603 – What Kate Does


Boooring.  No I’m just being mean.  Kate episodes are always meant to take things down a notch.  We can’t just go full blast through a season with Smokey destroying things in every episode.  Sometime we have to deal with characters and emotions.  This seems to happen in every season, we get a Kate flashback and it slows the story to a crawl.  I actually don’t always hate Kate flashbacks, but it usually takes me a few years to appreciate them.  Combine that with my general disinterest in Claire and hate for Sayid and we have the makings of a truly boring episode.

Here are the parts of the episode I did like: Aldo’s return, Hurley’s new leadership role, Ethan’s surprise return, and half of Dogen’s explanation of the Infection.  Claire’s Island return was also very surprising, but I’ll bet we’ll come back to that next week or the week after.

I’m still a little buzzed from the fact that Lost is back on, but not too excited to ignore the fact that this episode did almost nothing for me.  3.5/10.0



-Miles, “As you can see Hugo here as assumed the leadership position.  So that’s pretty great.”  Awesome line.  And I’m excited that Hurley’s all leadery, at least he’ll take care of the people he leads.


-Sawyer doesn’t have a very high opinion of Sayid.  “He’s an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids.”  He’s being strangely objective about the whole thing.  That kind of attitude doesn’t really work in Lost, all the characters are murderers after all.  But it is fun to have a character that I like, Sawyer, dislike a character that I hate, Sayid.

-I was a little confused when Sawyer randomly started shooting to get everyone’s attention.  But I get it now, he was killing people to get past them.  That’s OK, Others were put on this Island to die.

-I honestly have no idea what Sawyer and Juliet put in that time-capsule box.  It didn’t look like anything, just a piece of fabric.  And I don’t even think he took it.

-Poor Sawyer blames himself for keeping Juliet on the Island.  He thinks he was being selfish when he got her to stay on the Island with him.  “But I think some of us are meant to be alone.”  I don’t know what to think about that line.  It could have foreshadowed what will happen at the end of the series, or it could have just been his lowest point.


-How did we know this guy’s name?  I thought it was just a nickname that someone on the internet made up, I was totally ready for his real name to be revealed in this episode.

-So The Others don’t always like the decisions of their leaders.  It seems like they’re pretty happy to do almost anything.  Sure a few people didn’t like Ben, but he wasn’t really a great leader, he was mostly just doing whatever he wanted.


-Miles looks a lot less excited than the rest about Sayid’s recovery.

-Why does one of the Others go and attack Miles when Jack was the one who started fighting.  This huge guy just goes over there and takes him down for no reason.

-Miles asks Sayid if he saw a white light or angels singing or dead relatives.  That kind of implies that his powers aren’t very enlightening.  Sure he can talk to dead people, but it’s not like these dead people are telling him much about the afterlife… except for Juliet.   Or maybe Miles was just testing Sayid.  Maybe he knows what happens to people when they die and he wanted Sayid to tell him that.


-Well it doesn’t look like Emile De Ravin has gained any acting skills.  “Please let me get my suitcase.”

-Claire has some trust issues, but not in the way you would expect.  Don’t get back in the cab with the crazy lady with the gun, no matter how nice she seems.

-It looks like Richard the psychic didn’t mean what he said about the couple in LA.  He obviously meant for her to go to the Island.  Or maybe he doesn’t exist in this timeline.

-I don’t know why they delayed Aaron’s delivery.  We might as well get it over with.

-I don’t know what to think about this new Rousseau-ified Claire.  Apparently she’s been claimed.  That’s a little hard to comprehend.  So that means no happy ending for Kate, Claire and Aaron.  Or at least no happy end that involved Claire being a mother again.

-Here’s what I suspect happened to Claire that led to her infection (ew).  She was hurt in the explosion, possibly she died, but Christian took her to the temple where she was put in the pool and came out a different person.  Or she was infected after the explosion of her house, and that’s how she didn’t die.  See below where I talk more about “Claimed” people.

