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Buy Some Lost

You may or might not know this but I feel the need to watch and rewatch most of my favorite shows.  To do that (legally) it’s important to own the DVDs.  You can’t rely on ABC to put Lost repeats on… ever.  If you’re going to buy the DVDs I recommend Amazon.  That’s where I tend to do all my DVD shopping, they have great discounts and since they have that wonder free super saving shipping on orders over $25.0 in the US ($39.00 in Canada) it’s definitely worth checking them out.

Also, if you follow these links and do some shopping, I’ll be making some money (yay!).

Come visit my Amazon Store you’ll find all of the Lost seasons DVDs and Blu-Ray discs there.

See below to see each of the DVDs.

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More Lost on Hulu


More good news.  When Lost first went on Hulu it was just Season 1, they’ve now posted Seasons 1-4 and the last few episodes of Season 5.

So watche them again or make your friends watch them.

Check them out here:

Lost on Hulu


Lost is now on Hulu


Hulu, the gloriously free and legal online streaming service has finally added Lost to their list of great shows.  You can watch all of season 1 and the last few episodes of season 5.  I’m sure more episodes will  be added in the future, but this is a good start.  You can find it all here:

Lost on Hulu

This is another way to recruit more people to the Lost way of life.  So get recruiting.

Also Netflix has added all of the episodes to their streaming platform.

– izi


411 – Cabin Fever



This episode is another one of those insanely mythologically driven episodes.  It’s mostly about Locke looking for Jacob’s Cabin but it also shows Locke’s life and some stuff on the Freighter.

On the Freighter we see Keamy prepare to carry out the Secondary Protocol.  He also kills the doctor and scares everyone else.  Sayid goes back to the island on the little Zodiac.  Desmond decides to stay on the Freighter.  Michael tries his best to save everyone on the island from Keamy.

In Locke’s flashback we see Richard stalking Locke, trying to recruit him, presumably to go to the island.  In the first instant Richard observes Locke as a baby.  In the second he tries to test him, Locke fails.  In the third test Richard invites him from afar and Locke is too stubborn to accept.  In the end it’s the opposing side (I assume) that gets to Locke.  Abbadon visits Locke and encourages him to go on a Walkabout, if that solves Locke’s problem then Locke would owe him one.  Scary stuff.

On the island Locke tries to track Jacob and his cabin.  Horace visits him in a vision and tells Locke that if he finds Horace he will find Jacob.  This leads Locke to the Dharma Ditch and a map to the Cabin.  Locke find it and is met with Christian.  Christian tells Locke to move the island and Claire smiles.

This episode has almost all of the power players in the show.  Locke, Ben, Richard, Abbadon, Christian, Jacob.  The only one missing is Charles Whidmore.  That makes this episode good.  Also the fact that it deals almost exclusively with the mythological side of the show makes it tops.


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Recruiting (part 3)

The third way to watch Lost during the hiatus is through the internet.

The ABC network has kindly and fortunately allowed Lost episodes to be streamed for free on their website.






You lucky Americans (again) have the ability to download episode of Lost on your Xboxen.  Unfortunately I can’t provide you with a link, but you should be able to find it pretty easily on the Marketplace.


It disgusts me that I’m advising the general public to give Apple money but you can download Lost episodes on iTunes, so go ahead and do that.

Unfortunately there is not (legal) way to watch Lost online in Canada, so that’s too bad…

As for illegal ways, you can always (not) try using torrent sites like mininova or the piratebay, and torrent programs like bittorrent or utorrent.  Obviously you shouldn’t use such illegal ways though.  Its better to watch the show on or to buy the DVDs.

– Izi


Recruiting (part 2)

Last timeI talked about syndication, this week I’m going to talk about the DVDs.  I personally think it’s vitally important that every devoted Lost fan buy the DVDs, not for yourself, but for recruiting.  there is no better way to bring people on board.

So here’s a mini buying guide for the Lost DVDs, (essentially this is just some links to Amazon, but you get the point).

