614 – The Candidate


Now I’m really glad that I wrote my death list last week.  At least I was partly ready for this bloodshed.  Four down, and the best part is, they were all people I wanted to die!  I didn’t really predict Sun and Jin’s death, but it wasn’t unwelcome.

I was strangely annoyed by Jack and Locke’s conversations in the hospital.  Just let Jack to the surgery, everyone wants that, screw your guilt, Locke.  Anthony Cooper came back for a few seconds, but it wasn’t the same.  This wasn’t the character that we all grew to hate, it was a boring brain-dead version… sigh.

This episode was probably the most stressful episode yet.  First the part with Kate almost getting shot (which seems comical now); and then invading the sub, and Kate actually did get shot; then the bomb, then the bomb again and everyone escaping the sub… more like half the people escaping.  I was on the edge of my seat, and my hands were literally shaking.  Lost isn’t the most stressful show I watch, I get more stressed watching episodes of Damages or Survivor (I’m literally vibrating during almost every tribal council).  But this episode really got to me.  Maybe preparing myself for the deaths only made me more aware of their inevitability.

Obviously I really enjoyed those deaths, but after the episode one of my friends said this was the best episode, and I found myself disagreeing with that fiercely.  I’m having a hard time deciding how I feel about this episode.  Off the Island was a drag, we all wanted one thing to happen with Jack and Locke, and Locke dashed our dreams.  Not great.  It was good that “Locke” finally gave up the charade and tried to kill everyone, that innocent act was getting annoying.  I loved the ending with only four people on the beach, that was a great shocking image.  I liked four things in this episode, and I really liked them, but I’m not prepared to call this episode perfect.  8.5/10.0



-“I think that I could fix you.”  Oh boy, we’re back to this.  Jack’s back on his “fixing” train.  At least this time he’s doing it because of fate, and not just as a knee-jerk reaction (it might be a combination of the two).

-Jack runs up saves everyone in the Hydra cages, and his first words are, “I’m with him.”  Very misleading for all those poor people.  I would be pretty nervous of anyone who happily admitted that… that’s Claire-style crazy talk.

-Jack is way too comfortable shooting a gun.  He’s always just standing up and waving that pistol around like he’s invincible.  He should get shot to teach him a lesson.

-Jack’s faith is amazing during that bomb disarming scene.  I can’t believe how easily I trust this guy after all this time. For so long I was just automatically disagreeing with everything he said and did.  Now, suddenly I’m totally on-board.

-Sayid’s glorious last words: “Because it’s going to be you, Jack.”  Yay!! It is going to be Jack.

-Another “dural sac”?  Somebody needs to talk to a spinal surgeon and get a new spine problem.  (sarcasm)

-I think Jack has “let go” of his father in the other timeline.  He says that he hasn’t but the thing with David, his son, makes me think that he has.


-Here’s the real reasoning behind all of “Locke”‘s deals:  “Because I could kill you, Jack, right here, right now.  And I could kill every single one of your friends, and there’s not a thing you could do to stop me.”  I don’t actually believe that he can kill all the Candidates, directly, but I do believe that there was a threat hidden beneath all of his bargains.  See below.

-My friends were wondering how “Locke” knew that the submarine sunk and that not everyone died on it.  I think he would be able to feel if he could leave the Island.  It was a safe assumption of his that the submarine sunk, but he clearly sensed that they were still alive.  We know “Locke” isn’t omniscient so it must have just been a personal feeling.


-Locke’s crossing over!  Yay.  It sounds like he’s flashing to a time around the Oceanic Six stuff, possibly even after Locke’s death in the other timeline.

-I was still disappointed when Locke declined Jack’s offer again at the end of the episode. I don’t know why I care so much about him getting his spine fixed.  I think the poetry of the situation still gets to me.


-Oh good, Locke and Helen are still together.  I don’t know if I could handle that split happening again.


-I know that the other Anthony Cooper was a being of pure evil, but I miss him now.  He made things very, very interesting.  Having him come back just to look like a vegetable was disappointing.  (At least he didn’t look like my uncle this time, that was extremely creepy.)

-I don’t think Sawyer’s going to be thrilled if he ever finds Anthony Cooper.


-Hurley is still very much against “Locke”,  that’s comforting.  He said that “He’s not supposed to leave the Island”.


-Sawyer pulled that gun out of “doughboys”‘s hands just to see if he could, and to look cool.  It served no real purpose.

