Update: This theory is pretty irrelevant now.  Ms. Hawking told us all we really need to know about the Island’s movement.  It’s still and interesting read though.

“We have to move the Island”.  It’s unfortunate they weren’t more specific.  There are two theories flying around.  That the island moved in time, to the future; or in space, somewhere else on the globe.  I believe it did both.  I think that the island moved forward in time, probably 10 months (the same as Ben).  But I also believe it jumped somewhere else on the Earth.

Where did it move, you ask.  I don’t really know.  but J. Wood has a good idea.  On his blog he found what he calls an icosahedron, a complex 3d shape.  If you put an icosahedron on the Earth, the points intersect in important/mysterious places.  I suspect that the Island will move to one of those points.

UPDATED: While wandering around Wikipedia I found this article.  It plots out where the points of the Icosahedron meets Earths surface.  Apparently they are called the Vile Vortices (Similar to a Lemony Snicket book).  Here’s a picture:

I also believe that in the past the island has moved in space.  I think it has been to the North Pole, and somewhere of the East coast of Africa, near Madagascar, there’s even a very slight chance that the island was at one time near Portland Oregon.  If you look on the map, all of those areas are there.  As are North Africa (near Tunisia) The Bermuda Triangle area, The Devil’s Sea, and Easter Island is close to an area as well.  also there are two spot East and West of Australia those places could be where our survivors crashed.

As for how it moved in the past, I have some Ideas about that.  I believe that a Dharma individual was the first to turn it, and accidentally moved the island.  Then Dharma experimented with Polar Bears, making them turn the wheel.  Then while Ben was on the island, I think, Charles Whidmore, as part of Dharma turned the wheel.  Ben was there so he knows how it works.  Also This meant that Charles was banished from the island, he has been searching for it since that point.

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As far as we can see Charles wasn’t the person who turned the wheel (and he wasn’t part of the Dharma Initiative either).  As for the Vile Vortices, well it could be true, or not.  We saw the Island’s movement in The Looking GLass station with Ms. Hawking.  Those points might have been at the Vile Vortices, but it’s not likely, they seemed to be mostly in the Pacific Ocean.  As for the Islands means of movement, I’mstill not sure if it moves in leaps or slowly.

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