606 – Sundown


This episode was called Sundown, I was expecting a Sun and Jin episode and I was hoping that by the end of the episode Sun would be shot down in at least one of the two timelines.  I was way off.  This was bound to happen since I don’t watch any commercials for the upcoming episodes.

This episode was about Sayid instead of Sun.  And guess who’s back?  Nadia!!  If this was season three I would be excited.  But after Sayid and Nadia got their Happily ever after (almost) I stopped caring about her.  This flashback really just dragged on for me.  It kinda set up a Jin and Sun episode, but it’s not like that’s getting me too excited.

On the Island things were more fun.  Sayid was playing an assassin for both sides.  For a short time I actually liked him again, but then he went back to the mindless killing machine so I can go back to ignoring him.  If there’s anything that I can be excited about it’s the fact that we’ll probably never have another Sayid-centric episode every again.  Huzzah!

I have to mention this somewhere, this is probably the best place.  The scene with Sayid, Claire and Kate walking through the ruined Temple with Claire’s lullaby playing off tune in the background was unique in a weird way.  That was very un-Lost-like.

But it sounds like I really hated this episode, that’s not quite true.  I really liked the Kate and Claire reunion and the last six minutes were pure energy.  This episode set up some great groups, and I’m really looking forward to the next episode.  Half of this episode was bad, another third was pretty good and a tenth of it was great then there were some commercials  I think that leaves us with about a 4.5/10.0



-“Locke” was stuck on the Island because Jacob was alive, now that Jacob is dead he’s free.  Not exactly news, but it’s nice that it was spelled out.

-Dogen says “Locke” wants to destroy every living thing on the Island.  He seems content to leave his followers alive.  This is where we get into the old Lost hearsay conundrum.  What do we want to believe?  This guy was probably just trying to get Sayid to anger “Locke” into killing him.  So he might have just said these things to give Sayid a reason to plunge that knife in his chest.  Or maybe he’s saying that because it’s true.  Or maybe he’s saying it because that is what he was led to believe.  Every episode we face this same thing.  What do we want to believe?  “He is evil incarnate”.  Again, I tend to believe that, but it’s coming from a very biased and unreliable source.

-I don’t know what to make of “Locke”‘s promise to resurrect Nadia.  I’ll write more about the resurrection stuff below.

-Isn’t “Locke” a great leader?  Everyone, come follow me off the Island or I’ll kill you… please?

-The Other’s are just sheep, anyone could just step in and tell them to do anything and they would do it.


-Miles is totally in the dark, I feel bad for the guy.  He’s playing the role of the Post-It note back at the Temple.  Everyone just passes through and leaves him there and he just continually updates the people who walk by him.  At least Ilana invited him along.

-Miles not knowing Claire’s name was weird.  It makes sense, but it’s still strange to have two main characters oblivious to each other.

-Miles and Sawyer have to get back together before the show ends, I like that duo.  And Miles seems so lost without Sawyer there to tell him what to do.

-I’ll bet the reunion of Miles and Frank would have been a big deal if it wasn’t in the middle of such a crazy scene.  They must have both been pretty shocked to see each other.


-Dogen describes Claire as “a confused girl, under the influence of an angry man”.  That makes it sound like he still has faint hope for her.

-I’m really looking forward to Claire’s retribution against Kate and Jin when she has a chance to stop and think about it.  I don’t want her to kill either of them but I wouldn’t mind if she got a little more riled up and stopped smiling.


-I have nothing to say about Sayid and Nadia.  There was a time when a Nadia episode was exciting, but that time has past.  Sayid had his day in the sun with Nadia and now I’ve stopped caring.

-Miles told us the whole story about Sayid’s death, that removes quite a few doubts from my mind.  Sayid was dead for two hours and the pool definitely didn’t revive him, despite what I may have thought.

-My friends were making bets on who Sayid was going to mistake as the person he was supposed to kill.  My money was on Sun, cause of the title.  (We didn’t seriously think that was going to happen, but it would have been funny.)

-How did Sayid know The Others drowned him?  Miles didn’t really tell him that, I wonder if he can remember any of what happened to him back then.

-I can’t wait for Sayid’s Toronto episode.  That’s going to be great, a highlight of the season.  (I hate writing sarcasm, I think this is why people have podcasts.)

