season 4 finale: the island moving (part 3)

Dharma Island Movement

Another important clue about moving the island is the polar bear with the Dharma collar that Charlotte found in the desert, that same desert in which Ben also appeared in.  Some people have been saying that Dharma was using the polar bears to move the donkey wheel.  This seems logical (logical in a Lost way, so still pretty illogical), if you have a very cold cave and you want to do some manual labor down there, why not chain a species who is used to cold to the object you want moved.  Two birds, one stone.  I doubt this is why there are polar bears on the island, the possibility that Dharma imported polar bears to turn a wheel is highly unlikely.  Actually a lot of this is unlikely but the evidence is pretty convincing.

Another confusing pert of the puzzle is the fact that the passage down into the donkey wheel cave was tiled over, by Dharma people.  So it’s been a while since anyone went down there, even the Dharma folks.  If Dharma was using polar bears to move the wheel it was a very long time ago, and it implies that they gave up on those experiments, but not until after they moved the island, with that polar bear in the desert.  How would they know it was dangerous to move turn the wheel, they would have had to use a human to do it once.  So let’s say Dharma moved the island twice.  I’ll bet the human who moved the island first was Charles Whidmore.  He’s the person who was trying to find it but unable to do so for apparently a long time, implying that, like Ben said, the person who moves the island can’t come back (or as I interpret that, can’t find the island because it is hiding from him or her).  So where was the island before it was moved?  We have very little info to track it with, I still want to believe it was in Oregon at some point, (maybe that was when Whidmore moved it).

What I don’t understand is how Ben knew how to move the island, he must have been around when someone else did it.  So was he there when Dharma did it.  I tried to figure out who else would be there: Definitely not Juliet, definitely Richard, unless he had a good reason to be off the island, maybe Patchy/Mikhail, maybe Rousseau but only if she had just got onto the island, and definitely Jacob (obviously), maybe Charlotte (I don’t really know what I mean here but I felt I had to say it).

I think I’m a little over my head at this point.  I don’t know what else to say in this post.  At some point in the future I intend to post something about the Orchid orientation video.

Next time I’ll ask the question: Why did the Island have to move?

– Izi


The Hardest Lost Quiz Ever

DarkUFO just posted an extraordinarily hard Lost quiz on their site, I suggest you take it but it is seriously challenging.

Go here if you want to try it out.

I don’t want to say what I got, just know that it was low.



Season 4 Finale: Kates Rebuttal to Jack’s Idea

“We have to go back”

That was pretty dramatic, and after everything we saw in all the flashforwards, it isn’t probably the best thing to yell at Kate.  Kate got a sweet deal when she got back to the ‘real world’.  She literally got everything she ever wanted.  She got acquitted of the murder of her step-father.  Her mom came on bended wheel, begging to be a part of her life.  She got to settle down and have a family.  And she got Jack.

Now, a few of my friends are Kate haters.  Let me explain why I think she is a good character.  The reason why they dislike her is because of her apparent wishy-washiness.  They say she leads on Sawyer and Jack with no sign of whether she loves one or the other.  Now let me say that this is mostly just good writing.  Having a never ending, will she or won’t she situation, is what keeps females watching the show (note: see comments for a politically correct explanation… sort of).  And let’s face it, it’s a hard decision.  I don’t think that she is acting too oddly for a woman in her circumstance.  It’s true that most women have a preference, Jack or Sawyer, and I’ll bet Kate does too.  What Kate is torn about is that in her mind there is what she thinks she should do and what she wants to do.  She feels that she should be with Jack, the ‘strong’ protective man who will keep her away from danger and likely lock her in their pretty suburban house.  She wants to be with Sawyer, run away from all her crimes and problems and live in a secluded paradisaical setting.  I’m all for responsibility and doing what’s right but in this circumstance I think what she wants to do is the same as what she should do.  I’m all for Kate and Sawyer.  In general, Jack will never be happy, with or without Kate, and Kate could never be happy with Jack.  She is occasionally attracted to him for almost Freudian reasons (I actually know nothing about Freud, maybe someone should tell me if this makes sense or not).  He is like her real father, strong, a leader, and upright.  Obviously this kind of attraction is mostly superficial.  I think that what the writers did this season was to establish that Jack and Kate could never work.  They were together and it crashed and burned quite quickly.

