At the end of season 4 Ben moves the Island, whether it moves in time or space or both it’s going to have a big effect on the Island.

We were told quite a while ago that the island has a volcano on it.  Can you imagine what would happen to a volcano if it suddenly disappeared and appeared somewhere else?  I can’t, in fact, tectonically speaking, it doesn’t actually make any sense, but the point is that we can all just potentially imagine that something bad will happen.  I think that the volcano will unleash it’s fiery wrath onto the island, causing havoc and death to those left on the island.  This is what Locke was talking about when he told Jack that there were problems on the island after the Oceanic 6 left.

For more info see the Original Post.


This kind of theory can only come about after months and months of theorizing.  I got a little desperate to figure out what Locke was talking about.  Now that we know about the Time Skipping, a volcano seems ridiculous.

Perhaps someday the volcano will blow, but until then we’ll have to live with man vs man and man vs self struggles rather than man vs nature.


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