-I’m a little proud of Sayid for actually attempting to kill “Locke”, but all that respect disappeared before the end of the episode.

-“I would tell you that the only thing I ever wanted died in my arms.  And I’ll never see it again.”  Whew, quite the delivery of that line.

-So Dogen was proved right.  Sayid was Infected and the Infection reached his heart and he became pure evil.  I’ll bet Jack will regret not killing him pretty soon.  Sayid can do quite a lot of damage.


-I wish we had Dogen’s evil detector a while back.  That would have been useful.

-By Lost standards Dogen and Sayid’s fight was pretty impressive.  It was almost like an old Alias fight, Dogen is Sidney Bristow, Sayid is Anna Espinosa (yeah… Alias was occasionally good).

-I was extremely unimpressed with Dogen’s story about his son and getting drunk in Osaka.  I guess the point was to talk about Jacob, but still, the story was long, hard to follow and useless.

-Dogen’s death was very confusing.  “He was the only thing keeping (Smokey) out”.  I could have sworn that the ash was the only think keeping it out.  I guess Sayid might have messed up the ash, or Smokey managed to do it himself with all of his tree ripping.  But if Dogen was powerful enough to keep Smokey out then why was he afraid of getting killed by him if he left the Temple?  I think Dogen’s death was important in that it meant that Jacob’s power is crumbling, “Locke” is winning.


-Kate’s wandering around the jungle yelling “hello”.

-I didn’t expect Kate and Claire’s reunion this early in the season.

-Kate doesn’t have the influence in the Temple that Jack and Hurley have.  Even the hippy guy pushes her around.  That’s what she gets for not being a Candidate.  I still wonder whether she was on the list that Jacob put in the Ankh.

-I loved the Kate and Claire meeting.  It was very polarizing.  I think this is where people really find out whether they’re on Kate’s side or Claire’s side regarding the Aaron issue.

-Apparently Kate has a hard time reading facial cues.  Claire was doing her best cartoonish angry face and Kate wasn’t taking the hint.

-Locke gave Kate a little look, but nothing more.  I love it.  I don’t hate Kate, but I find it very entertaining to watch her get sidelined like that.

-You know how when the groups are divided in Lost you choose your favorite person in one of the groups and you see things from their perspective?  Maybe that’s just how I watch this show.  Anyways, right now I’m dying to see more about what happens to Kate, and what she goes through.  That group she’s in is going to be very interesting.


-I wish Jin had learned English in the other timeline.  That would have been very helpful.  Oh well, maybe Charlotte can show up and be a translator.


-Sun finding out Jin was alive was pretty funny, in a ‘poor Sun’ way.


-Tell me you weren’t excited to see Ilana show up.  She was a hero.

-I wonder if we’re going to get an episode where we see Ben, Ilana, Frank and Sun hiking to the Temple.  I hope not, I’m totally fine with the writers skipping things like that.

-Ilana seems very concerned about the Candidates.  She asks specifically for Jack, Hurley and Sayid.  Jacob must have told her about that jazz.


-Claire tells Dogen to send someone else to “Locke”, someone he won’t kill.  Dogen immediately asks for Hurley and Jack.  That’s a big relief.  God know “Locke” wasn’t going to kill Jack, but there was an outside chance that Hurley was in danger.  I think it’s safe to assume that “Locke”‘s not going to directly kill any of the Candidates anytime soon.


-Ben backing away from Sayid was pretty funny.

-I’m 100% sure that Ben got out of the Temple safely.  A friend of mine was concerned about him, but I’m sure he’s fine.

-I miss Ben, he’s been on the off the show quite a bit recently, Locke is hogging the limelight.


-You know what I hate, when they have a boring scene after the LOST title card.  They list all the guest stars right after that and most of the time it’s an intense flashback scene so you don’t really have time to read the names flashing by.  But sometimes, like tonight, it’s a dull scene and I accidentally read the names and it really spoils the reveals, like Keamy’s surprise appearance.

-Well I’m glad they killed Keamy again, it’s a small step towards my Course Correction theory.  But it looks like he’s going to be back for at least one more episode.


-Oh no, dead Others.  The bottom line is that Cindy and the kids are still alive.  That’s all that really matters.  All The Others could die, but we know their name so it’s nice they didn’t die.

