605 – Lighthouse


This might have been one of the only Jack flashbacks/forwards/sideways that I really enjoyed.  And I have to hand it to the writers.  I’m thoroughly impressed that they managed to make me care about Jack and his relationship with his newly introduced preteen son.  If I had heard that Jack was going to have a son and he would have parenthood issues I would have rolled my eyes and wrote this episode off as a loss.  But I was surprised at how much I cared.

On the Island Hurley was leading Jack to Jacob’s spy-tower.  There we saw a very familiar list of names.  Jacob told Hurley that someone, number 108 on the list, was coming to the Island and Hurley had to help him get there.  No luck in this episode, but I’ll bet we’ll hear more about that later.

Meanwhile Claire finally did some talking.  Yeah, she’s crazy.  She’s also BFFs with “Locke” although she somehow doesn’t seem to know his name.  Poor Jin is now stuck with Claire and Locke and he knows way too much.  He’s in survival mode and he’s surrounded by murderers.  Also his leg is mangled.  This guy has been through the wringer over the last two seasons.

This was a good episode.  It set up a BSG reminiscent relationship between Hurley and Jacob, it had a surprising and effective reveal of Jack’s new son, it ramped up the anticipation about Claire and what the deuce she’s going to do, and it started two fun guessing games: who’s David’s mother and who’s coming to the Island (skip down the bottom of the post for my guesses and a couple of polls).  Overall a solid episode.  7.5/10.0



-Jacob was looking a little sad crouching beside his pool.

-“Someone’s coming to the Island.  I need you to help them find it.”  See below

-So what’s the consensus on Hurley’s Jacob?  I still think that the guy Hurley is seeing is actually Jacob, but I imagine the pessimists or realists (depending how honest you are) might believe that this vision is misleading Hurley.  What do you think?

-I got a Battlestar Galactica vibe from Hurley’s conversations with Jacob.  One big difference, there was a lot less sexual energy between Hurley and Jacob compared to Gaius and Head Six.
But the similarities do kinda make me wonder about this Jacob.  I doubt it’s exactly the same thing as with Baltar, but I wonder how real Jacob now is.  Until it’s shown one way or another whether he’s really Jacob or not I’m just going to assume that he is.  But I wonder if this is just an imagined Jacob.  If we compare this Jacob to Dave (Hurley’s imaginary friend) then it’s obvious Jacob is real.  Dave was obviously imagined because he was exactly the same as Hurley.

-It made me a little sad that Jacob knew that Jack’s motivation would be his father’s approval.  For once I’d like a character on this show not to be a con-artist.


-See!  Of course Hurley’s the best candidate, Jacob appears to him and no one else.  The reason why Luke Skywalker was more special than Leia was because Ob-Wan appeared to him and not her.  Sure “there is another”, but it doesn’t really matter when only one is getting tutoring from a ghost.  I guess Yoda helped too.  Hey!  Maybe Dogen is Yoda!  He’s short and mysterious, he’s probably going to die before the finale.  Yeah… Star Wars metaphors are fun.

-Hurley’s too funny.  He’s always speaking for the audience, but when it happens it’s always surprising and funny.  “This is cool dude.  Very old-school… you and me trekking through the jungle, on our way to do something that we don’t quite understand.  Good times.”  I’m glad Hurley’s enjoying himself.

-“I guess they used a mirror because electricity hadn’t been invented yet.”  …uh… what?  I can tell already that I’m probably reading too far into this line but I can’t help it.  What does Hurley know about when this thing was used?  Has Jacob told him something about ancient Egyptian times or something?
I’m just going to try to ignore that odd line.


-I’m a little worried about Sawyer.  Sure he agreed to help “Locke” in the last episode, but I hoped that he would have a little more time to think about it.  It seems like he’s now just a follower.  If he had showed up in this episode and shown a little reservation towards things that would have been comforting.  Having him completely gone is worrisome.


-“Locke” is frickin scary.  And Claire’s excitement at his arrival certainly didn’t help.


-Signs that Claire is totally insane:

  • She didn’t know she was alone for threee years.
  • She has a skull and fir made up as a doll.
  • She has no memory of leaving Aaron in the jungle.
  • She’s friends with a shape-shifting creepy guy.
  • She killed what-his-name with an axe.

-Jack just found out about Claire in the other timeline.  After that reveal there was absolutely not fallout.  I foresee an off-Island reunion pretty soon.

