I believe that Jacob has magnetic powers.  He’s essentially a dead(ish) Magneto.  I should clarify that I think he needs a power source.  I’ll get back to the power source later.  (Update: as I continued to write this theory it occurred to me that Jacob probably can move more than just metal, he appears to be telekinetic, so a Jean Grey comparison would be more appropriate.)

305° Bearing

I thought of this theory after finally figuring out what Locke saw on Eko’s Jesus Stick.  He saw the part that said John 3:05, he interpreted that to mean that Locke should travel on a bearing of 305 degrees.  Locke fully trusts fate so he blindly follows it.  I think that Jacob was leading him by a string, which in this case means by a compass.  Jacob had full control of the magnetic properties of the island and was pulling Locke where ever he wanted him.

That wasn’t the first time a compass is mentioned, it was also discussed in the episode “Hearts & Minds”, way back in season 1.  In that episode Sayid tells Jack that compasses don’t work on the island.  North on a compass isn’t north on the island.  What does that mean?  I assumed that it means that The Swan, known to have a magnetic field, is where the compass is really pointing.  This could be true, it doesn’t have much bearing on my overall theory (bearing, get it?).  I’ll get back to the Swan later.

What Locke does with that 305 degree bearing is what’s interesting.  After finding that bearing he has a purpose and he blindly follows it.  As he goes through the jungle he leaves a path of destruction.  He destroys The Flame, the way of contacting the outside world, and he blows up the submarine (or at least appears to).  He thinks that he is fulfilling fate by destroying the island ties with the outside world.  The question is, Was Locke fulfilling Jacob’s wishes when he destroyed those two things?  I think he was, after all Jacob isn’t a fan of technology.  Which brings me to my next point.

Jacob Hates Technology

Or does he?  I think there are two possibilities here.  Either he hates technology becuase it conflicts with his powers or is some sort of danger to him. Perhaps the electronics screw up his powers.  Or maybe they pose some danger to his mind or body (if he even has one).

Or Ben just doesn’t want any sort of metal near Jacob.  Ben could be afraid of what Jacob could do if he had a lot of metal.  Kinda like Magneto in X2, “Too much iron in your blood”.

Either way it appears as though Jacob is kept far away from metal.  He lives in a wooden cabin and Ben is very cautious around him.  But you’ll remember that it’s not the metal that seemed to set Jacob off in the cabin, it was the flashlight being turned on.  That brings me to my next point.

The Power Source

I believe that Jacob needs a source of energy to move any metallic objects.  You’ll notice that when Locke enters the cabin with a metallic object with Ben nothing happens.  Jacob only goes nuts once Locke turns the flashlight on.

Also I believe that The Swan was another power source that Jacob was tapping.  They discharged it every 108 minutes, I believe they did that so that Jacob couldn’t use the power.  When Desmond didn’t push the button what happened?  Oceanic 815 fell from the sky.  Maybe the charging up of The Swan gave him enough energy to bring the plane down.  I had always thought that it was just the magnetism from The Swan that did it, but we’ve always known that it wasn’t really an accident, it crashed for a purpose.  Perhaps it was all Jacobs will.


I don’t believe that Jacob has control of Smokey.  Buuuut, if he does then I’ll bet that Smokey is nothing more than a cloud of metallic dust that flys around, it would certainly explain the noises.

That’s all I got for now, I’ll try to come back and update this page, but you know how that works (if you don’t know how that works, I never come back and update anything.  I just forget about things like this.)

– izi


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