-Sawyer’s racist.  Just because “Locke” is an African-America pillar of smokey doesn’t mean he can’t swim.
Honestly though, what was his plan there?  “Just get him in the water and I’ll do the rest.”  He didn’t do anything.

-Now Saywer and Jack are even.  Jack blew up a bomb that killed Juliet (Daniel also died, indirectly because of the bomb), and now Sawyer blew up a bomb that killed more people.  I think that’ll settle that little feud.


-When Claire came to talk to Jack in the hospital, I thought she would be feeling bad because her father died in Sidney.  Maybe it was her fault.  But that scene was all about the 815 ‘coincidence’.

-They made the mirror scene with the music box very obvious. The mirrors are usually not terribly subtle, but that was the most stand out mirror scene yet.

-Uh, was anyone else making incest jokes while Jack was asking Claire to come stay at his house.  “Uh, stay with you?  We’re strangers.”

-Am I wrong, or is Claire the safest person on the Island?  “Locke” seems totally unthreatened by her.  Unless Widmore wants to hurt her, or “Locke” gets tired of her, she seems very safe.


-“Welcome to Hyrda Island.  At least you didn’t have to paddle.”  Maybe “Locke” was talking about Sayid’s new deadpan delivery when he said he would be emotionless.  Zing!

-I feel like I’m dancing on a grave, but I don’t care.  I am so happy that this guy is finally dead.  I’ve waited so long for this.  And it was a damn good death.  I was impressed with him. I’d say that redeems him for all that Other killing that he did.

-Most ridiculous line of the night: “There is no Sayid!”  I wonder if they even tried variations of that line, something like, ‘He’s dead’, ‘Sayid’s gone’, ‘No, you fool’, pretty much anything would have been better.


-Kate had no idea how expendable she was.  I was worried for her when Widmore pulled that gun.

-I wonder what Kate was thinking when Sawyer told her that her name was crossed out.  I don’t think she’s put a lot of thought into the Candidate thing, that’s not her style.  But hearing that everyone else she knows is important and she isn’t, that would be hard to hear.  As usual I have no idea what the writers are going to do with Kate.

-I was shocked when Kate took that bullet.  I immediately comforted myself by saying it was just a shoulder shot, the safest place to get shot on a TV show.  But then I starting thinking, that’s just what they want me to think, she’s going to bleed out!  Then I comforted myself again because Jack decided to stay with her.  I may have been over-thinking that scene.


-Did anyone else have a debate about whether Jin would leave Sun?  Me and my friends did. I was firmly on the ‘he won’t leave her side’.  But Ji Yeon certainly mucked the situation up. If Sun had mentioned her then Jin might have left.

-Jin dropped his accent noticeably during his line, “No, I’m going to get you free.”  I think that might have been a rushed scene to shoot.  Keeping that water flowing for hours would be hard, and I imagine those actors didn’t love being in that water for very long.


-I should have known, when Jin and Sun were talking about Ji Yeon being with Sun’s Mom, that they were going to die.  There was no reason for that little conversation except to assure the fans that the kid was all right.  At the same time, it didn’t really reassure me.  In fact I still thought that they were pretty safe because of Ji Yeon.

Ji Yeon

-So two Kwons died, that leaves Ji Yeon Kwon.  I wonder if perhaps she really was the Kwon on the wall and at the Lighthouse.  It’s hard to believe, and I doubt we’ll see her soon, but that would be interesting.  (I’m aware that many people have said this for a long time now.)


-I loved those stairs leading up into the Ajira plane.  I could just picture Frank not letting anyone out of the plane until he built them.  Haha!  I’m so weird.

-Don’t kid yourself, by the end of the episode you had to remind yourself that Frank died too, didn’t you?  I know I forgot.  That’s not a great sign, is it.

Mr. Widmore

-Maybe if Widmore didn’t move the sonic fence around then he wouldn’t be in such a dangerous position.  Widmore is either really dumb and misinformed or he’s just a crazy genius and he’s steering all the events towards his ideal conclusion.

-Did Widmore not give his men any training?  These people were totally unaware of Smokey.  I would probably shoot at it too, but I think if I was warned ahead of time that it wouldn’t make a difference then I would concentrate on running.

-It seems very strange that Widmore’s plan is exactly the same as “Locke”‘s.  They both want to kill all the Candidates?


-Jack doesn’t even deny that he was flirting with Rose.  That is “pretty weird”.


-Aaauugh!!  My teeth were killing me when Bernard was drilling into those plaster teeth.

-Still ridiculously friendly in this timeline.

-It kinda felt like this connection was forced.  I guess it was fate.

