612 – Everybody Loves Hugo


I’m still reeling from everything that happened in this episode.  I had to wait a day to write this post in the hopes that I would calm down a little (it didn’t work).

So Ilana’s dead.  I didn’t see that coming.  In fact seconds before she died I assured my friends that she wouldn’t die.  It felt odd having the rug pulled out from under me like that.  For the rest of the episode I was paranoid.  I think the floodgates are opening, people are going to start dying, and quickly.  It’s a scary thought.  As I said a few times during the episode, every thing’s changed.

Back to the story.  On the Island Hurley was struggling through leadership problems.  He has no actual authority or even much of a plan, but he has unwarranted conviction.  So far that’s worked for him.  Who knows where it’s going to get him.

Desmond had a little fun with Locke on the Island.  He was thrown down a well at the end of the episode, but I don’t think many of us believe that he’s actually dead.  Vincent will find him and go get help.

Then there’s that final scene.  I don’t even know what to say about that.  It’ll be up there as one of the most shocking moments in Lost history.  It’s one of those endings that causes a room to stay silent for minutes after the shows has ended.

I can see no reason why this episode shouldn’t get a ten.  We got a heartfelt apology from Michael, an answer to the Whispers mystery, Hurley and Libby got together, Hurley crossed over between timelines, Ilana died, “Locke” tried to kill Desmond and Desmond tried to kill Locke.  I have a feeling that these episodes are just going to get more and more intense.  If you were worried that the episodes weren’t feeling “final” enough, well I think that’s changed now.  10.0/10.0



-It’s nice watching Hurley getting the attention he deserves with that montage.  God knows we all love him, but it’s not like most people in Lost usually say how much they love him.

-Hurley’s not getting any visits from ghost Libby.  How unfortunate.  When he first started getting visits back in season 4 I hoped that he got a few from Libby too.

-Hurley took Jacob’s ashes.  That’ll be important later.

-It was too awesome when we saw Hurley running away from the Black Rock.  Finally that thing is destroyed, it’s been a fun set piece, but it’s caused a lot of trouble of the years.

-I don’t think Hurley was wrong when he lied about Jacob’s direction.  A few years ago I might assume that he was making a huge mistake, but right now I think Hurley should go with his gut.

-I hope Hurley can use his network of Whispering spies.  I imagine they’d be useful.

-That kiss with the silent flashbacks was one of the most exciting Lost moments ever.  It was one thing for Desmond to go through that, but it was totally different with Hurley.  Desmond is a great character, but he’s not us.  When Hurley goes through things, we feel it too.

-Hurley’s little negotiation with “Locke” was comforting, I think he’ll be a good leader someday.  Perhaps he’s naive, but at least he’s trying to keep his people safe.


-When Libby first shows up, not unexpectedly, you cold tell she had something very important to say.  This wasn’t the same reaction that Penny gave Desmond or Kate gave Jack.  She knew something and she really wanted to tell him.  It was like when Daniel showed up.  The writers know how much we want to see her and they made the scenes special.

-Libby checked herself into Santa Rosa by herself a few days before this events of this episode. So unfortunately this doesn’t explain the age old mystery of why she was in Santa Rosa in the main timeline.  But I think this is one of those times when the answer to the mystery no longer matters because the answer is pretty much unnecessary.  She was crazy before, that’s all.

-I hope Hurley tells Libby that Michael’s sorry.  I think it would be pretty easy for Libby to forgive him in that other timeline.


-When Michael appeared accompanied by a bunch of Whispers I wasn’t thrilled.  I didn’t exactly trust him.  (more on the Whisper below)

-I wonder which people Michael was talking about dying if they blow up the plane.  I’m guessing he means Widmore’s men.  It seems unlikely that it would be Locke’s group or Jack’s.

-I accept Michael’s apology this time.  I definitely felt sorry for him when he died back in season 4, but this time I genuinely felt that he was sorry.  So I think I’m over the whole double murder thing now.  I’m never going to be a Michael fan, and I’m glad he’s not on the show full-time anymore, but I don’t utterly hate him anymore.

