After rewatching The Constant for my revlysis’ I found out some new stuff about why people become unstuck in time.  Daniel says that Desmond became unstuck in time because he was exposed to a lot of electro-magnetic radiation, and then he went near the barrier that protects the island.  That got me thinking, who else was exposed to the same levels of radiation.  When The Swan imploded Charlie, Locke, Eko and Desmond were inside.  Out of those people only Desmond and Locke have “survived” until season 5.

When Desmond went through that barrier he immediately felt the effects and his consciousness went to the past.  What do you think will happen when Locke leaves the island?  As far as we know there are two or three ways off the island.  First is by way of submarine (provided Locke didn’t blow it up).  Second is by ship or helicopter, or any other above-water means of travel.  Third is by turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel.

The Submarine

The first one is a slight possibility, provided Locke didn’t blow it up, and I don’t think he did.  I do wonder why it isn’t effected by the same problem as boats or helicopters, but The Others must have been aware of those problems and made provisions.  This could possibly be the reason why they insisted that Juliet be unconscious during the ride.

Plane, Boat, Helicopter

The second way is the problematic route.  By helicopter boat, or even plane you can run into the serious troubles that effected Desmond and some of the crew of the Kahana.  This is the way that Locke would have to travel if he was going to be effected by the unstuck in time phenomenon. 

The Frozen Donkey Wheel

The third way is the way that I expect Locke to use.  I fully expect him to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel again and get banished form the island.  Unfortunately if I’m right about that then I’m probably wrong about this theory, but we’ll see.


Well I was mostly wrong, Locke didn’t get unstuck in time.  I seriously doubt anyone except Desmond and Maybe Daniel will ever get unstuck in time.  But I was right when I predicted Locke turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel.

– izi

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