607 – Dr. Linus


Well that’s a rarity, a happy Lost episode.  I shouldn’t really call it happy.  It was probably melancholy at best.  But still, at the end I was feeling extremely happy.  That hasn’t happened on Lost in years, since The Constant.

We saw some great guest stars, all relating to Ben, of course.  We saw Alex, and this time it was actually her; Roger, the nice version; and Widmore, coming to cause trouble, no doubt.

Poor Richard was feeling suicidal, but Jack was there, as usual, to brighten the mood.  They had a very interesting talk and in the end Jack managed to share some of his faith with Richard.

That Ben/Ilana face-off scene was one of the most gratifying moments in Lost history.  It might have even been worth an Emmy for Michael Emerson.  And having Ilana give him another chance was just too great.  Ben chose the right side.  Who knew the writers would redeem Ben this early into the final season.

The final scene at the beach was very obviously a throw-back to the season 1/2/3 endings.  The beach people doing menial duties, the slow motion, the soundlessness, the slowly triumphant music, the reunion on the beach.  At least this time there weren’t any awkward hugs with Red-shirts.

I really enjoyed this episode.  The Jack and Richard stuff was great, it showed that Jack is actually progressing towards his destiny.  But this wasn’t a Jack episode or a Richard episode, it was about Ben.  And for once Ben didn’t do what he thought he had to do.  He actually changed, I never really believed that this guy was going to change.  As Jacob would say “just progress”.  For some very surprising progress and a happy ending I’ll give this episode a 8.0/10.0.



-“Jacob was the closest thing I ever had to a father.”  So did he raise her?  Did he just help her like he helped Richard?  Time for a Ilana-centric episode.

-I think Ilana is a good leader.  She didn’t have any out of breath speeches, she didn’t try to tell everyone why she was doing everything, she just told them what to do and they did it.  It helps that she has a very reasonable group to work with.

-That was nice of Ilana, she explained Jacob’s Candidate program again.  But of course I trust her word more than “Locke”‘s.

-Ilana has to protect the six remaining Candidates.  Good god.  It wouldn’t be fun to try to protect these people.  They’re always running towards danger and they’re always splitting up.

-Ilana has a great crazy look.  Some of these other characters look pretty ridiculous when they go crazy, she actually looks a little insane.

-I tend to think that Ilana had no intention of killing Ben.  I think she just wanted to make him think he was going to die, that’s punishment enough.

-It took a lot of humility for Ilana to forgive Ben.  She’s a departure from the usual Lost killing machine character.


-“Right up until the second the knife went through his heart he was hoping he was wrong about you (Ben)”.  That’s comforting, not to Ben, that would be pretty devastating for Ben.  But it’s nice to hear that Jacob still held out hope that Ben would change his ways and do the right thing.  And look, Ben did switch sides, sure it was probably a week too late, but still, I think Jacob would be happy about that.


-Ben’s speech about Napoleon and his exile was great.  There were a thousand connections to his own life and the Island.

-I wonder if Ben was hoping that Miles wouldn’t be able to read Jacob’s last thoughts.  Or maybe he didn’t believe his powers were real.

-That situation is the worst, when you’re lie is being slowly unraveled right in front of you.  (Not that I would know anything about that.)

-Even off the Island the writers knew that Ben wouldn’t have been a great dad.  Sure he’s a good tutor, a good teacher, but it would have been pretty odd if he was Alex’s or anyone else’s dad.

-Ben still has that “vast network of people and resources” off the island.  What’s the deal with that?  Do they not have any contact with the on-Island Others?  I guess they don’t know that Ben isn’t really an Other anymore.  Or maybe they aren’t Others.  Maybe Ben’s just really popular in the real world.

-Arzt to Ben, “Linus you’re a real killer”.  I love the look on Ben’s face.  It goes from “no, whatchoo’ ’bout” to “hmm, maybe I am” in half a second.  Oh Ben, I’ll miss you when all of this is over.

-I love that moment when Ben looks at Ilana and then runs.  Too much fun.