Flashes (what we know now):


“Locke” promised Sayid that he could resurrect Nadia if Sayid would deliver a message.  He didn’t say that directly, but I think we all agree that that was what he meant.

Jacob promised Dogen that he would resurrect his dead son if Dogen would serve Jacob at the Temple or at least on the Island.  This sounded a lot like the promise made to Juliet about her sisters cancer.  Except that a resurrection is a lot crazier.  I get why they had Dogen tell that story, they wanted to show the similarities between Jacob and “Locke” but I still really didn’t like that story.  It makes things very complicated.  I’m very tempted to not even believe that Jacob resurrected Dogen’s kid.  But what’s worse, lying to a guy to get him to serve you or holding someones dead loved one over a persons head so that they have not choice but to serve you?

In regards to “Locke”‘s same promise about Nadia.  The creepy thing is that he could make it look like Nadia is still alive, but that would be more like reanimating her dead body, and in the end it would still be Smokey and not actually Nadia.  All of this really leads me into my next subject.

“Locke”‘s Promises

Here’s the thing, I know there are a few people that are slowly boarding the “Locke” train, but I think we should stop and take a step back.  Here’s what we’ve seen him do so far.  He’s held three different carrots in front of three different people.  He told Sawyer that he would tell him why he was on the Island and he promised to get him off the Island, he promised Claire that he would get Aaron back from the Others, and he promised Sayid that he would resurrect Nadia.  If you ask me all of those promises are lies.  Maybe he’ll get off the Island, but it’s just as likely that he’ll stab Sawyer in the back in order to get off.  It was a straight up lie that he would get Aaron back.  He knew that Kate had Aaron, he has all the memories that Locke had.  And if he could resurrect Nadia, then why didn’t he offer to resurrect Charlie and Juliet too?  That would have been great incentive for Claire and Sawyer.  He’s lying and you’re falling for it.

Later this week, maybe on the weekend, I want to write up more of an argument about “Locke” and Jacob and who’s evil.


Here are the facts.  Sayid was dead, and he miraculously came back to life.  Since he came back to life he’s been through a lot, but at the moment he’s very evil.  There’s no doubt about that.

Claire was in a building that blew up.  she may have died in that explosion, we don’t know.  All we know is that after that she’s been acting odd.  She is currently bat-shit crazy and also pretty evil (remember the axe? yeah).

Dogen told us about the Infection, and although it’s easy not to believe him, I think we should believe him about this.  These two were probably Infected and it seems as though both of them are now lost causes.

In the last scene of this episode I wondered whether or not all The Others were infected too.  That group was just very robotic and unquestioning.  I wonder if the Infection can be spread like that.  If so then I really worry about Sawyer, Jin and Kate.

– Izi

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  1. 1 Bones
    March 3, 2010 at 7:56 am

    I’m really not getting that if all Flocke is supposed to want is to leave the island, and the thing that was keeping him there was Jacob, now that Jacob is dead why doesn’t he just go then? Why all this show and dance killing Others and recruiting followers? How does that help him leave. So many contradictions and it’s starting to annoy me.

    • March 3, 2010 at 12:39 pm

      He’s going to build a raft out of human corpses, just like in Rome. No he probably isn’t just going to leave the Island he’s going to conquer it first. If all he wants is to leave then why would he kill the Others. He’s trying to erase all of Jacob’s former power, removing all who supported him.

      • 3 Jimbob
        March 4, 2010 at 12:55 pm

        I think you both are off target here. If “Locke” and Jacob know/knew everything about the island, don’t you think the ins and outs of leaving it would be one of the things they know? Saying that “Locke” is free because of Jacob’s death is the thing you should focus on. The island is kind of like “Locke’s” personal prison, and considering the island is anything but normal, “leaving the island” isn’t just getting off of it, but rather being free of it. We still don’t know everything about the island, but I’m assuming “Locke” does, so he’s going to do a bunch of stuff that will enable him to destroy the island to be free of it forever so he can go eat souls or something…

        • March 4, 2010 at 3:44 pm

          I don’t know who voted you a thumbs down, because that is the smartest thing I have read about the whole “free” issue, a word that Smokey is throwing around a lot lately.

      • March 4, 2010 at 3:43 pm

        If he wants a raft, he’s going the right way about it – recruiting Sawyer and Jin.

