flesh out this theory before I add it to my Current Theories page.

Sorry I didn’t put a “Kate dead” option, but I think it might have got a vast majority of the votes.  Let’s just save those votes for the comments.

– Izi


27 Responses to “601 – LA X (part 1)”

  1. February 3, 2010 at 4:40 am

    I loved the comparison between LOST and Star Wars. Never thought of Monster Locke as the Emperor, but he is!

  2. 2 missscarlett
    February 3, 2010 at 6:25 am

    Ok – I’m not going to read the whole review — don’t want to be too ‘influenced’. 🙂

    But: It worked.
    So there is another Juliet out there or ‘on’ there.
    Perhaps there will still be a happy ending?
    crossing my twitching fingers!

    • February 4, 2010 at 2:04 pm

      I never thought I’d hear you hoping that Juliet is alive. Haha.

  3. 4 drew458
    February 3, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Yes, Kate Dead/Sawyer+Juliet = Happily Ever After would get all the votes. I can’t wait to get my hate on for her again in this last season as she messes up all the plans again. Gilligan.

    It was nice to see Rose in the recap show and in the first episode. All the other black people on the show were totally edited out of that distillation. Michael, Walt, Mr. Eko, Naomi, even Mr. Abbadon. Even the mystery Other lady Miss Klugh got offed by her own. None of those characters or those plot lines mattered.

    Am I the only one who wanted to scream over the constant commercials? It got to where I was timing it – every 8 minutes there was a 3-4 minute commercial break. Arrggh!!

    • February 3, 2010 at 11:24 am

      Sounds like somebody hasn’t been watching Lost live. Are you one of those DVD watchers? It’s not so easy to watch on TV is it?

  4. 6 mins
    February 3, 2010 at 10:50 am

    i’m still confused about the 2 timelines. parallel universes?
    is desmond’s and jack’s constant, daniel?
    i thought it was a little funny that only kate got thrown so far away and up a tree.
    is locke/smokey/man in black’s name “esau”?
    if ben was working for jacob…but could summon smokey into the camp when he wanted …?
    so now we understand the ash markings surrounding jacob’s cabin was to keep smokey away.
    interesting that ben wouldn’t tell richard anything even after richard showed him dead locke.
    i thought jack and kate would remember that hole in the ground by the wall. jack kept locke from being sucked in there by smokey and kate threw in the dynamite which made smokey leave.
    significance of the spring’s water being red?
    some answers… more mysteries!

    • February 3, 2010 at 11:12 am

      Possibly parallel universes. It’s sorta like Daniel’s theory was flawed. He thought that a big enough change in the past would change the future, but all it did was create a new future. So now we have two timelines. I guess we have to decide for ourselves which one we think is more real. It’s a great way of bringing back former stars and settling stories that we never got a good ending too.
      Desmond might be Jack’s constant, but if he was then he didn’t effect him like I would expect him to. I would expect if someone like Daniel met Desmond suddenly his mind would click and he would regain all of his memories from the other timeline. That didn’t happen to Jack.
      I just made up the Esau thing, I think a lot of other bloggers did too, independently. I wouldn’t presume to take credit for the name. We don’t know the name of Jacob’s enemy. I use the name Esau when he’s in that old body, I call him “Locke” when he’s in Locke’s body and I guess I’ve been calling him Smokey when he’s Smokey (but I didn’t know he was Smokey too).
      I think that plug thing was a kind of contact point for Ben to get into the underground caverns. He pulled the plug and told Smokey to come. I think Smokey would have come and killed anyone, it just so happens that Keamy and his men were the ones that attacked him that day. Ben certainly wasn’t in league with him.
      I think that was a different hole in the ground that Locke was almost pulled into. We hadn’t seen the Temple, or the outer wall, until last season.

    • February 5, 2010 at 10:41 pm

      i’m still confused about the 2 timelines. parallel universes?

      I think that is what is going on – most people are treating it as two timelines/universes/dimensions. I hope that they merge eventually 🙂

      i thought it was a little funny that only kate got thrown so far away and up a tree.

