617 – The End – Jack


On the Island

Finally I look smart.  After six seasons of almost complete wrongness I finally get a theory right.  Jack died, as he had to.  Mr. ‘saving people’ couldn’t possibly have survived the finale. The writers clearly put a lot of effort into writing Jack’s story.  I don’t want to say it was the most important, but it was a big focus of the show.  His arc was the biggest and, in retrospect, the clearest.  I think that slow arc from Man of Science to Man of Faith drove us a little nuts, but if it was quicker then he would have had to stall for a long time.  I’m glad that never happened.  So, while Jack will never be my favorite character I can safely say that I appreciate him.

-What was Jack doing in the water when Sawyer walked up?  It looks like he was moving his lips slightly.  Plus he was happily standing in water.  I think he might have been conversing with the Island or something.  Not that I have any idea what that means.

-Jack thinks he’s ruined everything in his life except for the Island.  And then he proceeded to half sink the Island.  That was a close call, he almost ruined everything again.

-Jack certainly is the obvious choice for the Island Guardian.  I guess it’s surprising that he volunteered, but if you told someone who was watching the premiere that one of these characters was going to become the Island’s Guardian I think everyone would have chosen Jack.

-Jack was right.  When he was talking to Desmond he was completely right.  I would never expect him to be the one talking sense, especially in a conversation with Desmond.
Here are his lines: “Desmond, I tried that once.  There are no shortcuts, no do-overs.  What happened, happened.  Trust me, I know.  All of this matters.”
When I first watched it I was just ignoring Jack, but he was right.  They couldn’t change the past or escape to a better life they just had to do the best they could with what they had.

-When Jack first said that he was going to kill “Locke” I laughed because Lost isn’t exactly known for its fight scenes.  I laughed again when Jack tried to start the fight with some sort of MMA move.  Thankfully the fight ended the way most Lost fights do, with a gunshot.

-Jack looked hilarious when he was waking up in the rain after “Locke” hit him on the head.  Almost as fluttery as when he woke up in the premiere.

-Kate says to Jack, “Tell my I’m going to see you again.”  How could he not say, “In another life”?  I guess that might have ruined the surprised.  But I don’t think I would have figured that out.
It would have been less effective when he later said that to Desmond.

-There was a scene missing when Jack was down in the Light hole.  After he got Desmond tied up, they cut back to him and he’s just laying on the floor doing nothing.  It was pretty funny.
(It reminded me of the scene in Arrested Development when Michael walks in on Tobias after he got his hair plugs and Tobias is laying on the floor trying to reach for the door knob.  There’s not really any explanation to the scene it just looked hilarious.)

-Having Jack barely survive the Light hole was odd at first.  But I appreciate the symmetry of that final scene now.  It was a good bookend for the show.
That shoe in the tree made me smile more than anything, still no explanation, and that’s a good thing.

Off the Island

(a little disclaimer.  In case you didn’t read my Afterlife thoughts, I believe that the Afterlife was a chance for all the characters to get over their complexes and issues.  I also believe that it was projected from their subconscious.  Those coincidences weren’t coincidences, they were created.)

Here’s how I see Jack’s Afterlife journey.  He died as a Man of Faith, but it was still extremely hard for him.  He died with his intense Daddy issues still fully intact (they were pushed aside, but he never really got over it).  And he died with a lot of guilt about the people who died during the run of the show, especially Locke.  When he went back he had to get over that stuff.  The Daddy Issues were the first to go.  By having a son and repairing that relationship he undid the damage done to him.  I also think the connections he had with Juliet and Claire were interesting.  Clearly Jack felt guilty for the way things went with those two.  He barely knew Claire as a sister so he got another chance to reconcile with her.  And I think he felt bad for the way he abandoned Juliet, sure they weren’t meant to be together, but things didn’t have to end in such an ugly way.  So she was his amicable ex-wife.  And of course there was the scenes with Locke.  They butted head about Faith and Science.  Sure Jack had faith, but he didn’t become a true Man of Faith deep inside until he accepted everything that Christian told him.
All in all, the Afterlife was kind to Jack.

-I get that Jack is the main character and they had to stretch out his realization of what was happening, but that was a little annoying.  The people around him could have been more helpful.  The only person who tried to help him understand was Kate, and she was ultra mysterious.

-Then Locke gave it a very mis-guided shot.  He probably shouldn’t have told Jack that he doesn’t have a son.  That didn’t help him accept the truth.

-Jack’s stubbornness was annoying but understandable (he couldn’t exactly flash in the first few scenes).  But he was so close to getting it but he kept on shaking it off and rejecting it.

-That church Jack was in tried extremely hard to represent every religion, probably so that Christians couldn’t claim the Afterlife as their own.

-Jack seems to be the only person who didn’t understand what the Afterlife was until it was explained to him.  Everyone else apparently just accepted it easily.

-I think I understand David as a character now.  He seemed very one-sided.  I think that was because he wasn’t really a character.  He was pretty much just Jack’s younger self talking to him.  I mean this symbolically, not literally.

– izi

10 Responses to “617 – The End – Jack”

  1. May 24, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    yeah, the fight with Locke was kinda lame… but I’d never say that anywhere else other than here. I don’t diss LOST 🙂

    actually, I was surprised how quick Kate figured it out. But that may just be me.

  2. 2 lorenzo
    May 25, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    “There are no shortcuts, no do-overs. What happened, happened. Trust me, I know. All of this matters.”

    Doesn’t that just sum up the show for you?

  3. 3 mins
    May 25, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Can you explain why Christian’s body was always missing-in island and alt timelines?
    Is it b/c he had understood he’s dead and was guiding people in purgatory, or something like that? or very different?

  4. 5 mins
    May 26, 2010 at 8:42 am

    you mentioned about that faded old sneaker,(maybe was white one time?)
    I just realized that Christian was wearing white sneakers when he came in the church. That struck me as odd since it doesn’t go with that suit.
    have another look at Christian’s feet, and tell me what you think.
    dunno if that’s any connection to the old sneaker…I could be stretching it! lol

    • May 26, 2010 at 11:02 am

      It’s totally Christian’s sneaker — I was going to remind Izi of that. I think it’s explained in a webisode?

    • May 26, 2010 at 5:42 pm

      Christian’s always been wearing those awful white tennis shoes, even when he was Smokey.
      But if that is Christian’s shoe in the jungle, then I guess that means his body was thrown clear of his coffin and his shoes came off. That would be pretty crazy.
      The webisode just shows Christian telling Vincent to go wake up Jack. But he’s wearing both of his shoes in that scene.

      • 8 mins
        May 27, 2010 at 9:11 am

        well, that is a decent explanation for what may have happened to christian’s body, but it’s better than no answer, and so one that I don’t mind accepting…even if it will forever be just a theory.

  5. 9 mins
    May 31, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Unplugging the light water and letting it drain away, allowed Smokey to finally become human again, and thereby allowing him to be kill-able? Then when Jack plugged it up, the light and island came back to normal. Wonder if the skeletons around the pool were of those who built the little statues and the giant cork?
    Jack seemed to have been floated out of the cave, and landed on that tree branch, exactly where MIB’s body lay. And his appendectomy scar, from the sideways, I thought was referring to when Juliet did that surgery, but it was where “Locke” stabbed him. Nice mirroring..of 2 things.
    He Flashed the most, 3 different times. He was rejecting it, and needed an explanation b/c it was that ‘science’ side of him struggling to accept.
    Interestingly, Jack didn’t do any incantation before telling Hurley to drink the muddy water.
    I guess just doing that ritual from one protector to another is enough.

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