616 – What They Died For


If that was a set up episode then it was the best one ever.  I don’t think it was a set up episode, it seemed more like it was part one of the finale.  I can barely even count all the things that happened tonight.

First of all the surviving Candidates mobilized and decided to follow the plan to kill “Locke”.  Finally they’ve stopped trying to escape.

Secondly Ben is in the position of a lifetime.  He’s conning the most powerful being on the Island.  This is what he was meant to do.  Unfortunately to get to this place Richard probably had to die, and Ben had to kill Widmore (not a big loss).  But he’s got himself a front-row seat and a position of pivotal power.  I am thrilled about what he managed to do in this episode.

Then Jacob showed up and answered questions, and appointed a replacement.  I didn’t see this coming at all.  Who knew that would happen before the finale.  Jacob had one of my favorite speeches in a very long time.  He finally explained to these fools that they belong on the Island, they had nothing left in the real world.  I’ve said this forever.

Off the Island things really kicked into high gear.  In what was possibly the best choreographed flash-sideways yet, Desmond started two sets of dominoes that resulted in Ben getting matched up with Rousseau, Locke giving into to fate and finally agreeing to Jack’s surgery, and finally Desmond started inviting/coercing people like Hurley, Kate and Sayid into going to the most anticipated concert of the year.  This concert looks like it’s going to be the place to be in the finale.

This episode blew me away.  If it was Richard’s last episode than that’s unfortunate.  Regardless, this episode accomplished a lot.  If this is anything like what the finale will be like, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble giving it a perfect ten.  As for this episode I think it warrants a 9.0/10.0



-Jack’s neck wound is acting up again.  I figure he’s going to get his throat sliced in the Island timeline and that’s literally bleeding over into this timeline.

-I was very unimpressed with Jack’s lack of faith when Locke came back to him.  I guess he let himself forget about all the coincidences.

-I don’t know if it was necessary for all the delaying of the Jack fixing Locke thing.  I would have been fine without the three conversations they had about it before Locke changed his mind.  But I think people really look forward to Jack and Locke scenes.

-I love how well Jacob knows Jack.  When he’s volunteering to be the Guardian he still sounds unsure, “Is that a question, Jack?”

-The bamboo field?  Really?  Weird.

-I wonder if Jack gets any powers from his new title.  Apparently he can now find the light, but that’s all we know.  I hope he gains some extra knowledge, or at least some kind of wisdom.  I’ve enjoyed Jack this season, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him get more at peace, less doubtful.


-Young Jacob sure is rude.

-Hurley asks Jacob, “I’ve been waiting for you to show up, where have you been?”  Jacob says, “It doesn’t matter, I’m here now.”  That really sounds like he was actually somewhere else.  Possibly this is referring to the haunting he’s been doing to “Locke”.  But wouldn’t it be cool if he had left the Island.  Maybe he went to see some people off the Island, I won’t mention names, I don’t want to raise my expectations too high.  Or maybe he crossed over into the other timeline.  (I might be getting carried away.)

-“We’re very close to the end, Hugo.”  Exciting.

-So everyone can see Jacob.  Surprising.  But I guess he should be able to control that kind of thing especially when they’re his Candidates.

-Jacob doesn’t say that the fact that Sayid, Sun and Jin were Candidates was the reason they’re dead.  He just says he’s sorry.  I think Kate, and a few viewers think that being a Candidate means that either you’ll assume the throne or you’ll die.  I don’t think that’s necessarily true.  I think it’s highly likely, but not a guarantee.

-Jacob had all the answers tonight.  I never thought he’d ever give that much away, especially not willingly.

-Jacob still thinks there’s a “very good chance… that everyone… is going to die”.  Not encouraging.  He set up three lines of defense, Ilana, Widmore and the Candidate program.  The Candidates themselves should have been able to delay “Locke”‘s plan just by surviving.  Jacob certainly isn’t underestimating Smokey.

-When Jack suggested that Jacob wanted them to kill “Locke”, Jacob got a sad look on his face.  He clearly doesn’t want it, but he knows it must be done.

-So the wine was totally not important, that fortunate.  It’s also pretty misleading.


-It’s hard to tell whether Kate is delirious and pale from the shoulder wound or if, late in the episode, she’s still grieving the recent deaths.

-Kate’s already targeting Ji Yeon.  She’s becoming a serial adopter.  (sarcasm)

-For the record, Kate’s the first person to suggest killing “Locke”.  Could that mean she’s the one to do the deed?  I doubt it, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be pretty eager to do it.

