602 – LA X (part 2)


(Sorry for the confusion everyone, I prematurely published this last night before it was done.)

So I can’t give this episode the same credit I gave the premiere, for the invention of this new and wonderful format, but that still doesn’t make this a bad episode.

This is the episode where we finally get to see the Temple, inside and out.  That’s a pretty big accomplishment.  With the Temple comes a lot of Others action, always a favorite of mine.

We also get a last word from Juliet, “it worked”.  I have a feeling that line will be extremely significant as this season goes on.

Back on the beach there is quite a bit of fun.  “Locke” takes control of the situation.  First he makes sure Ben feels as bad as possible about what he’s done, then he spouts off some actually logical assessments of the Oceanic survivors, then he takes down Richard and throws him over his shoulder.  This guy means business.

In the Islandless timeline we’re left with mostly a Kate story.  She escapes from under the Marshall’s care and pretty much gets away.  We get our first glimpse of Claire in a long time.

Jack loses Christian and has a run-in in with the strangely positive Locke.  They get along and Jack promises to fix Locke.  Kind of a great setup for future episodes.

The contrast between the two Lockes, on the Island and off the Island is quite amazing.  Terry O’Quinn is angling for another Emmy.

Oh yeah Sayid didn’t die.  Yeah, who would have thought he’d survive?  Truly shocking (I need to find a way to properly express sarcasm, it never really comes out right).

I think I’m still buzzed from the excitement of this new format so I might not be being totally objective here.  I’d say this episode counts at about a 9.0 on my scale of awesomeness



-The scared look on Richard’s face is very worrisome.  It’s really a bad thing when Richard is frightened.

-I guess we know where Richard came from.  It seems clear that Richard was a slave on The Black Rock at one point


-What’s Ilana’s plan here?  If there was ever a time to act against “Locke” it was when he was coming out of The Foot.  Sure she shouldn’t shoot him, but surely she has a backup plan for dealing with Smokey.


-I almost had a heart attack when Hurley crossed over the hole in the floor in the Temple.  But maybe if he fell down he might have seen a fun ghost or something.  Then again, hopefully he wouldn’t because that would mean “Locke” was there already.

-I love watching Hurley scrambling to save his own life.  He only thinks to say things once The Others start cocking their guns.  “Jacob sent me!” “The guitar case!”

-Hurley says this line in his best Adam Sandler yell, “You’re not savin’ him, your drownin’ him!”

-I wonder what Hurley was doing in Australia.  He wasn’t going to see that Numbers guy or his widow.  On the phone in the airport he was talking about the Outback, maybe he was just going for a fun trip.  Or maybe to set up Mr. Clucks in Australia.

-I love when our characters treat The Others the way they were treated for so long.  Coming into their camp giving them weird nonsensical information.  “Oh Jacobs dead, didn’t you know?  Man, you guys need to get on Facebook.”


-Ben says, “You USED me.”  As if it’s incomprehensible.  It’s not fun to be conned, is it Ben?

-I think this might be Ben’s lowest moment in the show.  When Alex died he still had some resources, he had goals.  At this point he’s out of ideas and people to kill or con.  Sure he can try to kill “Locke” but I doubt he’s going to accomplish that.


-Uh oh, Sawyer fully aware of Kate’s predicament with the handcuffs. I foresee a crime committing duo in the near future.

-Sawyer, upon hearing Juliet’s message, “what worked?”  Oh boy, he’s never going to get over Juliet’s death.


-Juliet wanted to tell Sawyer that “it worked”.  Very vague.  I really hope that she wasn’t saying that in a metaphorical, “it doesn’t matter that it didn’t work in reality it worked in our hearts” type thing.  I really hope that now that she’s dead she’s aware of both timelines and she’s reaching out beyond the grave to tell these people that it literally worked.
After saying all that, it still doesn’t matter.  Hearing that in another life you’re living a fulfilled life isn’t really comforting, or even comprehensible.


-That was heart-breaking to hear Locke’s last thoughts when Ben was killing him.  “I don’t understand”.  That is the saddest thing I ever heard.

