As we know her Kate likes to run.  She has been running from one bad situation to another never settling down or accepting a situation as permanent.  I believe these characteristics about Kate are changing.

After Kate got off the island she changed a lot, she took on Aaron as her son, she almost got to marry Jack, and she was proved innocent of her crime (or something like that).  These things proved to be a life changing experience for her.  At the end of season 3 (and in the beginning of the season 4 finale) we see Jack telling Kate we have to go back.  Her old character would have jumped right on that, a chance to run a way from her current life.  But she didn’t, she flatly refused Jack.  Of course we know that she will go back to the island, but she isn’t desperate to go.

I believe this is a permanent change to Kate’s personality.  From now on I believe Kate will be willing and able to settle down with anyone in any situation she wants to.

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