-Ilana, “Where will you go?” Ben “To Locke”, Ilana in disgust, “Why?” Ben with emotion, “Because he’s the only one who will have me.”  Ilana, “I’ll have you.”  I teared up.  Lost made me cry without killing anyone.  That’s a first.  But besides the extreme emotions in that scene, it was a pivotal scene.  Sayid was faced with the same situation in the last episode, of course Ben is less inviting than Ilana, but still.  He was invited to the good side, but he still chose to stay with “Locke”.

-Aaww, Ben used his manipulating power for good, to get the History Club back on.


-Lost was going in to uncharted territories with “that pervert Principle Reynolds”.  That was very un-Lost-like.

-I twas good to see Alex back, but this poor actress always has to play her as a teenager.  That would be annoying.

-Isn’t that the strangest thing, imagining Rousseau as a single mother working two jobs to pay for rent.

Apparently she didn’t go crazy in this timeline, that’s fortunate.

-We’re required to suspend our disbelief a little in order to believe that Rousseau and Alex ended up in LA. instead of, say, France.  But I think that’s kinda the point of these flash-sideways, we’re supposed to see that it’s destiny that some of these people met up.


-Another off-putting father-son moment.  First we had Locke not hating his father, then we had Jack with a son, now we have Ben caringly looking after his elderly father.  It’s like without the Island all the daddy issues have disappeared.

-When Ben said maybe ‘I’m a loser’ and Roger took off his glasses slowly, I started cringing.  I was expecting an old Roger insult.  It’s so strange to hear this guy saying nice things.

-Irony at it’s best when Roger says, “Imagine how different our lives would have been if we’d stayed… Who knows what you would have become.”  A mass-murderer, a leader of a cultish group.

Principal Reynolds

-This guy is the stand-in for Widmore off the Island.  Not only did he out scheme Ben but he threatened to ruin Alex’s life.


-Did Hurley have a destination or was he just randomly leading Jack away from the Temple?  Either way Jacob gave him another impossible task.

-I hate it when our heroes think that their friends are dead.  For a second Jack and Hurley think that Kate, Miles and Sayid are dead.  You can tell they’re devastated.

-Hurley nearly has a heart attack in the Black Rock.  Poor guy, he shouldn’t have to go through stuff like that.


-Hurley’s so cute, trying to guess what’s going on with Richard: time traveling, Terminator-esque cyborg, vampire.  I would have also accepted Cylon, Benjamin Button or Skrull.

-“Jacob gave me a gift.”  Not exactly news.  But when he said “Jacob touched me”, now there’s some real news.

-I’m sure Richard was looking at some interesting things inside the Black Rock, but I couldn’t see anything, it was very dark.  I saw some chains.  I assume he was looking at his spot on the slave ship.  Did I miss anything?

-What’s with the permanent Island residence.  The come to the Island do crazy things and they never feel the need to revisit places.  Rousseau never went back to the Radio Tower, Richard never went back to the Black Rock.  Really?  Does the Island effect a persons curiosity?

-Arzt and his lesson about the unstable dynamite from way back in season 1 really stuck with us.  I’ll bet me and my friends weren’t the only people cringing and yelling when Richard carelessly grabbed the ugliest stick of dynamite.

-So Richard can’t kill himself.  Very interesting.  (see below)

-Poor Richard, “Locke” really got into his head.  I didn’t think he’s be that effective against Richard.  But that was clearly his aim.  I was wondering what “Locke” was trying to accomplish when he took Richard out into the jungle.  He said he needed him, but he clearly didn’t.  He just wanted to plant that seed of doubt into Richard’s mind.

-Richard hasn’t really reacted to the fact that all those people he things died in the Incident are now interacting with him 30 years later.  I wouldn’t mind a moment of reflection about that.


-The Smokey sounds scare me so much more now that we know “Locke” is going to show up.

-“Locke” is definitely just telling people what they want to hear.  What does Ben want  more than anything else?  Power.  So “Locke” offers it to him.  Be the ruler of the empty Island.

