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Season 3 in Review

That went very quick.  Somehow season 3 seems so much shorter than the other seasons, perhaps it’s because I enjoyed it more.

In case you’re forgetful or nostalgic here are the links to my other season reviews:

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Let’s get right down to it


301 – A Tale of Two Cities – 6.0

302 – The Glass ballerina – 1.0

303 – Further Instructions – 8.0

304 – Every Man For Himself – 4.0

305 – The Cost of Living – 8.5

306 – I Do – 3.5

307 – Not in Portland – 10.0

308 – Flashes Before Your Eyes – 10.0

309 – Stranger in a Strange Land – 1.5

310 – Tricia Tanaka is Dead – 8.0

311 – Enter 77 – 7.5

312 – Par Avion – 7.0

313 – The Man From Talahasee – 10.0

314 – Expose – 9.0

315 – Left Behind – 8.0

316 – One of Us – 8.0

317 – Catch 22 – 8.0

318 – D.O.C. – 7.5

319 – The Brig – 9.5

320 – The Man Behind the Curtain – 10.0

321 – Greatest Hits – 8.0

322 – Through the Looking Glass – 9.5

So that makes an average of about 7.4.  The average for season 2 was 7.0 and for season 1 it was 6.5.  It doesn’t surprise me at all that the average is going up.

But I’d like to show you some fun we can have with the numbers.  I’m not alone in despising the first 6 episodes of season 3.  Let’s call them season 3 part 1.  That would mean that S3 part 1 got an average of 5.2.  S3 part 2 gets an average of 8.2.  I believe those episodes deserve there respective scores.  I, genuinely, enjoyed all of those later episodes, with the exception of Stranger in a Strange Land.

As for other episodes I hated, “The Glass Ballerina” comes to mind.  That episode bored me to death (not literally).  “Par Avion” was pretty weak but was saved by the fact that it was Claire’s last flashback (fingers crossed) and her big reveal was some moderate fun.  “I Do” and “Every Man for Himself “are bad in their own ways but it’s mostly just the pace.  Those first six episodes had a terrible pace.

As for episodes that stood out to me, there were many great episodes.  I loved all of the episodes I gave 10.0s to, obviously.  I recommend that you rewatch those episodes, they were awesome and a half. 

I feel that Lost really stepped up in this season compared the previous seasons.  It moved solidly away from Drama and into Sci-fi with episodes like “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and “The Man Behind the Curtain”.  The main difference between this season and the others was the addition of Brian K. Vaughn to the writing staff.  I believe he saved the show.  He’s a modern genius of storytelling and I’m sure we will hear a lot about him in the coming years.  (If you haven’t already I recommend that you check out his comic series Y: The Last Man.  It is a glorious story.  It’s currently being made into a movie, but I would love to see it made into a TV show…on cable.)


The Others

In my opinion Season 3 is about The Others.  That’s not to say we completely understand the now, or have cleared up all (or any) of the mystery surrounding them.  But now we can at least put faces to the mysteries.  Season 3 started out in The Others camp, and ended with most of The Others retreating and many of them being killed by our survivors.  They had their day in the sun now it’s the survivors turn.

We also got a glimpse into their backgrounds.  We got to see a lot of Juliet’s past life and her recruitment process.  We even got to see what it was like to be an Other.  We saw Ben’s childhood and even the Purge.  And all through the season we met a large amount of Others: Patchy, Ms Klugh, Mr. Friendly, Pickett, Richard and many more.  It’s almost as if we know them now, almost.


If season 2 is about Locke’s journey, then season 3 is about Jack’s.  Jack desperately tries to get off the island, first by way of Ben and The Others, and eventually he formulates a plan around Naomi and The Freighter Folk. 

One would suspect that if this season is primarily about Jack, then he would get the most face-time.  Not completely true, he goes missing for quite a while during his time with The Others and his plans and intentions are kept hidden from the viewer until the season finale.  So while it seems as though he moves the story along, he still manages to stay out of the limelight (what a strange expression).