-I don’t know why I’m even saying this, it’s so obvious.  Claire was definitely meant to look like Rousseau at the end of this episode.


-I purposefully skipped over Ethan when I was compiling that list of people we might see again off the Island.  I underestimated him as a character.

-Ethan examining Claire before she gives birth seems like course correction if you ask me.

-“I don’t want to have to stick you with needles if I don’t have to.” Hilarious.

-I had a heart attack when Ethan said Aaron, I didn’t notice when Claire said it earlier.

-I wonder if Jack will know Ethan.   Perhaps they worked at the same hospital.  That would be weird.


-Sayid is definitely not acting like himself.  I’m not saying he’s acting like someone else, but he’s not acting like the Sayid we know.  He’s just too mild-mannered. When he’s getting tortured he says, “Why?  Why are you doing this?” Sayid would never say anything like that.  And then after he was tortured he said incredulously, “They tortured me!”  Shocking isn’t it Sayid?

-Dogen blew ash over Sayid expecting a reaction.  I guess if it was Smokey then he would have died or been effected in some other way.

-The shock treatment and the brand seemed even more useless.  Sayid can feel pain, that’s about all we got from that.  I don’t know how that proved anything.  But maybe I missed something.

-Hurley asks Sayid if he’s a zombie and Sayid gives him a weird look.  You could say that he gave him a telling look.  And he blinked a lot, implying a lie.


-That guy at the chop shop or the body shop, whatever that was, was pretty useless.  I don’t know why they bothered introducing someone like that at this point.

-Why doesn’t Kate tell Jin that she’s looking for Claire.  Wouldn’t that be reassuring for him to know what she’s up to.  She tells Sawyer that for almost no reason.

-Kate asking, “would you believe me if I said I was innocent?” doesn’t make her innocent.


-Off the Island, when Kate is in the cab, Jake gives her an odd look.  They’ll be seeing each other again soon.

-Jack and Sayid’s conversation about trust and swallowing pills is very annoying.  It just goes in circles, and these two are very illogical characters, so having them debate trust is an exercise in futility.

-I hate Jack’s stupid smile.  He’s been doing it since Season 3 and it’s getting on my nerves.

-“I don’t trust myself, how am I supposed to trust you?”  That makes absolutely no sense.


-Why did Kate let Jin blindly follow her into the jungle?  That was unnecessary.

-Justin says that Jin is “one of them”, I hope that means that he’s one of the people on the note and that somehow makes him special.

-Jin get s a bear trap around his ankle.  That’s no fair.  Poor guy.


-Did they “diagnose” Juliet with a brand back in Season 3?  That would explain that odd mark she got.  But I seriously doubt it, that episode was so wildly out there that I seriously doubt it means anything.


-It was great to see Rob McElhenney again.  And what an entrance, gun drawn, “Alright calm down!  Everybody calm down!”  Although the moment we saw him we knew that he was going to die.

-I love that Aldo is still hurt by what Sawyer and Kate did to him back in Season 3.


-I like Justin.  He’s pretty dumb, but for an Other he’s probably number two in friendliness.

-Also this guy might not be dead.  He got one shot and went down in a weird way.  It’s possible that Claire’s going to grill him in the next episode. (not literally).


-He’s still getting in the way.

Flashes (what we know now):

Infected/Claimed People


Claire is the only person who has been confirmed as having the Sickness.  I doubt she’s the only one, but still it’s worth mentioning that.
I believe that she was infected after she died in the explosion.  Either it happened immediately after her cabin exploded or Christian took her to the Temple.  I believe it was the former.


This would explain Christian, slightly.  But at the same time, I’m more inclined to believe that Christian was either possessed by Smokey or else some other spirit of that caliber.  He seems too all-knowing and powerful to just be “Claimed”.


From what we saw in Season 5 it’s almost a certainty that Robert was infected and he showed what an infected person is capable of.  He appealed to Rousseau’s emotions then tried to murder her.  Clearly a Claimed person retains all of their memories but loses all feeling and attachments.


