In season 5 during the time skips the characters started to get nosebleeds.  Charlotte was first, then Miles, then Juliet and eventually Sawyer.  What do the nosebleeds mean?  They result in death by a brain aneurysm (or something like that), but Charlotte was the only one who died, the others were effected more and more but only Charlotte was killed. 

I think that the order is the biggest clue.  Charlotte was effected first and died before anyone else got even close to death.  We know that Charlotte was born on the Island and she stayed there for a time.  We also know that Miles was born on the Island and grew up there for a time.  Those two were effected first, I think that’s why.  The longer time you spent on the Island the harder the skips were. 

Perhaps the nosebleeds were because Charlotte and everyone else’s body knew that they should have been on the Island at a different time.  It’s kind of like a pull, they were travelling the wrong way against the timeline.  The longer they spent on the Island in the past the greater that pull would have been, hence Charlotte’s death.

What confuses me is why Daniel wasn’t effected.  He was probably born on the Island his mother was there in 1977.  I don’t thing he’s 28, no offense to the actors, but it’s just not likely.  This is a mystery, for sure.

– izi


1 Response to “Nosebleeds”

  1. 1 Di
    April 30, 2009 at 5:50 am

    Daniel doesn’t experience the noosebleeds
    because he knocked on the hatch door
    saw his CONSTANT Desmond

    therefore, he had his anchor.

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