        Now, we need Michael back somehow…

  2. March 3, 2010 at 8:07 am

    Where to even start? That was one hell of a ride!

    Great write-up, as always, though I find myself disagreeing about the quality of the episode, as I really enjoyed it. We may not have all the answers we would like yet, but it was still a fun epi, IMO. And it’s really starting to feel like the build-up is accelerating, what with all the pieces beginning to line up on either side of the chessboard.

    I’m still not convinced there’s a true “good” or “evil” side here. I think it’s more about the balance of opposing, light v dark, free-will v. predestination, changing our own natures v following our in-born instincts, etc. Right now, the balance is tilting towards dark. Now, pure evil may lie on the dark side of that scale, but I think the real conflict is Beyond Good and Evil. (BTW, anyone else notice that of all the references to Philosophers and Scientists in the show’s character names, that Nietzsche references are conspicuous in their absence? That could mean they’re avoiding pointing us in that direction so as not to give away the heart of the conflict. Of course, it could also mean I’m completely off base. You never can tell with LOST!)

    I, too, was expecting a Sun episode, but I guess they had to break the pattern to keep us guessing in the future. Naming the episode “Sundown” was just a cruel trick, though.

    Why didn’t Kate mention to Claire that she left Aaron with her mother? Because she’s suffering from what I like to call Communication Retardation Affective Disorder, or CRAP. I swear, sometimes this show is like a SitCom, in that if any of these people would ever just take two minutes to TALK to one another, half the conflicts would be resolved immediately.

    The contrast between the two bargains was the thing that really stood out to me. Jacob offered Dogen what he wanted most, but required a sacrifice of him – an act of selfless love. He had to give up his life and never see his son again in order to save him. The deal “Locke” made with Sayid was motivated my selfishness. He had to betray his friends and the Island, in order to get what he wanted. That really had a “deal with the devil” vibe about it, too. I think pointing out that contrast was the real reason for Dogen’s story, though it did seem a bit out-of-place.

    I still think “Locke” is a liar, but his lies contain a grain of truth. As I recall, there’s some Bible passage about how even the Devil, the “Prince of Lies”, will employ the truth to serve his ends. (Obviously I’m paraphrasing – I’m too lazy to look it up.) So, maybe “Locke” will allow Sayid to be with Nadia in an alternate universe? If Juliet’s “tell him it worked” line means what a lot of us think it might, the killing Island Sayid, would send his consciousness to AW, where he might have a chance. After all, we didn’t hear “Locke” promise a resurrection … he only asked “But, what if you could?” We didn’t get any specifics.

    Also, since we have this balance of opposing forces, yin-yan sort of theme here: notice how a baseball is made of two identically-shaped pieces, stitched together … and if you color one of the pieces black, and turn it at the right angle … yeah …

    Sayid is still a total bad-ass. Dogen must have had some serious martial arts training, because it’s hard to get the drop on Sayid like that. OK, well Ilana did … but then, she WAS using a kind of tactic that gave her an unfair advantage. Sayid’s still a man, after all … let’s just say she can be … distracting.

    At his core, I think Sayid IS a good man. I just think he’s allowed himself to be compromised out of what he feels is necessity. If he weren’t still struggling to be good, he wouldn’t have given himself the penance of never being with Nadia in the AW. Of course, in the regular timeline, he did go to Nadia … so maybe “our” Sayid is a little more compromised?

    Also, when Sayid said that it was “too late” for him … it felt kind of like a Darth Vader moment. Like when he told Luke in Jedi that he couldn’t be turned. In the end, he was. So I’m wondering if there won’t be a similar moment of self-sacrificing redemption for Sayid. It’s not like there haven’t been plenty of Star Wars references, after all.

    I don’t think Dogen was necessarily lying about anything … just that he may not (have) be(en) in possession of the full story himself.

    The minute I saw Keamy, I was shouting at the TV, “Kill him, Sayid! Whatever else you do, KILL HIM NOW!” And for once, the thing I thought a character should do … they actually DID!

    I loved Miles’s comment about Kate being rejected by James. The look on her face, before Miles elaborated, was just priceless. Between that, and Sawyer’s “which time” comment, I think she’s starting to realize what a “stray puppy” she’s been.