-How does everyone feel about Claire as a mother at this point?   Are there still a few of you who wish Claire had kept Aaron instead of Kate who was obviously a terrible mother? (sarcasm)

-Is Claire insane!!!  Doesn’t she know those plastic bottles can kill you?!!  Where has she been for the last three years!  Everyone knows those things cause cancer.

-Claire just calls “Locke” her friend?  She’s never asked for a name?  It’s been three years!  How do they have conversations?


-Jack tells Sayid that The Others want him dead and then he leaves.  That’s going to end well.  There’s no way these Others are going to survive.  “Locke”‘s on his way and he now has an assumed friend in their camp, an Infected friend who now thinks that everyone around him wants him dead.


-Miles is now alone with The Others and Sayid.  Poor guy.  I hope Sawyer swoops in and rescues him soon.


-I think Kate has at least one scene in every episode where she’s filling her water bottle.

-I want everyone who hated on Kate two weeks ago to pause and analyze what she did in this episode.  She passed by Hurley and Jack to find Claire.  She didn’t ask anyone to come with her, she didn’t try to change their plans, she didn’t change her plans.  She’s not as selfish and needy as you’d like to believe.

-Hurley knew that Kate wasn’t “invited” to go with them on Jacob’s quest.  Kate’s not Candidate material, as we’ve been told a few times now.  I hope Jacob explains that someday.  And I really hope she doesn’t join up with “Locke”, although that seems unlikely.

-I’m not looking forward to Kate meeting Claire.  I was waiting for this for a while now.   But now it’s not looking like a fun reunion.


-“Everything is an option.”  Ah, what a ridiculous line.

-Dogen knows about the Candidate Program.  But he seems to only respect the candidates when they assert themselves.

-I need to stop making assumptions about who can or can’t be off the Island.  It’s obvious that pretty much anyone will show up.  The writers are just playing with us.  It’s not a bad thing.  It will make for some fun cameos and good parallels between the stories on and off the Island.


-Jack spent every free second in this episode looking at his own reflection.  Talk about conceited.  He even listened to a recording of his own voice.  Tsk.

-Jack’s mom pretty much dashed all of our dreams when she explained what happened with Jack’s appendix.
There’s still some hope that the whole appendix thing means something.  They wouldn’t have mentioned it for no reason.  I’m still thinking Ms. Hawking’s course-correction theory is in effect.

-Jacob’s plan with Jack better get on with it.  This guy is taking three steps back in every episode.

-Jack’s mom is a very weird character.  They rarely ever have such blank characters on this show. I’m not even worried about looking up her name, she has almost no importance.

-Jack’s jealous of Hurley’s Special-ness.  He wishes Jacob had appeared to him.  Poor Jack, always wanting to be more Special.

-This was a very talkative episode.  Everyone was sharing, Jack especially.  Jack and Hurley told each other why they came back and Jack even told Hurley about Christian running around the Island.  Kate told Jack and Hurley what they were doing.  Jin told Claire all about Kate and Aaron (then quickly retracted that info).  They’ve never been this forthcoming.

-Jacob was watching Jack’s old house.  It was a white house so it was a light house.  Get it?   HA HA HA… anyways.  Jack was enraged when he found out Jacob was watching him.  But the truth is that he might not have been watching Jack.  Doesn’t it seem more likely that he was watching Christian?  Jack only lived there as a kid.  For Jack’s sake I hope I’m wrong about that.

-I wasn’t very angry when Jack broke the mirrors.  Of course I’m never very impressed by Jack’s destructive ways but this time it was pretty clear that Jacob knew what he was getting into when he insisted on Jack coming to the Lighthouse.


-Ugh, teenagers or preteens whatever this kid is.  I hate those ages.

-Whoever casts the kids in Lost is doing an amazing job.  They’ve always done good.
They’re not afraid to add kids in Season 5.  I wonder how long they’ve wanted to do that.

-Hey I own that same Annotated Alice book that David has.  It’s a really great version.

-Dogen says that David has a gift.  It sounds like what Ms Hawking told Daniel when he was playing the piano.  I’ve always assumed Daniel was Special because he was born or at least conceived on the Island.  Maybe it was just random chance.

-I’m surprised that they managed to make me care about Jack and David and their relationship in a single episode.


-I really thought we were going to see Christian in this episode.

-The first time I watched this episode I was pretty sure that Claire revealed that Christian and “Locke” are the same people.  But when I watched it again she clearly says that first Christian told her that The Others took Aaron and then her friend told her.  Her friend was revealed to be “Locke” so if we’re going to believe Claire then they are still separate people.  I don’t know what to think.  If there was ever a time to reveal that Christian was “Locke” then that was it.