Sayid was the latest person to be claimed and he’s probably the most mysterious.  It’s hard to tell how it’s effected him because he’s barely said anything.  He’s definitely changed since his resurrection, but it’s hard to tell how much he’s changed.  We might just have to wait and see.  I foresee him making a hole in the ash ring or something like that.


Ben is an odd one.  Richard told Kate that if he took Ben into the Temple and healed him then Ben would be different, he wouldn’t remember what happened and he would lose his innocence.  That kinda sounds like the infection, but I doubt Ben has it.  There’s a difference between what Ben does and what Robert did.

The Pill

Lost has made me second guess everything that is said.  First they say that the pill has to be taken willingly, then they say it’s medicine, they refuse to say what’s in the pill, and then they say it’s poison.  But then at the end it looks like Jack may be feeling some effects of the pill, and he barely swallowed it.  I don’t know.  My first thought was that it’s filled with ash.  But now I don’t know.

“Brought Here”

Dogen says he was brought to the Island like everyone else.  That was my favorite line of the night.  That implies that certain people were meant to come to the Island.  That is very reassuring.  That means that all this isn’t just random encounters, it’s all destiny, and hopefully it was all orchestrated by Jacob.

Lost Version 1 & 2 vs Lost Version 5 & 6

I felt this weird nostalgia in the scene where Kate goes looking for Sawyer.  She hears a noise in one of the houses and of course it’s Sawyer.  But if this was Season 1 or 2 she would have walked in on a boar tearing up a blanket or Vincent making a racket.  I like that now there’s no chance of a ridiculous disappointing reveal.  When people go to do things they actually do them, it’s not just fumbling around in the jungle for episodes at a time.

– Izi

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  1. 1 lorenzo
    February 11, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Why does Kate not say she’s looking for Claire? B/c she isn’t. She wants Sawyer to want her more than to find Claire. Kate always needs someone to want/need her. She makes herself out to be the martyr to get over her guilt. This is why she killed her pops. This is why she took care of Aaron. This is why she gets in between Juliet and Sawyer (making it seem like she just wanted to stop Jack from blowing up the island, when really she just wanted Sawyer to do what she wanted – he was more than happy to leave the island with Juliet). Keep in mind that Kate is always self-centered. She does w/e she wants and lets others pick up the pieces. Whenever she does anything “good” she’s really just using other people. She used Aaron, Jack, Sawyer, etc etc. To me she cries b/c she realizes how alone she actually is, and only has herself to blame.

    You have to remember Lost isn’t just about connecting dots and sci-fi mysteries, the writers of this show are more interested in building characters that behave and feel like real people, not just robots surrounded by plot twists.

    If you think about the whole Side-Verse in that regard you begin to see that what they are showing you is how these people would be if they weren’t required to go through the trials the island had in store for them.

    One last thing, most of your theories are constructed under the premise that Jacob is the good guy. For all we know he can really just be a manipulative prick. Jacob tells Ben he has a choice right when he is about to get stabbed, but his disciple Dogen has no choice but to manipulate Sayid into taking poison. To me that’s a major crack in this Jacob is the good guy idea.

    • February 11, 2010 at 2:54 pm

      Ugh, I hate talking to Kate haters. Sure you’re right, Kate’s a bitch, but she’s also the female lead, so I think it’s about time that we learn to live with her (it’s been six years, surely you’re getting exhausted). I have to live with Jack and his shenanigans can’t you just mock Kate instead of full-on hating her?
      The Jacob-is-evil team is very limiting when it comes to theorizing. I would love to be able to see things from that side of the debate, but even if Jacob is evil that doesn’t make “Locke” good. Then we’re left with two evil powerful characters and no good people. And who are we left cheering for? Hurley? If it’s ever explicitly revealed that Jacob is evil then it’ll be a twist, right? So what you’re saying is that you know that one of the big twists at the end of Lost is that Jacob is evil. Therefore, I will be shocked when that is revealed, until then I’m going to continue to root for Jacob.
      Also, it’s been proven many times that The Others are a flawed group, they are by no means the hive mind they pretend to be. There is infighting and disagreements among them. So it’s possible for someone like Dogen to be a terrible person while his spiritual leader, Jacob is a totally benevolent leader.
      Besides why would you want to kill the villain of the show right before the final season? If Jacob was evil he would be alive.
      I think the argument against Jacob that can be made is that he is totally objective and more concerned with the greater good than for the individual lives of his followers or the survivors. For example he’d let Nadia die just to get Sayid back to the Island or he’d let all of the Others at the Temple die as long as the people on the list from inside Hurley’s Ankh are kept alive. I’m not saying that will happen, but judging from the fact that Sawyer was allowed to kill an Other with no repercussions kinda implies that. That’s a valid argument against him.

