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615 – Across the Sea


In some ways we’ve been waiting for this episode since the Pilot.  We all wanted to see the flashback of the beginning.  Of course we were wrong, there was no beginning.  People have always been on the Island, evidently.  Or at least the beginning is too boring to talk about.  The point is that there is no grand genesis account.  The Island is Special, but not special enough to be defined.  As we already knew, it has some crazy energy on it.

We may have wanted an Island flashback of the very beginning for a long time, but we’ve only wanted a Jacob/Esau flashback for one season.  But it seems like we’ve been waiting forever.  So we got it, and it wasn’t that impressive.  Jacob and Esau weren’t Cabbage Patch Kids that sprang out of a plant on the Island.  They weren’t Egyptian gods.  They weren’t Cain and Abel (specifically, probably there are some references to Cain and Abel).  Neither of them are demons (well, probably not).  They were just humans with the same origin, but two diverging paths.  Jacob got to be the Island’s Guardian and Esau got to have a fate worse than death.  He couldn’t die, so now he’s a fancy cloud of smoke.

I can’t pretend that I wasn’t disappointed with this episode.  It was kinda like turning left at an intersection when you’re supposed to turn right.  But before you even get a chance to do a U-turn you realize it’s a cul-de-sac.  You follow the roundabout thinger, and then you’re kinda going in the right direction again.  Then you finally get to the intersection where you started and you realized you spend most of your time going nowhere.  If you had just turned right in the beginning it would have been a lot easier.  This episode made it looks like both Jacob and Esau were headed in strange directions, but then at the end they got back on the paths that we knew they were on.  This episode wasn’t a waste of time, but it certainly wasn’t a great use of it, especially when there’s so little time left.  4.0/10.0

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Foreign Theories: When the Statue Fell


This theory isn’t actually very foreign.  It was proposed by a reader of this blog, Parisa.  You can read her comment here.

Taweret Statue four toed223-four-toed-foot-01

What she proposes is that when Locke turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel in episode 505 – This Place is Death, that caused an earthquake.  Miles actually mentioned an earthquake, I had completely forgotten about that.  If you’ll recall when Locke turns the wheel, our group is on the Island at a time when the Statue is still standing.  The only other time we’ve seen that statue standing is in the opening scene of 516 – The Incident.  It’s very possible that those two scenes happened at the exact same time.  And let’s all suspend our disbelief for a second and remind ourselves that this is Lost, that kind of coincidence isn’t out of the ordinary.

So the point of all that was to show that Locke turning the Wheel was likely the cause of the statue to fall.

516 - Black Rock 02the-black-rock-02

But the theories not over yet.  Parisa next says that turning the Wheel also caused the Island to move and possibly scoop up a certain ship that we saw floating in the water near the Island.  The next time we see the Black Rock (assuming that the ship is the Black Rock) it was in the middle of the jungle.

That’s a very tidy little theory, and I found it extremely convincing.

What do you think?

– izi


Where’s Daniel?


This is probably the most immediate mystery in the show, especially for people like me.  Daniel is currently my favorite character.

509-sawyer-01Let’s examine our evidence. 

1. What Sawyer says

Jack asks, “Did you say Faraday?  Is he here?”  Sawyer responds, “Not anymore.”  This is very open-ended, it could mean almost anything.  It is very important though, it’s the entire reason why we’re looking for him.

2. The opening scene in season 5

501-daniel-01This scene is easy to forget because at the time that we originally watched it it made no sense.  But we’re all a little older, maybe a little wiser (I’ve always wanted to say that), maybe now we’ll understand it.  Nope, I just watched it, it’s still pretty cryptic.  It seems as though Daniel is still in the 70s at this point.  He’s working for Dharma under the Orchid station.  Other than that it’s hard to tell if this is in 1974 or 1977 or anything else.

3. What Charlotte Says

508-charlotte-01Charlotte tells Daniel that when she was a child Daniel came to her and was crazy and scary.  Now admittedly Daniel can look a little rough around the edges at times, but last time we saw him he wasn’t scary, and he was only slightly crazy.

4. The 2008 Comic-Con Video

 Remember this video, oh what fun we had overanalyzing this little video clip.  But perhaps it will come in handy again.  This scene has not happened yet, it wouldn’t surprise me if it never happened, but still I’m keeping an eye out for Pierre.

5. The 2007 Comic-Con Video

209-pierre-01Bear with me, this one is much more indirectly related to Daniel.   This video shows Pierre freaking out when a rabbit from the future (or the past) comes to close to a copy of itself.  Now keep that in mind.