The Others

-Sayid says that “Locke”‘s followers who weren’t killed scattered into the jungle.  I love it when that happens, when the Redshirts just disappear and we’re left with only speaking characters.

-Also this means that Cindy and the kids are probably alive.  That’s coo.

Flashes (what we know now):

“Locke”‘s Plan

For a while now I’ve said that “Locke”‘s plan was to get all the Candidates together and then kill them in one fell swoop.  It looks like I was right.  But he was foiled by Sayid.  Yay Sayid!  (It’s so easy to love him now that he’s dead.)

“Locke” want to kill them, but I believe what Jack said, he can’t do it directly.  There are rules.  Here are the rules as I see them:  Candidates can’t kill themselves, and they can’t be killed directly by Jacob or “Locke”; they can kill each other or get killed by anyone else.  So Sawyer was completely safe because he pulled the wires everyone else could have died, though.  And they all would have been safe if they let that timer run down.  I don’t really want my theory tested.  These rules are very tenuous and there have only been a few times when they’ve been proved right, and each of those circumstances could have been coincidental.


I don’t think I could count the number of times I said ‘Oh no!’ and grabbed my head in a Buster-like fashion.  For example when “Locke” tells Claire, “trust me, you don’t want to be on that sub.” …What?!!

Then the bomb.  (The four minute counter was pretty comforting, though.)  And then the bomb again when the counter stopped and started again and went faster.

(By the way, my strategy on disabling that bomb:  hit the stop button for the watch timer.  Haha!)

A Memorial

Frank, Sun, Jin and Sayid.  You’ll be missed… not by me, but surely there are some people who will mourn you somewhere.  It’s kinda hard to believe they’re gone.  After so many years of me begging for a Kwon-less show or a Sayid-less show I finally have it.  Unfortunately they’re only dead in one timeline.  They’ll probably get more screen time in the other timeline to make up for it.

I’m sure I’ve said this many times on this blog, but I am no longer a fan of the original cast.  When I look back I find that I don’t enjoy watching the original cast members doing anything, I always prefer the newer additions.  Unfortunately the writers completely disagree with me.  Out of all the character the writers have added very few have made it to the end of the show.  I think the producers like to be able to brag that they didn’t have to recast any roles and most of the original cast stayed with the show, but I feel that in most cases that was more of a liability rather than an impressive feat.  The newer characters were always easier to build upon, they always had better backstories, had more skills, and better twists.  But the writers seemed to always choose to kill a new character rather than an old one.  This is a pet subject for me.  I’ll rant more about it another day, I should probably just leave it at that, for now.

I was very shocked at the end of the episode when it was just four people left on the beach. I can’t believe only four people survived from that Sub.  I’m glad that my anticipation of death wasn’t unfounded.


Do you want to hear something hilarious?  That submarine captain died too.  Hahaha!  Wouldn’t that have been even funnier if the guy tried to survive?  What are the odds that Jack would give him an oxygen tank?  I love the class distinctions in this show.  Our character are just so superior to these little redshirts that none of us even bat an eye when people get killed so our ‘main’ characters can live.  I think that’s why I’ve always had a hard time with Frank, he broke through that glass ceiling that all the people our sub driver reach.  Well, he almost broke through it.  He had a portion of a flashback one time, and he got to be in the cast pictures.

– izi

17 Responses to “614 – The Candidate”

  1. May 5, 2010 at 6:46 am

    Wow! I’m kind of divided, too. I Loved this episode on a gut-insinct level, but my reasoning self isn’t quite as excited.

    I’ll have to re-watch, but I think Jack said “I came with him.” It’s a subtle difference, but maybe a little less frightening.

    I was also frustrated by Locke’s intransigence regarding his surgery.

    I also don’t think Locke could have killed anyone on the sub. He needed someone else to take action. He was just lying to Jack to gain his trust.

    Hurley: the Voice of Reason.

    I think Sawyer just thought Smokey had an issue with water because of the conversation where Smokey told him he couldn’t just fly over to Hydra Island. I think he (along with may viewers) misunderstood. I think Smokey could have just flown over, but it wouldn’t have served his purpose, as his purpose is to get all of the candidates to go over there with him. Sawyer just mis-took it to mean that Smokey had issues with water. So there was a certain logic to his advice to Jack.

    Can’t wait to see Sawyer’s reaction when he wakes up!

    I figured Sayid would go out pretty much exactly as he did. And I absolutley laughed my ass off at the “There is no Sayid!” line. Hilarious!