-I think the writers did a far better job with Michael’s return than they did with Charlie’s.


-Does Richard not remember what happened with Jack and Richard and the dynamite?  If anyone should go get the dynamite it’s Jack, or maybe Hurley.  What short memories our characters have.

-Well color me surprised, Richard knows “what the Island is”.  Jacob apparently told him.  I never really thought that question would ever be addressed or even brought up.  It’s just such a vague question and I know I won’t like the answer.  In the back of my mind I’m hoping that Richard will die before he gets to reveal the answer… sorry everyone

-Richard made the same sweeping statement about “Locke” getting off the Island.  Apparently everything’s over if he gets off.  Such a crazy, unquantifiable concept.


-Damnit, and she just got that good outfit.

-To say that I was shocked by this death is an enormous understatement.  Second before she died my friends were cringing because of her carelessness with the dynamite.  I assured them that she’s not going to die.  After all she’s a full-time cast member and we haven’t had her flashback yet (well, not a full one) and she’s standing next to a bunch of Candidates.  I was so sure that nothing would happen.  Then kaboom.  I was literally speechless.  (see below, the bubble headline.)

-Ilana’s plan was to blow up the cockpit and the instruments.  That’s all.  That doesn’t sound like it would cause a huge amount of damage or death.  Maybe “Locke”‘s subsequent rampage would be when everyone dies.

-Ilana’s death didn’t really affect anyone.  That’s cool.  Apparently I’m the only one who cared.  Hurley and Richard raided her stuff, that’s cool too.


-I still think Desmond knows what he’s doing on the Island.  He has somewhere he needs to go and he knew he wouldn’t get there with Widmore so he lets himself get captured.

-I really, really don’t think Desmond’s dead.  People don’t die from falling into wells full of water, especially not Desmond.

-When Desmond was called at Mr. Clucks he was number 42.  I don’t think that means much.  Kwon was number 42 on Jacob’s Candidate list.

-So Desmond just stalks other Oceanic passengers and tries to guide them down the path of enlightenment.  Well at least that describes what he did with Hurley.

-I almost had a heart attack when during Libby and Hurley’s date they zoomed out and shows Desmond in the car watching them.  I thought it was going to be Michael.  That would have been too much.

-Desmond seems to be able to sense when people flash between the timelines.  Or at least he could tell that Hurley figured it out.

-I was wondering where Desmond got the name Charlie for his son.  But he must remember Charlie 2 from the other timeline.

-I’d like to know what Desmond was thinking when Ben came up to him.  Surely he knows that this guy tried to kill his wife and then him.

-That last scene was pure insanity.  (see below, I can’t possibly discuss it all up here)


-The intro to this episode is just so understated.  It’s all about Hurley being nice and having a blind date.  I never expected the episode to be as crazy as it was.  I’ll bet a lot of people forgot that Pierre was even in this episode.


-Ben makes sure Jack’s feeling confident by telling him that no ones safe anymore.   Good job Ben.

-If there’s anyone that should have cared about Ilana’s death it’s Ben.  She saved his life, essentially.

-I guess if I was Ben I would go with Richard too.  I would stay a long ways away from “Locke”

-I love that Ben is the guy who’s out in the school looking for predators.


-When I watched this episode over again I became unnaturally curious about that wooden pole that “Locke” was carving.  Sawyer asks if it was going to be a spear and “Locke” said, “I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet, James.  When the time is right, it’ll tell me.”  That’s interesting.  I have no idea what it’s going to be, but it was just one of those things that I barely noticed the first time then it stood out a lot the next time.

-“God forsaken rock.”  Get it?  Cause Jacob’s gone. HA HA HA… (that was supposed to be a crazy laugh.)

-“Locke” reiterated his plan to get all the Candidates together and then get off the Island.  I still think his plan is to get them together and then kill them all in one fell swoop.  If he kills one or two of them now it will only make the others extremely suspicious.  But you’ll notice that at the end of the episode “Locke” has almost all of them in his camp, all except Jin.  Danger!  Danger!