    • 3 missscarlett
      February 11, 2010 at 10:10 pm

      not just robots surrounded by plot twists.
      Oh I think there are a few Bad Robots

      his disciple Dogen has no choice but to manipulate Sayid into taking poison
      and is Dogen Jacob’s disciple?

      Whenever Kate does anything good she’s just using people?
      I don’t get it.
      Kate is always self-centered?
      That’s just a little harsh.

      How was going back for Claire when she’s just escaped arrest self-centered?
      What was her motive for shielding Aaron from Aunty Sun waving a gun at Ben?

      I think Kate has really grown and that the writers have done an awesome job developing her character. She’s been selfish, yes. She’s used people – maybe. But like you said yourself: the writers are more interested in building characters that behave and feel like real people.

      It seems to me that Side-Verse, as you say, Kate is actually making these changes quicker — or are they changes? She ‘freed’ her mother from a physically violent man, she asked the Marshall to give the old Aussie his money, she only got caught because she saved the Aussie from the wreckage. So perhaps, as this episode was called, helping people is What Kate Does. Not leaving people when they need someone else the most: Claire, pregnant and alone in LA; Sawyer grieving for Juliet in the Barracks.

      When you described Kate as a person who ‘always needs someone to want/need her’ isn’t that the very essence of every human relationship?
      No really. It is.

    • February 16, 2010 at 1:25 pm

      Lorenzo, SPOT ON about Kate’s self-centerdness. As I touch upon in my write-up http://superduperstream.blogspot.com/2010/02/lost-s6e3-what-kate-does-analysis.html

      She is not a hero – she is a villain through and through. You are also spot on about the Jacob/Smokey dynamic – I believe they both believe theirselves to be ABOVE morality. Life is but a game to them, to claim and manipulate AS MANY people/playing pieces as possible before the other one does. Life, destiny, death – none of it holds any meaning to these creatures, only winning. They are the WORST verison of Monica from Friends.

      @ IZI – It depends on your personal interpretation of what is “good” – Locke (real Locke) and Jacob seem concerned for the GREATER GOOD, the end game, and we cheer them. Jack is concerned about getting EVERYONE OFF THE ISLAND, which to some is good, but we jeer him. Kate is a strange one – first and foremost, she thinks for herself (killing Wayne, going on the run, robbing the bank, going after Sawyer) but then she tries to help others in the process (her mother, making sure the Australian farmer is safe and gets his reward, making sure the bank employees are safe, going after Claire).

      All three of these characters could be defined as good, a hero or stupid, a villian, selfish. They all do what they think is right without thought of the consequences to OTHER PEOPLE. Characters like Hurley, Jin, Sawyer – they think of OTHER PEOPLE in their actions, but whether this makes them heroes either is debatable. I’d certainly think, of those three, they go in rank of Hurley, Jin, Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Locke in terms of GOOD-EVIL. Please, debate away – it is very fun. Certainly all 6 characters have more depth than we sometimes give them credit for, purely owing to the speed at which the show is running now. Were this Season 2, we’d have a whole episode dissecting Kate’s choices – now, we only get to witness them and try to dissect ourselves.