-Smokey didn’t really have a high opinion of John Locke.  He says he was a weak, broken man.  At the same time he says there was something admirable about him.  I really wonder what would have happened if Smokey had got a hold of Locke at the end of the first season.

-“Locke” says that Locke was irreparably damaged.  After tonight’s off-Island conversation between Jack and Locke I’m tempted into believing that Jack might fix Locke.  It’s so strange that I’m saying that.  I would never say anything like this a few years ago.  But the way Jack said, “nothing’s irreversible” was very hopeful.

-This happy, thoughtful Locke is not the same Locke that annoyed us for almost five seasons.  I don’t know what’s happening there.


-Holy Hannah, “Locke” is mighty evil.  Look at that picture at the top, I didn’t think Terry O’Quinn could look that frightening.

-He’s also pretty clever.  Ben calls him “the Monster” and “Locke” quips back, “let’s not resort to name calling”.  (I think I just hit my quota for quotation marks in the sentence.)

-“Locke” wants to “go home”.  The first thing that came to my mind was Egypt.  That would be interesting.  But surely he wants to go somewhere Specialer than that.

-“Locke” and Richard seem to have a history.  I’m going to be very impatiently waiting for a Richard flashback.


-When “Locke” says, I am very disappointed” it looked he was talking only to Frank.  I was very confused for a second.  What did Frank ever do?


-Miles is so cute.  He clearly idolizes Sawyer a lot.  He still wants to be his deputy.  And who wouldn’t be willing to follow Sawyer after everything that happened in the 70s.  Sawyer proved himself to be a very capable leader.

-I do feel badly for Miles after he found out that Sawyer was using him to talk to Juliet.  You could tell he was pretty hurt by that.

-He says, “that’s not how it works”.  But it kinda is how it works.  I guess he was just trying to spare Sawyer more heart-ache.  He is probably very familiar with grieving families and he knows that hearing more from their dead loved ones doesn’t really give them any comfort.

-Miles knew what was going down with Sayid.  He could tell he wasn’t dead.  He probably knew that he would die before Sayid.


-Sayid is taken out of the pool in a very obvious Jesus pose.  I rolled my eyes at that.

-If it was so important that Sayid not die then why weren’t The Others more concerned when he was declared dead?

-I don’t think Sayid’s healing went according to plan.  The hippy Other was very shocked to see Sayid alive again.  So I really wonder what he went though.  All we get so see is him say “what happened?”  I’m kinda hoping that he died in the other timeline so his consciousness got shifted over to this timeline.  This is probably wishful thinking.


-“I ain’t followin’ nobody Kate.”  If anyone should understand a double negative Kate should.  Of course he’s followin’ you guys, he’s just testing you.

-Kate goes a lootin’ when they get into the Temple.  That’s the spirit!

-Was I the only person who got a Scooby Doo vibe when they went down into the Temple.  First Kate goes off and get’s kidnapped that makes her Daphne.  Then Jack goes off to save her, he’s Fred, he’d actually make a good Fred.  Then Hurley loudly get’s kidnapped, let’s make him Shaggy.  That means Jin is Velma and Sayid is Scooby (he’s hairy enough, ZING!).  (All that for a truly terrible punchline.)

-Kate’s escape and subsequent stealthiness was very impressive.  She was a spy!  Taking out the Marshall in a second and a half, memorizing a pass code from a room away.  Of course Frogurt did manage to foil her plan so maybe she’s not so great.

-The next scene with Kate and Claire in the cab will start like this, “I have a gun!  Drive!  You, give birth.  I’m taking your baby.  It’ll give me purpose in life.  I have a gun!  Push!”


-The missing Christian thing was odd.  The big question is whether Christian is missing like luggage is missing, in that he’ll be found.  Or is he missing like Claire is missing in that he just vanished.

-They ask Jack if he understands that there will be risks to putting Sayid in the pool.  Jack just agrees.  But he has no idea what the risks are.  I think that would have been a good time to ask what the risks are.

-Jack just can’t resist a chance to do some CPR.

