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Hijack: New Shows (Sept 21- Sept 27, 2008)

What to watch this week

A lot of returning shows this week.

The Emmys

Sunday, Sept 21 8pm, ABC

I know this isn’t really a new or returning show, but it’s still very important.  You should all definitely watch it since Lost was actually nominated this year.  I’ll have my predictions/wishes up tomorrow, so stay tuned.  let’s all hope this years show is better than the travesty that FOX gave us last year.


Monday, Sept 22 9pm, NBC

Heroes returns for a third season.  And while most people hated season 2 I didn’t.  I know it was dull and the ending was pretty useless, but it set up a mythology that can last for a few years.  That was something that season 1 lacked.  It was flashy and thrilling, but in the end we were left with nothing to do the next year.  At this point it looks good for Heroes.  I will keep watching an I encourage everyone else to too.

Boston Legal

Monday, Sept 22 10pm, ABC

There’s really no explaining Boston Legal.  Most people don’t and won’t like it.  The characters are all just that, characters.  James Spader is my hero, just for being so amoral, and yet having such high standards.  And his acting is extremely impressive (that’s not to say I think he needs any more Emmy’s).

This is Boston Legal’s last year.  Apparently ABC doesn’t want to keep paying all those actors.  It’s really unfortunate that the show is ending.  This show could potentially go forever, if it got better advertising and a better timeslot (Sunday 10pm) it would do great.  But it’s almost over, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Survivor: Gabon

Thursday, Sept 25 8pm, CBS (2hr premiere)

Survivor: China, last fall, was my favorite Survivors ever.  I know many people who don’t watch this show want it to end but the truth is that this show is great.  Watching people self-destruct, on-screen, and in a tropical, is just so much fun.  The cast this season doesn’t strike me as diverse, but at least they mostly appear to be on a level playing field, I dislike seasons when one person is obviously superior to everyone else.

I’m glad they went back to Africa, I missed the first half of the original Survivor: Africa and I never really got into it. 

The Office

Thursday, Sept 25 9pm, NBC

This season of The Office will be as good as any other.  I think it is safe to say that it will be hilarious.  The season finale last year was epic, and I’m sure they have big plans for this season.

This show really makes me wish I could watch 30 Rock, it’s not coming back until late October.


Thursday, Sept 24 10pm, NBC

The final season, finally.  I have watched this show from the beginning and I love most of the characters.  It will be very strange when this show is over.  I might just have an hour nothing to do one Thursday, nope scratch that I’m still watching a few dozen other shows on that night.

Apparently the producers are bringing back many old characters from previous seasons.  That’s always fun.

– Izi

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