This new group, Ilana, Bram and their Cronies, jumped into the show out of nowhere.  The big question is who are they working for and what is their purpose.  We don’t know a lot about them.  They ask people “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”  They came on the island with guns and a mysterious crate.  They are apparently a danger to Locke, according to Walt.  They are working against Widmore.  And they don’t seem to work for Ben.


Since they aren’t openly aligned with our two opposing sides, Ben and Widmore I believe that they work for Eloise Hawking.  She’s the person who booked Ajira 316, she made sure that they got to the Island.  We were all concentrating on Ben who was hitching a ride, but I think we were looking in the wrong direction.  I believe that Ms. Hawking was using the Oceanic 6 the same way.  She used them to get back to the Island and stuck her cronies on the same flight.


They want to kill Locke, well who doesn’t.  To assume that that’s their only intention sells them short.

They keep on asking, “what lies in the shadow of the statue?”  I tried to resist this at first but it really seems like the answer to that question is Jughead.  So they’re looking for a hydrogen bomb.  But why?  I believe that Eloise is trying to do what she couldn’t do in 1977, blow up the bomb.  Perhaps she thinks that she has to complete her sons work, but maybe she has other reasons to blow the Island up.  Who knows.

505-christian-01…Of the Statue?

Now concentrate on that question mark.  I think the question is less important than the fact that they seem to be willing to test anyone with the question, it almost seems like they’re looking for someone.  Who could that be?  Richard is an obvious choice, he knows an awful lot about the Island, and he would be a great person to connect with.  But I tend to think that Richard is good not evil.  So I believe that they are looking for Christian.  Christian knows a lot about the Island as well and he doesn’t seem aligned with anyone.  And if this group is evil, then I hope they group all the evil people together (in case you didn’t guess I think Christian is evil).

– izi


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