This isn’t exactly a novel idea but I thought I should tell everyone what I think the Whispers, or Voices, on the island are.

The most obvious source of the Whispers is The Others.  It’s very easy to believe that when The Others are sneaking around the jungle we hear the Whispers, and it’s them planning their attacks or maybe just spying.  I don’t think that it’s The Others.  I’m even willing to say that it is never The Others.

I believe that the Whispers are literally just ghosts.  I could and probably should end there, but I want to talk more about why and when they appear.  I believe they come around for two reasons, either they are interested in the person because they were related to them during their life or they were involved in their death.  Or they come around when they sense that someone is going to die, or at least in mortal danger.

Examples of when the Whispers came (I got this list from Lostpedia):

1 – Sayid hears them first.  He hears them because he is responsible for many peoples death, they are in effect haunting him.

2 – Sawyer hears them secondly.  I believe he is hearing that man that he mistakenly killed thinking he was the real Sawyer.  That episode deals with a lot of death, another connection between death and the Whispers.

3 – Shannon and everyone else nearby hears them immediately before she is shot and killed by Ana Lucia.  I figure that they sensed her imminent death and so were drawn to the location.

4 – At the end of season 2 right before being captured by The Others, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Michael hear the whispers.  You might think this is proof that The Others are the source of the Whispers, I still doubt it.  I think that the Whispers surround The Others simply because they have a lot of blood on their hands.  They killed the entire Dharma Initiative you can see why ghosts might be following them around.

5 – Ben hears the whispers right before he sees his dead mother in the jungle.  This one is too obvious for me to elaborate on.

6 – Locke hears the whispers while laying in the Dharma mass grave, right before he is about to kill himself.

7 – Hurley hears them before going up to Jacob’s cabin.  If Jacob is dead or somewhere in between I think the dead would be drawn to him.

8 – Juliet hears the Whispers before seeing Harper.  I assume this is for the same reason that the Whispers are audible when any of the Others are nearby.

9 – Michael hears the whispers on the freighter right before Libby appears.  Libby’s dead so that could be why they are audible.

10 – Miles hears the Whispers before he finds the bodies of Rousseau and Karl.

11 – Right before The Others come to save Kate and Ben in the season 4 finale you can hear the Whispers.  This is probably only from the presence of The Others but it could be because Keamy’s men were about to die.

12 – Michael hears the whispers again right before Christian appears to him, and he dies.

Sometimes I think we tend to complicate our theories a bit too much.  So let’s not, let’s just say that the Whispers are dead people and leave it at that.

Original Post.


I tried to retire this theory and I came up with my new Whispers theory, but after that second one was made irrelevant I had to fall back on this one.

– Izi


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