-Oh no, “Locke”‘s a Jedi.  Actually I guess he’s more of a Sith.  Still, that telekinesis really worries me.
Scratch that, he’s Neo.


-Sure Locke, you want Ben to be Principle now, but before long you’ll suddenly think you’re special.  Then you’ll be trying to get the job yourself.  Typical Locke.  (sarcasm)


-I wonder what Miles thinks of Jacob?  He’s the only person who knows what he was thinking.  He’s got more insight into Jacob than anyone else, probably.  Evidently Miles isn’t afraid of him or else he would have turned tail and ran into the jungle looking for “Locke”.

-I really didn’t expect Miles to actually find the diamonds.  But if anyone deserves to find them it’s Miles.


-What kind of a doctor?  Out of all the people who should have a problem with assisted suicide, I would think Jack would be at the top.

-Jack’s showed off his stupid unfunny smile ten thousand times during his conversation with Richard. God that thing drives me nuts.

-Jack really confused me in this episode.  One second he’s ignoring Hurley’s obvious direction.  He knows that Jacob is telling Hurley what to do.  The next second he’s putting all his faith in the Island, since he knows he can’t kill himself.  He discusses Jacob with Richard and he does all of it to restore Richard’s faith in Jacob and his purpose.  At the end he’s a man of faith, but when he first shows up he’s being very man of sciencey.


-Frank has a gun?  That scares me a little.  I would trust Sun with a gun more than Frank.  Well… maybe not. I think we should just stick with Ilana holding the gun.

-Ben was amazed that Frank was supposed to be the pilot of 815.  There’s a case of destiny.  “The Island still got you in the end.”


-Ilana explains to Sun that she’s not sure which Kwon she’s supposed to protect.  She even says that maybe she’s supposed to protect both.  That’s interesting.  In the back of my mind (in the very small Jin and Sun section of my consciousness) it’s been bugging me that there was only one Kwon on the wall.  But if Ilana is right, then maybe the one name stands for both of them… or maybe it stands for Ji Yeon.  Either way I’m temporarily satisfied with that explanation.

-Sun getting along with Ben, I guess that’s a big thing for her.

Mr. Widmore

-See that’s how you do the guest star list.  I didn’t see Alan Dale or Tania Raymonde in the credits.

-Good thing it wasn’t Charles looking through the periscope.  He might have stopped on the beach to take a shot at Ben.

-Earlier today I was telling someone that I think we should discount what Widmore said about the war because I thought he was just being used by the writers for some general foreshadowing.  I am now proceeding to put my foot in my mouth.
Widmore said to Locke: “There’s a war coming, John. And if you’re not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.”  With current events the way they are that statement has a whole lot of meaning.  First of all, Widmore was talking to Locke about this (not “Locke”).  But there’s a very good chance that he knew that he was going to die before he got back to the Island.  So either Widmore wanted Locke to go back so that Jacob could have one more Candidate on his side, or he wanted dead Locke to go back so that Smokey could have his loophole.  I’m leaning more towards the latter.  It’s easier to think of Widmore as a villain rather than a hero.

-Another big question is, was Widmore Candidate 108, Wallace?  When the 108  thing was revealed that was my first thought.  But then I started to think about Desmond and my focus changed.  But now it seems as though Jacob was opening the door for Widmore to return.  It’s all very mysterious.  If Jacob wanted to let him come back, then what?  Did he really think Widmore would take up the ol’ Other cause.  Widmore was never a great Hostile, or a good Other.  And he’s not going to work well with Ben, that’s for sure.


-Of course Arzt is a teacher at this high school.  Awesome, I definitely wanted more Arzt.

The Interpreter

-This guy doesn’t even have a name.  That’s great.  And I’ll bet Ben even knew the guy from the old Other meetings.  I’ll bet he was the worst member of the book club.  (Sorry for that insane tangent, it’s getting late.)

Flashes (what we know now):


We’ve seen quite a few attempted suicides on Lost.