    I also lol’d when Sawyer told Kate her name had been crossed off. It was like she suddenly came to the realization that she wasn’t the center of the universe. Also, I still believe Kate will survive until the end.

    I didn’t expect Sun & Jin to die. (And I’m still not 100% convinced they both did … see below.) I, too, thought that at some point Sun would mention Ji Yeon, and Jin would leave for her sake. Oh well … may as well give them the Tragically Romantic Death Scene.

    Frank’s probably dead, but again … I’m not 100% convinced.

    I’m not sure Widmore’s plan is to kill all of the candidates. Just because Smokey said so, doesn’t make it true. In fact, the opposite is quite likely. (Smokey lies a lot.)

    Now, I know it looks like last night’s body count was 4. And it probably was. It’s not like I’m holding out hope because I so WANT them to be alive, but I just don’t trust the show. They’re always trying to make us think someone is dead, or someone has a certain motivation, only to find out they were misleading us. Obviously Sayid is gone, and so, probably, is Sun. (She was stuck, after all.) But the way they showed Sun & Jin’s hands pulling apart … made me think “What if Frank survived, and he’s pulling Jin to safety?”

    I know it’s unlikely, and it really wouldn’t make sense. I don’t really think that’s the case, either. I just feel like we can’t truly trust anything, though, so I’m not 100% convinced all four of them are dead. That’s what this show’s done to me … I no longer take ANYTHING for granted.

    You totally called it re: FLocke’s plan … get ’em all together, and get ’em to kill themselves all at once. I also think you’ve pretty much nailed The Rules.

    Finally … can’t wait to see what Team Richard is up to!



  2. 2 mins
    May 5, 2010 at 8:21 am

    A little confused at the rushed nature of Sayid returning to the good side…thanks to Des.
    What did he mean by “it’s going to be you jack”?
    Glad that he DID come back to his good self, but what does that mean re the “infection” theories?
    I was lol’d when sayid was trying to explain the mechanics of the bomb, and sawyer had enough of the talk. reminded me of many Samantha/O’Neal moments on Stargate.
    I was very sad about Sun and Jin. After keeping them apart for so long, and then rushing their reunion..only to have them die. I was surprised Sun didn’t tell Jin “Go! Ji Yeon needs you!” She just kept telling him to go. Theirs was a love story that had its difficulties, esp when Jin was a cranky, controlling husband. When he changed, and their relationship healed, it was nice. Now Ji Yeon is an orphan. Also really downplays the widmorians only kidnapping Jin; what was the point of that?
    I was a little mad at Sawyer for leaving Claire.
    I agree, Claire seems to be a harmless creature to Flocke. Kinda like a pet.
    Jack had told sawyer, before jumping ship on previous episode, that he thought Flocke was more scared of them staying on the island…or something to that effect “what would happen if we stayed?” so even then, jack had clues. This ties with Michael repeatedly telling Hurley not to die. Glad “I’m really a nice smoke monster” charade is over.
    Jack and Locke seemed tied to their common daddy issues. kudos to anthony cooper actor for agreeing to sit thru hours of makeup for a few secs shot.
    Notice, Hurley and Kate didn’t even ask about Frank. What was the point of having Frank around for so long then? like Ilana and her big mission…only to go poof.
    I’m not sure widmore wants to kill the candidates. Perhaps he put them in cages to hold them, and keep away from Flocke. who is #108…widmore or Des?

    • 3 Keith Johnson
      May 6, 2010 at 9:04 pm

      – What did he mean by “it’s going to be you jack”?

      IMO, it’s foreshadowing that Jack is going to assume Jacob’s role as the immortal guardian of the island.

      – Glad that he DID come back to his good self, but what does that mean re the “infection” theories?

      Honestly, none of the infection/claimed/sickness theories make a lick of sense to me. The three “infected” people we’ve seen are Claire, Sayid, and Russeau’s husband. I don’t see anything in how they act that is consistent with what Dogen described as being “claimed” by the MIB.

      – Also really downplays the widmorians only kidnapping Jin; what was the point of that?

      I’m right there with you. It was a plot device that makes little sense in hindsight.

      – Notice, Hurley and Kate didn’t even ask about Frank. What was the point of having Frank around for so long then? like Ilana and her big mission…only to go poof.

      Like Ben “eulogizing” Ilana, I’m sure there will be one line thrown into the next scene with those characters, recognizing that Frank is also gone… but that’s probably it. IMO, Frank peaked in Season 4, with only a “We’re not going to Guam” gem tossed into Season 5. If he died in the helicopter crash into the ocean, or when Ajira 316 landed on Hydra Island, I don’t think it would have impacted the story in the slightest.

