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406 – The Other Woman



This episode and the next one are probably the least important out of all the season 4 episodes.  They are the closest thing to filler that we will probably see.  But that doesn’t mean they are bad episodes.

This one deals with Juliet and Ben’s relationship.  We get to see Juliet’s third, and likely final, on-island flashback.  This fills in the blanks in the last flashback.   And while this episode is good because it shows what a terrible and at times frightening time Juliet had on the island, it also shows a lot of Ben’s power.  We see him get revenge on Juliet for not falling in love with him, we see him assert his authority over her (in one of his creepiest scenes ever), and we see what Charlotte and Daniel feel about him.

Charlotte and Daniel take up most of the story on the island.  They strike out on their own on a mission to protect themselves and everyone else on the island.  They disable The Tempest station so that Ben can’t use it again to kill everyone on the island.

A few of the lines caught my attention.  Claire mentions the Hot-word “hostile” in reference to Locke’s group, this could be foreshadowing for season 5.  Ben and Juliet talk about Jacob’s list.  And Harper says that Juliet looks just like her.  All potentially important stuff.


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In Preparation for Season 5: Lovers

Here is the fifth episode from sl-Lost‘s In preparation for Season 5 videos.  This time it’s about the couples that have formed during the course of the show.

– izi


316 – One of Us



I didn’t see the end of this episode coming at all.  That was a huge shock.  I am very impressed with the writing of Juliet’s character.  The writers had the whole thing planned out from the first episode.  This kind of episode really inspires confidence.

As for the story, I loved it.  The survivors get a new Other to keep as a captive and we get to see how their perspective on them has changed over one season.  In season 2 they caught Ben and they tortured and kept him separated.  This season they have a definite Other and they essentially let her into the camp.

There’s also a bit of important info.  We find out that pregnant women on the island die during their pregnancy.  We get to see how Mikhail works.  We saw what it’s like to live with The Others.  What I thought was pretty interesting was the way that Ben used Jacob’s name to get power over people, and the effect it had on Juliet.  That was shocking.

This was a great episode.  8.0/10.0

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301 – A Tale of Two Cities


Awesome opening scene, less than awesome episode.

I feel exactly the same about this episode as I did about the season two premiere, it starts out great, but then drops off into slow and boring character development.  The pace on this episode is glacial, it’s all just setup scenes with no real payoff.

The flashback in this episode was useless.  It has no purpose and doesn’t solve any mysteries.  I personally think that at some point in the future it will mean something but right now, it sucks.

And I have no proof of this, but I believe that this episode was originally meant to be a Juliet flashback.  I’ll bet that would have been too confusing so they switched it to a Jack flashback.  Again, I am assuming all of this, but that is how it seems to me.

I’d give this episode the 6.0/10.0

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207 – The Other 48 Days


And here it is people, one of my favorite episodes of all time.  I could watch it over and over and love it every time.

In this episode we get to see what happened to the poor Tailies for the 48 days before we saw them.  So while we were feeling sorry for the main survivors, thinking that their lives were stressful, we had no idea the kinds of things that could have been happening.  The non-Tailies were lucky that they got Ethan, the less competent Other.  All he was able to do was botch a kidnapping of Claire, then get himself killed.  On the other hand The Tailies went through hell.  If you haven’t watched this episode recently I suggest you do, it’s quite an ordeal.

The problem is, it makes me dislike the whiny people that we watched for all of season one. 

10/10 without a doubt.  I love on-island flashbacks and I love when the writers mess with the shows format.

(Note: Just for fun, since the writers changed the format of this episode, I thought I’d change the format of my revlysis.  I got rid of all the names of the survivors who aren’t in this episode.  And I’m putting pictures on the side in chronological order.)

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