  • First Michael twice tried to shoot himself, and it didn’t work.
  • Michael tried to blow himself up on the Freighter and that… well actually that couldn’t have worked anyways.
  • Actually before that Hurley wanted to jump off a cliff but Libby stopped him.
  • Then Jack tied to jump off a bridge, but he changed his mind when he saw a chance to save someone else.
  • Then Locke tried to shoot himself on the Island and Taller Ghost Walt stopped him.
  • Later Locke tried to hang himself, but Ben stopped him.
  • And now Richard and Jack try a kind of murder suicide and it doesn’t work.

Richard implies that the suicide prevention thing is because Jacob touched him.  We have no proof that Jacob touched Michael.  But we do know that he was a Candidate.  So perhaps all the Candidates were touched by Jacob.  Or not, it doesn’t really matter.  As far as we know all the Candidates (and Richard) can’t kill themselves.  Very interesting.

It’s also interesting to note that it’s not Jacob who’s stopping the suicide, it’s the Island.  Maybe Jacob set up this preventative measure, but as Mr. Friendly says, “The Island won’t let you die.”

The Touch of Jacob

Jacob touching people is overtly mentioned in this episode.  In the Season 5 finale the touching thing was introduced, but not really explored.  It’s easy to say that the Touch is a nomination for the Candidacy, but surely it means more than that.  Here’s what I think it means:

  • It makes someone a Candidate
  • It prevents that person from committing suicide
  • It causes people to come to the Island

Surely it means more than that.  Any ideas?

The Sides

Let’s take a look at who’s on what side.  Just for fun.

Jacob’s Side:

  • Jack
  • Richard
  • Sun
  • Hurley
  • Miles
  • Frank
  • Ilana
  • Ben

“Locke”‘s Side:

  • Claire
  • Sayid
  • Sawyer
  • The Others


  • Kate
  • Widmore
  • Jin (it’s almost guaranteed that he’ll follow Sun, but until then.)

– Izi

20 Responses to “607 – Dr. Linus”

  1. 1 Jimbob
    March 10, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Quite frankly I’m getting annoyed with these “filler” episodes with minimal answers. Ok, Widmore’s coming back, but we all knew that would happen. Ok, Ben’s soul (or whatever) is saved, hoooooraaaay!! (sarcasm) Ilana gave us a smidge more info on Candidates. STOP with the filler episodes and give us some REAL answers already!!

    The only thing that was somewhat of a revelation had more questions than answers. I’m talking about the whole revelation from Richard that Jacob’s touch carries weight and, in his words, is “not a gift but really a curse.” Ok cool, so now we know how Jacob tries getting his way, but we still don’t know the EXACT why. We know what Candidates are but what is the real reason Jacob is going around doing all this manipulating to find someone to replace him?

    It’s clear the writers have an ending in mind that will tie in most everything we’ve seen over the past 5 seasons because they keep giving us minor references, but what’s also clear is that the writers don’t know how to keep an audience in the middle of the season! EVERY season has seen the # of viewers drop in the middle. I understand why but for the last season we need them to amp it up a bit. With so much still unknown its completely ridiculous that they have giving us filler episodes. So all in all I must disagree with your 8/10. I know I’m being harsh because of the last 3 or so weak episodes and this is a culmination of my frustration, but I give this one a 5.5/10. GIVE US SOME REAL ANSWERS, LOST!!

    • 2 Bones
      March 10, 2010 at 9:10 am

      This wasn’t answer heavy but it was in no way filler.

    • March 10, 2010 at 12:59 pm

      Oh Jimbob. Lost has never been a show of answers. I don’t think they can do a u-turn on their mysterious format quickly. They chose to mirror the Season 1 flashbacks early in this season and now they had to deal with the fallout from the finale Ben stabbing Jacob, Sayid getting shot etc. Things will pick up. Don’t worry.
      But as for the answers, well I can’t help you there. I’ve always said that Lost never really gives us answers it just gives us newer, better mysteries that trump the former mysteries. Sure it would be nice to have answers, but frankly I don’t even know what answers I want. I wouldn’t mind having Walt back and I want to know what’s going on with Christian, but besides that I’m pretty content. Everything else is perfectly on track. The Candidate thing will be explained, but when it is you won’t care. Jacob’s plan will be revealed, but only at the end of the season.
      What about you? What questions do you want answered?