The Freighter Folk

This season also introduced one of the main themes of Season 4, the Freighter Folk.  Naomi landed on the island spinning a wonderful tale of rescue and hope, and then she was stabbed in the back.

Anywho, stay tuned for season 4 reviews.

 – izi


322 – Through the Looking Glass



(You may notice that I am reviewing this entire episode instead of splitting it up like I’ve done for the other finales.  I did this because season 5 is starting a week earlier than I anticipated, so I have to accelerate my revlysis schedule slightly.)

There was so much about this episode that was so good.  A lot of the time was full of action and fun, but there was still a lot of great stuff there.  And you really can’t beat the mood of this episode.  Everything is tinged with that sense of danger.  And now that season 4 is over all that potential danger is laid out for us.

Besides the obvious twist, this flashforward was very boring.  But that was kinda the point, it lulls us into a false sense of familiarity and then BANG it throws the show for a loop.  I was considering lowering the score, because compared to the other flashforwards it was pretty weak, but I can’t ignore that the episode was still very amazing and mind-bending, then and now.

Charlies death scene and what happened before it with Penny’s transmission was just too awesome.  I love it when they pull the rug out from under us like that, taking away our hope that Penny was going to swoop in and save the day.  And the inclusion and near reunion between her and Desmond was irresistibly good.

Also the final scene with Jack and Kate is amazing and mind-blowing.  You really can’t beat that, and I don’t think they will try any time soon.

Aaand the part when Jack talks to Minkowski, it just gets better and better.  That conversation is so short and it gives us no info, but the potential is just incredible.

9.5/10.0 Do the finales seem to get better and better the more times you watch them?

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321 – Greatest Hits



Whenever I think back, I always think that Charlie dies in this episode.  He doesn’t, but this episode is a great build up to his death.  I was fine with Charlie dying and I think he has a good death, so this episode works for me.

I like the flashbacks in this episode because they are easy to ignore.  And in an episode as crazy as this that’s a good thing.  This episode is dense with story set-ups for the finale.  It’s all preparation and planning and there was no room for complicated flashback, so I’m glad they through in these filler flashbacks.

The non-Charlie elements were not terribly exciting, a few wrenches were thrown into Jacks plan and a bunch of characters argued about their roles in the plans but that was about it.  This episode did a great job of setting up the season3 finale.  It was also a satisfying conclusion to Charlies stories.


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320 – The Man Behind the Curtain



After rewatching this episode I noticed that it is the basis of many of my theories and many of other peoples theories too.  This episode is wonderfully vital and full of info.  I think everyone should rewatch it because it is insanely important.

We see Ben’s childhood with the Dharma Initiative.  We see the Dharma Initiative!!  We also see The Purge.

In the main timeline we see Ben starting to lose authority with The Others.  Locke takes full advantage of his new upper hand against Ben.  Locke get’;s to meet Jacob.  And we get to see him for half a second.

And at the very end Locke gets shot.

Oh and Juliet comes clean to the beach camp.

Insane episode 10.0/10.0

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319 – The Brig



It doesn’t even seem like there is a flashback in this episode.  Technically it’s an on-island flashback with Locke.  So we see what Locke did with The Others over the past few episodes, including some very enlightening conversations with Ben and Richard.

Locke also comes to the beach and gets poor Sawyer to kill Anthony.  It was nice to have some closure on Sawyer previous life, but it was tragic to see him kill Anthony.

Also Naomi was hidden from the beach camp and was interrogated by Sayid (nicely, for a change).  We also got some insight into Jack’s big finale plan.

This episode addressed a lot of questions about the Others.  It didn’t provide answers but it showed them in their natural environment and it hinted at Locke’s place with them.  It also gave us some more info about the “plane at the bottom of the ocean story”.

Great episode, tragic, but great. 9.5/10.0

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318 – D.O.C.



“Flight 815. They found the plane, there were no survivors, they were all dead.”  There was another one of those insane moments.  Oh what fun Naomi brings to the show.