-Kat really took the initiative in their talk with Jacob.  Good for her.  No one else was going to ask.

-In half a second Jacob put my mind at ease about Kate’s name being scratched off.  He let her go because of Aaron.  But he wasn’t unreasonable.  It’s not like the Wall and the names there are magical, it’s just a list.  She could still be Candidate.

-I haven’t seen many dresses on hangers, but didn’t Kate’s concert dress look a little too big in the chestal area.


-Hurley was still Jacob’s choice for his voice or messenger in this episode.  I don’t think that was for nothing.

-I was a little surprised when Hurley said that he was glad he wasn’t chosen.  I thought he might be enjoying telling people what to do.

-Hurley’s mistake with Ana Lucia was hilarious.


-I knew this would happen, I knew Sawyer would take responsibility for the deaths on the sub, but it still made me extremely sad when he said that.

-Ugh, I hope they weren’t setting up Kate and Sawyer in the jail.  I used to be okay with that, but I still hold out hope for Sawliet.


-Desmond has a killer American accent.

-Was Desmond going to run over Locke again?  I thought that the first time I watched it, but the second time it kinda looked like he wasn’t surprised to see Ben.  Punching Ben had the proper result, it got Locke to Jack, and it triggered Ben’s memories.

-It’s way too much fun watching Desmond’s recruiting game.  Seeing him deftly maneuvering around the city rounding everyone up was just awesome.  When he was turning himself in I was almost squealing with delight.

-I wonder what Desmond’s plan for Sawyer is.  Seems like an impossible job.

-I’m hoping Miles helped Desmond out of the well, but it seems too convenient.  I don’t know who else there is.  Not an Other, those people are history.  Is there anyone else?

-It’s oddly comforting, but at the same time insanely frightening that “Locke” wants Desmond alive.  This means that Desmond is protected for a while, but it still worries me.
I wonder if he wants to try to Smokify him, send him down that stream into the Light.  I wonder what would happen.


-The Smokey scene was one of the scariest, especially since it was from Ben’s perspective.  You just know that “Locke” could kill him without a blink, and Ben knows that too.

-This is exactly what I wanted for Ben!  I’ve said it a few times since I made my death list, that I’m okay with Ben dying as long as he gets one last con.  As long as he can use that devious little mind against someone once more, then he can go.  And this is the best possible way.  I figured he’d con Widmore, but instead he just used Widmore like a sacrificial pawn.  I can’t even express my delight for the Ben/”Locke” scenes in this episode.  The whole time Ben is flirting with disaster, he’s lying and stealing from the most powerful being on the Island and he’s doing it without sweating.  This is how we all love Ben, when he’s totally in control even when he’s under the gun of someone who should have so much more control.
Just to be clear, I don’t think Ben has switched sides.  I’m pretty sure he was being tested by “Locke” to see if he’d give up Widmore.  Ben passed the test with flying colors, not only did he betray Widmore, but he killed him in cold-blood, “Locke”‘s got to admire that.

-Poor Ben gets yet another beat up face.  This poor guy gets beat up more than anyone.  Unless Sawyer gets in a few fist fights before the end of the season then I think Ben has the title of most pummeled.

-Was that nurse angry that Ben insisted on being called Dr. Linus.  What a bitch.

-I was laughing hysterically at the irony of the Alex/Ben/Rousseau scenes.  “Why would someone want to hurt you?  You’re, like, the nicest guy ever.”  “After everything you’ve done for my daughter, a ride is the least we can do.”  “We insist.  Even if we have to kidnap you.”  “You’re the closest thing to a father she’s ever had.”

-Ben crying in Alex’s house was one of the saddest moments.  I almost teared up.  He’s really is a nice guy off the Island.

-The funniest mental picture came to me during the Rousseau scenes.  I can just imagine Ben’s Dad alone at home starving, with no oxygen, calling feebly “Ben?  Ben?”  Hahaha, how awful.


-Are the sonic fences not working around the Barracks?  I would be pretty eager to put those on.

-There’s a slight chance that “Locke”‘s fully wise to Ben’s game.  When Ben shot Widmore “Locke” seemed to know that Ben was trying to prevent “Locke” from getting Widmore’s plan out of him.  If this is a repeat of the Sawyer con, then I’m worried.  But as much as I love him, Sawyer isn’t as good as Ben at turning the tables.  So I hope Ben’s successful.

-Can we all agree that Smokey and Esau are the same character?  Esau was transformed into Smokey, but Smokey wasn’t a separate being triggered into existence by Jacob.  Jacob says, “I’m responsible for what happened to him, I made him that way.”
Also “Locke” says, “I was human”.