  2. 5 missscarlett
    February 11, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    Yeah – I really enjoyed it while I was watching it – but I think most of that was just to be watching Lost live again.
    When I went to write my own review it took me 2 days to get interested enough to write! Plus I had a really hard time choosing a pic to represent the show. We went with the same one. Kinda funny.

    Why don’t I remember you hating Sayid? I thought I was alone in that. He’s so dully repetitive — in fact, I hardly noticed anything different about him post-claiming. I thought he was dull as usual.

    Good insight on Hurley and leadership.

    “strangely objective ”
    I wouldn’t have said that – I thought he was making it very personal calling out the gulf between Sayid and Juliet and the unfairness (is that a word?) of who gets ‘another go around.’
    I laughed at how cynically bang on his description of Sayid was.

    Holy kumbaya – I didn’t even notice PEOPLE getting shot! I thought he was just firing the gun off! Those people must have been BEIGE shirts!

    I thought it was the ring in a little drawstring pouch — I wonder what it really was?
    Yeah – I took the ‘some of us are meant to be alone’ as Eyore time. Oh dear. Don’t bother about me…
    I don’t WANT it to foreshadow anyone’s ending — let’s put it that way.

    Maybe they just don’t grumble when there’s a translator? Others & Templars seem to be a bunch of followers – baaaa.

    Maybe that guy just doesn’t like the look of Miles…where I come from people like him don’t exactly like people like…him. God I don’t want Michael to come back!
    I thought perhaps Miles was taunting the ‘person’ – like trying to show this is not Sayid because a person would have seen something memorable on the other side…?

    Well it doesn’t look like Emile De Ravin has gained any acting skills.
    How can you say that?? She filmed a movie with Pattinson!

    That whole hospital scene I was thinking – yeah right. This is the US – she doesn’t have coverage for any of this!! Stopping the labour was just lame.

    Maybe it will be a happy ending for Kate, Jack and Aaron?
    Yeah. I have no idea what’s going on here. It makes the least sense to me so far.
    Her confused response to her own name doesn’t help. Can you really forget so much wandering in the jungle for 3 yrs??

    I never even thought about Jack and Ethan working at the same hospital. Creepy. I like Ethan and still…he always unsettles me.

    In my estimation Sayid ALWAYS talks that way. Dull. Boring. Correct. He’s polite/proper in the most inappropriate situations: Wherever I’m going, it can’t be very pleasant.
    Oh man – I thought he wasn’t really sure what a zombie was, or how he qualified as different from a zombie at the best of times. Brains dude. You don’t eat brains.

    yeah. If that chop shop guy was Mr. Friendly then it would have made sense to give him so many lines – were we really learning that much about Kate in that exchange? She hides less? Too much filler.

    Well…I don’t know if Kate was really going to look for Claire. I’m torn. I’d like to think Kate was wanting to look for Claire as a way to bring Sawyer out of his grief and thought Jin might just drag them down (??) but…I think she was but she also was trying to ‘save’ Sawyer – or, worse yet, to feel him out as far as he & she were concerned. Could she really have been doing all of those things?

    No man – Sayid/Claimant was totally working Jack’s guilt factor. He was letting Jack know that whatever the result of the pill would be utterly on Jack’s shoulders because he would only take the pill because he trusted Jack.
    Yeah. That’s circular — they seem to like that type of reasoning.

    Whoa- almost used your name!
    If you don’t trust yourself you cannot trust anyone else. You may realize they are comparatively reliable but that is a far cry from trust.

    Seriously – why did Kate let Jin come? Did she figure she could send him after Sun and get rid of him? Did she think he would be better off in the jungle than in the Temple? Weak way to position players for whatever is next is my guess.
    Oh man. I forgot he was in a bear trap — his voice was so calm when he said Claire’s name!

    Oh no – I think Ben was just being sadistic. Putting his stamp of ownership/control on Juliet before Jack’s very face. He’s a twisted puppy and THAT is what I think happened as a result of being ‘healed’ in the Temple. His total lack of empathy for others – they are all just a means to an end. Well…except for Alex apparently.

