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Finale Revlysis Formatting

I’ve been thinking about this more and more as the finale looms closer.  I find that the longer my Revlysis’ are, the less people read.  If I kept my usual format for the 2.5 hr season finale I’d probably write about 10,000 words.  So I’ll try to simplify things, and when I say simplify I mean that I’ll make things significantly more complicated.

I’m going to split up my Revlysis into a million little parts.  I’ll write a Review and post it separately, then I’ll write posts on each of the characters and post all of those separately, and eventually I’ll post more things about all the little (or big) subjects that I want to write about.  I’ll have it all under a new category called THE Finale.  This way I can write everything slowly and the comment sections won’t be as crazy.  I think it’ll work wonderfully.

So don’t be surprised when it happens.

Also try to spread out your comments so that we can converse for more than one day after the finale.

– izi


I’m back!

Oh yeah, I’m back!  Sorry for the delays on the two Revlysis.

– izi


Away for a While

I’m off traveling for a short while so for the next two weeks I might be very late with my Revlysis’.  I’m not really sure what kind of internet connection I’ll have or whether or not I’ll even be able to watch Lost when it airs.  Also if you’re a new commenter it might take me a while for your comment to appear.

Sorry for the delays.

– izi


Blogroll updated

I finally updated my blogroll today.  It’s literally been years since I touched it.

Season five and the last hiatus really thinned out the Lost bloggers.  But I’m still here!  I find it kinda validating to see that bloggers with more talent than me didn’t have the perseverance to continue blogging until the final season.  They’re missing out.

Of course the big blogs are still around Dark UFO, Doc Arzt, and JOpionated.

The WordPress crew is still going strong.  There’s Ms Wendy’s It’s About Bunnies, The Ack Attack, and my personal friend MissScarlett.

Then there’s Myles over at Cultural Learnings.  He may not be a Lost blogger, but his guy is amazing.  He watches seemingly every TV show and writes the best reviews.

Finally Lost is one of the newer Lost blogs, which is kinda the point of his blog.  And there’s a similar new blog that I’ll link to on Monday.  Stay tuned.

Off the beaten path you’ll find The Lost Diary and, a favorite of mine, ThEmIsFiTiShErE.

Have fun everyone.

– izi


Blog Policies

Site policies:

So as the new episodes start to come out and I kick up the blogging a few notches I thought I’d review some of my policies for you new readers.

No Spoilers

If you have information about upcoming episodes, about casting, about anything that you shouldn’t know about then please don’t talk about it here.  There are many places where people do appreciate that kind of thing, but not here.
I’m sorry if I’ve ever spoiled something for you, I’ll try to do hold back from now on.

No “Next Time on Lost”

I’ve decided this year that I’m not going to watch the “Next Time on Lost” sneak peek at the end of every episode.  Last season it really started to annoy me.  On some episodes like Whatever Happened, Happened it completely ruined the cliffhanger.  So let’s just stop watching those scenes.  And if you do then just try to avoid talking about those scenes on this site.  Same goes for commercials about Lost.  We can’t always avoid them, but let’s not theorize about them a lot.

– izi


New Header

Just in time for Season 6 I’ve created a new header.  I still can’t force myself to change the theme but I do kinda like creating these headers (although I don’t really know what I’m doing and it takes me weeks to create these things).  WordPress does have some great themes that I would love to switch to, but this is the only one that I find goes well with Lost.

Continue reading ‘New Header’


Vital Scenes

Sorry for taking an impromptu almost two week break.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to write about over the hiatus.  At first I considered rewriting all my Revlysis, I was going to join the ReWatching LOST thing that a bunch of the other Lost blogs are organizing.  But that’s a lot of work.  Last year I was thoroughly exhausted by it.

This year I want to streamline my posts.  I don’t want to write a thousand words about an episode I mostly don’t care about.  This year I want to write only about the important parts of the show.  So I’m going to write about the “Vital Scenes”, those scenes in the show that still mean a lot.  Perhaps they’ll be about unsolved mysteries, perhaps not.  I wouldn’t mind going back and analyzing some of the solved mysteries.  The purpose is to skip all the useless jungle running and relationship filler that separates the exciting mythology of the show.

I’ll start from the top, going though the first season scenes first, but I don’t want to limit myself, so I might jump around a bit.

Here’s the format I was thinking of doing.

Scene Name

(I’m going to attempt to name all the scenes in a clever way.  We’ll see how that goes.  Here’s an example, “VS – Wet Walt 1”.  We’ll see how that goes, I just want to avoid giving them numbers, live VS95, or relying on the episode numbers.)


Episode number and name, with a link to my original revlysis.

Scene Synopsis

A short description of what happens in the scene, who’s involved, what happens in a general sense.  If necessary I will put in a transcript.


This is really what matters, this is where I try to apply it to Season 6, or connect it to other scenes in the past 5 seasons.


I don’t want to have the last word on things.  I need you guys to help me.  By the end of season 5 the comments were coming in fast and furious, it was great.  So don’t stop that.  I will be asking a lot more questions than I’ll be answering in these posts, so I want you guys to try to answer those questions.  (They’re not all rhetorical.)

And that’s that.  What do you think?  Is it a good idea?  Will you read this kind of thing?  I think it will be far easier to read than my unnecessarily long Revlysis’.

– izi


New blog: Lost Questions

Hello everyone.  So Season 5 is over, what do we do now?  Keep on blogging, of course.  I have a new blog to tell y’all about, it’s called Lost Questions, and it was recently created by a frequent commenter from this blog, Chris K (now his name is LostQuestions for obvious reasons).  I am thrilled for Chris, this is the same way that I started my blog last year (at about this time).  Blogging is a great way to get through the hiatus. 

Last year, as you may know, I wrote revlysis‘ for all the episodes from Season 1 to Season 4.  It was a lot of fun, but also extremely exhausting.  I would love to do that again this year, but I’m not going to (that would be three episodes a week from June to January, that hurts my life). 

This year I’m going to continue theorizing and blogging but not full-time like last year.  I want to post a lot more Foreign Theories this year, I’ve been slacking.  And I want to keep on doing Good vs. Evil posts, they are surprisingly popular.  I also want to do some more vague predictions about how I think the show will end for each of the characters, kinda like character study theories. 

If anyone has any suggestions for what they want me to write about feel free to comment below.  We have about eight months before season 6 so I’ll take any suggestions.

Also, don’t forget that there’s a world beyond Lost, check out my trailer blog, the Trailer Tracker.  And I’m soon going to start a Flickr stream account with some of my photography and art.

– izi


Updated Current Theories

This week off has given me a chance to clean up my Current Theories page.

I’ve thrown in a few more minor theories onto the bottom and I wrote updates to some of my debunked and old theories. Here are some of the “new” theories, they’re pretty obvious and short range theories, but I thought I should write them out before they are proved right or wrong.

Miles’ Power Origins


The Others Stuck in Time

The Third Party

I’ve also graded my theories so my favorite ones, the ones I want people to know, are appear brighter and the more vague and less important ones are brighter.

Check it out if you haven’t ever been there, and even if you have.

Current Theories

– izi


Revlysis Reorganization

I have an idea!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.  When I was writing the Revlysis for the old seasons it made sense to combine the review, analysis and even the ratings.  Now that the show is on the air again that isn’t necessary.  So I’m splitting up the Review and the Analysis.  (This way I can sleep on Wednesday nights.)  I’ll probably post the review on Wednesday night right after I watch the show and the analysis on Thursday night.

– izi

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