We all know about the healing powers of the island.  It made Locke walk again, it (supposedly cured Rose’s cancer, Juliet refers to it when she finds out Ben has a tumor.  It’s a pretty well established property of the island.

While I was watching season 1 again, I may have noticed another time when the island cured someone, that someone is Aaron.  In the Pilot Claire says that she hasn’t felt the baby move since they crashed.  Later, when Claire dutifully eats the food that Jin prepares she immediately feels the baby kick.  Perhaps the food on the island is what heals people.  Apparently this is a moderately well accepted theory, oh well, it’s still a good one.

There’s an obvious flaw in my argument, Locke most likely didn’t eat anything while the plane was crashing.  I’ll just ignore this, Locke’s cure could have been a different kind, brought about by Jacob or the Island.

see the Original Post.


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