      Yeah, that was funny… and strange :-\

      is locke/smokey/man in black’s name “esau”?

      We don’t know his name yet. They are intentionally calling him “you”, “it”, “the monster” so far, keeping it a mystery – nobody knows for sure yet, only guesses!

      if ben was working for jacob…but could summon smokey into the camp when he wanted …?

      Precisely! Why did Smokey seem to obey him? I think Ben kind of described it as “I (ben) can summon it (smokey), but I can’t control it” meaning that he can ask Smokey to come and help him, but if Smokey wanted to, Smokey could have ignored him or killed him. I think Smokey just kept Ben sweet because he knew that eventually Ben would help him kill Jacob.

      so now we understand the ash markings surrounding jacob’s cabin was to keep smokey away.

      It would appear so, but then, who was in the cabin? Who was Christian? How did he get in? Who said “help me”?

      interesting that ben wouldn’t tell richard anything even after richard showed him dead locke.

      I think Ben is suffering PTS.

      i thought jack and kate would remember that hole in the ground by the wall. jack kept locke from being sucked in there by smokey and kate threw in the dynamite which made smokey leave.

      Totally different hole, mate. Sorry. I can understand the confusion – they both seem far closer to the hatch than I had predicted. I guess storytelling wins over accuracy every time?

      significance of the spring’s water being red?

      My personal theory is that when Jacob died, the water turned red – I think the water is his life fountain, how he granted Richard his powers. When it turned red, that was Jacob’s essence either dying and the water losing it’s powers, or it was Jacob returning to the water and being reborn inside Sayid. However, I think it is the former – that guy who cut his hand didn’t look too happy or healed, and warned Jack of the consequences – I think the water is losing power due to Jacob’s death.

  5. 9 Nater
    February 3, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Are there any Lost fans that speak Japanese? There were a few times when Dogen said things that weren’t translated. Like when Lennon-guy asked why the water wasn’t clear…

    • February 3, 2010 at 11:20 am

      About halfway down the page on this site: http://www.kulturblog.com/2010/02/lost-la-x-season-6-premier/ you can read a translation of what he says. If you can’t find it hit CTRL+F and type in Japanese.
      He doesn’t really say anything special.

  6. 11 Publicola
    February 5, 2010 at 7:49 am

    One theory about Desmond:
    As Desmond is “uniquley and miraculously special”, Desmond was not, in fact, on O815, but rather simply there to remind Jack of his other reality. Jack asks Desmond, “do I know you from somewhere?” Desmond smiles, but denies. After all, if Jughead sunk the Island, presumably it killed those left on it, including Widmore and Hawking. No Widmore, no Penny. No Penny, no sailing race, no Island, no Button, and no Fail Safe.

    One theory about Juliet:
    Juliet tells Miles and Sawyer, “It worked.” Previously, Juliet tells Sawyer that they should go out for coffee and they could go dutch. Perhaps in the ATL, Sawyer and Juliet meet and Juliet asks Sawyer to coffee and suggests they go dutch, giving Sawyer the biggest case of deja vu ever.

    About Jacob:
    When he said he was murdered by an “old friend”, I thought he was either referring to MIB or Ben, but not Locke.

    • February 8, 2010 at 3:13 pm

      Yeah, after rerewatching the episode I agree. Desmond’s “specialness” might come in to play here. I kinda like to think that he’s aware of what’s happening in that timeline and he’s just checking up on each of the characters. But at the same time I’m aware that he’s not a regular this year, so he’s not necessarily going to be around a lot.
      I think I may have gone off on a tangent from what you were talking about. I agree that Penny probably doesn’t exist in this timeline.

      • February 8, 2010 at 3:19 pm

        I dunno, there’s been some very good points made about the fact that Penny would probably already be born off-Island at the point in which The Incident took place – or at the very least, Widmore has already impregnated Penny’s mother.

        Seems a bit skanky having two people pregnant at the same time, but that’s ole Chuck for ya. I would definately not rule out Penny yet.

