617 – The End – review


I love the way the writers turned the show on its head.  For how many seasons people have speculated that the Island is Purgatory, or that it’s the Afterlife.  Of course most of us discounted those theories, that would have sucked, and we were told it wasn’t true.  Then in the last season they actually do just that, and I for one didn’t see it coming.

You may know that I’ve always been a lover of the Lost mythology.  For the last six years that’s what I focused on.  And this episode had almost no mythology in it.  Sure the Light hole was mysterious and the Afterlife was a great concept, but 95% of this episode was about the characters.  They’ve always said this show was about the characters being Lost emotionally, mentally and in life, but somehow I didn’t think that in the final episode we would see them find themselves.  So was I okay with the lack of Statues and Hostiles and Dharma?  Oh yeah.  The emotionality of this episode surprised me.  It made me smile and cry a lot.  I didn’t really expect that much emotion.  Sure I expected a tear or two, but I didn’t expect the slow and constant emotion of the Flash-sideways.  We literally saw all the drama from the main characters lives slowly wrap up until it all became history.

When this season started I loved the flashsideways because it was a good middle ground after the polarizing season 5 finale.  But in retrospect I see that Season 5 and those flashsideways’ did more to tie up loose ends than any other episode has ever done.  Lost feels over.  When I inevitably go back and watch the old episodes I’ll see that all those problems these characters have had will be washed away by this season.  (I won’t get too specific here, I’ll be very specific in the rest of my posts.)

When I first watched the episode I was feeling 80% good about the episode, that was buoyed up by my theory coming true about Jack dying and Hurley succeeding him and also Sawyer and Juliet’s glorious reunion.  But after figuring out the twist and seeing the flashsideways for what they really are, an Afterlife, I see the genius in the writing.  10.0/10.0  (I can’t stop smiling.)

– izi

Note: Remember, this is just the Review, there’s going to be a cavalcade of other posts about specific topics.  There’s no need to write huge or overly specific comments here.

1 Response to “617 – The End – review”

  1. May 26, 2010 at 10:08 am

    Stinkin’ internets! I left you a big comment and…where the deuce is it? Off somewhere with mt blog post I guess.

    I loved, loved, loved the finale. I felt it far surpassed any expectations I might have had.

    I’ve always enjoyed the mythology – but I was far more concerned with the heart of the show: the relationships between the characters (huh! it’s feeling funny to call them characters – they feel so real).

    I’m surprisingly ok with the unresolved mythology questions: Anubis statue, origin of the light, origin of the Black Smoke – what the frakking hell EL’s name was…
    The brilliance of the connections/reconnections we were given in this 2.5 hr episode (or 2 hr ep if you discount commercial interruptions!) more than make up for those unaswered questions.

    Best television viewing ever.

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