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615 – Across the Sea


In some ways we’ve been waiting for this episode since the Pilot.  We all wanted to see the flashback of the beginning.  Of course we were wrong, there was no beginning.  People have always been on the Island, evidently.  Or at least the beginning is too boring to talk about.  The point is that there is no grand genesis account.  The Island is Special, but not special enough to be defined.  As we already knew, it has some crazy energy on it.

We may have wanted an Island flashback of the very beginning for a long time, but we’ve only wanted a Jacob/Esau flashback for one season.  But it seems like we’ve been waiting forever.  So we got it, and it wasn’t that impressive.  Jacob and Esau weren’t Cabbage Patch Kids that sprang out of a plant on the Island.  They weren’t Egyptian gods.  They weren’t Cain and Abel (specifically, probably there are some references to Cain and Abel).  Neither of them are demons (well, probably not).  They were just humans with the same origin, but two diverging paths.  Jacob got to be the Island’s Guardian and Esau got to have a fate worse than death.  He couldn’t die, so now he’s a fancy cloud of smoke.

I can’t pretend that I wasn’t disappointed with this episode.  It was kinda like turning left at an intersection when you’re supposed to turn right.  But before you even get a chance to do a U-turn you realize it’s a cul-de-sac.  You follow the roundabout thinger, and then you’re kinda going in the right direction again.  Then you finally get to the intersection where you started and you realized you spend most of your time going nowhere.  If you had just turned right in the beginning it would have been a lot easier.  This episode made it looks like both Jacob and Esau were headed in strange directions, but then at the end they got back on the paths that we knew they were on.  This episode wasn’t a waste of time, but it certainly wasn’t a great use of it, especially when there’s so little time left.  4.0/10.0

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613 – The Last Recruit


I feel like I’m classifying this episode wrong, but this episode really felt like the set-up episode for the finale.  But there’s still three episodes left and then the finale.  Am I wrong or is this going to get crazy fast?

These episodes aren’t my favorites.  In Season 4 it was the first part of There’s No Place Like Home, in Season 5 it was Follow the Leader.  I get the necessity of the episode, but I find this kind of episode to be unmemorable.  No one will ever say this was their favorite episode.  It’s as if the writers had a chalkboard with all the characters and where they are in the beginning of this episode and where they need them to be at the end, and then they write an episode where they get everyone where they need to go. This happened in both timelines.  I actually find the flashsideways more interesting right now because I have no idea how they’re going to get everyone together.  The Island story is fun, but I’m out for blood at the moment, people need to start dropping soon.  Without deaths it feels like whatever happens on the Island is just procrastination.

I did enjoy most of this episode, it’s not that I didn’t like it.  Ilana’s return was nice.  The business with Claire was interesting.  On the Island I enjoyed Jack and Locke’s conversation.  I like Kate’s talk with Claire.  It was all good.  But after three awesome episodes almost in a row it’s hard to sit back and watch this kind of episode.  5.0/10.0

By the way, who’s “The Last Recruit”?  Jack?  Really?  The title was a little confusing.

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605 – Lighthouse


This might have been one of the only Jack flashbacks/forwards/sideways that I really enjoyed.  And I have to hand it to the writers.  I’m thoroughly impressed that they managed to make me care about Jack and his relationship with his newly introduced preteen son.  If I had heard that Jack was going to have a son and he would have parenthood issues I would have rolled my eyes and wrote this episode off as a loss.  But I was surprised at how much I cared.

On the Island Hurley was leading Jack to Jacob’s spy-tower.  There we saw a very familiar list of names.  Jacob told Hurley that someone, number 108 on the list, was coming to the Island and Hurley had to help him get there.  No luck in this episode, but I’ll bet we’ll hear more about that later.

Meanwhile Claire finally did some talking.  Yeah, she’s crazy.  She’s also BFFs with “Locke” although she somehow doesn’t seem to know his name.  Poor Jin is now stuck with Claire and Locke and he knows way too much.  He’s in survival mode and he’s surrounded by murderers.  Also his leg is mangled.  This guy has been through the wringer over the last two seasons.

This was a good episode.  It set up a BSG reminiscent relationship between Hurley and Jacob, it had a surprising and effective reveal of Jack’s new son, it ramped up the anticipation about Claire and what the deuce she’s going to do, and it started two fun guessing games: who’s David’s mother and who’s coming to the Island (skip down the bottom of the post for my guesses and a couple of polls).  Overall a solid episode.  7.5/10.0

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V.S. – Adam & Eve


106 – House of the Rising Sun

Scene Synopsis

Jack finds these two skeletons in the caves.  He says the clothes indicated they have been dead for 40 or 50 years.  He also discovers a bag with a Black and White rocks inside.  Locke later gives them the nicknames Adam & Eve.


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Foreign Theories: Top 11 Time Travel Pitstops

It might be a stretch to call this a theory.  Doc Arzt has created a little list of some of the fun historical moments of the islan that he looks forward to seeing this season.  It’s something that I was thinking about recently but I didn’t want to blog about.  He gets all the important points and I encourage you to check it out here.  Although if it was my list I’d put Rousseau first, and I wouldn’t list the Real Henry Gale, I couldn’t care less about him.

– izi


106 – House of the Rising Sun

This picture makes this episode look a lot more exciting than it actually is


A Sun & Jin centric episode.  It’s amazing that so many viewers were patient enough to read all the subtitles in this episode, Americans tend to have a problem with reading while they’re watching TV.

This episode was one of the first to introduce a formula that has continually been used up until the latest season.  They split up the group, and the go in separate directions.  Sometimes it’s just a group of people going across the island or something, but usually it’s half of the people going one way and half going the other.  This story element is very good for writing be cause it allows them to alternate between two different storylines.  For example they’ll have stories about one camp one week then the other camp the next week, this way you can miss one week and still be able to watch the next new episode.

The House of the Rising Sun is not one of my favorite episodes.  I didn’t mind the Sun and Jin story the first time I saw it but they really get tiresome.  I get so bored during their flashbacks.  They are just so contained, there are no connections to other stories or anything it’s just about them and it really really bores me.  And after that first twist, that Sun can speak English, there is really not much left to reveal.  I don’t hate the characters but I just don’t want to see them that much.  Also the side story with Charlie does nothing for me anymore, I know that he gets back on drugs and then gets off them again and then dies, so I don’t really care too much.  I’ll give this episode 3.5/10.  (BTW I’m going to be a really harsh rater.  I could stay on the middle ground and give everything 8/10, but that gets boring fast.  Also I’m not comparing Lost to other TV shows, if I did that all the episodes would get 9-10.  This is a Lost blog.  I’m comparing these episodes to all the other Lost episodes.)

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