    And speaking of looks on people’s faces. When Ben saw Sayid, and realized what had just happened … Holy SHIT! Anything that can cause Ben Frickin’ Linus to look that nonplussed and afraid. Well, let’s just say that look alone is almost all the argument you’ll need to prove that Sayid has truly gone over to the Dark Side.

    And the looks on the faces of Kate and “Locke” whe they encountered each other. I don’t think “Locke” was expecting her to be there, but you could see that look of appraisal on his face. He was sizing her up, and deciding how best to use her. And I’m not a fan of Kate, as a character, but Evangeline Lilly has played the part perfectly, and she absolutely NAILED that “What the fuck have I gotten myself into?” look.

    That ending, though … yeah it was kind of out-of-place for Lost, but it was so surreal. At this point, as the various (supernatural?) forces are lining up, I think it struck exactly the right tone.

    Damn, that was a long post. Sorry … just a lot to think about after last night!



    • March 3, 2010 at 12:57 pm

      It seems like the episode really got wacky ratings from a lot of people ranging from hating it to loving it. Very interesting. My ratings tend to be on the lower side. I don’t really see 45% as a bad thing, I would watch a 4.5 Lost episode any day. I think school, grades have tricked everyone into thinking that anything lower than half is a fail.
      I try to avoid the philosophical stuff in Lost. I would only embarrass myself.
      I think they handled Kate’s conversation with Claire pretty well. They had the hippy guy take her away so that Kate couldn’t tell he whole story. Most of the time I agree that there is a severe lack of communication, but this time they at least had an excuse about why she didn’t mention that.
      Good point about the contrast in the two offers. Isn’t it great that Lost is still so open to interpretation? You can watch the same scene and get completely different meanings from it.
      I just can’t help thinking that Sayid can never resist a chance to cause destruction and kill people. Ben tells him to assassinate people, and he does it. When he’s done that he gets all moral. But out of the blue he goes and kills people to protect Hurley. Then he runs off and tries to be peaceful again. Then he gets taken to the Island and he sees Ben and just decides to shoot him. Then he runs off and hides in the jungle. Then Jack tells him that he wants to detonate a Hydrogen bomb and without a second thought he’s on board. Then he dies and comes back to life and tries to run off into the jungle to be peaceful again. Dogen stops him and asks him to kill someone so he tries. That doesn’t work and “Locke” tells him to kill more people so he does it. This guy has no self-control. He wants to kill people. I know that we shouldn’t call killers on Lost evil, but out of control killers are just scary. It’s a lot like Michael, sure he was killing to get his son back, but still, he was being totally unreasonable. Now that I think about it, it’s extremely similar to Michael.
      And you don’t have to apologize about long posts, that’s the point of this blog: to never edit.

      • March 3, 2010 at 7:21 pm

        I don’t think think Sayid has been completely out of control. Most of the things you mentioned were actually motivated by either a desire to protect others (working for Ben to stop Widmore, stopping Widmore’s people watching Hurley, torturing Sawyer to save Shannon, etc.) or to erase his own evil acts (killing young Ben, Detonating Jughead).

        I think the lesson in Sayid’s story is that committing evil acts eats a little bit of your “soul” away, even if the motivations for doing them were ostensibly good. I’m reminded of the Ghandi quote: “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” I think this is what a lot of active-combat soldiers struggle with upon returning civilian life, too. Your whole life you’re told not to kill, then you’re trained to kill in the service of a greater cause, and then you have to return to the old way again. That would have to be an immensely difficult transition to make.

        So we’ve watched Sayid struggle but fail, again and again, with his darker nature. Each time he kills someone else, a little part of him dies, too. (This is the kind of slow bit-by-bit “Fall from Grace” tale that the story of Anakin Skywalker SHOULD have been.)

        So, I don’t think the problem is that he can’t resist the chance to kill. It’s just that it’s the only way he knows. It’s like the old adage, “A man with a hammer sees all the world’s problems as nails.” A man with nigh-unstoppable killing skills sees all the world’s problems as enemies to be destroyed.

        So ultimately Dogen was right. When the evil in Sayid reached his heart (critical mass), he would no longer be the man he once was. We witnessed that final tilting of the scale in this episode.

        Thanks for providing a good place to air this stuff! The fact that a TV show could provoke these kinds of discussions is part what makes Lost so great!