        Dismayed to hear that Desmond won’t be a regular this year 😦 I wish Lost didn’t have credits or cast annoncements, I consider them tantamount to spoilers 😦

        ( Check out my Lost competition to win a free T-Shirt – http://superduperstream.blogspot.com/2010/02/cafepress-competition-1.html – all you have to do is describe the perfect ending to Lost! Enter now 😀 )

        • February 8, 2010 at 3:35 pm

          He wasn’t really in any of the pictures or anything, so it was a little obvious.

          • February 8, 2010 at 3:47 pm


            I am avoiding EVERYTHING this year. Normally I would be investigating all official stuff, like podcasts and interviews, but I figure this year I’ll stick to my blog, my favourite blogs and just the episodes, nothing more so I really have no clue who is or isn’t in this year 🙂 I figure it’ll give me more to read/do once Season 6 rolls to a finish 😦

  7. 16 Publicola
    February 5, 2010 at 8:11 am

    Also, I never heard anyone ever refer to Obi-Wan Kanobe as a “useless ghost” before. I always looked at Obi Wan as the spiritual personification of the Force that guides our hero is making the right choices and embrace his destiny.

    • February 8, 2010 at 3:21 pm

      Nah, he’s useless. Just kidding. I just say that because he made that crazy claim that he would be more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine.
      But Kenobi is still Kenobi when he dies, it’s not like he loses his personality or anything like that, he’s just holding on to this dimension rather than passing on to the next.

      • February 8, 2010 at 3:23 pm

        Hee Hee, I like it when people describe Star Wars in real terms. “All Jedi was was a bunch of muppets” 😀

        Although I hate it when it is turned on to me – I am a HUGE Jabba fan, but my friend never fails to point out that he was killed by f***ing Leia 😦

  8. February 5, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    Hey there,

    So glad the blog is back up and running 🙂 loved your analysis.

    A few points:

    – I thought Jacob’s “old friend” line was directed at Ben, although I get that, having never met him, Ben could hardly be accused of growing tired of his company, but I treated that as more of an overbearing father-figure kind of company, as opposed to a drinking-buddies kind of company. I’m probably wrong though.

    – I noticed Ilana wasn’t noticeable this episode.

    – Cute thought it may be, I still maintain it would be more canon for Hurley to have fainted, at least a little.

    – Keeping with Hurley – I agree on the airport security front, but I was practically screaming at my TV – why didn’t Jin drive them to the wall while Jack, Kate, Miles and Sawyer helped with Juliet? What use were Jin and Hurley in that instance, once they had moved the big metal bar?

    – “I imagine that might be a little discouraging.” =D classic line.

    – COMPLETELY agree re: Juliet and Sawyer – by the way, what was that whole exchange before she died? I couldn’t make out the last line and whether it was Sawyer or Juliet that said it. I also am appreciative of Elizabeth Mitchell filming that scene, but I think we could have done without it – The Incident was heartbreaking and poignant, this felt tacked on at the end for no reason other than closure, which isn’t always artistically best. Also, I do consider Sawyer the lead at the moment – Ben has no power, Richard has no power, Locke is dead, Jack has no power, Sawyer is all that’s left – he has all the power he ever had, and he has all this emotion fuelling him. I hope he shines once we get past the obligatory Jack/Kate episodes.

    – And that bomb line WAS odd. Don’t worry, I noticed it too.

    – Locke – I too, thought he was cured. Then the pulling my leg line was swaying me. Then, when they hoisted him onto that wheelchair, I just felt he was being a rotten, stinking liar. I get what you are saying about the optimism, but to me it feels very, very false – his lines to Boone just seemed like lies to make himself feel better, and his lines to Jack about his father actually came across really mean to me. I don’t know, I might be reading the vibes entirely wrong. It is like 7:30am here and I haven’t been to sleep since watching lost about 10 hours ago.

    – Jack’s neck scratch really threw me. I wonder if it is significant?

    – What was Charlie up to? Was he trying to kill himself I wonder?

    – I think it was a fantastic opening on Kate – I was trying to convince my sister that it was DEFINATELY off-island, because they always try to throw us in the first episode and wouldn’t make it so OBVIOUSLY on-island. Ah, what a fool I am this week! Completely off on all my theories – I need to sleep I think. But yeah, that deafening affect was making my dog howl and bark at the TV. Not. Good.