-It scares me so much that “Locke” is happy that Desmond survived.  This guy must have some crazy plan for him.


-Finally this guy agrees to get the surgery.  I knew it would happen at the end of the season, but it seems like it’s been forever.

-I’m not sure if everyone on the Island has managed to separate Locke from “Locke” yet.  Sawyer really has, he doesn’t even refer to him as Locke he says “that thing”.  But the way Kate said “Locke did this to them” tonight makes me think that the body might still be tricking people.

Mr. Widmore

-Widmore says that Jacob visited him “not long after (Ben’s) people destroyed (his) freighter.”  That implies that Widmore was visited by Jacob before Widmore met with Locke, maybe even before the Oceanic 6 arrived or before Ben confronted Widmore.  That’s interesting.  Perhaps Widmore’s been on the good side for longer than we thought.  Maybe he was working closely with Eloise after all.

-Was that remorse from Widmore?  Jacob showed him the “error of his ways”.  I didn’t think he’d ever admit to being wrong.

-Widmore’s outrigger gave no clue as to what his plans were.  All we saw were metal cases.  Real helpful.

-I felt a little bit bad for Widmore and mostly Zoe when the lights came on in the closet.

-“Locke”‘s threat to kill Penny was shocking at first.  But the more I think about it the more I see that it’s just one of those motivations “Locke” gives to everyone.  He tells people exactly what they need to hear to make them do what he wants.  In Mr. Widmore’s case that means threatening his daughter, she’s his weak point.

-You know what I hate?  This phrase: “a measure of last resort”.  It’s almost as bad as Star Wars’s “delusions of grandeur”.  Both lines are out of place and awkward, and they grate on me every time I hear them.

-I find it hard to believe that Widmore, knowing he was going to die, didn’t want to tell Ben his plan.  That’s crazy talk.  You would think he could put the rivalry behind him at that moment.
Maybe that was a Dumbledore style death knell.  You know who that makes Ben?  That’s right, one of my favorite Harry Potter characters, Snape.  Awesome.

-I don’t think Widmore actually told “Locke” his plan.


-Awww, isn’t Richard the best, he buried Alex.  Richard and Alex will always be at the top of the nice list on the Island.

-Poor Richard still believed that all “Locke” wants is to get off the Island.

-I’m a little confused by Richard’s death or presumed death.  I’m quite sure that he’s completely vulnerable, and that didn’t look good, but there’s still a chance that he’s alive.  Either way I’m fine, I’d rather have Richard dead (at this point) than Ben.  Don’t get me wrong, Richard’s still my third favorite, or something, but the shows ending and he has nothing left to offer.


-Strike thirteen.  This guy has an amazing power and he never gets to use it for anything.  In this episode it seemed like he was going to be able to talk for Alex, but it wasn’t necessary, Richard was there to tell Ben all he needed to know.

-Miles’ idea to run into the jungle was the best, but only because of luck.  If “Locke” had wanted to, and if Richard and Ben weren’t there to distract him, then Miles would be dead.  As it stands he’s still not in a great position.  He’s running away, but Ben still has a walkie-talkie with Miles on the other end.  Hopefully “Locke” doesn’t ask Ben to use it.


-Sayid’s quick promise to do what Desmond says was funny.  I hope he doesn’t go rogue any time soon.

-It was a good plan, putting Sayid with Hurley.  He’s much more likely to hurt Desmond than Hurley.


-Zoe didn’t stand a chance.  Ben starts with “who the hell are you?”  Then we saw her standing timidly in the corner of Ben’s closet, she was completely doomed.

-I don’t really understand why “Locke” killed her.  He says that she was pointless because Widmore told her not to talk to him.  I don’t get it.  That might have been true if she hadn’t talked to him, but she did, she introduced herself.  This rule is very confusing.


-I think we all had raised eyebrow moments when it became clear that Rousseau and Ben were being set up.  Very strange, but it works in an odd way.  I never tried to mentally hook up Ben with anyone, at least not seriously.  This couple is very surprising.


-This kid is just teasing us with this “Mom” stuff.

-He insists that Jack can’t “get weird” tonight.  How “weird” can this Jack get?


-When Sawyer was watching the flotsam come up on shore, even I thought Frank might was ashore.

Ana Lucia

-Am I alone in my nostalgia for Ana Lucia?  When she’s showed up lately I’ve been oddly excited.

-For some reason I’m surprised that Ana Lucia is a crooked cop.  Sure I remember that she killed a guy while she was off-duty, but still, what kind of a person accepts bribes.  Hehehhe,  it’s someone who came back to the show, and that’s good enough for me.

