223-libby-01Libby theories are just about as much fun as Jacob theories for me.  Here’s a new one.

Libby was some sort of secret agent or perhaps a very resourceful stalker who was following Hurley.

Obviously we don’t know much about Libby, she died before we had any real insight into her past.  What we do know is that she was at one time happily married, her husband died, she gave his boat to Desmond.  Sometime later she was sent to the Santa Rosa facilty, presumable because she was crazy.  She somehow left that place and later went to Australia.  We don’t know why she went to Australia.  On her trip back to LA her plane crashed and that’s how we met her.  She has a slightly odd personality, she’s always friendly but there seems to be something off about her.  She tells people that she was once a psychologist.  And she fell in love with Hurley near the end of her life.

218-libby-01I find her to be a very intriguing character, I want to know everything about her but I doubt we ever will.  So to make up for out lack of knowledge I’m going to guess.

I believe that she has simply been following Hurley around for most of his life.  We know she was at Santa Rosa, and the whole time she was staring intently at Hurley.  I’ll bet she went to Australia because Hurley went there.  And I’ll bet her story about her being a psychologist was simply a cover so that if Hurley ever recalled where he knew her from she had a cover story.  She really wasn’t a good psychologist.  The only thing she ever told people was that everything was going to be fine.

There’s really no proof for this theory, but it would be very interesting if it were true.

My hat is off to KC from Lost Tidbits who prodded me in the right direction by writing this post on his blog.

– izi

1 Response to “Secret Agent Libby”

  1. 1 MuffinReaper
    December 5, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    Dude what about the time she talked hurley out of jumping off the cliff? she convinced him she was real because of her experiences. I just thought that was somewhat psychiatristish. Love the site btw

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