        Also, watching again, I noticed that when Dogen went to pick up (presumably) his son’e baseball, it was lying half in shadow, and the stitching made it into an almost perfect Yin-Yan image! I suppose that could be coincidence, but this show plays with imagery so much, that I suspect it was intentional.



      • 9 missscarlett
        March 7, 2010 at 9:05 pm

        that’s the point of this blog: to never edit.

        I LOVE IT!

        • 10 missscarlett
          March 7, 2010 at 9:06 pm

          Oh and I have a section about the similarity between Michael’s actions and Sayid’s and the unthought of consequences Sayid would be sure to face with Nadia because of it.


    • March 4, 2010 at 3:45 pm

      Agree with everything you say about Nietzsche and the free will vs destiny, nature vs nurture stuff – basically the crux of my entire Lost theory.

  3. 12 mins
    March 3, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    This episode makes it seem that jacob doesn’t care about anyone he brought to the island, except jack and hurley. Not that Flocke really cares either…”do as I say or you die”
    It’s so confusing: jacob said sayid must get to the temple and it’s doom and gloom if he isn’t saved. why? to be drowned? infected? did jacob know sayid would go sour? that sayid would kill dogen? who/what resurrected sayid especially if only jacob’s powers could do such things, and Flocke wasn’t able to affect the temple at that time?
    Sayid & Claire are given selfish motivators to side with Flocke.
    I’m going to miss Dogen and his cryptic talk. what powers did he have to be the only one capable of preventing Flocke entering? then why the ash?
    gotta love Ilana saving Miles. Faraday had seemed more important than Miles; will be interesting to see how much more the writers develop miles’ character. he seems to be one of those “knows more than he says” type.
    I think there’s more backstory,secrets to Jacob’s side that has to be revealed. The guy doesn’t speak much so it’s hard to figure out his motives clearly.
    Hope to see more of Island Ben; we haven’t seen him in a while.

  4. 13 mins
    March 3, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    shannon died in sayid’s arms too.
    also, why would sayid say ” ..died in my arms, and i’ll never see IT again”? It? not “her”?

  5. 15 Maureen
    March 3, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Claire was not inside the cabin when it blew up. If you look at the screencaps you will see she was outside in the backyard near the clothesline. That was what saved her life. I also do not think she is like Sayid who made the decision to go dark. There was no darkness in Claire only a mother’s love to find her child that was exploited by evil. Not all of Rousseau’s team could have had a darkness like Sayid or the temporary darkness of Sawyer. Smoky does not always use persuasion to bend people to his will. He just muddles their minds so they go along with the crowd.

  6. March 4, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    I was expecting a Sun episode too. Gotta say, I love your anger at some of the characters – I kinda want to throw in a sarcastic “OMG, like WHO do you even like?” response, but we already had that one the other week 😛 yeah, Sun is pretty much a wasted character now. A shame, becase the actress is big news worldwide – whatever talent she has is wasted in a “:O JIN?!?!” look every damn episode she is in. Boring.

    Lol, love your scoring technique… very technical!

    Yup, the Others are sheep – Cindy’s reasoning to Dogen made no sense whatsoever.

    Miles = post-it note. Hadn’t thought of that. What a brilliant metaphor! However I don’t think it’s weird he didn’t know Claire’s name – remember, 3 years have passed since most of these characters saw each other and, although they have been through a lot, most of them knew each other for a manner of days, weeks, or at most, months. A lot will be forgotten in that time.

    Sure does sound like Dogen has hope for Claire. I do too 🙂 but then again, I also have hope Charlie can be ressurected and that Vincent is a main character 😦

    As annoying as Nadia was in this episode (and her voice went RIGHT THROUGH me the whole time!), it was weird Sayid called her “it” haha! Yeah, I thought he was gonna stab Kate.

    The worst thing about Dogen’s story was that Sayid asked him a direct question, and Dogen ignored it and monologued. When it cut back to Sayid, I was expecting a “BUT YOU DIDN’T ANSWER MY QUESTION!” rant.

    Do you think Jacob offered Ilana the Dogen-deal – “I’ll save you, but you must serve me”?