-Desmond says that Ana Lucia isn’t coming because she isn’t ready yet.  I guess that means she’s not going to be around for the finale.  That’s okay, it would have been fun, but I expect a few too many people were invited to that thing anyways.

Flashes (what we know now):

David’s Mom

I still believe that David’s mom will be Juliet.  And I think we’d all agree with that.  There not really anyone else exciting left.  The other big possibility was Ana Lucia, and that was weird.

Summoning Smokey

Ben talked about his little Temple room in this episode.  He thought he was controlling Smokey or else unleashing him.  That was totally wrong.  He made a comment about Smokey summoning him.  I think that could be taken out of context.  He was just twisting the phrase around, he didn’t really mean that literally, at least I don’t think he did.  I’m pretty sure what he meant was: he thought it was a mindless force on the Island, but it turns out it has more intelligence than most people.

Candidate 108

I’m still not totally sure about who that is.  This episode makes me think it was Widmore.  The writers went out of their way to get Ben to kill Widmore.  If “Locke” was able to kill him I think he would have.

On the other hand, it seemed like “Locke” couldn’t kill Desmond either, he tried to get Sayid it do it.  Also Desmond’s alive and very important, so there’s that.

Jacob’s Precautions

We obviously don’t know everything about Jacob’s plans.  But we do know that he took a few precautions, those precautions being, namely, Ilana and Mr. Widmore.  Ironically Ilana’s Third Party was working against Widmore’s.  So maybe one of them was lying.  I like Ilana more than Widmore, so if that is proof of a lie then I’d side with Ilana.

But I don’t think it matters, both groups are mostly dead.  But it’s still interesting to see that Jacob set up a few failsafes.

Attendance List

It looks like the concert benefit thing at the Museum is going to be the Reunion.  Here’s the list of the mostly confirmed guests:

  • Miles
  • Charlotte
  • Desmond
  • Hurley
  • Kate
  • Sayid
  • Jack
  • David’s Mom – how could it not be Juliet?
  • Daniel
  • Penny
  • Ms. Hawking
  • Mr. Widmore
  • Pierre
  • David – probably this doesn’t matter

Here are the maybe’s:

  • Libby – surely Hurley will bring her
  • Charlie – he’s supposed to go, but last time we saw him he said no
  • Sawyer – Miles wants him to go, but he doesn’t seem inclined

The Weird ones

  • Claire – Jack or David might invite her, who really knows
  • Christian – I know this is a long-shot, but Desmond didn’t phone Jack and tell him about the coffin for nothing
  • Ana Lucia – Hurley asked if she was coming and Desmond said she wasn’t ready yet, I don’t know if that cuts her completely from the mix

I think that’s the whole list.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

“I was doin’ just fine-”  “No you weren’t.”

Those were some of the most gratifying words on the show, ever.  I was almost clapping when Sawyer said this: “What made you think you can mess with my life?  I was doin’ just fine until you dragged my ass to this damn rock.”  Jacob, quick as a whip, responded with what I’ve been saying for six seasons, “No, you weren’t.  None of you were.  I didn’t pluck any of you out of a happy existence.”  YEESSS!!!  Finally, and I hope they agreed with that.  The Island is where they belong.  It’s unfortunate that terrible things have happened on the Island, and it’s true they have been through a lot and many of them saw more guns than they would have in the real world.  But the real world hated them too.  None of them had anything back there worth holding on to.

Jacob’s Prerequisites.

Jacob seemed to have very few requirements of his Candidates.  One was that they were alone in the world.  Another was that they had pretty terrible lives in the real world.  They were all looking for a purpose, and they weren’t going to find it.

And he revealed to Kate that he wasn’t uncaring or out of touch.  He was totally ready to let her live happily ever after with Aaron.  Apparently if a Candidate is no longer alone then they aren’t Candidates anymore.  Probably that was true of Jin and Sun too, but he must have known they were coming back.  Maybe if Sun wasn’t a Candidate then she couldn’t have made it back.  Who knows.

The New Guardian

I didn’t think a Candidate was going to graduate so quickly.  It was clear, during the Jacob conversations, that Jack was the only choice.  But I still think there’s room for Hurley there.  I still believe that Jack’s going to die before the season ends.  Hopefully he’ll choose his own replacement.

The other two, Sawyer and Kate, were completely disinclined to agree.  Sawyer was still frozen from guilt and Kate would never assume a leadership role.