-“Locke” really didn’t expect Desmond to be the thing Widmore was hiding.  You can tell that he was surprised to see him.

-“Locke”‘s treatment of Desmond versus his treatment of the Candidates is drastically different.  Sure it started out the same, but Desmond didn’t have anything “Locke” wanted.  He wanted info, but Desmond didn’t have any to give him, so he just discarded him.

-“Locke” sees that mysterious young boy again.  My friend thinks this kid looks like Jacob, I personally think it looks like a young Locke, and I hope that it looks like an older Aaron.  But honestly I don’t know.  No matter who it is, it’s clear that this kid is haunting “Locke”.  It’s his conscience or something from his past, a mistake or something that he’s desperately trying to ignore.

-I think “Locke” throwing Desmond down the well was an impetuous thing, it wasn’t planned or anything.  He was angry that Desmond was neither afraid or switching side so he reacted.  I don’t think “Locke” initially brought Desmond out into the jungle to kill him.


-Miles’ is in a very rough position.  Neither choices of groups is good for him.  But he explained why he wants to go with Richard, he saw Smokey killing people.  But there’s not really anything for him with Richard, it’s just the lesser of two evils.  (I can’t believe there’s never been a Lost episode called the Lesser of Two Evils, any number of episodes could have that had that title.)


-I’m surprised that Jack couldn’t see Michael when he was talking to Hurley.

-Jack’s worried about his promise to Sun that he’d get her off the Island.  Probably a few other people would like him to make that same promise to them.

-It’s nice hearing Jack’s new state of mind.  He’s trying not to fix things for no reason.  He’s let go of the power that he’s always been grasping for.

-That scene with the face-off between Jack and “Locke” was appropriately epic.  I look forward to that playing out.

-Claire and Jack should be having a reunion in the next episode.  That will be interesting.


-Haha, she still can’t talk.  I forgot about that.

-I actually do feel bad for Sun in the final scene.  She wanted to see Jin so badly, and it was almost meant to be.


-I can’t believe Frank doesn’t want to go with Richard and Miles.  I guess he still hopes to fly the plane off the Island.  Then again, who knows what Frank is thinking.

-Frank and Sun are almost a duo.  They’ve been together for almost two seasons now.

Mr. Widmore

-I don’t not believe what “Locke” told us about Widmore.  That may have been hard to understand.  I don’t totally believe “Locke”.  I think Widmore might be doing the good work even if he is just grasping for power.  He’s fighting against “Locke”, that’s enough to make him a good guy in my books, or at least an ally.

Dr. Brooks

-It was more surprising seeing Dr. Brooks than it was seeing Libby.


-I’m not sure if Leonard, the guy who knew the Numbers, was in Santa Rose this time.  There were a few guys that might have been him, but I’m not one hundred percent sure if they were.  I’d like to think that the Numbers don’t exist in this timeline.

Flashes (what we know now):

Dead and All Knowing

I wonder if the dead people that Hurley talks to; Michael, Charlie, Eko etc.; know about the other timeline.  Juliet knew right before she died, but Hurley hasn’t talked to her yet (I assume).   From what Michael said to Hurley, “If you ever do see Libby again, tell her I’m very sorry” he seems to think it’s possible for Hurley to see Libby again.  Of course he could be talking about Libby’s ghost, but I like to think he’s talking about the other timeline.

The Bubble

Ilana’s death feels very significant to me.  It’s kinda like when the first main Star Wars character died in the books.  Like Han Solo says afterwards, it’s like we built a bubble around all the main characters, and now the bubble’s gone and everyone is vulnerable.  That’s what just happened.  And, sure, you could say that the same thing happened when Charlie died or when Charlotte died, but this time it feels a lot scarier.  No one is safe.

Think about Richard, he’s a cool guy, definitely a fan favorite.  But we’ve seen his flashback and he no longer has anything left to show us.  There’s no reason for him to live anymore.  Richard isn’t going to get off the Island anytime soon, he’s going to die.