-Still no sign of Christian off the Island.  I think they want us to believe that Christian wasn’t in the coffin in both timelines.  I don’t believe that.  What do you think?

If you don’t think Christian was in the coffin please tell me your theory, cause I’ve got nothing.  Maybe he faked his death?

-I don’t really think that Christian’s body wasn’t in the original coffin.  But I don’t really get why when Esau took Locke’s body there was still a body in the coffin.  It was kinda like a cicada thing.  But if that’s the same thing that happened to Christian then why wasn’t there a body in his coffin?  That question has been bugging me for a while now.  And I get that Ilana and Bram needed the body to prove to the Others and Richard that “Locke” wasn’t Locke.  It makes sense from a practical point of view, but not from a mythological point of view (I sound like Ob-Wan “from a certain point of view”).


-I’ll bet everyone smiled when Jin had the ol’ Sayid waking up in Rousseau’s camp deja vu.

-I feel bad for Jin in this episode.  That’s a very unenviable situation he was in.  At first I was a little angry that he told Claire that he was lying about Kate taking Aaron.  But now I’m thinking that he may have had no choice.  She was pretty blood-thirsty at that point.


-Out of nowhere we’re reminded of Shannon.  That was odd.  I guess we’ll be seeing her shortly.

Flashes (what we know now):

David’s Mother

I am very excited about this little guessing game.  Who do you think David’s mother is?  The field is pretty wide open, the kid looks exactly like Jack so we’re not getting any big hints.  Here are the possibilities that I thought of.

First of all Ana Lucia.  She came to mind first but mostly as a joke.  I know it’s ridiculous, but I would enjoy it.  Remember when those two were the next big couple on Lost.  Hahaha, we were so stupid in Season 1.

Kate is the second choice.  I know, I know.  It’s pretty much been proven wrong, but you never know.  It wouldn’t be totally crazy if what happened on the plane was nothing but a game.  No you’re right, this is a stupid choice.  (I’ll have her in the poll, but I’ll be disappointed if people vote for her.)

Juliet.  You know you were thinking it too.  And this wouldn’t be the end of the world for all of us Sawliet fans.  Remember Sawyer has swept up Juliet after Jack broke up with her before.

Sarah is probably the most likely, but right now that seems like the most boring choice.  I actually love Julie Bowen and for most of the show I wanted to see more of her character, but right now I’m over her.  Also not having her in this episode seems like unnecessary suspense for an boring reveal.

Shannon.  Hey Jack just found her inhaler, it could mean something.  But the season premiere pretty much debunked this possibility,

Libby.  This would be weird.  I don’t know why this couple bothers me so much but it really does.

Bai Ling.   I’m kidding, I’m kidding.  By the way, did her character even have a name?

Nikki.  I’m starting to annoy myself at this point.

Charlotte.  Again, this kinda creeps me out.  I don’t know why this would bother me, but I don’t want to see Jack pining of Charlotte.

A new character we haven’t met yet.  Boooooriiiing.

Here’s a poll (BTW, if you know about some spoiler out there about who it is, then please don’t vote).

After writing all of that and considering all of them I think I’m going to go with Juliet.  It would be fun for me if it was Ana Lucia, but I think most people would hate that.  I think Juliet would be the best choice.

Adam & Eve

In case any of us forgot about Adam and Eve and the fact that they are likely one of the main characters then that was hinted at tonight.  As id we haven’t been guessing at that for the last five seasons.  I still think it’s Rose and Bernard.  As Hurley said, what if we went back in time… I don’t think there’s going to be much time travel anytime soon.  And those two were the only obvious people left behind in the past.  I don’t think they were thrown into the present with everyone else.

The Lighthouse

The Substitute pun was better that the Lighthouse/light house pun.  Moving on-

Remember the ol’ days when Dharma Stations were all the rage?  Now we’ve got Temples and underground tunnels and huge statues, caves and Lighthouses.  I like these locations better.

The Lighthouse was an odd addition to the mystery.  It seems more Jacoblike than the Cave from the last episode.  But I don’t really see why Jacob needs a couple of mirrors to spy on people.  Also it’s very redundant that Jacob has two master lists.  As a frequent list writer I know that having more than one list is just asking for trouble (unless you use Excel).

Who’s Coming to the Island?

Jacob told Hurley that he has to help someone get to the Island.  Of course this turned out to be a means to an end, the result was Jack finding out he was Special.  But still, it seems like number 108 is coming to the Island.  Who could it be?

