617 – The End – Kate


On the Island

Well, she came to the Island to do one thing, and she never lost sight of her goal… well maybe she did, but at least she got it done.  She came to bring Claire back to the real world to be with Aaron, and she actually managed to do it.  I had my doubts.  It was looking like Claire was actually crazy.  But Kate didn’t give up.

I think it was very self-sacrificing of her to leave the Island.  As with Sawyer I believe Kate should have stayed on the Island, she has nothing waiting for her back home except a broken parole.  But she still went back to help Claire.  I have no idea how they’re going to explain Claire to the authorities.  But apparently everything went okay.

So Kate ended up with Jack, kinda.  I wonder if that was the plan all along.  I’ll bet the writers flip-flopped on that for a long time.  I’m glad they didn’t pretend that they could live happily ever after.  And I’m also thrilled that the writers didn’t take the easy way out and match up Kate and Sawyer again.

Kate deserves to be the person who kills “Locke”.  Mostly because most of you underestimate/hate her.

-I was laughing gleefully when Kate started shooting at “Locke”.  Sure it was meaningless and useless, but I like that she still can’t control her righteous vengeance even this late in the show.

-“I saved you a bullet.”  Meh, not a terrible line, but not the best.

-Same with Kate and Jack’s ‘I love you’ thing.  I can’t help but feel like someone should always say ‘I know’ instead of ‘I love you’.  I wonder if that would be plagiarism or a pop-culture reference.

-I was pretty surprised by the kiss and the ‘I love you’ thing.  I still believe that Jack loved Kate more that Kate loved Jack, hence the flashes.  She flashed on Aaron, he flashed on her… well almost.

Off the Island

Kate had it pretty easy in the Afterlife.  Sure there were some obstacles, but it was clear that the only thing that mattered to Kate was Aaron.  All she needed to do was keep him safe.  I would have thought that she might have to reconcile with her mom or something, but apparently the Oceanic 6 storyline covered that sufficiently.

I think it would have been better if Kate and Jack didn’t kiss on the Island and instead kissed in the Afterlife.  They don’t actually work in reality, I think having them get together beyond the grave would have made sense in a weird way.  But I’ll bet the writers considered that, and it didn’t work for one reason or another.

-The funniest part of the episode: when it looked like Kate flashed on Claire’s… situation.  They could have just waited until she had Aaron in her arms, but instead it was when she glanced down.

-That dress is Sluuuutyyyy.

-And was it just me, or did Kate look like she had some bed head when she was in Jack’s Jeep?  Is it necrophilia if they’re both dead and they had sex?

-I laughed when during Jack’s flash he remembered the time when they snuck up on Kate by the river and she pulled that gun.  The next shot is hilarious and she suddenly laughs and it looks like that was just a joke.  “a-haha, I almost killed you.’

– izi

6 Responses to “617 – The End – Kate”

  1. 1 Noella
    May 24, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    I’m kind of glad that Jack and Kate didn’t kiss in the transition time. As much as I loved Sawyer and Juliette’s reunion, I thought there was something very, very special about Jack and Kate – something that went so deep that they didn’t need sexual contact. Sometimes that deep spiritual contact is more intense than sexual contact – a knowing that you are so one with another person that you are pure twin rays.

  2. 3 Mint
    May 25, 2010 at 3:20 am

    The whole party I was at laughed at that “haha I almost killed you” shot in the flash.
    I’m glad you mentioned it so I could re-live it and laugh again.
    I wonder if the editors or whoever put the flashes together realized how silly that was.

  3. 4 missscarlett
    May 27, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    -”I saved you a bullet.”
    I liked that line!
    That smug so and so telling her to save her bullets! He deserved that cheesy response.

    Kate glancing at Claire’s nether-region bringing on the flash is HILARIOUS! Maybe she had to flash to save herself the trauma — well I was glad because it saved me from having to look at her bony, tendoned out chest/neck for another minute!!

    Slutty and hardly appropriate for a concert-benefit thingy. Desmond.You dirty boy.

    I smiled through my choking tears when he remembered her nearly shooting him!

  4. 5 missscarlett
    May 27, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    wait — I think Kate loved Jack BUT a mother’s love for a baby is likely surpassing that in a different way

    Kinda like Alison Janney’s struggle with Jacob and good-old-what’s-his-name.

  5. 6 mins
    May 31, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Kate changed her clothes in the church. I thought that odd.
    I still don’t understand why she was the only one up a tree after the bomb? (season opener)
    Yes, their connection, like Suliet’s, is more spiritual and deep.
    It’s kinda nice that she got to wound “Locke”….taking revenge for all the deaths he’s responsible for, and for hurting Jack.

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