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617 – The End – Smokey/”Locke”


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617 – The End – Naming Names


I am so glad the writers didn’t feel the need to name Smokey or the Island.  I know some people wanted that, but I couldn’t have wanted that less.

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Jacob and Esau on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel had this hilarious video on his show the other night.  He does a big intro, who really cares about that, then he ques up this video featuring Jacob and Esau.  It looks like it was filmed on the Lost set while both the actors were still in their costumes.  It’s quite clever.

– izi


615 – Across the Sea


In some ways we’ve been waiting for this episode since the Pilot.  We all wanted to see the flashback of the beginning.  Of course we were wrong, there was no beginning.  People have always been on the Island, evidently.  Or at least the beginning is too boring to talk about.  The point is that there is no grand genesis account.  The Island is Special, but not special enough to be defined.  As we already knew, it has some crazy energy on it.

We may have wanted an Island flashback of the very beginning for a long time, but we’ve only wanted a Jacob/Esau flashback for one season.  But it seems like we’ve been waiting forever.  So we got it, and it wasn’t that impressive.  Jacob and Esau weren’t Cabbage Patch Kids that sprang out of a plant on the Island.  They weren’t Egyptian gods.  They weren’t Cain and Abel (specifically, probably there are some references to Cain and Abel).  Neither of them are demons (well, probably not).  They were just humans with the same origin, but two diverging paths.  Jacob got to be the Island’s Guardian and Esau got to have a fate worse than death.  He couldn’t die, so now he’s a fancy cloud of smoke.

I can’t pretend that I wasn’t disappointed with this episode.  It was kinda like turning left at an intersection when you’re supposed to turn right.  But before you even get a chance to do a U-turn you realize it’s a cul-de-sac.  You follow the roundabout thinger, and then you’re kinda going in the right direction again.  Then you finally get to the intersection where you started and you realized you spend most of your time going nowhere.  If you had just turned right in the beginning it would have been a lot easier.  This episode made it looks like both Jacob and Esau were headed in strange directions, but then at the end they got back on the paths that we knew they were on.  This episode wasn’t a waste of time, but it certainly wasn’t a great use of it, especially when there’s so little time left.  4.0/10.0

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613 – The Last Recruit


I feel like I’m classifying this episode wrong, but this episode really felt like the set-up episode for the finale.  But there’s still three episodes left and then the finale.  Am I wrong or is this going to get crazy fast?

These episodes aren’t my favorites.  In Season 4 it was the first part of There’s No Place Like Home, in Season 5 it was Follow the Leader.  I get the necessity of the episode, but I find this kind of episode to be unmemorable.  No one will ever say this was their favorite episode.  It’s as if the writers had a chalkboard with all the characters and where they are in the beginning of this episode and where they need them to be at the end, and then they write an episode where they get everyone where they need to go. This happened in both timelines.  I actually find the flashsideways more interesting right now because I have no idea how they’re going to get everyone together.  The Island story is fun, but I’m out for blood at the moment, people need to start dropping soon.  Without deaths it feels like whatever happens on the Island is just procrastination.

I did enjoy most of this episode, it’s not that I didn’t like it.  Ilana’s return was nice.  The business with Claire was interesting.  On the Island I enjoyed Jack and Locke’s conversation.  I like Kate’s talk with Claire.  It was all good.  But after three awesome episodes almost in a row it’s hard to sit back and watch this kind of episode.  5.0/10.0

By the way, who’s “The Last Recruit”?  Jack?  Really?  The title was a little confusing.

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609 – Ab Aeterno


The first time I watched this episode I was half asleep and jet-lagged.  I managed to miss most of the extremely obvious Biblical connotations.  But when I wrote this post and watched it again it took me almost three hours to finish it.  I had to keep on pausing, rewinding and rewatching those crazy scenes with all my favorite characters.

I want to give a big high five to all the Lost community, for once we were almost completely right as a group about a backstory.  The Richard backstory has been on our minds for a long time, and looking back we guessed a lot of it right.  So kudos to you and me and all your friends for finally getting a theory right.

This episode was about Richard, but when you analyze the episode it was the Jacob/Smokey struggle that really stood out.  This episode clearly defined what’s been going on between those two for hundreds of years.  That conversation back in the Season 5 finale is now completely understood.

The Biblical parallels are extremely obvious and that shouldn’t shock anyone.  In stories with supernatural good vs. evil characters most people think first of the Genesis account and the subsequent struggles between God and the Devil.  Of course we’ve all been distracted by the Egyptian overtones, but looking back we should have seen their relative positions coming.

The first part of the episode dealt with Ilana a little.  She got a fake little flashback.  Then Jack had a little bit of fun, you can see how every time you see him he’s slowly transforming into a willing Candidate.  Then at the end of the episode we got a great scene with Hurley and Richard and a ghost.  I really believe that Hurley is becoming the prime Candidate.  He’s just too good at this stuff.

This episode was just terrific.  The only complaint I have is that the wine metaphor was really bad.  Besides that it was perfect.  You should no by now how much I love it when they depart from the regular Lost format.  10.0/10.0

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Good vs Evil: Jacob & “Locke”

It’s been a while since I did a Good vs. Evil post, and I’ve put this one off for a long time.  I mostly want to write this now because it seems like everyone is grasping at straws trying to figure out if we’ve been misled, maybe Jacob isn’t as nice as we like to believe.  I think it’s possible that people have lost some perspective about the issues.

And one disclaimer before I continue.  I feel very strongly we can discuss whether someone is good or evil.  I know many people dislike it when I debate these things, they wants more vagueness, they don’t want their favorite characters pigeon-holed.  But I like drawing lines in the sand.  I want there to be barriers between good and evil actions.  In the end of this show there will be two side, and I don’t think they will both be good and both be evil.  I’m pretty sure there will be villains and there will be heroes.

And another thing, I have to write this post about Jacob and “Locke”/Smokey because they are undoubtedly on opposite sides, if I write about one of them then it affects the other one.

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Foreign Theory: Two Sides of the War

This Foreign Theory comes from DocArzt, always a great source of interesting and, most importantly, possible theories.  This one starts out with a biblical discussion of Jacob and Esau.  Biblical theories are always fun.  Then it goes on to analyze both sides of the war, Jacob’s and Esau’s. 

You can check out the theory here:

Two Sides of the War

– izi


Lost Comic-Con 2009 Analysis

Comic Con 09 01

First of all I should say SPOILER ALERT.  I personally don’t think that anything that happens at Comic-Con is a spoiler but some people do.  So you’ve been warned.

Secondly, you should probably check out these videos from Comic-Con:

The Panel

The Videos

Now on to the analysis:

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V.S. – Jack Sees Christian 1 2 & 3

105 - Christian 02Episode:

104 – Walkabout

105 – White Rabbit

Scene Synopsis

At the very end of episode 104 Jack sees Christian standing in the Ocean.

In 105 Jack sees Christian all over the Island, but never manages to talk to him.  He also find his empty coffin. 

This is essentially Christian’s origin story.

(I could also mention Christian’s first appearence in the Missing Pieces, but it doesn’t add much to the discussion.)


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