The first person I thought of was Widmore.  Charles talked about a war coming and picking sides, I think he might be Jacob’s other backup.  It’s so strange that I’m hoping for Widmore to come and save the day.

When I first sat down and started thinking about who might be coming my heart leapt at the sudden thought that maybe Walt was coming.  I really shouldn’t listen to my heart though, hearts suck. 

The most obvious person it could be is Desmond.  The Island isn’t done with Desmond yet.  I can’t imagine what he could possibly do on the Island, but it seems likely that he’ll come back.  And the Lighthouse would have been a good way to guide him in.

And I should also consider the possibility that it’s Aaron.  I guess that would mean Carole would have to come back too.  Bleh.

I’m sure there are many people I’ve missed, please tell me in the comments or in this poll.

Lostpedia and their contributes with HD TVs have discovered that 108 had the name Wallace beside it.  We don’t know anyone with the name Wallace, but I don’t think that means much.  It could be hint about Desmond, Wallace is a very Scottish name.  Or it could be the name that Walt now has (Walt Wallace… that sound ridiculous).  I don’t think we should get too caught up on that name.  But I do think we should stop and think about the fact that it was crossed out.  All four of the people I mentioned have been on the Island before and have left.  I can imagine that would be enough to get their names crossed out.

– Izi

36 Responses to “605 – Lighthouse”

  1. 1 Nater
    February 24, 2010 at 5:23 am

    You mentioned the redundancy of two lists… ever since ‘Locke’ showed Sawyer the list in the cave and claimed it was Jacob’s list, I’ve wondered if in reality it was ‘Locke’s’ list. Bear with me… if ‘Locke’ or Esau or whatever you want to call him KNEW that Jacob had a list and was trying to figure it out, ‘Locke’ might have kept a list of his own in private (e.g. the cave) and marked out names as he figured out they were no longer candidates. We only assumed it was Jacob’s list b/c ‘Locke’ said it was, but how far can we trust what he tells Sawyer?

    • 2 Lorenzo
      February 24, 2010 at 10:21 am

      I’m on board with this theory. Jacob seems to be Gallant and “Flocke” is Goofus. Jacob keeps neat lists, maintains a functioning lighthouse, and keeps his friends in a nice temple. Flocke lives in a dilapidated shack (at least i think that was his), keeps his friend in a nasty hut, and might use chalk and walls to keep his very unorganized list. My impression is that Flocke was keeping tabs on the candidates and marking off whenever one of them fell off the path.

      The problem with this theory is that it assumes Flocke knows the whole list. So either Jacob invited him to the Lighthouse-warming party or Flocke really is the smoke monster and those clicks represent when Flocke is scanning someones past to see if they’ve ever met Jacob or are a candidate.

      Final loophole- Kate met Jacob but is not considered a candidate. Well Sayid’s name was on the list but Jacob didn’t want him to go to the lighthouse. Maybe all candidates aren’t equal, or have different paths, or w/e.

      • February 26, 2010 at 4:10 pm

        Gallant and Goofus, hilarious. I had a compound Highlights/Arrested Development flashback.
        Yeah, you guys are probably right. Recently I’ve been thinking about the two lists and I’m starting to wonder whether or not there were two lists for two separate Candidates. Jacob’s list of candidates for his position was at the Lighthouse and “Locke”‘s list for his replacement was at the Cave. Maybe I shouldn’t say “Locke”‘
        s replacement, maybe I should say his possible disciples.
        About Kate, perhaps Jacob was disappointed with Kate’s behavior. He told her to be good and she didn’t quite listen. On the other hand he seemed fine with Sawyer even after he did some terrible things.

      • February 27, 2010 at 7:50 am

        Yeah, the clicks were VERY smokey.

    • 5 TheMonkeyKing
      March 2, 2010 at 10:02 am

      I think I can agree to this to. Two sets of places for the names and two main island characters. One all light and air, the other dark and secluded. Each one has a way of looking through a portal; the cave had a telescope, yes?

      What if they had the same list but each one has their reason for using a candidate. Candidate does nothing and neither one wins. One choose Jacob, what happens? If they choose Esau, then Esau gets off the island?

  2. 6 Noella
    February 24, 2010 at 5:55 am

    Hurley: I’m not sure that there’s anything to Hurley’s comment about the lighthouse. I saw the lighthouse as being very old (pre-electricity) and Hurley was just making a comment as he usually does make a comment about everything.

    Sawyer: I think Sawyer will go along with “Locke” as far as he’s interested, not for the long run. I noticed that he was not with “Locke” when he appeared to Claire.