    – I don’t want Kate to end up with either of them, but a big competition ongoing at the moment has that as it’s answer so… meh. I couldn’t care less, she’s not a very nice character. I think Jack tries, but I personally don’t like him, and Sawyer is not in her league. Kate should be alone, or with a Charlie.

    I’ve also done my first analysis, but the writing is FAR below my usual standard – I was trying to watch the first two episodes as a fan, not as a writer. So, here it is for what it is : http://superduperstream.blogspot.com/2010/02/s6e1e2-la-x-analysis.html Be warned – more of a rambling than pure analysis.

  9. 20 missscarlett
    February 7, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Of course we all know how that ended, Obi-Wan turned into a useless ghost.
    You just induced a coughing/laughing/choking fit!!!

    If someone brings up The Secret …WHAT? the What?
    ‘oh yeah. he was always saying ovaries’ Thanks for another Drowning Mona/Lost connection!

    why hit the bomb line was odd
    I think it was another shout-out to the idiots who watch and never know what’s going on (no offense newbies! oh hell yeah, much offense Horatio!)
    To placate the Sawliet fans? It was their great love that made her do it!

    See you in another life” has new meaning now doesn’t it?
    So it does.

    perhaps he’s led such a fulfilling life that he doesn’t have time to reflect on workout sessions in the 90s.

    I thought the same thing when I saw him with a book but No – it’s Haroun something something and the Sea – by Salman Rushdie–our next Lost Book Club read
    go find it in audio and teach me how to get it! Please. I’m no monster.

    Your description of lying yelling Locke is awesome! I totally thought he was lying, but I WANTED him to be able to walk. Poor sad John.

    cave drawing of Smokey and Anubis
    Oh my my. I hadn’t even considered that option….very interesting.

    Oh come now. Charlie trying to get more attention? That seems uncalled for.
    But that neck bleed is interesting…

    Anytime I see Kate in a tree I am amazed at what an awesome climber she is — do you think they purposefully work shimmying in trees into stories for her? They seem to.

    I SO was stressed by the plane NOT crashing. It affected my breathing. There is nothing like this show.
    Jack seems truly defeated by being still on Island. 😦

    Except this time there was only one watch??
    oh that bastard Jin – I didn’t miss him.
    I liked that they included that inflamatory line about the button – it lets you know immediately what their relationship is like.

    Ugh. I hate the Marshall.

    Boone left Shannon in Australia. Progress.

    So blowing up a Hydrogen bomb in the Swan caused the entire Island to sink.
    Hold on — New Otherton was there too — wasn’t it? Doesn’t that put the Island sinking at a different time?

    let’s call him Lavender
    gee is his name a colour?

    • February 8, 2010 at 12:44 pm

      I read about that Salman Rushdie book on FishBiscuitLand and it sounds very interesting 🙂 what’s your opinion on it?

  10. 22 missscarlett
    February 7, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    every 8 minutes there was a 3-4 minute commercial break
    sounds like a Numbers thing Drew…

    mins – it was totally a different hole – out in the jungle on it’s own – must be a tunnel to the Temple

    Chris- given how often Hurley has been exposed to bloody people on-Island – he could be getting somewhat used to it

    • February 8, 2010 at 12:45 pm

      Yeah, the realistic side of me knows that is probably true, but I really like to think I know better than the Lost writers sometimes 🙂 lol

    • February 8, 2010 at 2:09 pm

      Gave you a little shout-out there scarlett 😉


  11. 25 grrlwonder
    February 11, 2010 at 5:39 am

    Jacob said “I was killed by an old friend who grew tired of my company.” Who could grow tired of him outside of the MIB/Smokey/Flocke/Man in Locke? They were together on the island way back when, and although Ben did the physical stabbing, Jacob offered no resistance and it was brought about by his dear old friend.

    I would think Jacob finds Ben and most of the others quite inconsequential (our Survivors excluded of course).

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