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617 – The End – Desmond & Penny


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Foreign Theory: Anon’s New Annie Theory


Exactly six months ago Anon, a frequent commenter, posted a large-ish Annie theory on my blog.  In the last six months many things have changed, so she revised here theory and sent it to me again.

Hold on to your hats everyone, this theory is a doozy (it’s actually more like a screenplay):

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512 – Dead is Dead



Mwahahahaha (evil laugh).  This is episode was very good for me.  I want many things in the show to happen but I rarely get to see them.  This episode had a plethora of good stuff for me.

Ben didn’t kill Penny!  This was one of my greatest fears.  Since Ben promised to kill Penny at the end of the last season I’ve been severely conflicted about him as a character.  I didn’t know if I could go on rooting for Ben if he was going to kill another one of my favorites.  But he didn’t succeed!  Huzzah.

Also, we saw how Ben took Alex.  This was very unexpected, I wanted to see this scene, but it didn’t seem likely after Danielle’s episode came and went.  I hope everyone feels a lot of sympathy towards that woman and her tragic life.

We saw Widmore leave the island.  Again I didn’t expect to see this scene, ever.

Alex came back.  This one was truly from left field, she came back and with a vengeance.  I can’t even describe how happy I was to see her.

Ilana went nuts.  I have a slight obsession with this new character, so seeing her go all Screw-Eyes crazy made her all the more intriguing.  (Remember “We’re Back” anyone?  No?  Too bad.)

Ben finally heard about Christian, this was a little anti-climactic, but I’m still waiting for his reaction on this one.

We saw under the Temple!  Uh… we saw the Smoke Pit, that was awesome.  (Spread that around everyone.  Smokey’s house is called the Smoke Pit©.)

Locke confronted Ben.  Again, slightly anti-climactic, but at least he’s in control now.

Guess what I’m going to rate an episode about Ben including Smokey, Richard, Widmore, Alex, Rousseau, Penny living and Locke.  Go ahead just guess, you’ll probably be right.

Hey, you were right!  10.0/10.0

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503 – Jughead



I’m trying my hardest not to be bitter about this episode.  It destroyed my two favorite theories (maybe).  If everything in this episode is to be taken at face value then Jacob is not Horace Goodspeed, and Daniel is not Charlotte’s father.  [sigh]

This episode centers mostly around Charles Widmore (notice, correct spelling of his name).  We see that he has effected more than we ever could have guessed (I presume).  He was on the island as a young man, and he was funding Daniel’s research, he also had connections to Daniel’s mother, who I believe is Ms. Hawking ans also the Ellie that we see in this episode.

This episode has a lot of Other/Hostile goodness.  We get to see Richard in what looks like a leadership role, but he insists that he isn’t at the top of the ladder.  We find out that all the people that we saw in The Lie were Hostiles.  What is conspicuously missing from this episode is the Dharma Initiative.  But in there place were other island intruders, this time it was the American government.  They were trying to test a hydrogen bomb on The Island, this seems almost tame compared to most of the mystrious intentions that people bring to the island.  It’s intensely interesting to watch The Hostiles back then, and I’m sure that seeing Widmore and Ellie (Ms. Hawking) back then was important.

Off the island Desmond and Penny have an unexepcted (for me) child.  They name him Charlie (cute at first, then strange after you think about it for a second).  Desmond tries to fulfill Daniel’s request to find his mother.  He finds out that Daniel was actually a mad scientist (shocking, I know) and that he left a woman unstuck in time.  He also met with Charles Widmore who told him to continue on to L.A. to find Faraday’s mother (1 huge clue towards Ms. Hawking).

For the reasons mentioned at the beginning I want to give this episode a low score, but this episode is chock full of info and I’m really enjoyingthe time travelling tour of the island’s history.  I also especially enjoyed Desmond’s story and the lack of Kate, Jack, Sayid and Hurley and their terribly depressing, unmotivated lives.

What I didn’t like about this episode was the need for a bomb and the inclusion of the American Army, I don’t see the point of those two things.  But I guess they needed some sort of danger.


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