    Claire: I think Claire doesn’t see “Locke” as Locke. I think that like Hurley sees “dead” people, Claire sees the man in black as maybe we saw him on the beach with Jacob. Earlier there was a connection between Claire and Jacob and I’m not so sure she’s the bad guy yet, nor am I sure that Sayid is the bad guy either. It is possible that the “bad” person going to the temple could be “Locke” or even whoever is coming to the Island. In the other timeline (what would have happened had the plane not crashed). She’s just a little too weird for me right now. I’d like to know what has caused her to go “crazy” especially with her connection with Jacob (as we were led to believe).

    I noticed that “Locke” threw away the white stone – does that mean that darkness now rules the island? I still see this as like a backgammon game between Jacob and the man in black with the game having begun with the pieces thrown onto the board (the plane crash), the “doubling” (when the bomb went off and now we have double timelines with the stakes being even higher).

    I’m not sure that Dogen is the good guy either and why didn’t Jin tell Claire that she left Aaron with Kate when she left.

    Jack: I was very surprised to find out that he had a son as he’d never been mentioned to either Juliette or Kate. I don’t think that the two realities should be that different. The new reality is if the plane landed – not a totally different life. If he hasa son in the new reality, he should have been alive while Jack is on the Island. We knew about everyone else’s past – why should the fact that Jack has a son be hidden from us until now? Why didn’t he talk about it? I don’t think Ana Lucia or Kate or Juliette or anyone else on the island is David’s mother. Just because they landed on the Island doesn’t mean they forgot their past. When Jack met up with Ana Lucia, he would have remembered that he’d had a relationship with her if there’d been one, same as with any of the other passengers or people he met on the Island. It is interesting, though, that Jack’s mother was able to explain his appendectomy – why, then, did it rupture on the Island?

    Christian: I don’t think that Christian is “Locke” or the man in black – he may or may not be dead, but I’d say he probably is. I think Jack’s apparition could be just that – an apparition. As far as Christian leading Jack to water, it is not uncommon for us to think that someone who has gone on before us actually “watches over us” and leads us to solutions.

    The Lighhouse: It does seem strange and a little disconcerting for me to have all these new locations introduced in this last season, but that probably has something to do with the bomb. Like one of the other characters (Jack or Hurley) asked, why didn’t we see this before? The Island must be one huge island in that these places or new people were never discovered, yet the new people seem to know everything about the plane people and Others, etc.

    As Desi would say, they’ve got a lot of “splainin” to do.

    • February 24, 2010 at 1:24 pm

      The change occurred when the Jughead detonated. So the change in timeline dates back to 1977, not just to 2004. Also, bear in mind that everyone had their lives effected by Jacob … probably BEFORE the “touch” incidents with which we’re familiar. I think he’s been subtly influencing their lives for many, many years.

      But like with everything regarding LOST, I could be completely wrong.

      ~ Cheers!


    • February 26, 2010 at 4:12 pm

      What do you mean about Claire’s connection with Jacob?

    • February 27, 2010 at 7:52 am

      I think if Jin were to try to explain to Claire that she LEFT Aaron behind, she would have had a TOTAL breakdown and just hacked him to pieces.

      If he hadn’t seen the crazy-baby in the cot, then maybe he would have, but after seeing just how far gone Claire is, he was wise to keep that piece of info to hiself.

  3. 10 Greg S.
    February 24, 2010 at 7:47 am

    I think you’re making a fundimental mistake about the LA X timeline that a lot of other people have made. This isn’t a timeline that diverged from the main timeline at the point when Flight 815 landed in LA. It diverged as far back as 1977 when Jack was still 7 or 8. So he could easily have had a child in the LA X timeline that did not exist in the original. I think all the cameos of Others showing up in the LA X timeline aren’t just cutesy “what if” scenarios, but are indications that this timeline diverged from the original significantly as soon as the “incident” was changed by the bomb going off.

    • February 26, 2010 at 4:13 pm

      I know you’re right but it’s still hard to comprehend this. It’s hard to just ignore all the old flashbacks. But I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it before the halfway point of this season.

  4. 12 Lorenzo
    February 24, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Great post, Izi. These past two episodes have been great. I’m hoping the rest of the season keeps this pace. So your post got my theory juices flowing so I’m going to just throw them out there.

    – Jacob was looking a little sad crouching beside his pool. – I think he was checking out how the water was “infected.” Perhaps this is how he knows there’s no hope for the people in the temple, as he implies to Hurley. The again if this is true and the problem is solved by Ilana pouring his ashes into it I’m going to be pretty disappointed.