  2. 4 Bones
    March 10, 2010 at 9:09 am

    This was my favorite of the season. It wasn’t big on straight up answers, but it wasn’t filler either. Things moved along, and we got a lot of insight into Jacob and his power, and with Richard. We also got great developments with Jack, who’s finally interesting to me again.

    One thing you mentioned izi was about Ben’s network of people off the island. I don’t necessarily think these were Others. Ben kept all his passports and money and off-island activities secret, much like Widmore. I don’t think the Others are supposed to be off island, at least not that many of them. I think these people (like Jill the butcher, etc.) are just Ben’s people and not island Others.

    “The Smokey sounds scare me so much more now that we know “Locke” is going to show up.” – agreed. It’s great seeing the monster sneak up on people even though they can hear him coming.

    “Richard hasn’t really reacted to the fact that all those people he things died in the Incident are now interacting with him 30 years later. I wouldn’t mind a moment of reflection about that.” – It’s inconsistencies like this that kill me. What did that line mean? Why say that to Sun and then have no reaction at all upon seeing them? Sometimes I think they put lines like this in to be dramatic, then just forget about them. Like how big a deal they made about the Jeremy Bentham stuff, then when it was finally shown it was just a series of boring encounters.

    Along the same lines, a friend and I were wondering about the scene in the season 4 finale, right before the bomb explodes and Christian appears to Michael, telling him he “can go now.” Who was this? Was it Smokey or Jacob? Why would Smokey bother appearing to Michael, why would he care about him? What was the purpose of that? IT seems like something else that won’t be addressed.

    • March 10, 2010 at 1:05 pm

      Oh yeah, the dramatic lines are pretty annoying. I think we’re not really supposed to remember things like that. I do enjoy the build-up though. No other show can ramp up the anticipation like this show can. But like I said to Jimbob above, when the reveal finally happens you don’t really care anymore… unless you write 2500 word reviews.
      Oh Christian. That is the biggest mystery. And the fact that it wasn’t explained in the Jack episode leads me to believe that it is very important. Jack will meet Christian before the show ends, and I really hope we figure out what’s going on there. I have no idea what side he’s on. For years I’ve said that he’s evil, but I’m always changing my mind. Now I’ve just set Christian aside, he’s that blank square in scrabble. Sure he has a lot of potential, but I have no idea what to do with him.

  3. 6 mins
    March 10, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    way to go ben!!! redeemed himself in both timelines. love the character and emerson better get an emmy.
    hats off to ilana for rising above her anger and despair and forgiving ben.
    Ben’s giving his dad a gas: oxygen. old island time, he had gassed his dad to death.
    Hurley. who doesn’t love him? his lines are so funny. ummm..miles dug up the diamonds? sawyer had thrown them on the bodies.
    jack coming back to faith. The characters seem to be turning now toward their destiny.
    So…Flocke wants to put his own island protector too? I thought he said it’s just an island,nothing special about it.
    ok, I also thought that was incredulous that richard never went back to the ship, or ever walked by it in all these centuries???? I guess the island doesn’t let some things decompose either? that ship is ancient. I thought richard glanced at some word, or carving,etc, on the wall where his chains are? the scene was very brief.

    Does it seem that jacob knew all these events would happen? he was going around touching everybody long before they came to the island. He asked ilana to help him, when she was in hospital. wonder what is the Grand Plan of Jacob.

    Also, who really told Locke to move the island? was it really jacob (via christian)? Or MIB masquerading as christian?
    How did widmore find the island again? did the reset bring the island back to it’s original point? Is he the 108? could “wallace” be his middle name?

    this episode brought tears for me too. nice to see ben showing remorse and being redeemed. nice to see ilana being the bigger gal and not being revenge-trigger happy. nice to see the old style slow motion, hugging reunion at the beach.

