Way back in the first episode of season 5 we saw that Daniel, Charlotte, Miles and all the Oceanic survivors travelled through time once Ben turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel.  Richard and The Others didn’t travel through time.  This drew a big line in the sand between the two groups.  So what is the difference?  Why didn’t Locke and Juliet travel through time?  what happened to Christian and Claire?

I believe that it’s because The Others are more intuned with the Island and they have all been in The Temple.  Possibly they were all converted by Smokey. 

There’s another possibility, that they were all killed and brought back to life, and therefore couldn’t travel through time.  My basis for that is that Charlotte didn’t travel through the next time skip after she died.

It’s possible that there’s no difference between these two ideas.  Maybe all The Others were killed and were brought back to life by Smokey.  Same difference.

Either way this explains why Locke and Juliet didn’t travel with The Others.  It also might tell us that Christian and Claire are dead and therefore didn’t travel in time.  So we can look forward to seeing them again in Locke and Ben’s timeline.

– izi

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