I recommend that you buy Lost from either Amazon or Walmart, they tend to have the best prices.  If you’re going to buy them at Walmart, then why are you reading this, just go and buy them.  If you’re going to buy them from Amazon, then see below.  You could try Ebay, but frankly, I wouldn’t bother.

You may be thinking that you can’t afford to buy all those DVDs, well here’s the thing, you can.  If you like the show enough to read a blog like this, then these DVDs are well worth the money.  I thought that they weren’t worth it, but since I’ve bought them they have been in constant use.  Definitely worth the money. (for US buyers)

They actually have a Lost store for US buyers (lucky) so here it is.

S1  DVD 

S2  DVD 

S3  DVD  Blu-ray

S4  DVD  Blu-ray

S1,2,3 box  DVD (for Canadian buyers)



S3  DVD  Blu-ray

S4  DVD  Blu-ray

– Izi


Recruiting (part 1)

On Thursday I introduced you to Lost recruiting.  It’s essentially me encouraging you to recruit your friends to Lost.  It is very challenging for people to start watching Lost, especially going into the fifth season.  It is very important that people watch the show in order, to get the full experience. 

A new way that people can now watch Lost is through reruns.  Years ago ABC used to have Lost reruns on during the hiatus, but apparently people would rather watch The Mole than good storytelling.  So it’s been a while since you could watch old episodes of Lost on TV.

But that’s now changing.  Lost syndication has kicked into high gear and four channels will soon be airing old episodes of Lost.


Lost will be airing on the Sci-Fi channel in four hour blocks, sometime soon.  Keep checking your listings and the official site, to see when (it was supposed to be starting on Tuesday, but that seems unlikely.) (source)


G4 plans to Air Lost as Lost 2.0, with pop-up windows, like they did after the writers strike with Lost reruns.  It’s not really necessary, but apparently it helps you in case you missed old episodes. (source)

The CW

Certain CW channels will air Lost reruns, I can’t guarantee that yours will, but it’s worth a check int he ol’d TV guide. (source)

The Space Channel (Canada only)

I know the majority of you aren’t too interested in this, but it’s here anyways.  Lost is already being aired on The Space Channel, according to the official site.

If you’re in any other country, then I apologize, but I have no idea when Lost will be on for you.  Sorry.

So there you have it.  If you’re feeling less inclined to coaching your friends through all four seasons of Lost, just tell them when it’s on TV and leave it at that.

I’ll come back next week and talk about other ways to recruit.


Lost: Recruiting

It’s safe to assume that if you’re reading from this site, you think Lost is a pretty good TV show.  Well did you know that there are people who still haven’t watched it yet?  I know it’s shocking.  They could be people you know, people you spend time with, and they literally don’t know what they are missing.

So here’s the plan.  We now have roughly five months until Lost season 5 starts to air.  What are you going to do with all that time?  Rewatching old episodes is a good idea, but why not do something more useful, start recruiting. 

Recruiting people to Lost is one of my favorite things to do.  So far I have fully recruited sixteen people, and I am working on five right now, and I just started two of those on the weekend.  I have nine future targets and I’ll try to work on them later, but I’ve currently run out of DVDs.  The truth is that only two of my friends started watching Lost with me way back in Sept/04 (I’m sure they’ll be surprised to read this).  At times it can be pretty labor intensive.  Certain friends are more stubborn than others and they insist on watching an episode a week.  Most of the time people are amazed how good the show is, and they can watch whole seasons in a matter of days.

My strategy in starting people off is to watch the two pilot episodes with people then leave it up to them, they can usually get through season one on their own.  One of the more challenging problems is when new episodes air.  These people are usually dying to watch them.  There is also the dead period after a season airs and before the DVDs are released, so that presents a scheduling problem, it’s best to time recruiting so that people can be caught up for the upcoming season.  If that’s not possible then don’t push the show to hard, it will drive them crazy.

This show is a great conversation point, it is endless fun to talk about.  Having your friends along for the ride is wonderful.  So go out there and start recruiting.  To get you started I’ll post a few tips this weekend on how to effectively get people to watch the show.

– izi

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