This episode was a solid episode.  I usually hate Jin or Sun episodes but they made this one engaging enough (for me).

Sun went on an adventure with Juliet.  We heard a little more about The Others and their baby making problems.  We also learned that Sun conceived her baby on the island.  Juliet also did some more spying.

The flashback was my favorite Sun and Jin flashback.  That isn’t saying a lot, but I did actually like this one.

The B-story was extra fun though.  As I mentioned above, Naomi said her most famous line, which blew my mind.  But it also involved the return of Patchy.

Good episode 7.5/10.0

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317 – Catch 22



This was a Desmond episode.  So does that mean it was on the same level as his other episodes, “Live Together, Die Alone”, “Flashes Before Your Eyes”, and “The Constant”?  No… BUT it still was quite good.  It started out with one of Desmond’s precognitive visions.  He sees Charlie die again, but he also sees a mysterious new person land on the island.  Desmond believes that this person is Penny.  Obviously that is exciting for us and him.  It isn’t Penny, but that’s not to say that we didn’t see Penny in this episode.

Who we do meet, for the first time, is Naomi.  Naomi is a gloriously important character since she is the first of the Freighter Folk to come to the island.  This is essentially the beginning of the season 4 story arc.

There’s also a Desmond flashback in this episode.  It’s not very good.  We find out that he walked out on his old girlfriend and he had a religious portion of his life when he joined a monestary.  The flashback was dull and didn’t tell us much.  But right at the end, when it seems like the entire flahback was a waste of time, they save the day by showing us how Desmond and Penny met.  That scene is just too good.


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316 – One of Us



I didn’t see the end of this episode coming at all.  That was a huge shock.  I am very impressed with the writing of Juliet’s character.  The writers had the whole thing planned out from the first episode.  This kind of episode really inspires confidence.

As for the story, I loved it.  The survivors get a new Other to keep as a captive and we get to see how their perspective on them has changed over one season.  In season 2 they caught Ben and they tortured and kept him separated.  This season they have a definite Other and they essentially let her into the camp.

There’s also a bit of important info.  We find out that pregnant women on the island die during their pregnancy.  We get to see how Mikhail works.  We saw what it’s like to live with The Others.  What I thought was pretty interesting was the way that Ben used Jacob’s name to get power over people, and the effect it had on Juliet.  That was shocking.

This was a great episode.  8.0/10.0

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315 – Left Behind



This episode was alright.  The main story with Juliet shackled to Kate was interesting but not very memorable.  This episode combined with the next one make for a very interesting Juliet story, but on it’s own this episodes main storyline is pretty weak.

Luckily that’s not all that was going on.  The writers threw Smokey into this episode to spruce it up and they also had a great flashback.  The flashback is even more important after season four.  It’s very likely that Kate met with Cassidy again off-screen in the season four flashforwards.  Hopefully we get to see what that meeting was like in season 5.

Since I can’t get enough of Smokey and flashback crossovers are almost always interesting AND this episode had a slight amount of Diane (who I believe is important) AND it sets up a very fun Juliet episode next, I won’t give this episode a low score.  8.0/10.0

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314 – Expose



This episode is too awesome.  The suspense and mixed emotions are just too good.  The episode was equal parts funny and suspenseful.  If in the end your heart wasn’t beating a mile a minute, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.  I admit that I liked Nikki and Paulo, but I don’t think you have to like these characters to feel the way I did when Nikki’s eyes opened right before she was buried alive.

The writers talk directly to the fans in this episode.  They killed these episodes because we, the fan base, asked us to.  There are a lot of other parts of this episode where it seems like they are making fun of themselves, and sometimes us.  The entire episode was kind a “be careful what you wish for” type thing.  The fans wanted blood and the writers gave it to them.  In any other show, reviled characters like Nikki and Paulo would have just disappeared, but in Lost it’s a huge event.

9.0/.10.0  I could have given it a 10, but there wasn’t actually any mythology in it, so I had to lower it slightly.

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