– izi

17 Responses to “616 – What They Died For”

  1. May 19, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Benjamin Linus, you magnificent bastard …

    I can’t wait to see what he’s really playing at.



  2. 2 Nicholas
    May 19, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Amazing recap as always. I too will miss your blog dearly when this show is over.

    BTW, that comment about Kate being a serial adopter made me laugh so hard, my boss came out of his office and checked on me. Haha.

  3. 4 Hi D
    May 19, 2010 at 11:29 am

    what do you think about the whole jack/jacob “you’re like me now”?

    after Jack drank the water I couldn’t decide if his face was saying, I don’t feel any different……or if it was…….Yeah, I feel it, I’m different.

    any thoughts?

    • 5 lorenzo
      May 19, 2010 at 2:21 pm

      I’m torn between wanting to see Jack use his Jacob-powers and maintaining the subtle mysticism that’s been present so far.

    • May 19, 2010 at 2:23 pm

      It was a double reaction. At first he looked up like something had changed. But then there was another shot where he just looked confused. I don’t know, maybe they left the revelations to the next episode.

  4. 7 Kat
    May 19, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    What about John Locke? Should we be expecting him to attend the concert?

  5. May 20, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Just great. I could go through all my favourite bits, but you know by now I love your writing.

    For the record, I too love(d) Ana-Lucia and have been very happy with her cameos in the past few seasons 😀

  6. 10 mins
    May 20, 2010 at 9:15 am

    great and funny recap! I’m going to miss your writings.
    yes, magnificent Ben! It was great seeing the badass Ben come back and do one more long con. I really like the nice Ben too, but for old times sake, bad Ben rules!
    Wonderful to see Rousseau; all cleaned up, pretty, smiling. I really missed this first crazy guntoting momma.
    Nice for jacob to tell kate her worth is more than what is written or not on a wall. it’s still about choice.
    not happy about richard. is he or isn’t he dead? can he die?
    Miles is the only one who has never met/spoken to Flocke. can that play a role on Sunday? I’m also annoyed his great powers were never used in all the seasons he’s been on. un-used potential. he’s still funny though:”what’s this? a secret-ER room?”
    still unsure what they died for? And did anyone notice, no one ever mentioned poor Frank?
    Umm…”super bran cereal”? really? and a teen is eating that!

  7. 11 Lostie
    May 20, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    Great recap iZi…..You are the BEST !!!!
    —Did you notice that Ben became his old self again in the Island right after he got beat up by Des and saw his vision?
    —All season i’ve been looking for all the old characters and i think that Rose&Bernard got Sayid out of the well, we havent seen R&B yet on the island, right?.
    —Im with you bout Richard, im praying he is still alive, maybe his cross chain saved him, also remember that smokey got to him before jacob gave jack his powers so richard was still under jacob’s protection.
    —Concerning the concert list, I feel that Boone and Shannon will be there also, especially Shannon to get hooked up with sayid, right? and you forgot bout Rose&Bernard again, Rose works for Hurley so he might invite her.
    —I dont know but I feel something will happen in this concert and we will finally see both timelines blend together and we will see the ending to the series, whatever that will be.
    —Looking forward to your Series Finale Recap iZi, should be ur BEST !!! 🙂

  8. May 22, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    Aww, don’t be mad. Michelle Rodriguez is an extremely busy actress these days (inexplicably). I’ll bet they could only get her to come back for one scene. It’s better than not having her show up at all.

    • 13 Lostie
      May 22, 2010 at 6:43 pm

      Your right izi, she only came back for that one scene and they had to film it in LA cause she is not allowed in Hawaii 🙂

  9. 14 Lostie
    March 11, 2011 at 9:52 am

    WOW @DRush76…after 10 months Lost ended ur still commenting…good for you!!!
    As you remember the Church scene had only to do with Jack…they were all only waiting for Jack to accept being dead….it semmed that Ana Lucia was not waiting for Jack and had already had ur own following like many others that didnt joined Jack….right Izi, do u agree?

    • March 11, 2011 at 10:42 am

      Maybe. But if we take the Jack thing too far then the other characters are prety much just pawns, and I don’t know if I want to believe that. I like to imagine that the white light wasn’t the end. That the characters continued on in this paradise, but not that they’re all aware that it isn’t reality they go and help the others who haven’t realized it yet.
      Probably the reason she wasn’t there was something mundane like shceduling conflicts.

  10. July 1, 2011 at 1:11 am

    If they managed to get Michelle Rodriguez back for one last episode, why not allow her to appear in the church scene, instead of this episode? How disappointing.

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