Time to Die

The show’s almost over, the clock is ticking.  We all have to ask ourselves, who’s going to die?  And, more importantly, are we ready for our favorite character’s death?

As you probably know, I was extremely shocked when Ilana blew up.  For some reason I thought she was safe.  But no one is safe.  The show is nearly finished and many people must die before it ends.  So I want to look at each of the characters and try to prepare you, and myself, for their possible deaths.

First I have to say this: these deaths may be sad but I don’t think we have any reason to be mad when these characters die.  The show is almost over, if people die now we’ll barely have a chance to miss them before the show ends.

Secondly, I don’t read any spoilers and I haven’t come across any accidentally.  So I’m not saying any of these characters are going to die, I’m just speculating wildly about if they’re going to die.

One more thing, I’m just writing about the Island timeline here.  I don’t really care if people die in the other timeline.


I am pretty sure that Richard is going to die.  He really wants to, I think it would be torture for him to have to stay alive for another hundred or so years during the new Candidate’s reign.  We’ve seen his flashback (I shouldn’t take this into consideration so late into the game but I will), we know that he doesn’t have any special info about Jacob or the Candidate Program.  What’s keeping him alive?  His loyalty to the Island?  Not likely.

Richard is one of my favorite living characters, probably number two behind Desmond.  It will be sad to see him go but not unexpected.


This is a hard one.  We all love Hurley.  The writers are completely aware of that.  If there’s any death that would make me cry in the finale it would be Hurley’s.  The only thing Hurley has going for him is this new leadership ability and the fact that he’s a Candidate (the dead people visits help too).  If not for his Candidacy this guy would just be comic relief and our proxy.

So it really comes down to the writers.  What do they want more, a very tearful finale or a moderately happy ending for Hurley?  Judging from Everybody Loves Hugo, Hurley’s going to be getting a happy ending in the other timeline.  I don’t foresee two happy endings for the same character, that’s just greedy.


Ben’s dead.  I wish I had some hope for this guy, but I can’t see how he could survive the finale.  Unless some seriously surprising things happen, ie. there are no Candidates left and Ben is the last living person on the Island, then I don’t think he stands a chance.  There’s no way that he can get off the Island and sail off into a peaceful new life.

I just hope that Ben gets to pull one last con before he dies.  He’s hasn’t successfully conned anyone in a long time.


[Sigh]  I wish I had hope for Sawyer.  If he manages to hook up with Kate then he’s slightly safer, but I don’t anticipate that.  Losing your significant other on Lost seems dangerous.  If you don’t have a reason to live then you usually die.

I really can’t see Sawyer ever getting off the Island.  That would be very odd.


Even in the worst of tragedies the completely evil guy still dies.  I don’t think there’s a high chance of “Locke” living through the finale.  Since real Locke is already dead then I don’t really care if this copy dies.  Buuut, I wouldn’t mind getting his name before he dies.


Poor Miles.  Out of the Freighter Folk he was originally one of my least favorites.  He’s almost the last one standing, and he’s now one of my favorite characters.  It sucks to join the show late, just ask the Tailies and now The Others.  This guy is like that last bowling pin standing off in the side.

The thing is, Miles has a gift, you would think that would make him safe.  But evidently the writers were just passing out skills back at the beginning of Season 4 without any plan for how they might incorporate them into the story.  Miles has a lot of potential, but he’s pretty useless.  I think we all wish that he was flexing his psychic muscles in every episode, but he isn’t.  I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.

Also he’s got no attachments to the Island.  Poor Miles is the epitome of expendable.

On the other hand, I recently noticed that Miles might be the only person who hasn’t talked to “Locke” yet.  That might yet be significant.


Claire’s survival depends on a lot of things.  If she’s actually crazy then she’s dead.  If she’s still on “Locke”‘s side then she’s dead.  If this whole “get off the Island” plan is bologna then she’s dead.  I would be surprised if she managed to survive.


Ugh, I can’t believe this guy is still around.  He should have died in Season 4.

He has to die this time.  There’s no reason why he should get off the Island.  It would be pretty stupid if he stayed on the Island.  What’s he going to do?  He should really just start crying and then promptly shoot himself.