    – Consensus on Jacob – I’m glad you’re now also straddling the fence on whether Jacob is the “good guy.” Someone hit this point in the last episode review’s comments and I think its true- There’s no good/bad guy just opposing sides. That being said we are going to have a big clue in the next coupld episodes as to whether Flocke is the bad guy. He knows Sun is on the island, so does he use it to manipulate Jin or does he tell him and let him go? Either way you’re right, Jacob seems to be as much a manipulator as Flocke. The difference being one kills and the other let’s people kill.

    – Annotated Alice – Does this mean we should go back to the Season 1 episode “White Rabbit” for clues as to what all this means? I can definitely seem parallel story-lines between the two, such as the reappearance of the coffin and the caves.

    – Kate being left out – I mentioned it above and I think it’s worth noting that exclusion from the excursion to the light house doesn’t mean much in the bigger picture. Right now the only person Jacob has said is a candidate is Hurley. The rest were id’d by Flocke himself. If he turns out to be the bad guy I’m questioning all of his “candidates.” BTW, I really enjoyed Kate in this episode. I think she has grown a lot, unlike Jack with his tantrums.

    – Jack’s Babymama – What about Ilana?

    As for who’s coming back, I’m hoping it’s Desmond but I think it’ll be Widmore and it will most likely be neither. Who’s to say Widmore isn’t a fake name.

    • February 26, 2010 at 4:18 pm

      I don’t know if you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan but I kinda see the broken Temple pool as the same thing as the destruction of the resurrection ships. It removes that safety net that we all thought about after Ben got shot.
      I think you may be overestimating my reasonableness. I’m willing to talk about Jacob perhaps doing less reputable things but I still think of him as the good guy. I’m willing to look at all sides of the argument, but I can’t switch sides that easily.
      I was thinking about adding Ilana to that list but I figured I had exhausted all of my joke options already. I will be sure to tip my hat in your direction if it’s revealed that it’s her, but I don’t think it’s likely.

  5. 14 mins
    February 24, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    I’m still worried seeing Hurley in a red shirt. Juliet wore one too and they killed her off.
    I love Hurley; he does speak for the audience, and the way he does it always makes me smile, laugh. Hurley didn’t ask Jacob what he is a candidate for. maybe later….
    I don’t understand why they are introducing new kids now, but even i warmed up to “Jack the father” story. It just makes sense that David’s mom would be Jack’s ex-wife..but the stories have changed somewhat…. Jack seems to be very important to Jacob. Jack had many tantrums from season 1 on, to finally settle into a “Man of Faith” calm last season. Now it’s full circle… I also think Jack jumped to conclusions that jacob was only watching him and not also christian. And, he forgot everyone has been watched by jacob…so not so special there.
    But we keep seeing Jack looking at his reflection from the first episode of this season. What are the writers hinting at?
    So we have some idea of those mysterious numbers now.
    Crazy Claire!! More like Rousseau every episode. Poor Jin. Why would Christian and FLocke lie about Aaron? So that claire would kill all the others? And now she says she’d kill Kate. Will Sayid turn crazy soon as well?

    I have always wondered if the 2 dead bodies in the cave with the black and white stones are the original bodies of Jacob and “Esau”?

  6. 16 jcm
    February 24, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    That is hilarious about Kate filling a water bottle. I bet you could make a long montage video of people filling canteens and water bottles over the six seasons of Lost.

    Didn’t anyone recognize the cliff Jack was on looking out over the ocean? It was the same one Hurley’s imaginary friend Dave jumped off of. You’d think they would have spotted a huge lighthouse…ha ha, well done Lost locations scouts.

  7. 17 Cunny
    February 26, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Interesting comment on Jack constantly looking at his own reflection and listening to a recording of himself – Could that have been a reference to his son? Maybe something about how his relationship with his own son inadvertantly reflected his relationship with Christian. His son seems to have picked up brooding, daddy issues and considerable manual dexterity, too.

  8. February 26, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Dude totally good call about this being the only Jack centric episode you’ve enjoyed. I’m re-watching Season 1 right now and I forgot how quickly Jack fell out of favor. I never liked Jack because I could never understand his character. Why is he also so damn miserable??

  9. February 27, 2010 at 7:48 am

    Hey dude 🙂

    Just going to go through your write-up in order with my comments.