This brings me back to the main point.  When jack yelled to Kate “We have to go back” he showed to her just how outrageous he was.  He was absolutely happy with her and Aaron, and so was she, like I mentioned earlier, she got everything she ever wanted.  And then he self destructs.  And I know that it’s clear the island is messing with him.  But the island is messing with everyone.  He isn’t excused for the way he just assumed that she was cheating on him.  His character is flawed, and go ahead and say that it’s because of his past, his first wife cheated on him and now he doesn’t trust women, or because his father was never there he wasn’t raised properly.  That’s all true but that doesn’t mean I have to like him, that’s the way he is and that’s the way I don’t like him.

I feel that Kate is deep down a good person.  She made one “mistake”, killing her awful step-father, and that in turn threw her life for a loop.  She’s been living with that for years.  She finally got her second chance and she did great with it, she put Aaron first, as far as we know the only other thing we know she did was visit Clementine (I guess we don’t actually know that, but it’s pretty safe to assume).  These aren’t the actions of a wishy-washy woman, these aren’t the actions of a criminal, these are the actions of a truly repentant woman who is trying to restart her life.

Obviously next season will throw her life for another loop as she finds out that she actually does have to go back, and apparently she can’t bring Aaron.  But I believe that after all the rigmarole, Kate will end up with Sawyer.  As I mentioned in my last post I believe Sawyer and Juliet will have a superficial relationship, but I’m sure that it will disappear soon after Kate comes back into Sawyers life.

– Izi


Season 4 finale: Hurley’s first flashforward (in the premiere)

This doesn’t actually sound like it has anything to do with the season 4 finale, but it’s more of a retrospective thing.  In the premiere we saw a flashforward with Hurley.  In this flashforward Jack comes to visit him in the mental institute.  During this visit, HUrley says that he regrets going with Locke.  At the time this confused me because it was pretty obvious that Jack was wrong and Locke was right.  As the season went on we saw that most of the people who went with Locke died, this could be the reason why Hurley felt bad about going with him, but it seems unlikely.  At the end of the season I still don’t see what the problem was.  It seemed like such an important line, why did it turn out to mean nothing?

Does anyone know what he could have meant?  Maybe he was just crazy.

Also, when Sayid comes to bring Hurley “somewhere safer” Hurley seems to think that Sayid means the island, and he doesn’t seem to want to go back.  I would think that Hurley would be one of those who would love to go back to the island.  No?  Hmmm.

– Izi

(this post really had no purpose, oh well , I need some kind of filler on this blog)


season 4 finale: Michael’s last scene & Harold Perrineau’s anger

Michaels last scene confused me.  The first time I saw it I didn’t get what Christian was trying to say to Michael.  When he says “you can go now”, I took it to mean that Michael could leave the ship now.  Then of course the freighter blew up.  So my mind was reeling a little as I tried to figure this out.  He says you can go then he gets blown up.  I immediately tried to find a way out for Michael (I seem to do this every time someone dies, with the exception of Shannon I guess).  I tried to figure out if maybe he’s been dead for this whole time  and maybe he didn’t know it.  I know it doesn’t make sense, it was part of an old theory that was horribly nonsensical.  But after that scene I just forgot about it, I’ve never really liked Michael, I think the writers did a good job redeeming him, I’ll get back to that later, but I didn’t really care that much.  The day after I watched it I was talking to a friend of mine about it and he was saying how Christian told Michael that he could die now.  So I was surprised, I hadn’t really thought of Michael as dead.  So the point is I didn’t really get that scene, and I was surprised that everyone else seemed to interpret it so easily.  (On a side note: every time I write Michaels name I here Libby in my head saying “Michael” right before she gets shot.  I’ll bet that scene is one of the most flashed-back-to scenes in the “previously on Lost” segment.)

Just wait 5 more episodesSo about the redeeming of Michael.  When Michael came back I’ll bet at least 90% of the Lost audience still hated him.  The Lost audience is more than 12 million people, those are just the people that watch it on Thursdays, there are definitely way more that watch the DVDs or download it.  So 90% of 12 million is more than 10 million people.  And as a community, Lost viewers are very vocal and opinionated.  So when we hate someone it really gets harsh.  Last summer it was announces that Harold Perrineau, the actor who plays Michael (I roll my eyes at you if you needed to know that), would be returning to Lost.  That was excited, not because any of us were terribly thrilled to see Michael again, we just wanted to know where he went and why he had to leave on a bearing of 325 (notice that Michael left on 325 and Daniel calculated that you have to come and go on 305, hmmmmm, that’s a discussion for another time).  So he came back, we got a backstory as to what happened, it was pretty dull, but at least we know now.  So then the writers have a problem, they have a character who did terrible things (maybe just one thing, it’s not so bad that Ana-Lucia died, but Libby, still….it hurts).  Now they have to reintegrate this character back into the show, they could make him a villain, that would have been interesting, and easy too.  But they took the harder route of trying to make him likable again.  They made him try to commit suicide, they made him emotionally distraught, self-sacrificing, they even let him get pummeled Ben-style.  So in my eyes I think they did redeem the character, I wouldn’t say that they improved him any more than what he was like in the first season, and I can’t say I liked him much back then, but at least I could pretend not to hate him for the double murder.

