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605 – Lighthouse


This might have been one of the only Jack flashbacks/forwards/sideways that I really enjoyed.  And I have to hand it to the writers.  I’m thoroughly impressed that they managed to make me care about Jack and his relationship with his newly introduced preteen son.  If I had heard that Jack was going to have a son and he would have parenthood issues I would have rolled my eyes and wrote this episode off as a loss.  But I was surprised at how much I cared.

On the Island Hurley was leading Jack to Jacob’s spy-tower.  There we saw a very familiar list of names.  Jacob told Hurley that someone, number 108 on the list, was coming to the Island and Hurley had to help him get there.  No luck in this episode, but I’ll bet we’ll hear more about that later.

Meanwhile Claire finally did some talking.  Yeah, she’s crazy.  She’s also BFFs with “Locke” although she somehow doesn’t seem to know his name.  Poor Jin is now stuck with Claire and Locke and he knows way too much.  He’s in survival mode and he’s surrounded by murderers.  Also his leg is mangled.  This guy has been through the wringer over the last two seasons.

This was a good episode.  It set up a BSG reminiscent relationship between Hurley and Jacob, it had a surprising and effective reveal of Jack’s new son, it ramped up the anticipation about Claire and what the deuce she’s going to do, and it started two fun guessing games: who’s David’s mother and who’s coming to the Island (skip down the bottom of the post for my guesses and a couple of polls).  Overall a solid episode.  7.5/10.0

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Top Ten Shows of the Decade

I thought I should follow the annoying internet trend and make a list of the tope ten shows of the decade.  But since I’m lazy and I hate the idea of a top ten list of anything I’ve decided to put as little effort as possible into this list. (I do like reading other peoples lists, but it’s hard to rank my favorite shows.  Also I don’t think anyone is objective enough to rank these shows, the decade has barely ended, how do we know that Modern Family is so good and Community isn’t?).   So instead of writing about shows and running out of enthusiastic adjectives I’m creating a photo list:

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Lost’s Last Supper

UPDATE 1: Check out the official high res version here.

UPDATE 2: And check out some new versions of that picture here.

DocArzt has uncovered one of the best Lost cast pictures to date.  It’s a recreation of the Last Supper.

Check ‘er out:

UPDATE – Look a new version:

I remember when Battlestar Galactica did this.  It was better that time, more hidden meaning, better expressions on everyone’s faces, not just all staring at the Jesus stand-in.  But this photo is still pretty awesome, it expresses what we all want to know: what is “Locke” going to do next?

I would absolutely love it if someone could find a better version of this picture.  I’ll keep my eye out, but if you find one please let me know.

– izi


TV Shows updated

Weeds 1Arrested Development 1Carnivàle 1
Dexter 130 Rock 1Battlestar Galactica 1

Look everyone, I updated my TV Shows page.  In case you’ve never found this page, it’s essentially a list of all the other TV shows that I enjoy.  It’s ever so much fun.  And now it has pictures!  Come visit it:

TV Shows I watch

What did you have planned this summer?  Hopefully it didn’t involve anything outside because I want each and every one of you to watch one or all of the shows on that list (start at the top for the best results).  Let’s do a quick analysis of where you are now in your TV watching habits:

If you only watched one or two of these shows then you have a lot of work to do.

– izi


2009 Emmy Nominations

Lost 0130 Rock 1Damages 1

It’s Emmy time again. Here is a list of all the important (to me) nominations with my favored winners. The awards show airs on CBS on Sunday September 20.

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Hijack: What I’m watching now (spring 2009)

There was no new Lost last week.  This isn’t the end of the world, there’s lots of other things to watch.  So here’s what I’ve been watching(feel free to see this as a list of recommendations).

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