    • March 10, 2010 at 1:12 pm

      Hahaha, I didn’t even get the gas thing. That’s hilarious. Whoa, I must have been really tired last night.
      Yeah I’m glad we didn’t see Miles physically digging up Nikki and Paulo.
      “So…Flocke wants to put his own island protector too? I thought he said it’s just an island,nothing special about it.”
      See! Lies, all lies. He’s just trying to tempt Ben.
      Christian again! I know, right? He’s the biggest mystery. The more we find out about Christian and “Locke” the more confusing Christian is. It’s just… I dunno…
      The last time we saw Widmore he was with Ms. Hawking. Maybe he pumped her for info (ugh). Seriously though, I think that’s what happened. I am a little suspicious of him since he wasn’t invited on Ajira with Ilana and her crew. If Jacob wanted him to come back he could have brought him back on Ajira.
      I’m always surprised when Lost gets me with the nostalgia. I don’t really enjoy watching Seasons 1 and 2 anymore, but sometimes when they do those repeat scenes I really get nostalgic.

  4. 8 LVGirl
    March 10, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    I liked this episode a lot. Ben (Michael Emerson) is great. The Fake Locke, is like the Devil tempting people with what he thinks that they want. I disagree that he was right about the “power” thing for Ben. Ben wanted to be wanted. His father didn’t want him, Alex ended up rejecting him and if Flocke wanted to get him, he should have promised Alex because that was where his heart really was. Secondly, I think that Christian, because his dead body landed on the island, was an apparition of Smokey. The Others are very particular about dead bodies and I think it’s because of Smokey. Ilana said that he (Jacob) hadn’t been in that cabin for a long time. Who is to assume that it wasn’t Smokey working against Jacob? Claire followed the apparition of her father when she left Aaron. It seems like something Smokey would do not Jacob.

    • March 10, 2010 at 4:27 pm

      You’re totally right. All signs still point towards Christian being Smokey. I’m starting to get overwhelmed with all the info.
      Oh, so you’re saying The Others burned the bodies of dead people so that Smokey couldn’t use them. Hmm, very interesting, I think you’re on to something there. I never thought about that, I’ve also exert a lot of effort trying to forget about episodes 301-306.

      • 10 LVGirl
        March 11, 2010 at 2:58 pm

        Just because you don’t particularly like the episodes is not a reason to discount them…lol. Its just like life, you have to have adversity (so-so episodes) in all things to enjoy the good, but we do learn from the so-so episodes. If the burial or burning of the bodies wasn’t important, Richard wouldn’t have walked into the middle of Dharmaville to find those bodies that Sawyer and gang killed, nor would he have asked for Amy’s husband’s body.

  5. 12 Bones
    March 11, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Was thinking over some stuff Illana said. In this ep she knew for sure that Kwon (whether Sun or Jin) is a candidate, and that her mission is to protect the candidates (and probably other things). In the finale last season, she wanted to save Frank because “he might be a candidate.” So, which is it? Does she know who the candidates are or doesn’t she? Does she only know who some of them are? Confusing.

    • March 11, 2010 at 10:45 am

      I think whenever new people come to the Island the odds are high that Jacob brought them. And as Ben said, it was probably destiny that Frank was brought to the Island twice. Maybe Frank was being considered for a Candidate position before Jacob died.
      I figure Jacob gave Ilana a list. That’s his style of doing things. But I have no proof that that happened.

  6. 15 TheMonkeyKing
    March 11, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Before I saw Widmore, I thought I was somehow transported into Stephen King’s novel, “The Stand.” I mean, we now have two sides, two leaders (of sorts) and the whole light verus dark feeling.

    Two questions, though:

    1) If Smokey just slaughtered everyone who stayed in the temple, then why didn’t they press on and kill the remaining survivors? “Locke” presented himself to Ben so we know “Locke” knew where these folks were camping.

