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602 – LA X (part 2)


(Sorry for the confusion everyone, I prematurely published this last night before it was done.)

So I can’t give this episode the same credit I gave the premiere, for the invention of this new and wonderful format, but that still doesn’t make this a bad episode.

This is the episode where we finally get to see the Temple, inside and out.  That’s a pretty big accomplishment.  With the Temple comes a lot of Others action, always a favorite of mine.

We also get a last word from Juliet, “it worked”.  I have a feeling that line will be extremely significant as this season goes on.

Back on the beach there is quite a bit of fun.  “Locke” takes control of the situation.  First he makes sure Ben feels as bad as possible about what he’s done, then he spouts off some actually logical assessments of the Oceanic survivors, then he takes down Richard and throws him over his shoulder.  This guy means business.

In the Islandless timeline we’re left with mostly a Kate story.  She escapes from under the Marshall’s care and pretty much gets away.  We get our first glimpse of Claire in a long time.

Jack loses Christian and has a run-in in with the strangely positive Locke.  They get along and Jack promises to fix Locke.  Kind of a great setup for future episodes.

The contrast between the two Lockes, on the Island and off the Island is quite amazing.  Terry O’Quinn is angling for another Emmy.

Oh yeah Sayid didn’t die.  Yeah, who would have thought he’d survive?  Truly shocking (I need to find a way to properly express sarcasm, it never really comes out right).

I think I’m still buzzed from the excitement of this new format so I might not be being totally objective here.  I’d say this episode counts at about a 9.0 on my scale of awesomeness

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Lost Comic-Con 2009 Videos

If one wants to remain completely untainted by spoilers of Season 6, official or otherwise, then don’t read ahead.


The Comic-Con 09 panel was posted on Saturday.  Here are the other official videos that were shown at Comic-Con.

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502 – The Lie



This episode was Hurley-centric. That hardly means anything anymore though. He got one single flashback and one vision. Having an episode “about” a character isn’t what it used to be. It occurs to me that the last episode was probably Daniel-centric, but again, that doesn’t mean much anymore.

At the beginning of this episode we see Jack convince the Oceanic 6 and co. to go with “The Lie”. Then this episode continues on with Hurley and Sayid’s story. Hurley now has an unconscious Sayid in his car. He first consults with his ghostly guide, Ana Lucia, then he goes to his parents house. Sayid’s obviously in trouble but it takes a while to do anything about it. Hurley admits to his parents that he’s been lying for a long time, he even tells his mother the real story. In the end he rejects Ben’s offer to go back to the island and he turns himself over to the cops. Most Hurley episodes are funny. The one that isn’t, the season 4 premiere, was tragic in it’s own way and really got us in the mood for season 4. This episode seems to be all over the place. It’s sometimes funny, and it’s never really sad, but at the same time this isn’t a funny episode. I think the writers got a little stuck on the Hurley parts of this episode.

In other news Kate meets with Sun. Sun tells Kate that she forgives her for leaving Jin behind. Then she tells Kate to defend herself and Aaron by any means necessary.

On the island the people left behind are having trouble getting by. They can’t make fire and when they finally do get food they get attacked. They are shot at by The Hostiles (I’m assuming, I know). Then Sawyer and Juliet are captured by Dharma people, and saved by Locke.

Right at the end of the episode we get to see the mysterious Mrs. Hawkins at work. She is behind a huge machine that appears to be searching for the island. It’s also revealed that she’s working with or for Ben. This was my favorite part of the episode by far.

Good episode, but the Hurley stuff wasn’t quite as good as it could have been. 7.5/10.0

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