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Top Ten Shows of the Decade

I thought I should follow the annoying internet trend and make a list of the tope ten shows of the decade.  But since I’m lazy and I hate the idea of a top ten list of anything I’ve decided to put as little effort as possible into this list. (I do like reading other peoples lists, but it’s hard to rank my favorite shows.  Also I don’t think anyone is objective enough to rank these shows, the decade has barely ended, how do we know that Modern Family is so good and Community isn’t?).   So instead of writing about shows and running out of enthusiastic adjectives I’m creating a photo list:

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2009 Emmy Winners

Lost 0130 Rock 1Damages 1

Here are all the winners from last nights Emmy Awards.  Some good: Michael Emerson, Glenn Close, 30 Rock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock and 30 Rock.  Some bad: Bryan Cranston, John Cryer, Cherry Jones.  (Here are my predictions and a list of the nominees, in case you care: 2009 Emmy Nominees.)

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TV Shows updated

Weeds 1Arrested Development 1Carnivàle 1
Dexter 130 Rock 1Battlestar Galactica 1

Look everyone, I updated my TV Shows page.  In case you’ve never found this page, it’s essentially a list of all the other TV shows that I enjoy.  It’s ever so much fun.  And now it has pictures!  Come visit it:

TV Shows I watch

What did you have planned this summer?  Hopefully it didn’t involve anything outside because I want each and every one of you to watch one or all of the shows on that list (start at the top for the best results).  Let’s do a quick analysis of where you are now in your TV watching habits:

If you only watched one or two of these shows then you have a lot of work to do.

– izi


504 Ratings

Whoops, sorry I’m late.

Here are the Nielsen ratings for the last episode of Lost:

504 – The Little Prince

10.98  million viewers

4.7/12  18-49 viewers

The numbers are slightly down from last week, but nothing too special about that. 

What I’m really noticing is how bad shows following Lost perform.  Life on Mars had 6.01 million viewers this week.  It will get cancelled soon.  ABC is not a patient network and losing almost 5 million viewers is not good.  But there has never really been a good lead-out from Lost.  It started with Alias way back when Lost first started, that ended quite soon after Lost got going.  Then there were shows like Invasion, The Nine, Daybreak (that might not count).  Last year they had Eli Stone, and it didn’t do too badly, but it was on Thursday so it had a better chance.  My point is that most shows following Lost don’t perform well and subsequently get cancelled.  Kinda sad.  I have a theory about this phenomenon (it’s not actually a phenonemonon, I just like the word phenomenon), after I watch Lost I don’t have a great desire to watch another drama, especially a serial drama, that could explain why most of the shows tank.  If only ABC had some kind of comedy to put on after Lost, perhaps something high-concept, something that would still engage us crazy Lost fans.  Oh wait, they did have something like that, Pushing Daisies, but it was just cancelled.

– izi


Lost criticism

So I went on my Tag Surfer today on WordPress to check out all the Lost posts on WordPress and I found this little gem.  This was written by a terribly angry former Lost fan (I don’t actually know if she has watched Lost, she’s definitely seen the commercials though).  I normally ignore this kind of stuff, it’s not worth arguing with people who have made up there mind so completely.  But this woman is so insanely bitter towards Lost that it’s worth a read.

I should say that I agree with the first part of her rant, it’s a tragedy that Pushing Daisies got canceled.  I’d be willing to say that it’s the saddest cancellation since Arrested Development.  But it should have never been put on Network TV.  I am thankful that ABC did give it a chance and very surprised that they gave it a second season. 

That was a fun detour, but now back to Lost.

– izi


Pushing Daisies, premiere tonight


I know that I just wrote about this on Saturday, but it is really exciting.

The season 2 premiere of Pushing Daisies is premiering tonight at 8pm on ABC.  It is sure to be glorious.

– izi


Hijack: New Shows (Sept 28-Oct 4, 2008)

More shows to watch:

Little Britain USA

Sunday, Sept 28, HBO

Little Britain was outrageously funny. The characters created on that show are just too much.  I have no doubt that this show won’t catch on here in American, but I’m telling you, you’re missing out.


Monday Sept 29, 8pm, NBC

I still don’t know what it is about Chuck that I love, but I can’t stop watching it.  The show is funny, but not hilarious, the story is good but not great, the characters are fun but to wonderful.  This is the kind of show that I would have watched when I was younger, maybe that’s why I like it.

This season should be interesting.  They technically don’t need Chuck anymore.  And if he’s nothing more than an obsolete computer, does that mean they’re going to chuck him?  (ha ha, that was funny, you have to admit.) 

They have a cavalcade of guest stars this season including Tony Hale (Buster from Arrested Development), that should be enough to get you to watch.  And in some perfect casting, they are getting Morgan Fairchild to play Captain Awesome’s mom, now that is hilarious (they’ll look like an Old Navy commercial).

Pushing Daisies

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 8pm, ABC

This show is glorious, I didn’t give it enough attention last year while it was on.  This year I’m changing that, I’m making sure everyone knows how good this show is.  The delivery of this show is a miracle.   It’s like someones imagination on the screen. 

Not only is the show beautiful, but the acting is great.  All of the characters have little quirks that work so well.  Sure they all talk a mile a minute, but that’s what makes the episodes so wonderfully dense.

If you haven’t seen this show then I definitely recommend it.  I actually believe that it should be on before or after Lost to offset the intensity of Lost.

– Izi

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