That same thing goes for almost everyone else.  I was cringing through most of the episode last night.  No one is safe anymore and that’s extremely scary.

At this point, I’m not even sure if I would grieve anyone.  Sure I’m sad Ilana’s dead, but there’s only five episodes left, it’s not really a big deal.  If Richard or Ben or Miles die, it won’t really even matter.

Whoa, I just realized that I care more about deaths in the secondary timeline.  I never thought that would happen.  These writers are amazing.


Is it OK if I call these couples Constants?  For example, would it be OK to call Libby Hurley’s Constant or Hurley Libby’s Constant?  Technically it’s wrong, but it makes sense.  After all Daniel’s Constant is Desmond, but his memories were triggered by Charlotte.  It’s kinda like a secondary, or alternative Constant.

The Whispers Explained

I didn’t see this explanation coming at all.  (I never think any explanation is forthcoming.)  But I like this one.  Sure it’s pretty obvious, but it’s good to have it spelled out.  The Whispers are dead people who can’t move on.  They’re spirits stuck on the Island.

The Wells

It must have been pretty easy for Dharma to find the magnetic points on the Island if they were all under wells.

I figure Esau was around back in the day when those wells were dug.  Interesting.

The Final Scene

I think this scene could go on a list as one of the most shocking scenes ever.  Desmond is one of the nicest Lost characters ever.  Has he ever done anything to purposely hurt anyone?  But then he hits Locke with his car!  It’s insanity.  I have a few theories about what happened.

First I think it may be important that one of the first things that Ben says when running over to Locke is, “We’re going to get you to the hospital”.  We know someone at the hospital.  No, not Ethan.  Jack!  Locke was supposed to meet with Jack about his spine, but he didn’t want to.  This is another way for them to meet.  My friend believes that Locke and Jack will trigger each other’s memories from the other timeline.  It makes sense, I guess.  Locke doesn’t have a loved one like the other people do, so maybe that’ll work.

Or maybe Desmond was out for revenge.  Maybe he just remembered when happened on the Island.  Maybe he wasn’t too happy about getting thrown down a well so he got his revenge.  I don’t really want to believe this, especially after Desmond’s guidance of Hurley down the right path.

My last theory is the weakest, but it’s worth a mention.  When Juliet was dying she crossed over and was aware of the other timeline.  Maybe that same thing will happen to Locke if he has a near death experience.  It sees pretty unlikely, but it’s possible.

Another interesting thing, Locke’s face after he was truck by the vehicle is exactly the same as when he fell out of the building, same blood spatters and the such.  FYI.

– izi

17 Responses to “612 – Everybody Loves Hugo”

  1. 1 Nicholas
    April 14, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Totally worth the wait, and your not the only one that cared about Ilana, but I’m glad they didn’t dedicate a whole episode to a funeral like in the old days! Haha.

  2. 3 JR
    April 14, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    So you believe that was actually Michael, and not Smokey impersonating him? With the whispers going on, I felt for sure it was Smokey. But then, we’ve never seen Smokey be in 2 places at once, and he *was* with Desmond (IIRC) at the time. I think.

    • April 14, 2010 at 1:02 pm

      I didn’t get a Smokey vibe from Michael. And you’re right, “Locke” was accounted for during the whole episode. Plus Michael apologized for Libby’s death, I don’t think “Locke” would do that.

      • 5 JR
        April 14, 2010 at 1:17 pm

        Flocke would say anything because he’s a manipulative bugger, isn’t he?

        I suppose I’m at the point that I don’t trust words coming out of any dead person’s mouth, haha.

  3. 6 TheMonkeyKing
    April 14, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Wow, for an episode that moved quickly, I think it really had a lot to say.

    First of all, I am thinking back to the ABC media picture of the Lost cast before the season started. The one that looked like the last supper. Sun and Jin are together but not looking at each other. I take this that they may never see each other (at least until the end?). I’m sure there are other hints in it as to the ending…something about Lapidas having a leadership roll because of the guys looking at him.