      – I’m not sure widmore wants to kill the candidates. Perhaps he put them in cages to hold them, and keep away from Flocke. who is #108…widmore or Des?

      Considering that the power to the pylons was cut at exactly the right time and that there were none of Widmore’s guards at the sub (until the candidates had to take shelter inside it) is also making me wonder if the “war” between MIB and Widmore is being staged between the two of them in order to corral the candidates together, allow MIB to leave the island and let Widmore remain as the new leader of the Others. ie, the same deal that MIB tried making with Ben a few episodes ago.

  3. 5 mins
    May 5, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    with sayid’s death, it’s RIP black tank top. 😉
    so he knew jack’s the prime candidate. what gave him that revelation?

  4. 6 Mint
    May 5, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    “Don’t kid yourself, by the end of the episode you had to remind yourself that Frank died too, didn’t you?”

    I’m glad you put that because when I read the top of your post I was thinking “FOUR down? Only 3 people died. What did I miss?!”

    I completely forgot that Frank and Widmore’s Sub Captain were down there.
    I don’t understand. What were they doing when water was rushing in?
    What was Frank doing when Sun was trapped?!
    Was there an knocked-out body shot I missed???

    I now agree with your former statement that Frank was only around to provide the illusion that escape-by-plane was an option.

    I actually did cry at the Kwons’ death. Not because I was so attached to them as characters but because it just seemed like such a terrible way for anyone to die. Also because of Ji Yeon but that made me more angry than sad.

    Also, good theory that Sawyer couldn’t have died because it would have been suicide. I didn’t think about that.
    Do you think if they let the bomb run down it would have just not gone off? Or would it have gone off and Kate, Frank, and the captain would have died?

    I agree that Claire feels safe.
    I think Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Claire will be the only survivors. Maybe Hurley but I am afraid for him.

    I can’t believe we haven’t seen what “Team Richard” is up to yet!

    • 7 Mint
      May 5, 2010 at 3:35 pm

      I’m replying to my own comment. I just rewatched the end. I completely missed Frank’s death. Ignore all the Frank related questions.

  5. 8 Keith Johnson
    May 6, 2010 at 6:42 am

    The death of Sun is a damn tragedy, IMO. I don’t mean that she shouldn’t have died, but that the character was wasted for two seasons.

    I loved the transformation to the timid/fearful wife of season one to the bad ass woman who takes charge of her destiny. Her transformation began when she stood up and faced down Jin early on, with her confidence building four seasons which peaked at her facing down her own father and Charles Widmore himself. At that point, I was very happy with her character, and was hoping that the death of Jin on the frieghter would make her even more driven and determined. I was happy to see her with a gun ready to kill Ben at the start of Season 5, but unfortunately Ben pulled out Jin’s ring and Sun’s character unravelled and never recovered. Ever since that moment, she basically did whatever the rest of the group said, punctuating her speech with Jin-isms. “I have to find Jin!” blah blah blah. Four seasons of building strength washed away with two seasons of weakness and confusion. If you needed to manipulate Sun (which even Ilana did), all you had to say is that you knew the way to Jin. That’s a damn shame for that character to be wasted.

    At least their final scene in the sinking submarine was excellent and was a much better emotional reunion than what we saw last episode. IMO, their reunion wasn’t even as dramatic as when she was first reunited with Jin back in Season 2 (the same scene when Bernard and Rose were reunited). Perhaps if the electric fence zapped them there would have been more electricity in that scene. 😉

  6. 9 Keith Johnson
    May 6, 2010 at 6:49 am

    Yay, Sayid! Unlike most people on the internet, I never stopped liking Sayid because he shot young Ben. I always took that situation to be the classic “would you kill Hitler as a kid” question, so I can sympathize with Sayid’s situation. Honestly, Roger really gave Sayid what he deserved, so I didn’t have any Sayid-hate in Season 5. If he stayed dead in the Temple, or died during The Incident, I would have been happy. Where Sayid went off the rails for me was after he came back from the dead… yet the actor played the character like a damn zombie. Detached immoral robot = boring, and he played the boring robot for the entire season. Ugh! Sso I was pretty happy when Desmond pierced through his shell and gave Sayid’s humanity a chance to assert itself. Considering everything he’s done, I though his self sacrifice was a great way to end the character. Thumbs up.