-Jack is very Locke-y these days (not “Locke”-y).  But he’s very oblivious and thoughtful all the time.  Just the way he moves really reminds me of old Locke.

-Jack’s little scuffle with The Others was pathetic.  Sawyer took out four of them, Jack can barely push around two.  I think the writers want us to feel sorry for him.


-I didn’t think the first time we would see Claire would be off the Island.


-Uh oh, Jin had a stash of cash.  What’s special about that.  Maybe he stole it or something.  But I hardly care.


-Ugh, Sun “doesn’t understand English” again.  So dull.  I really don’t want to go over this again.

-I’d like to know what’s going on in Sun’s mind when “Locke” is reprimanding The Others and dragging Richard away.  He very easily conned her in the last season and she probably has no idea what’s going on.


-“They were on the first plane”  Ironically most of them were on the second plane too.

-It’s still exciting to see her again.

I’m a little disappointed in Cindy for not caring whether her Other friends killed her old acquaintances.

Zach & Emma

-Did Zach and Emma not age over the last three years?

-And isn’t it nice that nobody even cared about the kids.

Dogen (New Other Leader)

-Yeah, I had to look up his name here.  I don’t actually know where that name came from.

-My friends were wondering about this guy, thinking he must be very important.  I don’t think he’s important, Other leaders are a dime a dozen.  We should just be happy that it wasn’t The Sheriff who was waiting for them at the Temple.

-Dogen cuts open his hand and sticks it in the water.  He actually expected it would heal.  That pool is pretty insane.

-This guy’s got quite the moves.


-Arzt had the weirdest reaction to Sayid.  I don’t know what that was.

Flashes (what we know now):

VW Van

I just noticed that the Dharma van came to the future with them.  That’s Hilarious.  Wouldn’t it be funny if in the other timeline we saw the same van having a good life, partnering up with a Beatle or a Jeep, traveling across the country or something.  (I’m very tired.)

The Temple

Uh, the Temple is awesome.  Good job set builders.  I hope we get a lot of scenes there.

Jacob’s Note

There’s no way that note says don’t let Sayid die.  It probably says protect all of the people on this list and the list includes all of those people.
All of these people are the people Jacob touched.  Plus Sun and Sawyer.  I wonder where that leaves Miles, and to a lesser extent Frank.

Smokey’s Coming!

So once The Others hear that Jacob is dead they suddenly burst into action, they create ring of ash around the Temple, they douse their fires (I guess Smokey get’s off on smoke), and they set off insanely large flare.  I’m guessing the Flare was a warning to other Others that Jacob is dead and possibly tells them to get to the Temple.

“How Pitiful the Life He Left Behind Actually Was”

I don’t want to pretend that I’m on “Locke”‘s side but I do agree with him here.  I still think that the lives these characters have on the Island would be way better than whatever they had in the real world.  I’m creating a theory to say that.  I’m hoping that the other timeline ends in tragedy for all the characters and all the happy endings happen on the Island.

I Miss Daniel

I don’t know what he’d be doing here, but I still miss him.

– Izi

24 Responses to “602 – LA X (part 2)”

  1. February 3, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    I love the fact that we’re going to see Locke go to Jack for help with his paralysis off the island. That really struck me.

    And yes, Locke was very positive. He told Boone on the plane that he just completed a walkabout. Maybe he actually did? Originally he was denied the opportunity, but things obviously changed – Desmond was on the plane last night.

    We know Locke as a positive, spiritual guy when he crashes on the island, but that, to me, is because he is healed of his paralysis. On flight 815, originally, he is a bitter guy (doesn’t someone smack into him at one point, drawing a scornful look?) Last night, he was positively giddy.

    Terry O’Quinn is an outstanding actor in that role. I thought yesterday was one of his best and most memorable performances in the series, and he’s had many.

    • February 3, 2010 at 4:38 pm

      Somehow I never made the connection between our spinal surgeon character and our paralyzed character.
      I know it’s early to say but I would be surprised if this was the episode they submit for him. But who knows this season is going to be craziness.

  2. 3 missscarlett
    February 3, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Love the juxtaposition between the two Locke’s in the pics you used.
    He seriously needs to be recognized for his acting this season – from those 2 episodes alone!