    Rob McElhenney
    Is he somebody? He looks like a half grown boy-band guy to me.
    I thought his character was ridiculous.
    Why would getting conked in the head make you murderously angry?? Did they put him in the Spring? ;-p

    Number 2 in friendliness?! Funny. Who’s Number 1?
    Oh lord. Not Juliet?
    I only like Dharma years Juliet. That blinky, suffering, put-upon Other of the seasons I am watching now = UGH!

    Oh wait. Maybe you mean MR. Friendly. Never mind.

    Grilling him! Ha.

    Getting in the way and being an Arzt!

    yeah – I think she was dead. Remember Miles reaction to her? And….there weren’t even WALLS left of her house. But her perfectly clean sneakered feet were peeking out from a jungle frond – what the what?? I hope Dogen fills us in here.

    Totally agree re: Christian. Also, he didn’t try to kill anyone – unlike Robert.

    then at the end it looks like Jack may be feeling some effects of the pill,
    WHAT?!?! I’m going to have to rewatch. I might have been dismissing things to exhaustion – emotional and physical – when they were the pill? Where’s my head?

    It looked like Spirulina to me! shudder

    Oh I still want someone better than that monkey man Jacob behind all of this.

    Or if there was a time loop thingy happening it could have been Hurley in the closet!
    I forgot about random boar encounters. 🙂

    • February 12, 2010 at 2:12 pm

      I laughed out loud at the Baah line. That picture of the sheep from Arrested Development popped into my head.
      Rob McElhenney is from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
      The number one friendliest Other is Alex.

      • 7 missscarlett
        February 17, 2010 at 6:02 pm

        Ha! I never even thought about Alex.
        Yep. She was pretty darn friendly.

        I just realized I never thought/think of her as an Other.

    • February 16, 2010 at 1:27 pm

      EEYORE TIME 😀 fantastic!!

      Do you blog? I gave you credit at my own recap
      Your insight is often fascinating.

      Personally, I think you can lose A LOT over three years – you try being alone with no people, no speaking, no listening to words nor writing nor communicating whatsoever, no STIMULI save for trees and constantly hunting for mere survival – I’d forget my own name after 3 MONTHS of that, never mind what 3 YEARS would do to you. I’m surprised she’s still wearing clothes!

      I was Tom was there too 😦

      • 9 missscarlett
        February 17, 2010 at 6:05 pm

        Sorry I didn’t think to check back here until now to see if Ep 4 was up yet…
        I do blog sir (unless Chris is a girl!sorry)
        I’m listed on the sidebar — http://missscarlett.wordpress.com
        My knitting blog that has been totally hijacked by LOST.

        Thank you.

        I think you have a point about losing things in 3 yrs….I can be a little dismissive…;-)

  3. 10 mins
    February 12, 2010 at 10:11 am

    josh holloway should get some recognition for his fine acting in this episode. him throwing the ring in the water reminded me of Desmond doing that…can’t remember which episode.
    sayid: i also noticed he was very un-Sayid like. too mild, pleading, CRYING. no steely glare, nothing. but he knows he didn’t pass the test.
    Claire: Rousseau 2.0 she’s taken on similiar ROLE of rousseau. she also was preg off island, birthed on island. alone. claire always had someone taking care of her, protecting her. now, she’s a gun toting, bad hair day,commando. will be interesting.
    i remember when her cabin exploded and sawyer found her. she was very dazed. was she claimed that quickly? in between the explosion and sawyer finding her? she wasn’t herself during the trek thru the jungle with sawyer and miles; at the time, i thought that was due to the explosion.
    I thought it was quite funny how quickly Jin went from howling in pain from the bear trap, to calm curiousity when he saw claire. poor guy. all he wants is to find Sun. bet Sun will be surprised at his english!
    Kate can be annoying but she’s got a heart. She does help people (while sometimes trying to help herself) and i think she’s grown. i think she finally understands how much sawyer loved juliet. she’s complicated; doesn’t communicate well either. i also wondered why she didn’t tell Jin she’s looking for claire. wasn’t there an old episode “what kate DID”? what she did before coming to the island. this one is about present day behaviour.
    Jack: his statement about not even trusting himself….i think he’s back to being confused again and no longer knows which way is up. he became man of faith only to have everything go wrong again.. i think he’s in a “now what?” phase.
    why do they keep throwing Arzt in there? for comic relief?
    I wanted to karate chop dogen for his one hour of cryptic lines. just tell jack the truth.
    this was a boring episode in part because of the great one previous. i guess this is the writers way of having us focus on the characters more and not just on the action scenes.