    Do you really think Locke wouldn’t kill either Jack or Hurley. It struck me as so strange that Claire seemed to be getting someone to leave the Temple to die (Dogen, Jack, Hurley, Sayid), Dogen askes for Jack or Hurley (to save them, to sacrifice them?) then sends Sayid out to die (or not). Weird, weird scene.

    I miss Ben and I also wondered if he escaped.

    Luckily most of the time I can blank out the Guest credits, but they should really have them at the end of the episode. It’s a bit (6 years) too late now, but the credits have ALWAYS bugged me.

    Heh, I also mentioned the fact that we only care about the Others whose names we know – Richard, Ben, Cindy, Zack, Emma – it’s like the start of Season 4, where we had a large group of survivors but they all got killed off without much fuss.

    Let’s not forget – Richard Malkin (Claire’s pyschic) had a daughter brought back from the dead, who then told Eko stuff about Yemi and set him on the path to the Island – did Smokey or Jacob make a deal there?

    I think I realised why I like your blog so much – you are the voice of reason amongst the madcap theories – Smokey is an evil liar, and the Infected are a bit crazy. Simple.

    (But I’m still gonna hope that Smokey is the good one and Jacob is evil, just ’cause).

  7. 17 GT
    March 7, 2010 at 3:20 am

    Just to say, your ratings have and always will be insane. That is all.

  8. 20 missscarlett
    March 7, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    Miles and Sawyer have to get back together before the show ends, I like that duo

    Ok wait – what did Jin do to Claire? Lied to her about Kate and Aaron — never mind.

    How did Sayid know The Others drowned him?
    I thought Hurley told him?

    I think if we ever find out what Dogen’s “job” there was – it will answer that question.

    Apparently Kate has a hard time reading facial cues. Claire was doing her best cartoonish angry face and Kate wasn’t taking the hint.

    It didn’t feel like getting sidelined – it felt calculating. Kill her now – kill her later…What can I use her for…

    Charlotte as translator — hadn’t thought of that. Wouldn’t Daniel be happy?

    I miss Ben, NEXT WEEK sir!

    I don’t think Dogen’s son had actually died yet had he? Jacob came to the hospital – I figured he was ‘in surgery’ or a coma or something that medical science could accept as survivable against the odds.

    They could be in shock, those Others.

    I think Locke will keep his word AND then kill people. He won’t keep it the way people expect but he’ll twist words and logic to make it seem like he did. Eg. Kate is now with them so he’s still getting Claire to Aaron
    He would totally get Sawyer off the Island and then kill him
    There is still a living Nadia out there…dull as she is.

    • March 9, 2010 at 12:49 pm

      I think the Others are in a permanent state of shock. All the Others with free will died in Season 3.
      That would be interesting if “Locke” found loopholes in all of his promises. Of course it took a few thousand years to find the loophole in his promise to Jacob, but maybe he’s on a roll.

  9. 23 mins
    March 8, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    what is the “it” sayid’s referring to? was that a deliberate mistake by the writers? i was expecting “i’ll never see HER again.”

    maybe this is all a dream of hurley’s. 🙂

    • March 8, 2010 at 11:38 pm

      I just figured because fLocke started on about “any THING you want …” and he followed up with “The only THING I ever wanted …” etc. that he just used the word “it” because it fit. Still odd to refer to a person that way, though.

      Either that, or he was talking about the chicken! >_<



      • March 9, 2010 at 12:58 pm

        It was odd… but the abundance of “mistakes” made this season are showing the stress of the crew, I think.

        So far there has been the wrong date in the hospital in Kate’s episode, Kate being left off the cave wall in Sawyer’s episode (a MAJOR mistake at that) – that’s all I can think of just now, but there has been more.

        Very strange and annoying.

        • March 9, 2010 at 1:11 pm

          The hospital thing was fine, it just shows how crazy we are as a fanbase.
          But was Kate’s name supposed to be on the cave wall? That’s crazy. I know her name was on the lighthouse wheel, but it was crossed out.

          • March 10, 2010 at 2:58 pm

            Apparently so, according to Fishbiscuitland – I’ll do a quick Google search..

            “”While Kate Austen was not seen to be one of the candidates, Carlton Cuse said in a 2010 Paley Fest interview that her name does appear on the wall crossed out, making her a former candidate, and he apologized for the footage not making the final cut.””

            This is according to Lostpedia, so if those two sources say its so, then I believe it…

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