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614 – The Candidate


Now I’m really glad that I wrote my death list last week.  At least I was partly ready for this bloodshed.  Four down, and the best part is, they were all people I wanted to die!  I didn’t really predict Sun and Jin’s death, but it wasn’t unwelcome.

I was strangely annoyed by Jack and Locke’s conversations in the hospital.  Just let Jack to the surgery, everyone wants that, screw your guilt, Locke.  Anthony Cooper came back for a few seconds, but it wasn’t the same.  This wasn’t the character that we all grew to hate, it was a boring brain-dead version… sigh.

This episode was probably the most stressful episode yet.  First the part with Kate almost getting shot (which seems comical now); and then invading the sub, and Kate actually did get shot; then the bomb, then the bomb again and everyone escaping the sub… more like half the people escaping.  I was on the edge of my seat, and my hands were literally shaking.  Lost isn’t the most stressful show I watch, I get more stressed watching episodes of Damages or Survivor (I’m literally vibrating during almost every tribal council).  But this episode really got to me.  Maybe preparing myself for the deaths only made me more aware of their inevitability.

Obviously I really enjoyed those deaths, but after the episode one of my friends said this was the best episode, and I found myself disagreeing with that fiercely.  I’m having a hard time deciding how I feel about this episode.  Off the Island was a drag, we all wanted one thing to happen with Jack and Locke, and Locke dashed our dreams.  Not great.  It was good that “Locke” finally gave up the charade and tried to kill everyone, that innocent act was getting annoying.  I loved the ending with only four people on the beach, that was a great shocking image.  I liked four things in this episode, and I really liked them, but I’m not prepared to call this episode perfect.  8.5/10.0

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Time to Die

The show’s almost over, the clock is ticking.  We all have to ask ourselves, who’s going to die?  And, more importantly, are we ready for our favorite character’s death?

As you probably know, I was extremely shocked when Ilana blew up.  For some reason I thought she was safe.  But no one is safe.  The show is nearly finished and many people must die before it ends.  So I want to look at each of the characters and try to prepare you, and myself, for their possible deaths.

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610 – The Package


Yay!  A character that I like is back!  Poor Desmond is having a pretty rough life.  That’s what he gets for having a happy ending before the show ends.  I knew that was a bad idea.

Widmore and “Locke” have their fateful reunion.  It was surprisingly early, but that’s forgivable.  I’m sure we’ll see a lot more from these two.  (I’m also betting that Widmore will be dead sooner than we might expect.)

Meanwhile, on the beach, Richard finally realizes that he’s smart so he comes up with a plan.  He decides that they have to destroy the Ajira plane so that “Locke” can’t leave.  Of course their plan will change once Widmore gets involves.

It’s possible that this was the most entertaining Jin and Sun flash (be it -back, -forward or -sideways).  That’s not saying much though.  I was happy to see Mikhail again… heh heh heh.

I’d say a third of this episode was totally useless so I’ve give it a 6.5/10.0  that’s pretty good for a Kwon episode.

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Better Season 6 poster

Way back at Comic-Con the Season 6 poster was blurrily revealed.  It’s a picture of all the main characters of Lost standing in a row with Locke in the center.  There was a some confusion and debate about who exactly was in the poster.  Well we now have a better quality version of that same poster.  It’s still not good quality, but we can see who all the characters are.

So here it is:

Season 6 poster 02

From DarkUFO.

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505 – This Place is Death



Apparently I had very low and narrow expectations for this episode.  I expected to get Rousseau’s story, so when I got that before the second commercial break I was a little surprised.  This episode had it all.  I still can’t even believe it.  Smokey, Christian, The Frozen Donkey Wheel, The Temple, Charlotte’s death, Charlotte’s backstory, Mrs. Hawking, Desmond.  All I wanted was Rousseau, this is like buying a bag of chips and finding money inside (whoa, that was a weak simile, I really shouldn’t write these things so late.)

So we got to see what happened to Rousseau, it was surprising, and satisfying.  I expected to see more, but I can fill all the blanks in.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Ben take Alex, but that was hinted at in this episode so I guess that’s enough.  Did anyone see Smokey coming?  I never factored him (it?) into her story at all.  And the Temple!  Really shocking and interesting developments.

Charlotte dying was unfortunate.  Ironically I am accepting this death well.  I don’t even know if it’s definite, but it really felt that way.  The recurring guest star thing was way too much of a tip-off.  But I’m glad she told us her true backstory.  It’s something that we can guess about for a long time now.  I doubt we’ll be getting many answers, but it’s fun to have these guessing games.  (Why am I so OK with her death, I held out hope that Rousseau was alive for a long time, I even came up with many theories to keep Nikki and Paulo alive.  And now Charlotte dies and I don’t even care, I really liked Charlotte too.  I’m weird.)

The Sun and Jin jazz was pretty good too.  I actually felt bad for Jin, he just got back to the land of the living and he already laid his own life aside to protect Sun’s.  Sad.

And suddenly Mrs. Hawking is the last hope for mankind, everyone converges on her at once.

This episode was intense, and I won’t be forgetting it soon.  I’d have given it a high score for the first 15 minutes, but it just kept going and going.  And a huge improvement from the last episode.  10.0/10.0

(Note: This is one of those prolific episodes that you can base a lot of theories on, not unlike “The Man Behind the Curtain” or “Cabin Fever”.  If you have any theories about this episode, or if you know of any good theories about this episode on other sites please tell me about them in the comments.)