And then at the very end of the season they killed Michael.  Very soon after the episode aired Harold Perrineau talked to a reporter or two about his feelings.  Here’s the link.  So in that interview he said, pretty much, that he was disappointed by the way his character ended and he even mentioned a few racial stereotypes that he feels were promoted by the writing of his character.  I won’t go into the stereotyping part, because if you know me you know how I feel about racial stereotypes.  But his anger, I feel, is misplaced.  He went from being one of the most hated characters from Lost to being a savior, it’s true that it would have been nice for Walt and Michael to reunite.  But, unfortunately, Michael was not a good dad.  That may have been due to circumstances in the majority of the flashbacks but, he was an unreasonable person who seriously shouldn’t have raised Walt.  I also think that the actor probably should have seen this coming, in almost all of his first few scenes he does or says something which shows that he wants to die.  I think that Harold should be happy. Happy that 10 million people like him considerably more now than a year ago.  That’s what I think.  I think that maybe the producers could have told Harold that he wasn’t going to last very long, but now that we see his response to death i can see why they wouldn’t want to do that.  Oh well, let’s just be happy that he can’t kill any other women on the island.

– Izi


chronological Flash-forward video

Some nice person posted on YouTube a clip show of all the flashforwards in chronological order up until the finale.  None of the clips are the full footage from the episode, but it is helpful to see what happened and when.  The order is based on the order from Lostpedia which is likely right.

– Izi


Alternate Coffins

Alright here’s the video that’s been floating around the internet:

[redlasso id=”aca2495f-f92c-4a42-8bed-c29673721547″]

I know this could raise some anger in a few Lost viewers, maybe you could imply that the writers don’t know here they are going with the storyline.  but I believe that these scenes were filmed not as true alternatives, but so that spoilers couldn’t be leaked about who was in the coffin.

I avoid spoilers like the plague (the plague seems to be pretty easy to avoid these days, but that’s neither here nor there) but apparently the plot to the finale was floating around the internet for weeks (according to Doc Jensons article here) before it aired.  I think that’s terrible, why would anyone want to read what’s going to happen instead of watch it happen on TV.  I can understand that casual fans might want to know but all the casual Lost fans left last year in the season three hiatus.  Anywho I just don’t enjoy spoilers, I’d rather just predict what’s going to happen using critical thinking.  (on a side note, does anyone know why I think it’s funny to have that phrase bolded?  In my mind I’m saying those words in that sentence in a deep loud voice.  I think it’s come kind of pop-culture reference but I don’t know where it’s from…. maybe Family Guy)

– Izi


Posting Plans

So now that we all know what’s happening here, let’s get to it.

Lost season 4 just ended.  This finale was glorious and long.  A lot happened, I hope to go throught the interesting parts of finale and give my opinion on them and what i think will happen in the future.  So here are the next blog posts that I want to do for the next month (or more):

  • Michael’s last scene
  • Desmond and Penny reuniting
  • Juliet (& Sawyer)
  • Sawyers fate
  • Suns experience
  • Who was in the coffin
  • Jin’s Fate
  • Daniel’s fate
  • Kate’s rebuttal to Jacks idea
  • Hurley’s first flashforward (in the premiere)
  • Sun talking to Whidmore
  • New Narnia theory
  • Harold Perrineau’s anger
  • Walt’s surprise appearance
  • The island moving
  • Dharma video (+ outtake)
  • Lockes on-island problems
  • Ben’s freakout
  • Jack and co. getting back to the island

I doubt I will write these posts in that exact order and I don’t want to put a schedule out there because I know that I won’t want to follow it.  I’m sure that I could write all of these things into one massive post, but in my experience no one reads my writing after the second paragraph anyways so I’m going to separate the subjects into their own posts.  I will likely write three to five posts a weeks.

After I’m done writing about the finale I intend to slow the blog down a little and write a page about each of the characters, outlining my opinions of them, and predictions for their future.