Here’s a big one.  I know you might hate Kate, but that’s irrelevant to this discussion.  The big question is: is she going to die or not?  I don’t know.  I can be ready for all of these deaths, but not Kate’s I would be totally and utterly shocked if she died, I can’t even picture her getting hurt.  And, at the same time, I don’t know how she could survive.

I’ve always said that I want Kate and Sawyer to just step back, examine their lives and realize that living on the Island is as good as a life as they’re going to get.  But so much has changed.  Kate can’t forget about Aaron, and Sawyer can’t forget about Juliet.  I don’t know if they could be happy anywhere.

I’m just sitting here shaking my head, I don’t know how it’ll work out.  But I have faith that the writers must have had an end-game in mind for Kate.


Then there’s Jack.  If there’s one goal in Jacks life it’s to “save people”.  At the end of the show there will need to be some great sacrifice.  There’s no way that our survivors will be able to defeat “Locke” or escape the Island without some sort of payment.  I think, and I’ve always thought that the show must end with Jack’s death.  Jack is the hero of the show, don’t ever doubt that, and when the payment has to be made he will willingly do it for everyone else.  We’ve watched Jack go from a leader with no confidence desperately fighting against fate to this new Jack who is happy to just accept whatever comes his way, ready to act when it feels right.  Many people think this means that Jack is the prime Candidate.  But I can’t imagine Jack living alone on the Island after all this ends.

Jin & Sun

First of all, I can’t imagine Jin dying without Sun dying too.  The two characters are too connected for them to be separated at the end.  On the other hand, that would be appropriately shocking (similar to a certain death in the last Harry Potter book).  Also there’s Ji Yeon back home.  That’s a nice insurance policy.

I see no reason why these two characters would die.  But that doesn’t mean they won’t.  I can’t say I would be very disappointed with their deaths… Mwa ha ha ha ha!


Frank is my blind spot.  Every time I see him I think to myself, oh yeah, he’s still around.  I don’t know why the writers kept him on the show unless they need him to fly the Ajira plane out of here, that’s a pretty weak reason.  I wouldn’t even be slightly effected by his death.

Mr. Widmore

Charles Widmore has to die.  I think I would be pretty mad if he didn’t die.  This guy is the enemy of almost everyone on the show.  The only person who might like him is Zoe, and she doesn’t count.  Unless he’s the fabled Candidate 108, he’s got to die.

Rose & Bernard

I already think these two are dead.  If they came back and died I would probably just roll my eyes.  If they’re still alive and they show up again that won’t be the worst thing in the world.  I wouldn’t really care.


Here’s the part I’ve been dreading.  Since the season 4 finale I’ve tried to prepare myself for Desmond and Penny’s unhappy ending.  They got a premature happily ever after and I just knew it wouldn’t last.  Out of all the romances, and possibly out of all the storylines, I think Desmond and Penny’s tale of separation, time-travel and reunion was my favorite.  But I wasn’t thrilled when it happened at the end of season 4.   That’s not actually true, I was thrilled to the max, but I was also very worried.  Since these two are my favorite couple, and since I loved their ending, I felt that they should be retired as cast members.  But that didn’t happen.  So here we are.  Desmond is literally in the middle of a war, one side wants him dead, another wants to magnetize him like crazy, and the third doesn’t seem to know that he’s there and if they did they would probably still leave him behind.

I can tell myself that nobody’s safe, but I know that in the back of my mind I feel that Desmond is still safe.  It’s a stupid thought, but I can’t make it go away.  Someone please help me come to terms with this death.

What Do You Think?

I hope I’ve at least made you think about deaths that you probably didn’t want to think about.  So what now?  Who do you think is going to die?

Also, if I’ve missed any characters please tell me in the comments.

Here’s a cheat sheet on who I think will die:

  • Richard
  • Ben
  • Sawyer
  • “Locke”
  • Miles
  • Claire
  • Sayid
  • Jack
  • Mr. Widmore

This list kinda negates everything that I said before about being ready for any and all deaths, but what can I do?  I’m mostly just hoping that I can look back and see who I predicted and who actually died.

– izi

12 Responses to “Time to Die”

  1. 1 lorenzo
    April 29, 2010 at 9:34 am

    I agree with everything you wrote. From my POV everyone but Hurley and the Kwons is mere minutes from impending doom.