    – Totally agree – this is only the third Jack episode I can remember enjoying – White Rabbit and Through The Looking Glass are the two others.
    – The lack of Smokey’s official name is kinda getting annoying. It would be nice if SOMEONE knew it.
    – I hadn’t even thought of “Jacob” not being 100% legit. I suppose he could be something other than Jacob’s ghost – a Smokey apparition, a figment of Hurley’s imagination, etc. I don’t think he is any of these things, but it is a definite possibility.
    – Jacob was VERY sad next to the pool. Maybe he knows he has no chance of becoming corpeal again, but if he were taken to the pool on time he would have survived?
    – Everyone’s a con artist, and everyone has daddy issues. Jin is conning Claire, Smokey is conning Claire, Hurley is conning Jack, Jacob is conning Hurley, Hurley is conning Dogen, etc.
    – Star Wars ftw!
    – What bullshit lines have “Locke” and “Christian” been feeding Claire, mewonders?
    – Hurley’s line about electricity seemed fine to me. If I had recently been to the ’70s, then taken to a pretty ancient looking, yet still active, temple, then been told by a ghost to trek out to an old lighthouse with mirrors and a big-ass compass, I would assume it was built in pre-electricity times. Seemed a natural assumption to me.
    – I don’t think Claire is insane, more she is possessed. She is a sleeper agent, much like I imagine Sayid is.
    – I TOTALLY thought she was going to chop off Jin’s leg with that axe!
    – Sayid is a goner – my first thought when Jacob revealed his whole “I wanted you TWO away from that place” was “oh, okay, he HATEs Sayid that much? first he kills Nadia, then he has his lackeys drown the man, and now he is leaving him to be slaughtered by Smokey. Brilliant, Jacob is a big fat racist!”
    – Kate was totally out of character (and stupid) in this episode. Leaving her backpack lying around? There was no need for her to appear in this episode.
    – Isn’t Jack’s appendix scar on the wrong side?
    – Dogen being off-Island makes sense – the Island probably hadn’t called him in by that point. It was still very much the Charles Widmore/Ben Linus era, but I think when Widmore got banished, second-string Dogen got drafted, keeping the cycle going? There seems to always be 4 leaders in the Others camp – a “Jacob”, a “Richard”, and 2 “Ben” level characters – Eloise Hawking/Charles Widmore, Charles Widmore/Ben Linus, Ben Linus/Dogen, Dogen/Locke – only now Locke isn’t Locke, and the Others are down a man (or two (or three!!)). Poor Dogen, a lot of responsibility rests on his short, stout shoulders.
    – Very talkative. I take back my little rant last week – with the exception of Kate, this was a very well written episode from Damon & Carlton – like I say, I am love/hate with them as writers, but this week it was a huge LOVE fest from me 🙂 nine thumbs up! (One down for the pointless Kate scene).
    – When Jack was asking David what he was listening to, I was so hoping he would say something like “Nirvana, do you even know who they ARE?!” haha.
    – I was hoping Christian would show up too. And I agree, it makes more sense that Jacob was watching Christian’s house than Jack, but then again, it’s a bit late to start making Christian a main focus again.
    – No, I’m still pretty convinced Smokey and Locke and Christian are one in the same. If you are trying to convince someone that they aren’t crazy, it is better to have many sources. Smokey would look like Christian to get Claire on-side, then look like someone else to keep chatting to her, and now he is ‘stuck’ as Locke, but Claire doesn’t mind as she (presumably) knows he can shape-shift, but still believes the person she first met is her actual Father.
    – I’m fairly certain we got two Shannon shout-outs – wasn’t the message on David’s answering machine along the lines of “… Professor Rutherford…” meaning in this timeline, perhaps her father never died? If that was the case, then Jack never met Sarah, which means… who the hell is the mother?
    – I wouldn’t dwell on 108 – it was just a means to an end, it is a generic name (Wallace) and it is crossed out, plus, the mirror has been smashed. So I would forget about it for now 🙂

    Great write-up as always 🙂

    – Chris

    • 20 mins
      March 2, 2010 at 12:56 pm

      I also thought about Jack’s scar being on the wrong side. It should be on the right. Did it appear on the left in the reflection? We never see his actual scars (appendix, neck,etc) only via the mirror.
      mirrors….alice in wonderland….
      i don’t understand why jacob would go through the trouble of helping sayid heal, only to have him killed(?) later at the temple.
      hope we get some concrete answers tonite!

      • March 2, 2010 at 1:35 pm

        The point maybe wasn’t to heal Sayid, but to get Hurley, Jack, etc to the Temple?

        I don’t know.. I mean, Jacob seemed really pained about healing Sayid in the first place, like he wasn’t sure it was the right decision.

