617 – The End – Christian


Off the Island

Hmm, Christian, as usual, is a mystery.  Once he showed up the Afterlife started to break apart.  I guess once he appeared Jack had flashed and there was no mystery left.  So Christian, who is apparently more aware than anyone else, stopped pretending that it was real and lifted the veil.  I guess he never flashed… I don’t know how to explain this guy.

-I’ve never laughed at Christian’s name.  I got the weirdness of it, but it didn’t really hit me until Kate found it hilarious.

-The sets in this episode were very confusing.  I didn’t see the difference between the Concert area and the Church area until my second watch.

-The coffin, at first, just made me angry.  I didn’t even want Jack to open it.  We’ve seen that so many times now.

-When Christian appeared it was one of the biggest WTF moments.  Partway through this episode I wasn’t sure if they were even going to be able to pull off a twist like that.  But they did, and my hat is off to them.

-I’m glad Jacob wasn’t involved with the Afterlife.  That would have been too easy.
I’m also glad no one else did it.  It looked like it was going to be Desmond, but that would have been weird.  It also would have been odd if Locke had done it or Jack had suddenly understood everything.
It’s better that they left Christian fill that role.

– izi

2 Responses to “617 – The End – Christian”

  1. May 26, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    I loved it too that Christian had this role — he was being a Father to Jack. For once!
    Showing he was ready to move on too.
    Ahh…the Circle of Life.

    You were confused by the concert and the church?? I’m confused by that statement. 😉

    I’ve smirked at Christian’s name and Jack’s too. Jack is a contemptous term for: Everyman
    So I thought it was a dig at him and the leadership role he assumed at times. Or even at Christianity.
    Just fleeting thoughts – not things I seriously entertained btw.

  2. May 27, 2010 at 8:47 am

    I’ve always found the name Christian Shepherd to be kind of goofy. And when Jack was revealed to be #23, I literally laughed out loud.

    Also, when Jack opened the casket, I was half–expecting Christian to be in there and to suddenly sit up and start talking. It’s probably better that the thing was empty, and Christian appeared behind Jack, though, because I would have REALLY been laughing if they’d handled it the other way.



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