    Sadly, Frank’s death was about as long as his lines in each episode. If you weren’t watching closely, you missed it entirely. I liked him in Season 4, but he sure got the short end of the acting stick for Seasons 5 & 6. Then again, you can say the same about Miles in Season 6…

    Jin who? Jin hasn’t been an exciting character since… ever really. He was interesting in the early seasons when you saw the raw emotions of Jin and Sun’s relationship (building, breaking and building back up on the island). I would have been fine with him dying on the frieghter at the end of Season 4, mainly because Season 5 & 6 consisted of nothing but him saying “I won’t leave if there is a chance to find Sun!”. Flat character, but he had his good moments and a nice death scene.

  7. 10 Keith Johnson
    May 6, 2010 at 6:59 am

    As for Ji Yeon, she joins Aaron and Walt with characters with parental abandonment issues. Hopefully these three are addressed before the shows in, but I’m not holding my breath.

  8. 11 Keith Johnson
    May 8, 2010 at 9:10 am

    You are right. I completely forgot about that. #51, I believe.


    Hmmm… if the cave wall (where Saywer saw her name crossed out) is MIB’s place, and the Lighthouse is Jacob’s, then clearly MIB made a mistake about Kate’s status as a candidate.

    In hindsight, that only reinforces my “Widmore is working for the MIB and staging the war” theory, since if Widmore believes that Kate is off the list, he probably got his list from MIB…

    • 12 mins
      May 8, 2010 at 5:21 pm

      It’s funny about Kate. the original idea of the writers was to have Jack killed in the pilot and Kate would become the leader. After M. Fox’s audition, they changed their mind (whew!) But, wouldn’t it be interesting if the writers incorporate their idea of Kate, way back when, into a twist? I’m not a Kate hater,(although I’ve had my frustrated moments) and it would be something if she, and Claire, end up being the wild cards that Flocke never considered.
      Can’t wait for the next episode!

  9. May 8, 2010 at 11:20 am

    I always forget about that. When it was first revealed that it wasn’t crossed out at the Lighthouse I thought it was just because Jacob didn’t get a chance to do it before he died. But now that we know for sure that the Cave is “Locke”‘s then it seems like only he discounted her.
    Wouldn’t it be crazy if “Locke” managed to kill everyone except for Kate, thinking that she posed no danger to him, then she killed him? That would be great. A lot of people would be pissed, but I would enjoy it immensely.

  10. 14 mins
    May 10, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    I keep wondering about why “apollo bar” keeps showing up so looked into the stories of apollo to see if there’s any fit to Lost.

    Apollo (son of Zeus and Leto); when another wife of Zeus(Hera) discovered Leto was pregnant, she banned Leto from giving birth on any mainlands or islands. Leto found the new floating island of Delos( neither mainland or real island) and gave birth there. Zeus later secured the island to ocean floor.
    Dionysus- god of wine, disorder….considered a brother of Apollo (not twins)

    Ankh- symbol of life, fertility, etc
    The ankh word was used for “mirrors” from Middle Kingdom onwards and many mirrors wre shaped in ankh form.
    Life and death mirror each other.
    In many ancient religions, mirrors were used for divination.

  11. May 16, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Umm…. Sawyer isn’t racist. He deduced from “Locke”s mannerisms, as a lot of people did, that he can’t come into contact with the water. I think it was a smart educated guess, and it would have all gone smoothly had Kate not gone and got herself shot.

    Jack would have shoved “Locke” into the water, hopefully melting him. If not, it was distraction enough to grab Claire, shove Kate down the hatch, say goodbye and shut the door on them all. End of. Then run away.

    Aaaaanyway, I dunno, I didn’t get the feeling that Frank was dead, but I guess he is =/ meh. I love that you A) called the writers on having such an elitism against the new characters (the TAILIES were so underutilised it is unbelievable =/ I get that they were signed into 1 year contracts, but COME ON!!) and B) called out the elitism with the original characters. They have now surpassed the Others in terms of territorial elitism!

    Thanks for your continued postings. Throughout all the years, all the drama of the fandom and various commenters on everyone’s blogs, all other bloggers have slowed down and stopped blogging, or tried to change their style.

    Not you.

    Love it or hate it, you have remained consistent throughout. And I LOVE YOU for that. Thank you. Your blog has been a delight to read and will be a delight to re-read for years to come.

    • May 16, 2010 at 9:09 am

      And for the record, I usually disagree with about 50% of the things you say, but would rather it was that way than you disregarded your own thoughts and theories to appease certain “fans”.

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