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Top Ten Shows of the Decade

I thought I should follow the annoying internet trend and make a list of the tope ten shows of the decade.  But since I’m lazy and I hate the idea of a top ten list of anything I’ve decided to put as little effort as possible into this list. (I do like reading other peoples lists, but it’s hard to rank my favorite shows.  Also I don’t think anyone is objective enough to rank these shows, the decade has barely ended, how do we know that Modern Family is so good and Community isn’t?).   So instead of writing about shows and running out of enthusiastic adjectives I’m creating a photo list:

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What I’m Watching Now (Winter 2009/2010)

This is just a list of all the TV shows I’ve recently watched and shows I’m going to be watching quite soon.

I wrote a similar post in the Fall and the Spring, feel free to see what I was watching back then. And don’t forget to check out my Other TV Shows page.

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The 2009 Golden Globe Nominations

Here are the nominations for the Golden Globes this year. I got these from Zap2it.


Best Television Series (Comedy or Musical):

“30 Rock”
“Modern Family”
“The Office”

If you know me well you’ll know I want 30 Rock to win.  I guess The Office comes next.
I haven’t watched the two new shows, Glee and Modern Family.  I’ve heard only great things about them, but I’ve avoided new network shows.

Best Television Series (Drama):

“Big Love”
“Mad Men”
“True Blood”

No Lost, how unfortunate.  If Lost ever does win awards I hope it’ll pull a Return of the King and just win everything in one year to make up for the other losses.
If I can’t have Lost I would usually hope Dexter would win, but season 3 was pretty weak.  I’m watching season 4 and it looks better.
So if Lost can’t win, and Dexter was disappointing, then I guess I hope that True Blood or Mad Men win.  I’m a new recruit to both shows, and while I would choose True Blood over Mad Men, season 3 of Mad Men was the best season yet.  I’m a little torn.

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2009 Emmy Winners

Lost 0130 Rock 1Damages 1

Here are all the winners from last nights Emmy Awards.  Some good: Michael Emerson, Glenn Close, 30 Rock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock and 30 Rock.  Some bad: Bryan Cranston, John Cryer, Cherry Jones.  (Here are my predictions and a list of the nominees, in case you care: 2009 Emmy Nominees.)

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What I’m watching now (fall 09)

The new fall season seems to start tonight, and we just had a stellar summer season.  I’m talking about TV of course, not nature or anything like that.

Spoilers abound below, so if you are behind on any of these shows then probably don’t read the blurb beneath the headings.

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TV Shows updated

Weeds 1Arrested Development 1Carnivàle 1
Dexter 130 Rock 1Battlestar Galactica 1

Look everyone, I updated my TV Shows page.  In case you’ve never found this page, it’s essentially a list of all the other TV shows that I enjoy.  It’s ever so much fun.  And now it has pictures!  Come visit it:

TV Shows I watch

What did you have planned this summer?  Hopefully it didn’t involve anything outside because I want each and every one of you to watch one or all of the shows on that list (start at the top for the best results).  Let’s do a quick analysis of where you are now in your TV watching habits:

If you only watched one or two of these shows then you have a lot of work to do.

– izi


Hijack: Sit Down, Shut Up


Two hijacks on one weekend, sorry everyone.  This really is a Lost blog, I promise.

Tonight FOX is adding another cartoon to it’s Sunday night schedule.  This time Seth Mcfarlane isn’t doing half the voices.  This new cartoon was created by Mitch Hurwitz, the genius behind Arrested Development.  It makes me very sad that he had to go back to FOX with this show, but I guess that’s what it took to get it on the air.

Sit Down, Shut Up isn’t going to be as funny as Arrested Development, nothing ever will be, but if it can capture any of that hilarity it will be good.  The voice cast is great, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Will Forte, Kenan Thompson, Henry Winkler, Kristin Chenoweth and Cheri Oteri.  These aren’t just hilarious people, they have great voices too (exept Jason Bateman, I’m glad he’s there but his voice isn’t memorable).

Anywho, I think we should give this show a few chances simply for Mitch Hurwitz’ sake.  The Arrested Development movie is still on the way, and this is a nice diversion until then.

Sundays at 8:30 on FOX.

– izi


Hijack: Fanboys


Since we just had our Star Wars themed Lost episode I thought it would be a good time to plug a Star Wars themed move.

This movie went through development hell and managed to come out in one piece.  It’s a very funny movie, but probably only to Star Wars fans.  That doesn’t mean you have to be a fanboy to enjoy it, it just helps.  Check out the Offical Site, where you can watch the trailer (the trailer sells it a little short, so don’t dwell to much on it).

Please go see this movie, it has been slowly released in many cities across America (it just got to Canada this month, so I finally got a chance to see it), check your local theaters and go see this movie.


Hijack: Where the Wild Things Are trailer


In case you don’t know, I have a secondary blog, The Trailer Tracker, where I simply link to great movie trailers that I see.  The most recent trailer, and one of the most impressive, was from the movie Where the Wild Things Are.  It’s an adaption, by Spike Jonze, of one of my favorite kids books ever.

Check out the trailer here.


– izi


Hijack: What I’m watching now (spring 2009)

There was no new Lost last week.  This isn’t the end of the world, there’s lots of other things to watch.  So here’s what I’ve been watching(feel free to see this as a list of recommendations).

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