    • February 3, 2010 at 4:36 pm

      I knew I wanted to put those two faces next to each other after the episode. That evil face was just amazing.
      He’s already got his Emmy for Season 4, so he might not stand much of a chance of getting another one. But I hope the series gets some nominations this year.

  3. February 3, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Good recaps!

    Re: Zach & Emma
    “And isn’t it nice that nobody even cared about the kids.”

    In all fairness, none of them had a clue who the kids were. Cindy and the kids were tail section survivors who were kidnapped before they ever encountered the fuselage survivors. I can see Jack remembering Cindy from his brief encounters with her on the plane and on Hydra Island, but that’s about it. Now that I think of it, Bernard would be the only survivor who remembers the kids, but he is off in his retirement beach hut with Rose.

    RE: VW Van
    I imagine it flashed forward in time for the same reason that the zodiac raft travelled in time in the beginning of Season 5.

    Re: Dogen
    I can’t check out the lostpedia link from behind my work’s firewall, but I assumed that Dogen was named after the renowned Japanese Zen Master, Dogen Zenji. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogen

  4. February 3, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Great blog but, respectfully, you’re wrong about Sayid. He DID die and now his body is inhabited by Jacob.

  5. 13 mins
    February 4, 2010 at 10:01 am

    great recaps, keep it up!
    O’Quinn and Emerson are such amazing actors. O’Quinn’s evil look scared me too. what a great performance! Hurley…I love this guy, and I like that we’re seeing the beginnings of a more confident,mature Hurley too. Sawyer was the one that changed the most and i hope he doesn’t go backwards to the jerk he was in season one.
    I also didn’t like the cheesy, jesus pose of sayid. (are they saying they “drowned” young Ben too to heal him..if they’re using that giant timer?) What i also didn’t understand is why no one lifted up sayid’s shirt to check the wound? I thought that’s what jack was going to do before he started cpr. isn’t it rather an obvious thing to do..check the wound?
    (just wondering why ben didn’t go the spring to cure his cancer?)
    i’ve heard the theory too of sayid is dead and jacob is inhabiting the body. i also heard the theory that charlie is inhabiting the body based on the drowning similarity and the slightly odd english accent sayid used when he asked “what happened?” some even say it wasn’t sayid’s voice.
    i’m still on the fence about sayid being dead at all. I agree Miles knew something as he looked like he was talking to sayid. and I miss Daniel too. Desmond was his constant, so perhaps we’ll see Daniel from time to time.
    thx for all your work izi, much appreciated.

    • February 4, 2010 at 2:02 pm

      I don’t think anyone is going to regress. I’ll bet a lot of the new episodes will contrast the characters on and off the Island. Showing us how far they’ve come.
      i wanted Jack to check his wound to, but it’s likely healed so checking it would have ruined the “shocking” twist at the end of the episode.
      Didn’t Ben express some anger one time towards the Island and Jacob for the cancer. I’ll bet he tried the pool. Oooor, maybe it’s a one-time healing thing. Maybe you can only use it one. Nevermind, that would make Dogen’s hand slicing thing not make much sense.
      Sayid can’t really stick to one accent, he’s kinda all over the place most of the time. I wouldn’t put much faith in that. I still think it’s Sayid regardless of what the internet says. They made such a huge deal about Locke dying but not really being dead (three finales about him actually being dead) I doubt Sayid would get the same treatment over the course of three episodes. I’m thinking that Dogen was just wrong and the healing pool did work.

      • February 6, 2010 at 7:11 pm

        Yeah, I think the accent is just the actor’s own linguistic skills – he is a British actor who is playing an Americanised Iraqi – a tough one to get right 100% of the time.

        The pool… I have my own thoughts on it. To begin with, I thought that perhaps that was how Richard got his powers and that was the “risks” that Dogen meant.

        Now, though, I think it is how Ben was cured as a kid and the “risks” are that the person being saved risks dying if it goes wrong, they lose their memory (or at least a portion of it) and become entangled/tied to the Others. Will Sayid become the new Ben?