    Maybe what he said to Ben, “I need someone to be in charge of the island when we leave” must mean that he needs not only a person from his camp, but someone he could trust to control it? So that could mean “Locke” cannot just choose any lackey that he already has with him, he needs someone with depth?

    2) Lapidus — is it a play on the word lapidas, which has several meanings like stone, tablet, gravestone…

    Is Frank a blank tablet (tabula rasa) that has yet to be written? This is one of those times where I think I’m reading too much into the storyline.

    • March 11, 2010 at 10:54 am

      1) I keep thinking about what Claire said to Dogen, “maybe you should send someone he won’t kill”. Then Dogen asks for Jack and Hurley, he settles for Sayid. I don’t think “Locke” can directly kill the Candidates. Kinda like how they can’t kill themselves and how “Locke” couldn’t kill Jacob.
      That means that Eko was never a Candidate, otherwise Smokey couldn’t have killed him. There’s an interesting thought.
      2) You could be right about Frank. He is a blank slate. We know almost nothing about him except that he was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815. I still don’t know why he’s on the show. Maybe the writers have some grand plan for him.

  7. 17 mins
    March 11, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    btw, didn’t jacob touch ben just before he keeled over? isn’t that important?

    if ben was touched, what ‘gift’ did he receive?
    it seems like ‘touched’ people cannot kill themselves, but perhaps can’t kill other touched people? did ben get a “death-on-hold” card like richard, jack, sawyer, etc? what else does Jacob’s touch do? Give some other kind of blessing?

    Ilana was touched but jacob had gloves on. When will we get the answers?! Perhaps the writers will bombard us in answers all at once and we’ll be left speechless!!!

    It would be nice if the island got a name too!

    • March 11, 2010 at 1:53 pm

      Yeah, maybe Ben got Candidated right at the end there. But judging from what Miles said Jacob was thinking I doubt he purposefully anointed Ben.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacob’s touch wasn’t as exciting as we think it is.
      Ilana was purposefully not touched. I think he needs people like her without the Touch to do things.
      Uh oh, I have a feeling you’ll be here next week with an angrified comment like Jimbob. Where are the answers?! We’re not going to get answer episodes. I don’t think the writers know how to write episodes like that.
      I really don’t want to know the name of the Island. That would fall under the Midi-Chlorians column of too much info.

      • 19 mins
        March 12, 2010 at 10:41 am

        hahaha no izi, i won’t come back angry! i realize too the writers may not answer everything.
        Way back the writers said the names all have meanings. so i amused myself with finding some out. anyway, it was an interesting exercise.
        Jacob: supplanter (one who takes place,position of another)
        Richard Alpert: brave one,powerful leader/ noble, kind; prof of psychology
        Hugo Reyes: bright in mind,heart,spirit/chilean poet;in service of a king
        Jack Shepherd: god is gracious,merciful/ guards,cares,guides
        John Locke: god is gracious/ english philosopher; fortified place
        Ben Linus: son/ a son of apollo; a form of dirge,lament
        Kate Austen: pure/ venerate,revere
        Kwon: authority, foot
        Jin: gold Sun: goodness
        Sayid Jarrah: chief/ an australian ecuaplyptus tree known for its hard wood
        Ilana: bright light;torch; tree
        Miles Straume: soldier/ a town in norway. name together sounds like ‘malestrom’ doesn’t it?
        James Ford: supplanter/ river crossing
        Charles Widmore: free man,strong/ a suburb of london, england
        Frank Lapidus:free,to be honest/ torch; precious stone;made of stone

        also i wondered if ELBA was an anagram. only thing i could find was “Able” or Abel”

  8. 20 TheMonkeyKing
    March 12, 2010 at 7:53 am

    Just had a thought…

    What if Smokey/Fake Locke/Man in Black is not a twin or peer to Jacob but simply a man who at one time was the original “Candidate”?

    The newest candidate will replace the fake Locke as the permanent resident on the island. How? I don’t know.

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March 2010

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