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614 – The Candidate


Now I’m really glad that I wrote my death list last week.  At least I was partly ready for this bloodshed.  Four down, and the best part is, they were all people I wanted to die!  I didn’t really predict Sun and Jin’s death, but it wasn’t unwelcome.

I was strangely annoyed by Jack and Locke’s conversations in the hospital.  Just let Jack to the surgery, everyone wants that, screw your guilt, Locke.  Anthony Cooper came back for a few seconds, but it wasn’t the same.  This wasn’t the character that we all grew to hate, it was a boring brain-dead version… sigh.

This episode was probably the most stressful episode yet.  First the part with Kate almost getting shot (which seems comical now); and then invading the sub, and Kate actually did get shot; then the bomb, then the bomb again and everyone escaping the sub… more like half the people escaping.  I was on the edge of my seat, and my hands were literally shaking.  Lost isn’t the most stressful show I watch, I get more stressed watching episodes of Damages or Survivor (I’m literally vibrating during almost every tribal council).  But this episode really got to me.  Maybe preparing myself for the deaths only made me more aware of their inevitability.

Obviously I really enjoyed those deaths, but after the episode one of my friends said this was the best episode, and I found myself disagreeing with that fiercely.  I’m having a hard time deciding how I feel about this episode.  Off the Island was a drag, we all wanted one thing to happen with Jack and Locke, and Locke dashed our dreams.  Not great.  It was good that “Locke” finally gave up the charade and tried to kill everyone, that innocent act was getting annoying.  I loved the ending with only four people on the beach, that was a great shocking image.  I liked four things in this episode, and I really liked them, but I’m not prepared to call this episode perfect.  8.5/10.0

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608 – Recon


10 second recap: Sawyer is a cop, he dates Charlotte, he’s still looking for Anthony Cooper, there’s a new girl name Zoe, Widmore is against “Locke”, Smokey had a bad mother, Sawyer isn’t on anyone’s side, Kate and Claire are BFFs.  I think that covers just about everything.

Sawyer gets a new name to add to his collection.  The flashsideways was pretty good, the reveal was suitably surprising so I was satisfied.  I enjoyed seeing Charlotte again, but I was mostly reminded how much I miss her.

We got some Kate and Charlie teases in this episode.  I think the writers might be overestimating how much we care about the other timeline.  I am a little curious, but I don’t foresee great things happening with Kate, and I don’t think Charlie’s going to be doing much of anything.

We finally get to find out which side Widmore is on.  That’s been annoying me for a long time now.

“Locke” was strangely forthcoming about his past.  Apparently he had a crazy mother, and that’s why he is the way he is.  Of course he still thinks that he’s right about everything, but at least he has someone else to blame when he does crazy things.

They’ve added a new character, Zoe.  It’s pretty late in the show for new people, but I’ll gladly welcome any female characters that they add to the show.  The male to female ratio on Lost has always been pretty off-balanced.

A pretty good episode.  The Sawyer parts weren’t extremely special, but they were OK.  I’m happy that he isn’t blindly following “Locke”.  I’m quite interested in the Widmore situation and the “Locke” backstory, so this episode was pretty fun for me.  All in all a pretty good episode.  7.5/10.0

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Good vs Evil: Eloise Hawking


If you’ve been reading my blog then you probably already know what I’m going to say.  But let’s get on with it.

Over the last few months I’ve wrote a few Good vs. Evil posts on some the more mysterious characters.  I’ve analyzed Christian Shepard, Ben Linus and Charles Widmore.  In the future I’m going to write one about Jacob, but I’m delaying that one until we know more about him.

On to Ellie.  We hardly knew her before this season.  But this season has been all about Eloise Hawking, so let’s start overanalyzing.

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509 – Namaste



We’re back, with a bang.  The episode started off from Frank’s perspective, we got to see the plane crash land on The Others’ handy little landing strip.  It wasn’t nearly as catastrophic as the 815 crash, fortunately.  That “modern” storyline focused on Sun.  She conned Ben (for no reason) and made it to NewOtherton with Frank.  She met Christian there and he told her that Jin was stuck in 1977 with Jack, Hurley and Kate.  This explains what happened to Frank after the plane crashed but it raises a huge question: Why didn’t Sun get flashed into the 70s?

Meanwhile in 1977 Sawyer scrambles and saves the day.  He successfully sneaks Kate, Jack and Hurley into “Dharmaville” with the new recruits.  Unfortunately Sayid acts too much like a Hostile and is now a prisoner. Sawyer establishes himself as a very good leader and does a great job at showing Jack that.  There’s also a slight focus on Jin searching the island for the plane hoping to find Sun.

114970_075Some of the more interesting tidbits in this episode:

  • Daniel, apparently, left
  • Pierre is around the Barracks and is acting normally
  • We met Radzinsky
  • Ben is still a little boy and is currently obsessed with the Hostiles
  • Smokey showed up (maybe)
  • We heard the Whispers
  • Horace’s baby is Ethan.

That’s a mighty good list of interesting things.  This episode mostly focused on the reunion of the two groups.  It had a little bit of Christian and a few teases for some other episodes, Daniel, Ethan, Ben;  all in all it was satisfying.  I prefer episodes with more mythological development (as if you don’t know that) but I can’t discount the episode completely.  7.5/10.0 

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504 – The Little Prince



This episode is the new version of the old running through the jungle episodes.  The majority of the episode is running around in panic, rather than serious story development.

Off the island things were mostly about Kate and her trouble with the law (how new).  Kate is trying to find some way to keep Aaron away from whomever is trying to separate them.  Through a flashback and time travel we are reminded why Kate feels so strongly about Aaron.  Her love for her adopted son is truly touching.  Seeing her at Aaron’s birth and now in modern times really made me believe in the destiny that they’ve been talking about.  It was a little sad to see Claire’s mom, but I think it all ended well, as long as she doesn’t know about Aaron she’s happy.

On the island it’s more stumbling through jungles and time.  Nosebleeds abound and Daniel offers a slightly satisfactory explanation.  They also seem to travel to the future (post-Donkey Wheel turning).  In the future they find some outriggers and water bottles.  This is the first mention of Ajira airlines, and I’m sure it will be very important in the future, that definitely felt like a set-up.  They are also shot at by these new island residents (I’ll call them the Ajira Assemblage?  It might catch on).

Jin returns!  More importantly Rousseau is back, and this time she’s making sense.  It looks like we might actually get some info from her in the next episode.  Huzzah!  (I’m not trying to ignore Jin’s return, but it was so obvious that I don’t feel the need to make a huge deal about it.  Yes I’m excited too.)

(Note: you can ignore all that crap in the second paragraph about Kate and my feelings.  I’m just screwing with Rosie, a frequent commenter.  She is obsessed with the custody of Aaron, and she hates Kate.  I couldn’t care less about that storyline.  Although I will say that I knew it was Ben behind the lawyer.  The reason why I wrote all that was to see how much of my revlysis she actually reads, I’m betting that I angered her enough with that paragraph to send her straight to the comments.)

All in all this episode was underwhelming.  Kate and Aaron bore me, and the Oceanic 6 storyline almost became engaging when Sun got a gun, but the exciting part seems to be delayed until next week.  Nothing really happened to the main group on the island, they just stumbled around and bled from their noses.  Not a big contribution.  It’s great to see Jin again, and glorious to see Rousseau, but I think the payoff for those two appearances will be later.  And the Ajira thing was also hopeful, but it’s all future excitement.

3.0/10.0  It’s not that I hated this episode, it just didn’t have much to offer.

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