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413 – There’s No Place Like Home (part 2)



A recap of this episode would be insanely long, and if you read the last one then you’ll know that it won’t really make sense anyways.  The problem I have with analyzing this episode is that I already did that.. for a month.  I referred readers to my coverage last time and I’ll do it again.  Go here if you want to see all that I said about this episode back in June.  (Note:  I wrote all that jazz way back in June, so I may have changed my mind about a lot of those ideas.  Just don’t hold me to any of the crazy things I said back then.)

But let’s get on with it.

Technically the most important things to happen in this episode are:

-The Oceanic 6 get away

-Ben moves the island

-and Locke is the man in the coffin

All great things, they’ll have a huge bearing on the rest of the show, and especially season 5.  But, to be completely honest the reason why I’ll give this episode a 10.0/10.0 is because Desmond got back with Penny.  I know that it would be just as good without that scene, but that’s the most significant thing in my mind


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407 – Ji Yeon



This episode is essentially a continuation of D.O.C. with some fun Freighter activity thrown in.  Sun decides that she doesn’t believe what Juliet told her in that episode and she wants to go to Locke’s camp.  Juliet stops her by telling Jin that Sun cheated on him.  Bernard tells Jin that wives are always right and Jin eventually agrees.  They decide to stay with Jack and try to get rescued.

In the flashforward Sun delivers her baby.  In the parallel, but unrelated flashback, Jin buys a stuffed panda bear.  Sun mourns Jin’s death.  All very sad stuff.  I wasn’t angry at all with the writers tricking us like this.  I thought it was terribly clever.  Apparently other people don’t share my enthusiasm for this kind of trickery.

On the freighter Desmond and Sayid hear Charles Whidmore’s side of the argument about the fake 815 plane.  And they meet little ol’ Kevin Johnson.  That’s right, it’s the return of every ones favorite panic eyed villain, Michael!  It’s unfortunate that word got out about his return, it would have made for a great reveal.

The episode wasn’t bad, the extra trickery in Jin and Sun’s flashback/forward was the shot in the arm that their flashes needed.  And it’s always fun to see old freinds return.  7.5/10.0

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season 4 finale: Jack and co. getting back to the island (part 1)

This is my last season 4 finale post that I plan to write.  It is focusing on season 5 a lot.  Again I used to have a huge long post but I’ve split it up for ease of reading.  I’ve tried to make these some of the most significant posts that I can, they almost touches every character on the show, the ones that I don’t talk about here I mention in my last few posts about Locke’s on-island problems.  After this I am going to get started on reviewing old Lost episodes.  So stay tuned.  I’ll also give you a few days to digest this post, so read on.

As far as setups go on Lost, that was a pretty satisfying one.  At the end of the finale the writers put in a scene in which Ben, the Mastermind, and Jack, the “Leader” (I still think he’s an awful leader, but that’s his favorite role), come together and join forces to accomplish one thing: Getting back to the island.  They have two obvious hurdles in doing this.  First they have to convince “all of them” to go back.  And then they have to find the island.  So we have to questions: Who? Where? & How?  (Where and How are very similar so I’m grouping them together)


I guess what they were doing here is leaving season 5 very open ended.  By saying all of you have to go back, Ben left the possibility that he was only talking about the Oceanic 6 (and Locke) or maybe everyone who left in the finale (The Oceanic 6 + Desmond, Lapidus, maybe even Jin, Daniel, & Walt).

I think having it open ended allows the show-runners to have more freedom with the casting.  For example Jeff Fahey the actor who played Frank Lapidus was a guest star all season (this actually led many people to believe that he would die).  But since he doesn’t actually have any serious commitments to the show it is unlikely that he’ll come back full time, there are a lot of actors like that.  I mentioned in an earlier post that Henry Ian Cusick might not want to come back full time either (Updated, see comments below, I was way wrong on this, luckily).  So who really knows what’s going to happen.  But who cares about the Hollywood side of Lost let’s get back into the mythology.

Why does everyone need to go back to the island?  does the island not accept single people back onto the island?  Do they really need to go back as a group?  And who are those that have to go back?  I tend to believe that when Ben says you all need to go back, he means only the Oceanic survivors.  That means Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, Locke.  There are three other people who are in a sort of gray area for me: Ji Yeon, Walt and Aaron.  I’ll go through all of the characters separately (and backwards!).


The stuff about Aaron is terribly confusing.  All paranormal signs advise guardians of that child to keep him in LA, and away from his blood relatives, I really don’t know what to make of this.  I think we should obey them simply beaus whenever signs appear it usually means that death is around the corner.  So I doubt he’ll be going back to the island, probably he’ll stay with Kate’s mom.


As for Walt, I believe it’s his destiny to live on the island.  And I bet Jacob really wants him to come back too, or else he really doesn’t want him to come back, in which case I think he definitely will go back (I like the way I think).  I’m not entirely sure what was happening with Walt in season 1 & 2.  I know there was some kind of brainwashing, that was shown in the Missing Pieces, but I don’t know if The Others kidnapped Walt because they just liked having slightly psychic children around or if it was because Jacob asked for The Others to take Walt, (maybe he was on Jacob’s List).  Who knows, I just want Walt to come back, as I mentioned in my earlier post.

Ji Yeon

I don’t think Ji Yeon will be coming back.  I think since she wasn’t conceived until they got onto the island and she wasn’t born until they left, she isn’t terribly important.  If you noticed, in the scene with Sun and Mr. Whidmore, Ji Yeon was said to be with Sun’s mother.  I think that was a setup to imply that Sun could easily spend time away from Ji Yeon.  Not that I think that’s a good thing, but it’s an important story element.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about more important people (namely adults), stay tuned.

– Izi

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