  4. February 13, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Quit speaking for everyone else and speak for yourself. ‘A truly boring episode… for ME.’ That’s how you write it. This episode was good, so tired of the whining. How do you judge acting skill, cinematography and/or story with numbers? 3.5 out of 10? Who gives a shit about your numbers? Your a half assed re-capper who doesn’t offer ANYTHING unique in terms of theory, ever. I won’t even get into your spelling and grammar mistakes. SO- what gives you the right to bash something like LOST? You made your own LOST site and it seems like you hate practically every character? I don’t get it…

  5. February 13, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    AND A HIGHLIGHT OF THE EPISODE FOR YOU WAS… ALDO’S RETURN?! Some of the worst acting on LOST was from this guy in this very episode. But you have the gall to say that Emilie De Ravin can’t act? And you ‘hate Sayid? Naveen Andrews is one of the strongest actors on this show and Sayid is usually always the character who resorts to reason before anyone else when there’s a problem. Who the hell do you like on this show and why?

    • February 13, 2010 at 7:15 pm

      Hahaha. Yeah, I don’t really like many people on this show anymore. It’s true. The people I like tend to to die, so I’ve stopped getting attached to any of the characters.
      Wow, I really haven’t had an angry commenter on my site for a long time. Rosie left like almost a year ago and I haven’t heard from June in a long time.
      I was actually going to post a defense for this episode saying that I don’t think it deserves the bad rap it’s getting. I don’t think it was the worst episode, I just didn’t really care much about it. It’s not a big deal. I agree with you about the whining, I’m tired of it too (although I’ll take whining over ALL-CAPS anyday).
      BTW, I only liked Aldo because he was played by Rob McElhenney, and I’m a big It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan.
      In case you’re wondering (I can tell you’re truly interested in me as a person so I’ll tell you a big story), I originally created this site so that I could discuss with my friends the most recent episode of Lost. Then other people started paying attention and suddenly I had fans. I never really said I was a great writer (I do my analysis in point form, not the makings of a great journalist or critic). I know I have hundreds of spelling mistakes and thousands of grammar mistakes in every post. If I was making money from this blog maybe I’d care more or hire a proof-reader. It doesn’t really matter to me, and you’re honestly the first person who’s actually called me on it.
      Oh yeah, back to the characters that I actually liked. I like Hurley first, then Walt, then Locke, then I hated Locke. Then I liked Desmond, and then Sawyer, then Libby. Then Ben came around and he was my favorite for a short time. I liked Locke again. But Desmond stole the show at the end of Season three and he became my favorite again. And Libby died and Walt left. And then there was Juliet. So I had Desmond, Ben, Juliet Hurley, Locke and Sawyer. And then I had three people come on the show that I liked: Miles, Charlotte and Daniel. Penny came and my obsession with Desmond came to a close. I still like Desmond, but that storyline was done. So Daniel was my favorite, then Ben, then Hurley, then Juliet, then Miles, then Charlotte, then Sawyer and by that point I was indifferent to poor Locke. Season five came and Charlotte died, Daniel died, Juliet died (you know what I mean) and Locke… ceased to exist. So at this point I have Hurley, Miles and Sawyer. Oh yeah, I loved Richard and Alex too. But neither of them were main characters and Alex died. But now I guess I can add Richard to that list. Aaaand Ilana, she’s great too. Sorry I forgot to say WHY I liked everyone, but at least you know WHO the hell I like.

