I’ve found I’m constantly coming up with new theories.  Unfortunately I am not keeping track of them, and a lot of them are hidden in old posts or not written very well.  With this page I want to keep track of all of them.  By doing this I can have a running list of what theories make sense and which ones don’t.  Also you can critique my theories individually and tell me where I’m wrong, I promise to listen to anyone who knows that my theories don’t make sense.

A lot of my theories are predictions, I apologize for the ambiguity there.  In my mind, a theory is something that I think will happen or an idea of why something happened.

You can see that come of the titles are darker than others.  The lighter the title, the more I like the theory.  If it’s dark it’s less important, possibly even obvious.

Current Theories:

Jack at the End

Kate’s Change in Character

Magical Food

The Polar Bears

Walt’s Powers

Johnny & Starla

Hurley’s Powers

Secret Agent Libby

Jacob is a Magnet

Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve

The Whispers (old)

Miles’ Power Origins


The Others Stuck in Time

The Third Party

The Island is Killing it’s offspring

Christians Usurpation

Old Theories:

My Old theories are the ones that have been debunked or else proven correct.  Season 5 really screwed up a lot of them.

Libby’s Doppelganger

The Whispers (new)

The “Submarine”

Daniel Saving Jin

Daniel is Charlotte’s Father

Locke vs. The Volcano

Locke, Unstuck in Time


Sun Targetting Ben

Eko, Charlie and Locke Are Dead

Diane = Annie

Island Movement  (Update #1)

Jacob is Horace Goodspeed

– Izi

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