    I think the young boy Locke and Desmond see (yeah, he sees him) is a reborn Jacob. I think the boy is smiling because he sees Locke confused and bewildered by Desmond. Locke cannot figure him out. He’s special because Widmore considers him to be. He can see the young Jacob and he is not afraid. (I’m not going to mention the preview for next week, but it does spoil a bit of questions posed this week.)

    Jack says he’s not going to try fix things any more. if you let go of that type of force then you place responsibility back on others. Does that sound like Jacob?

    I think “Smoked Locke” thinks it can get off the island the way the others could. But now as soon as I typed this I’m not so sure. My original thought is that the plane would be turned around and take off with those who were on the plane when it came back to the island. That is, the original 815 survivors. Everyone else would be cannon fodder.

    Why this may not be is because I wonder what Smoked Locke was doing during the Army camp and Dharma days. Did smokey tell Ben to kill the Dharma folks? Did it cause the battle between the Others and the Army? And while it was there, did it not see the sub? Couldn’t it think it could use the sub?

    Funny, but wasn’t the number before Desmond’s in the chicken store one of “the” numbers?

    • April 14, 2010 at 1:10 pm

      I haven’t really looked at that picture much since it was released. I’ll bet it will make a lot of sense by the end. If anyone wants to check it out it’s here: https://ncjl.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/the-third-lost-last-supper/
      There are some things that already make sense. Kate and Sawyer’s poses make sense. They’re standing by “Locke” but they aren’t looking towards him. The Frank thing is still up in the air.
      I wonder if “Locke” is just using the Candidates as human shields. As Jack proved in the Black Rock the Candidates are protected from accidental death and suicide. I wonder if “Locke” is counting on that. That would be pretty weird.
      I can’t imagine what Smokey was up to for the last hundred or so years. After the Black Rock I imagine he toned down the killing, that wasn’t really getting him anywhere. But between then and now, I don’t know. The Others probably protected themselves well against Smokey, with the ash and what-not. And the Dharma folk had the sonic fence. But you’re right, the Army stuff is a mystery.

  4. April 14, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    OK, regarding the whole running-over-Locke thing…

    From discussing this episode with a bunch of Lostie friends, I think I was the only person that wasn’t super shocked when this happened. What I personally got from “Happily Ever After” was that there are two triggers to getting flashes of the Island timeline: LOVE or DEATH.

    The LOVE flashes are pretty self explanatory, but as for DEATH… When Charlie almost died choking on his drugs on the plane, that was when he got flashes of Claire. When Desmond almost died drowning trying to save Charlie, that was when he got flashes of “Not Penny’s Boat.” I guess Juliet falls into this same category.

    I admit, I was a little shocked when he hit Locke, because I just thought he was gonna talk to him… but when I saw him rev up, I was like… ohhhh, I know what he’s doing. I think I was the only calm person in the room, hahaha. Also, take a look at Locke’s face after the accident. OK, maybe it was being unconscious, but I thought his face looked very contemplative or I dunno… FLASHING through timelines. If that didn’t do it, then his encounter with Jack surely will. Desmond would never hurt anyone — Charlie put him in the “all this doesn’t matter” mindstate, so I think he’s doing whatever it takes to make his fellow Oceanic buddies to snap out of it, or “see something.”

    Also, good eye with the blood splatters on Locke’s face. Very reminiscent to his falling-of-the-window bloody face — I caught that too. For good measure, here’s a side-by-side screenshot:

    Anyway, awesome recap! I always look forward to your next-day write-ups!

  5. 9 Marlitharn
    April 14, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    “Well color me surprised, Richard knows “what the Island is”. Jacob apparently told him. I never really thought that question would ever be addressed or even brought up. It’s just such a vague question and I know I won’t like the answer. In the back of my mind I’m hoping that Richard will die before he gets to reveal the answer… sorry everyone ”

    I thought he just meant the whole cork thing for Ab Aeterno. To check if Hurley was really talking to Jacob.