Remember the other comic-con video, the one from 2007, it was an outtake of the Orchid video.  In that video Pierre gets very, very frightened when a time travelling rabbit get’s near another copy of itself.  We don’t get to see what would happen if they touched or came too close to each other, but it’s safe to assume that it wouldn’t be good.

503-ellie-026. Eloise in 1977

You may not have put much thought into this, but in the last episode we found out that Eloise Hawking is still on the island in 1977.  This may or may not be a shock to you, that doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is that Daniel Faraday is most likely older than 30.  So that means that he was probably born on the island and he’s probably still there, as a child. 


If Daniel is there as a child and there as an adult he might be concerned about contacting himself.  Pierre seemed pretty worried about those two rabbits getting near each other.  It’s possible that could mean that if the rabbits touch it could kill them, but I find it unlikely that Pierre was worried about a rabbit’s life.  It seems more likely that something crazy, and explosive might happen if they touched.  It’s highly likely that Daniel knew that too (he’s smart), so perhaps he wants to avoid that kind of situation.  In that case he would want to leave the Island.  How can someone leave the island?  Two ways, the Submarine, and the Frozen Donkey Wheel.  We’ve seen Daniel checking out the Frozen Donkey Wheel in the 70s, so I’m leaning towards that.  If he managed to turn it, that would mean that he went to Tunisia in the 70s, that’s unfortunate.  Hopefully he managed to go forward in time more than that, I’m thinking sometime around 2007.

But before Daniel turns the wheel he needs to do two things, scare Charlotte and tape that video with Pierre.  I think it’s highly likely that Daniel will show up off the island in 2007, meet with Desmond and Penny, and convince them to go back to the island with him. 

Unrelated stuff

503-penny-01Daniel was probably born on the island (see Eloise in 1977) , that would mean that Charlotte and Daniel were born on the island and grew up on opositesides of the fence.  It’s kinda poetic in a Romeo and Juliet kind of way… uh oh, that means Daniel’s probably going to die soon (just kidding).

I’m going to put a Foreign Theory up pretty soon about Daniel and Penny, but it should be clear to everyone that they are likely related.  There lives are too intertwined for them not to be connected.  Stay tuned.

– izi


Good vs. Evil – Charles Widmore


I intended to talk about both Ben and Widmore but I had a surprising amount to say about Widmore so we’ll leave it at that.

I enjoy arguing for the “other side”.  When I see people assuming one thing I like to argue the other side, not because I believe it, just to add to the discussion.  I tend to think that most people believe that Widmore is evil.  We’re obviously meant to question that assumption all the time.  But in general we see these him do more “evil” acts rather than “good” acts.  Let’s try to look at the big picture though.

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505 – This Place is Death



Apparently I had very low and narrow expectations for this episode.  I expected to get Rousseau’s story, so when I got that before the second commercial break I was a little surprised.  This episode had it all.  I still can’t even believe it.  Smokey, Christian, The Frozen Donkey Wheel, The Temple, Charlotte’s death, Charlotte’s backstory, Mrs. Hawking, Desmond.  All I wanted was Rousseau, this is like buying a bag of chips and finding money inside (whoa, that was a weak simile, I really shouldn’t write these things so late.)

So we got to see what happened to Rousseau, it was surprising, and satisfying.  I expected to see more, but I can fill all the blanks in.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Ben take Alex, but that was hinted at in this episode so I guess that’s enough.  Did anyone see Smokey coming?  I never factored him (it?) into her story at all.  And the Temple!  Really shocking and interesting developments.

Charlotte dying was unfortunate.  Ironically I am accepting this death well.  I don’t even know if it’s definite, but it really felt that way.  The recurring guest star thing was way too much of a tip-off.  But I’m glad she told us her true backstory.  It’s something that we can guess about for a long time now.  I doubt we’ll be getting many answers, but it’s fun to have these guessing games.  (Why am I so OK with her death, I held out hope that Rousseau was alive for a long time, I even came up with many theories to keep Nikki and Paulo alive.  And now Charlotte dies and I don’t even care, I really liked Charlotte too.  I’m weird.)

The Sun and Jin jazz was pretty good too.  I actually felt bad for Jin, he just got back to the land of the living and he already laid his own life aside to protect Sun’s.  Sad.

And suddenly Mrs. Hawking is the last hope for mankind, everyone converges on her at once.

This episode was intense, and I won’t be forgetting it soon.  I’d have given it a high score for the first 15 minutes, but it just kept going and going.  And a huge improvement from the last episode.  10.0/10.0

(Note: This is one of those prolific episodes that you can base a lot of theories on, not unlike “The Man Behind the Curtain” or “Cabin Fever”.  If you have any theories about this episode, or if you know of any good theories about this episode on other sites please tell me about them in the comments.)

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