      • February 16, 2010 at 1:29 pm

        Laughing my ass off.

        Haters gonna hate – great response btw!! Loved it.

        I don’t think the whining comes from hating the show/characters as more from FATIGUE. This show is a marathon and we are all sprinting towards the end, and now it is in sight, we are out of breath, tired, delirious, and probably feel like quitting.

        Here’s hoping we get a nice, refereshingly cool glass of water at the end, and an AWESOME series finale!!

      • 15 missscarlett
        February 17, 2010 at 6:09 pm

        usually always

        which is it grammar king??

      • 16 missscarlett
        February 17, 2010 at 6:11 pm

        (although I’ll take whining over ALL-CAPS anyday).
        ha ha ha ha ha!!

        That’s a good one – yeah. All caps is stressfull when it’s angry all caps!

        Hey – trivia time: Why do so many people online say they ‘hate’ Ilana?
        What is there to have such a strong reaction to yet?


        Favourite line: at least you know WHO the hell I like.

  6. February 14, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    After three episodes, I’m of the mind that these separate realities will merge as the characters become aware of their “other” selves. As Geoff stated, it would give a meta explanation for the quick bond between Claire and Kate. Notice the expression on Kate’s face when Claire names the baby Aaron. It’s similar to the deja vu’ look Jack has in LA X. When Juliet dies, she says “we” have something to tell you, rather than “I”. Because she was the closest to the explosion, she has already become aware of her other self.

  7. February 14, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    I like that they returned to the infection plot. Could it be that The Man in Black or smoke monster (PLEASE GIVE THIS ENTITY A NAME!) has a way of infecting or coercing people similar to the way Jacob’s touch puts people on a path?

    • February 15, 2010 at 12:41 am

      Yeah, how long are we going to have to keep on nicknaming this guy. It’s getting ridiculous. And everyone has a different name for him, it’s really hard to keep track.

    • February 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm

      Riva, I’m putting my foot down – it’s SMOKEY!

      I think Esau would be a neat name, but surely if they were going to call him that they would have by now?

      NotLocke doesn’t have enough SCOPE to fully describe his powers and influence.

      ManInBlack works, but the letters MIB (as I touch upon here http://superduperstream.blogspot.com/2010/02/lost-s6e3-what-kate-does-analysis.html ) remind me too much of the ending of MEN IN BLACK – I don’t want Lost to end and the camera to zoom out, revealing that aliens have always been playing a game of backgammon with our Losties as nothing more than pieces of the game 😦

      Smokey it is – that has ALWAYS been his name – we just hadn’t met him until now 🙂

  8. February 16, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Hey Izi – I’m impressed at how much you managed to get from this episode, despite not liking it much.

    I think Sawyer’s fabric was a jewellery bag containing the engagement ring, although as I talk about in my recap, they did a poor job of showing us this. Same goes for the pill that Jack ‘swallowed’!

    Dogen’s name – I noticed that we all knew “Bram”‘s name an episode or two before it was mentioned on the show – I guess the spoiler fans manage to creep information in everywhere!

    HAha, great call on Miles getting randomly taken down – I noticed it too and was cringing, expecting Hurley to received a hook to the jaw 😦 thankfully it didn’t happen! Poor Miles, he’s always getting a tough time.

    The Others clearly believe that the survivors are ALL on the same team, which is obviously not the case.

    We picked up on a lot of the same things this week – Miles looking at Sayid bizarrely, the mechanic being USELESS, neither Jack nor Sayid making any goddamn sense!! I also get what you mean about Sayid acting far too mild-mannered, but to give him his due – he is JUST BACK FROM THE DEAD, waking up in a strange place with strange people talking Japanese, I’d be a bit stunned by it all too!!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your write-up, definately top three of all write-ups out there (alongside FBL and 4TF, both of who caught a lot of things EVERYONE seems to have missed).

  9. 23 mins
    February 17, 2010 at 11:35 am

    hurley’s wearing a red shirt!
    hope that’s not a hint, like juliet’s demise?

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