  6. 11 mins
    April 15, 2010 at 9:05 am

    Great recap.
    Libby & Hurley…what a cute couple.
    I also thought richard meant the cork answer.
    I liked Ilana and was hoping to see her backstory. I was cringing during her tirade. was her real job not to protect the candidates, but to bring them together, and maybe help Ben’s redemption? Jacob often gives ‘jobs’ to people but those jobs are actually with another purpose that he doesn’t reveal. (like making hurley bring jack to the lighthouse)
    Hurray for Jack! In that 1 min speech, he summed up his character arc of all seasons. Zen Jack is ready for his showdown with Flocke. I forgot this is the first time he’s meeting Flocke. I also forgot about Sun’s aphasia.
    We actually got the whispers answer when Michael showed up the first time, but most of us probably didn’t see the connection.
    What was weird to me was, when cranky Hurley was going thru his bucket of chicken, he heard the whispers moments before he saw Des. I have to rewatch, but did anyone else notice that or am I wrong? What does that mean? (if i’m right)
    Also, prior to michael’s reappearance the 2nd time, I thought I heard whispers say “richard”.
    Desmond seems to be Jacob-y in the alt. I don’t think he’s dead as it’s been said a 1000X that the island isn’t thru with him yet. and it would be a pathetic end after all the hype and mystery about his new powers. I do think he meant Locke to have a near death exp to trigger Locke’s memories…and for him and jack to meet. I wonder if the near death would let Locke forsee about Flocke?

  7. 12 Cunny
    April 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Didn’t Jacob already explain what the island was? I thought it was the cork in the bottle to stop evil Esau from escaping.

  8. 13 TheMonkeyKing
    April 19, 2010 at 10:35 am

    That cloud of volcanic ash halting air travel? It is sentient, evil, & wants to escape the island.


  9. 14 S
    April 20, 2010 at 9:17 am

    Since everyone is noticing these little tid bits, anyone notice that the little mysterious boy that could be Jacob, Aaron, or Locke as a child is always holding a stick — very much like the one Flocke is carving and saying “I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet, James. When the time is right, it’ll tell me.” No idea if this is relevant but the kid has some relation to Flocke and the mysterious stick seems like it could also relate…

  10. 15 Mint
    April 20, 2010 at 10:34 pm


    Long time reader, first time poster. LOVE your site.
    I was just wondering if you have checked out the LOST promo contest on abc.com. and if so what you thought.

    I liked “Questions” by Meghan O’Donnell best.
    I don’t know if it is the same person but it reminds me of those YouTube videos(like “What?”).
    “The LOST life” was clever as well but didn’t hit home for me like “Questions”.

    Anyway, your site and the helpful discussions that follow in the comments have really enriched the show for me.
    I will miss your Revlysis as much as the show.
    I know you have your trailer site but I really hope you keep writing entertaining reviews/analysis.
    Maybe you could finally catch up on Fringe? I have yet to find a blog as good as this for that show.

    Oh another thought to make this post longer – I think the biggest loose end for me at this point is “the infection”.
    I don’t listen to the podcasts or read many interviews so I don’t know if this has been answered, but to me what we saw in Danielle’s flashback and what has now happened to Claire and Sayid doesn’t match up at all to Danielle and Desmond’s earlier comments on the infection.
    I don’t feel like that was what the writers originally intended and it felt like a cop out. Thoughts?


  11. September 22, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    i loved lost i dont know wat to do now that its over, desmond is my constant, i loved everyone but kate, her character was annoying. I’m sure Evangeline Lily is a nice girl, but i was so annoyed by kate most the time. My dad says Lost Jumped The Shark at season 4, it was getting interesting in the middle of season 3, dont know wat he talking about haha see ya lost lovin buddies

    – Sawyer

    • September 22, 2010 at 3:22 pm

      I miss it too. Don’t worry about your Dad. Most people have this automatic mindset that shows suck in their fourth season. They can’t control it. We’re allowed to ignore them. Personally 4 was my favorite.

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