        (The reason Ben never used the pool for his cancer is that he doesn’t KNOW about it – he forgot about it as a kid and, although he knows the Temple is a safe haven, I think it is a fair bet to say that Richard never shared any information about the pool with Ben. Ben just isn’t THAT far up the Others hierachy, in my opinion).

  6. 17 Lost Ending
    February 4, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    I believe…this islandless timeline (LAX) in season 6 is actually the ‘ENDING’.

    So we are actually watching the CONCLUSION of everything taking place in the original timeline. Now that “Locke” is free, Jacob will guide the characters into sinking the island to prevent “Locke” from going home.

    Awesome blog/review as always.

    • February 6, 2010 at 7:13 pm

      Now that is interesting.

      The dual timeline will be cause by Jacob when he gets the Island to sink, and has nothing to do with Juliet’s bomb. I love this theory – I wonder if they will go with it, because they sure made it seem like the bomb caused all this. Then again, they have Sawyer continually repeating that it DIDN’T WORK – so perhaps the bomb is a red herring, much like that guitar case / ankh?

    • 19 missscarlett
      February 7, 2010 at 10:51 pm

      Very interesting…but I hope it’s not true.
      only because I want the Losties back together.

  7. February 5, 2010 at 10:39 am

    “Oh Jacobs dead, didn’t you know? Man, you guys need to get on Facebook.” Ha. That’s hilarious.

  8. 21 Publicola
    February 5, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Theory on Sun:
    She was lying when she pretended not to speak English so Jin would be in trouble because she hates him.

  9. February 6, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Wow, Izi, I love some of your lines.

    – “Hearing that in another life you’re living a fulfilled life isn’t really comforting, or even comprehensible.” Had me pondering this philosophically for hours, so much so in fact that I completely forgot to read the rest of the post :O this is me posting now, many hours later!!

    – Locke’s last thought reminded me so much of abandoned dogs – not understanding why life/destiny is hurting them so much when all they want to do is serve and love 😦

    – Why DID Smokey want Locke at the end of the first season? Do you think he was maybe wanting to try to talk to Locke and manipulate him instead of Ben? This requires some deep pondering.

    – Yeah, Richard sure knows more than we do. I can’t wait to see his episode, assuming we ever get one.

    – Definately concentrating on Frank. I took this line “disappointed in ALL of you” to include the Others, Richard, Ben, Frank and Sun. I wonder why he is disappointed?

    – The Sayid scenario joins the massive list of Lost ideas that are seemingly so important but handled really poorly. There are some GREAT actors in Lost, astounding performers, yet sometimes I feel like I am watching amateur hour. There was no tension, no concern, nothing.

    – I think it is far too early to begin theorising about timeline jumping. A lot of bloggers have came to this conclusion, but I am firmly against it. I don’t see how parallel universes can work – alternate universe, fine, but the two timelines running parallel and interjecting with each other? I don’t buy it… yet.

    – Jin is more the Scooby (a follower who never really knows what is going on, or really cares) and Sayid is Velma (the smartest one there, occassionally consulted but generally ignored, although he/she deserves to be the true leader). But yeah – great analogy, they would make an awesome Mystery team!! (Btw, how stupid were they to get split up? Kate, what the hell were you thinking rushing on ahead? What if someone fell down the hole, you uncaring wench!)

    – “I have a gun! Drive! You, give birth. I’m taking your baby. It’ll give me purpose in life. I have a gun! Push!” I would pay good, good money to see this 😀 lmao.

    – YES!! I’m glad someone else picked up on Jack’s blatant disregard for the ‘risks’. He is always an idiot.

    – (I’m secretly hoping that Christian is far more than another version of Smokey. He refers to Jack as his son when there is no need to – fair enough, he told Locke to perhaps manipulate him, but why tell Vincent? (mobisode – So It Begins).

    – Wow, Izi, you are GOOD. I noticed Cindy’s traits, the lack of concern for the Kids, but… the DHARMA VAN? Wow, I didn’t even pick up on that. I guess I’m just so used to seeing Jin and Hurley hang out at the vans that it didn’t even register. Good call.

