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Nothing New

No new episode tonight.  Yay!  I get to sleep tonight.  It’s very exciting.

We only have three more regular episodes on Tuesdays and then the two hour finale on Sunday May 23.  How does everyone feel?  Are we ready for the end of all this?  Does anyone still want another season?

I, for one, am still very happy that the show is ending now.  I think I’ll miss the thrill of the new episode, but I’d rather not see the episode without the original crew or some kind of spin-off.  In June I might feel differently.  I think it’ll hit me then that there’s no new season coming.  And then next January or February it’ll probably hit me again.

I anticipate that no other show will ever be able to replace Lost.  I’m sure I’ll be able to enjoy many other shows once it’s gone.  But no show will whip up this same kind of fervor in me.  It’s like Arrested Development.  When it ended people made declarations that we had to accept The Office as it’s successor (I reject and slightly loathe The Office because of that).  At one point I even considered thinking of 30 Rock as it’s equal.  But now I see that when you build up a show like Lost or Arrested Development in your mind, when you grow up watching it, or spend hours blogging about it or trying to save it, it becomes a permanent part of you.  It sounds pretty ridiculous, but it’s true.  I know many people feel the same way about Seinfeld, The Wire, The X-Files and many other shows.  Even when it’s over Lost will still be around.

– izi


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