    Regarding Frank – he’s only around to give the impression that the plane exit is still a possibility. I can see “Locke” dragging a bloody Frank into the plane and making him take off just as Desmond dives into the EM explosion, causing the plane to break apart or explode in mid air. Hopefully Sayid and Claire get on the plane right before it takes off.

    It’ll all end with Jack becoming the new MIB and Desmond taking Jacob’s role.

    What’s great is that we’re a month away and have no clue!

  2. 3 Keith Johnson
    April 29, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    Jack has a plot immunity card. IMO, he’s the new Jacob because he’s the only one not leaving the island.

    *If* Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Desmond, or MIB died, it would be in the finale. I seriously doubt they would die before then.

    That leaves Claire, Sun, Jin, Frank, Miles, Ben, Richard, and the rest of the Others are on my “most likely going to die any minute” list.

    Widmore, Zoe and the Widmore’s science flunkies are on my “going to die quicker than you can say Ilana” list.

    Sayid is the only one where I’m not sure of. My gut instinct is that Jack will be the new Jacob and Sayid will become the new MIB. After all, the island is the cork to prevent evil from leaving the island, and Sayid has proven himself as a perfect candidate for the dark side. Still, I’d flip a coin. Heads says he’s in the “will die shortly” queue with Ben and tails says he’s trapped on the island like MIB.

    Time will prove me wrong, though. 😉

  3. 4 Derek
    April 29, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    I’m getting flashbacks to the lead up to the Battlestar Galactica finale last year, when everyone was predicting that all these main characters would die, and then in the finale, I think maybe 3 characters truely died. And none of the big stars. I think we may be getting something similar in Lost.

  4. 6 mins
    April 30, 2010 at 11:18 am

    I forgot we still have no confirmation on who is candidate 108. good call there.
    someone mentioned sayid will be the new MIB. now that’s a good one. didn’t think of that at all. we’re so busy trying to figure out who is Jacob’s replacement, we didn’t think of MIB’s prime recruit.
    I’m disappointed the writers didn’t have Miles use his gift more. he and hurley could set up their version of Ghost Hunters.
    Maybe everyone will die and we’ll find out it was Walt’s dream! (the only way we’ll ever incorporate walt now lol)
    Since jacob gave richard the gift of eternal life (biblical reference 😉 ) and richard still has that gift despite jacob’s death….would richard die b/c he wants to…or b/c the “island will be done with him”?
    I wouldn’t mind knowing the names of the island, and MIB.

    • April 30, 2010 at 5:29 pm

      It really doesn’t seem like “Locke” is looking for a replacement. It looks like he wants to just abandon the Island. Also if the show ended with Sayid as the new Man in Black and Jack as the new Jacob that would be to easy for ABC to make a sequel. I think they’ll try to close up the story so ABC can’t do that.
      I think we’ve discussed this before, but I don’t really want to know the name of the Island. It would be OK if it was something mythological, but no matter what I think I would be disappointed.

  5. May 3, 2010 at 7:44 am

    It’s interesting that so many are expecting a big body count at the end. I’ve heard this from a lot of people – even people who don’t even watch the show anymore. So, I’m wondering if the biggest surprise they could give us would be for most of the characters to actually survive?

    That being said, I expect there will be quite a few deaths. They’ve set up quite a few characters for “final redemption” story arcs, and even hinted at such a thing, what with Hugo’s Darth Vader reference. But since Hurley usually represents the voice of the audience, I think that may be a bit of red-herring style encouragement of us theorists to look down the wrong path.

    If they DO go for the redemption story, would they pick one character, or several, to finish this way?

    Obviously, Sayid is a prime candidate for this – somehow sacrificing himself to save the others/the island/the world. Ben would fit the bill pretty well, too. Perhaps even Widmore. It’s always possible that “Locke” or even Locke will play into this somehow as well. (Wouldn’t THAT come as a surprise?) Richard, Sawyer, Miles and Jin have already all had redemptive story arcs to some degree, and Sawyer has even sort of come full circle, so I don’t think we’ll see anything like that from any of them … though, anything’s possible on LOST!