At that point I want to start at the beginning and rewatch all of the episodes again, I did this between almost all of the season, I missed out between season 3 and 4.  As I rewatch the episodes I want to write a little review of the episode writing about how I felt back then, what I’m thinking now.  Also for each episode I want to write out each of the questions that are raised and then in later episodes I will refer back to the questions and explain how or if they are answered.

So that’s the plan, if you have any suggestions email me at  izikavazo AT hotmail DOT com

– Izi

























Summary of blog

I do read other Lost blogs and I enjoy them immensely.  I recommend you read all of the following blogs.  Likely they will pretty much shut down over the next six months until there are new episodes, but I encourage you to dig through their archives and read what they have to say about this glorious show.  That being said I have problems with a few of them.  They get too deep into one aspect of the show.  They are too focused on their own interests that they miss the big picture.  I mean no disrespect to these bloggers but hey, it’s my blog so I can write my own opinion.

Doc Jenson over at ew.com is wonderful, he has an in with the Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and knows the show inside and out.  But he is absolutely obsessed with the cultural references and allegories in the show.  He also goes way too far into the sci-fi aspects.  I know this is a sci-fi show but it’s also on network TV and is trying, with moderate success, to be accessible to the masses.  There is no way that the majority of his theories could ever be true simply because Lost doesn’t have the budget to bring about his magnificent imaginings and the audience doesn’t have the brain-power to comprehend the complicated scientific or metaphysical ideas that he wants to be true.  So while Doc Jenson is one of my favourite Lost bloggers I don’t think that you should everything he says because his world is far too fantastical to be possible.  At the same time he has some great entertaining comparisons and references in his blog, so it’s worth reading just to find out things like: what Stephen King book is referenced in what episode and how Lost=Star Wars.

J. Wood over at Powell’s Booksis another highly recommended Lost blogger, and I can understand why.  J. Wood is one of the most well read personalities on the Internet.  He clearly has read a lot of books, but I believe that is what makes him so hard to relate to.  His blog is unreadable for most people.  His theories are more about literature as a whole than about Lost.  I will continue to struggle through his posts and try to understand what he is talking about but I don’t think that his theories will ever translate into reality on the show.  If you read a lot of books then by all means try to explain to me what he is talking about, because I’m apparently very far behind on my reading.

Another Lost blog which I regularly read is The Lost Diary.  I love the way this blog is written.  Daniel, the author, does a great job of methodically going thought the episode writing down his feelings about what is happening on the screen minute by minute.  I have no complaints about his format, I would love to copy it but I respect him too much to do that so instead I will simply tip my hat in his direction and try to forge my own individual blog.  While I love this blog for what it accomplishes, at the same time the authors opinions at times drive me crazy he seems to dislike all the characters I like and he somehow didn’t like season 4, and I can’t understand that.  But a difference in opinion is a good thing when it comes to Lost so, by all means, read his blog.

Now that I’ve torn down all of the bloggers that I look up, I should probably try to establish what I want to do.  I have been watching Lost from the beginning (I should probably say that I did miss the original premiere but they re-aired the following week so I caught it at that point).  Unfortunately the majority of my friends have less than regular TV watching habits so I was practically alone in watching Lost.  I immediately started recruiting people to watch the show, and I haven’t stopped.  So at this point I have a large group of people who I discuss Lost with.  In season 1 & 2 it was easy to just tell people my theories by word of mouth.  As more people started joining my “group” I started sending out emails.  Now I’m moving on to blogging.  I doubt that I have extraordinarily new ideas or theories about Lost but I love to talk about it and share my opinions so that’s what I want to do.  I have been wrong about the majority of my theories but not for lack of trying.  I hope that my blog will not only share my opinions about the characters and episodes but also give you a normal persons thoughts on what will happen.  I will not write or promote spoilers, I have no secret sources who know what’s going to happen, I don’t get to watch any of the episodes in advance (I live on the Westcoast so that is really true).  I will listen to the official Lost sources, those sources being Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff.

Unfortunately Lost season 4 just ended last week so one would suspect that I won’t have much to talk about.  Of course that’s not true.  As an avid Lost fan I know the awful withdrawal we experience each year as Lost goes on it’s summer hiatus (and now summer & fall and most of winter hiatus).  I hope that by writing a continuous stream of theories and reviews I can tide you over until next year when Lost will come back.

In my next post I’ll outline what exactly I’ll be writing about in the weeks and months to come.

– Izi

August 2020

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