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We all want to know what happened to Annie.  In case you’re confused right now, Annie was Ben’s little girlfriend from his childhood flashback.  We never get to see what happened to her after Ben grew up and helped kill all the Dharma folk.  The producers have promised that she will be extremely important, so if you don’t care about her you should.

I have an idea of who I think it is.  I believe that Diane, Kate’s mom is Annie.  It isn’t a huge stretch to make that name connection and you should also take into account the fact that Kate’s middle name is Ann or Annie, possible after her mothers real name or nickname.

This would make Kate’s backstory considerably more important.  Also it would give Ben a more appropriate love interest.  Maybe it would humanize him a little, perhaps he would want to take her back to the island in order to cure her cancer.  It also makes you wonder about how much Kate’s mom knows, does she know that Kate was on the island?  Or does she know anything about Aaron?  Perhaps she is desperately trying to see him because she knows he’s special.  Maybe she has completely switched sides and is working for Widmore, maybe Widmore is trying to find the island in order to save her.  I’m really going out on many limbs here so I’ll leave it at that.

For more info see this page at the bottom.


Math screwed me on this one.  I kinda knew that the math was iffy before season 5 aired, but I figured that Lost timelines tended to be slightly screwed up anyways.  After season 5 it became increasingly clear that it would be impossible for Diane to have Kate and still be on the island (she’s be twelve).

It would have been quite awesome if Ben had been Kate’s father.  And she thought her other dad was evil.


5 Responses to “Diane = Annie”

  1. 1 riddlej
    March 30, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    You have an interesting point that the Others might somehow be involved with Kate’s mom rebounding from cancer. Possibly other rebounds, like Claire’s mother. But I think it’s a stretch (even visually) to say Annie is Kate’s mother. Kate’s mom clearly grew up in the sticks and remarried a drunk. She wouldn’t be the right age either. (We are supposed to believe Ben is about 40 according to Jack’s comment about his x-rays–Annie is therefore about 40 too; but if Kate is in her late 20s then Annie is probably too young to be her mother).

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