    There’s also the classic good-guy self-sacrifice scenario, where rather than someone redeeming themselves, it’s simply a case of a good person making a sacrifice to save others. I could easily see Richard, Hurley, Jack, Jin, Sun or Desmond filling these roles.

    Then there’s the question of people who have died on the Island, but still live in the other universe. Is it possible that some or all of them will have some influence on the island, in the end? Take, Locke, for example: I believe that Desmond knows that “Locke” isn’t Locke, and that Island-Lock is dead. So what was he trying to accomplish by running alt-Locke down like that? Was he simply trying to spark his memory with a (VERY) near-death experience? Or, was he trying to somehow bring Locke’s consciousness back to the Island Universe? I know we have no evidence that such a thing is even possible, but then Desmond seems to know more than the audience does.

    OK … so time to stop yammering and start predicting. I’ll go down the list a Izi has …

    Richard: I agree 100% with everything you said here.

    Hurley: I agree with you here, too.

    Ben: I agree that he’s probably dead, but I’m not 100% convinced. If he does die, he’d better not go out like Ilana. That would piss me off. Ben deserves a meaningful death. Also, I would like to see him surprise everyone one last time. What I would really like is to see this ultimate survivor somehow make it out alive, because he’s just that wily and adaptable.

    Sawyer: I’ll be sad when he dies, but I really do expect he will. But I also expect him to go down fighting, and probably, saving Kate/Claire in some way.

    “Locke”: I think he’ll probably die, but I’m not convinced of it. If he truly is the personification of evil, he’ll live on, though possibly in a different body. Of course, like others, I think some characters are possibly candidates to fill MiB’s shoes, too. I think if anyone does take his place, it’ll be Jack, Sayid, or … long shot … maybe even Kate. (Wouldn’t that be a huge shock?)

    Miles: I’d like to see him live, but he’s probably boned. He’s fairly peripheral to the main story, so it could go either way. They could just kill him off because they can, or they could let him live, because it might not matter in the long run. (Though it’s possible he could end up having a more important role to play in the end.)

    Claire: I figure she’ll live, though honestly, I don’t care.

    Sayid: If he doesn’t replace Smokey, he’s going to die. The question is, will he die a villain? Or will he get redemption? I’m hoping for the latter, but not holding my breath.

    Kate: She’ll live, if only to piss off the Kate Haters. Personally, I’m OK either way. She’s been an annoying character at times, but I don’t harbor the hate for her that so many do. I think it would be cool if she just came out of nowhere and ended up being a pivotal character, so long as she doesn’t make a blunderingly stupid decision in the end. (And it would be AWESOME if she ended up replacing MiB, but I give that about a 0.1% chance of happening.)

    Jack: I give him 50/50 odds. He’ll probably replace one of the Island’s two Eternals … though I’m not sure which one.

    Jin & Sun: After all they’ve been through, I’ll be a bit upset if they don’t finally get some bloody peace! I expect they’ll survive, and get to go back and see their daughter. It just depends on how cruel they want to be. It also depends on whether one of them ends up having to replace Jacob or Smokey. I don’t expect either of them will.

    Frank: I like Frank. I think he’ll actually survive, but I wouldn’t lay money on it.

    Widmore: I’d really like to see the bastard get what’s coming to him, but I have a feeling he’ll weasel his way out of dying, after helping to orchestrate the final events. I don’t expect everything to go quite according to his plan, though.

    Rose & Bernard: They’re already dead – as of 1977. They weren’t close enough to ground zero when Jughead went off, so the “event” didn’t send them back through time. I think they are Adam & Eve.

    Desmond: He’s a goner, and I’ll be very sad to see him go. He’s been a tragic figure from the start, and he’ll end up as one in the end. He’ll die in some heroic way, saving everyone, and fixing the rift between the universes. The only way he survives is if he replaces Jacob.

    The thing that’s so great about all of this is that ANYTHING could still happen. I could be right about some of these things, or NONE of them. I just don’t know. And that’s part of what’s made LOST such a great experience!



  6. May 4, 2010 at 6:15 pm


    OK …

    Regarding Sayid: Guess I didn’t need to hold my breath, after all. And, of course, we ALL knew he didn’t kill Desmond in the well.

    Also, I was right about Jin and Sun … I AM a bit upset. (But I was wrong about their survival.)



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