    – I miss Daniel too. Greatly 😦

    – I wonder what Jacob did/does to protect the Temple. It seems to be the ultimate safe haven, yet Smokey clearly commands the ruined wall around it. The Others had no problem hanging out in the wall, waiting to grab Kate. Yet, once it is discovered Jacob is dead, it is time to ultra-defend the Temple. Did Jacob have a permanent shield outside the Temple but inside the Wall that, like the healing pool, is now sitting lifeless?

    • 23 missscarlett
      February 7, 2010 at 10:55 pm

      Christian also met up with his daughter and together they left Aaron to be cared for.
      So…I don’t know.
      I like to think it is Christian but…odds are against that since it is being revealed that all the dead loved ones that have brought messages are not who they seem to be.

  10. 24 missscarlett
    February 7, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    See and I totally thought EL was referring to Richard’s connection to Jacob – like he was his slave — but I do undertand the slave galley ship conclusion is pretty natural.

    Hurley gave you a heart attack?? What about carrying a dying guy in a stretcher over that hole!? Confession: I kept my eyes on my Ben and Jerry’s while they made it past that hole.

    I totally loved that screencap of Hurley action-pointing to the guitar case! I used the same one. Hey – I never even made that connection of our Losties cryptic info with Templars and the Others to the Losties before. Huh.

    Well – I think at some point these two narratives will converge or intersect and that Juliet’s message will likely be the means by which this is achieved.
    Pretty sure this will be my most embarassing prediction yet. I usually try to avoid making predictions actually…
    I don’t think these are alternate lives I think they are congruent — is that the right word? Me math skills are weak.

    Huh – I thought EL was referring to John’s soul/emotions/ability to be whole as being irreperably damaged – not his spine.
    But I want, want, want Jack to fix Locke. I really do. He needs some happy doesn’t he? Because that “I don’t understand” really was heartbreaking.

    Ok – I’m still coming to grips with this Airplane Locke. I am thinking – vaguely mind you – that it has to do with not coming into contact with the Island. He had nothing to have Faith in. It seems it was his Faith- getting it, losing it, getting it, losing it – that made him so instable. Without those desperate ups and downs maybe this is Locke. A sad, lonely guy who lies to impress people. He’s still pretty philosophical – how could they know where he is.
    Now if Jack fails to heal his spine…we’ll get yelling crying Locke back.

    Somewhere ‘specialer’ than Egypt??! Disneyland?
    Yeah – I really want to know where home is and why he can’t get there.
    This Locke is TERRIFYING! Terry O’Quinn does not need to do any angling for an Emmy – he owns that statue (like this guy owns the statues foot)

    What the deuce did any of them do??

    He probably knew that he would die before Sayid.
    What the what???

    I rolled my eyes at that.
    ditto – but…I kinda roll my eyes at everything Sayid
    well…except for his breakdancing moves

    Kate goes a lootin’ when they get into the Temple. That’s the spirit!
    2nd coughing/choking/laughing fit of the evening! You’re going to kill me!

    Interacting with Frogurt would foil anyone’s plan. That face! That would blank out my mind.

    What the – we wrote the very same thing about Jack and the risks! ’cause seriously? Who doesn’t ask?

    Jack is very Locke-y these days (not “Locke”-y). But he’s very oblivious and thoughtful all the time. Just the way he moves really reminds me of old Locke
    I know – he’s just sad. Oh wait. Now he’s mad.

    No – Jin was going to start a new life with Sun in America – he needed a stash of cash. Maybe he got it from selling that other watch…

    Cindy seemed really out of it -=- like she might have been visiting the Leaders herb garden…

    I want Dogen to be important but…most of those leaders are just taking orders from someone else. “everyone has a boss Elsa”

    I thought the kids looked the same too – which would mean they were digitally inserted or something?? or they are those weird actor kids shows seem to find that don’t grow — see any 80’s sitcom for example

    Arzt…Arzt and Sayid — well, it didn’t stand out at the time but…bigot? Resentful that Sayid helped Jack and was a ‘hero’. That seems Arzt’s style.

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