  10. March 1, 2010 at 10:08 am

    “I don’t really get why when Esau took Locke’s body there was still a body in the coffin.”

    I think the Smoke Monster just creates the image of a person deceased on the island, without actually taking over their body, as it’s confirmed he’s done with both Locke and Yemi.

    Still unclear to me who’s controlling Christian. And just from his name alone, and tying in with all the countless biblical references on this show… I’m going to assume that someone named “Christian Shephard” is somewhat of a leader or a savior.

  11. 24 Bones
    March 2, 2010 at 7:11 am

    This has next to nothing to do with the episode but something I thought of recently…

    So the Island sinks at some point, but we don’t know when. Although it seems to be not too long after the bomb goes off, as many people who were on the island for most of their lives, or at least a long time, aren’t on it anymore. 16 years before the plane crash Leonard Simms and Sam Toomey hear the numbers over and over, and eventually Leonard goes to the mental institution where Hurley meets him. This is where Hurley learns the numbers as he repeats them over and over. Since the numbers are now stuck in Hurley’s head, he uses them to play the lottery and wins, and gets bad luck and all that. Are we to assume (terrible thing to do in Lost I know) that in the alternate timeline, that Leonard and Toomey maybe never hear the numbers as the island isn’t there broadcasting them, and then Hurley never learns them and uses a different set of numbers to win the lottery, thus bringing his new luck?

    • March 2, 2010 at 11:08 am

      Maybe. I’ve assumed that he uses the same Numbers but without the Island they aren’t cursed.

      • March 2, 2010 at 1:32 pm

        I think it’s more they were never cursed, it was just Hurley’s depressed mindset that made him feel cursed.

        (Also I love that three different people get three different answers from this :))

      • 27 Bones
        March 2, 2010 at 2:43 pm

        Just wondering how he’d hear about them in the first place then.

        • March 2, 2010 at 4:03 pm

          I can’t even imagine. I would be very surprised if questions like why Locke doesn’t hate his Dad and this question didn’t get answered ever. I think they might just be trying to show us a contrast between the two timelines. Who knows.

  12. 29 Noella
    March 2, 2010 at 10:23 am

    Has anybody noticed? 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108?

  13. 31 missscarlett
    March 5, 2010 at 11:12 am

    The only way to prove whether or not Jacob is real is for him to slap Hurley! Hurley needs to try that test. Faster than Dogen’s methods.

    Luke was ‘special’ alright.

    I thought that line was about Hurley trying to make Jack think he knew more than he did but…I wondered about it too.

    Oh man! that water bottle – I was wondering how long Dharma was there for in this new-ish timeline because those bottles are pretty recent looking. And yeah – I hope she wasn’t leaving them in the sun although maybe that’s part of her problem. Brain tumour.

    How you avoid the need for names in conversation: Hi. Hi. Those Templars torturing you? They do that to people. After they steal their babies. Bastards! I know right! You wanna team up with me? I’m going to kill them all. Yesl Let’s be friends. Well Ok then.

    Good call with Sayid.

    I think Kate is beyond the Candidates. She’s pretty driven and not easily swayed. The Candidates are a group of wafflers so far — ok, except for Hurley. Maybe.

    It’s gonna be a Mommy showdown if Claire doesn’t get out from under her Friend’s influence.

    Oh yeah. Jacob doesn’t need the Lighthouse anymore. So other than 108, I guess the One Candidate is in place or about to be (in 108’s case) and Jacob knows that. Was this his big nudge? Everyone was forthcoming…except for Jacob and Esau AGAIN!

    Oh I still think Christian was Esau. I just think Claire believed he was her Dad. But who the devil knows!

    I am really hoping that inhaler means this is ALL we’re going to get about Shannon this season. I thought she had conflicting filming schedules (good for her, I guess)?

    Wallace eh?
    That’s what people are on about.
    When I take this long to post I don’t go reading other’s peoples stuff.
    I really need to free up more time for this — ha ha! How shallow is that? I need less life and more tv and online speculations!!
    But I do.

    I liked your BSG connection – I totally never thought of that. I know other people use the term but, Head Six sounds really terrible.

    I need to stop using the word really.

    • March 13, 2010 at 5:35 pm

      I can’t believe you just said Kate is strong and not easily swayed ¬_¬

      Boone has already mentioned Shannon too, so I think the likelihood of her actually appeared is very slim (we need more Charlie though!)

  14. March 7, 2010 at 6:09 am

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  15. April 26, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    You ignored the “[sarcasm]” thing. That was the entire point of that sentence.

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