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508 – LaFleur



Anybody surprised by Sawliet?  It’s not the couple that shocks me, it was the whole “I love you” thing.  I didn’t expect them to be so serious.  And it’s nice that Sawyer swore off Kate, but I think that might have just been a setup for some internal struggle.  [sigh..]

So they’re stuck in Dharma times.  1974-1977, I hope we get flashbacks during that large gap.  What we got tonight was a great setup for a fun little era.  The Dharma era on the island isn’t the most unknown of the islands mysteries, but it’s a large span and we can be sure that a lot will happen.  A lot already did happen, we got to see the dynamic between Dharma and the Hostiles, we saw a few of the Dharma crew at work, and any parts with Horace are fun.  I can’t say that I like the new girl, Amy, but maybe when she stops crying I’ll like her more (it’s very unusual that I’m not liking a new character).

But who really cares about Dharma when we got to see the four toed statue in all it’s glory.  I don’t want to go too deeply into my theories about it here, skip to the end if that’s all you care about.

This episode was a great example of a setup episode.  There have been a lot of setup episodes over the course of the show, and not all of them are good.  They seem to postpone the action and excitement until the next episode.  This episode has a balanced amount of both setup and story development. 7.5/10.0

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501 – Because You Left



(I’m going to try not to start every revlysis with the word wow, or whoa.  It’s tempting but it’s going to get repetitive.)
Yowza!  That was intense.  So we spent about eight months debating whether the island went forward in time, back in time, or moved in space, it turns out we were aiming way too low.  It seems as if the people on the island are just taking a tour of the islands history.  They are moving in time (and sometimes space) and experiencing different eras on the island.  (Just for you’re reference, I’m going to call that skipping.)

This episode stated with a Desmond-like flashback, this time with Pierre.  We see Pierre’s baby, and we see what a typical day in the life of the Dharma boss is like.  We get a great reference to the Frozen Donkey Wheel, showing how Dharma found it.  And Daniel shows up, seemingly in the past.

That leads into what happened immediately after Ben turned the wheel.  Simply put, the people on the island moved in time.  First they were sent to the time when Yemi’s plane crashed.  Ethan shot and threatened Locke, and that was that.  Then it skipped forward to an unknown time, after the Hatch was blown up.  It could have been after 2004, or it could have been during seasons 3, or 4.  Richard visits Locke and tells him that he has to bring everyone back to the island.  They skipped again to a pre-crash time period.  Daniel visits Desmond and tells him that Desmond has to go visit Dan’s mother in Oxford.  And that’s the end of that.

Back to the Oceanic 6 storyline.  Ben and Jack continue preparations to go back to the island.  Kate get’s served with papers which demand a maternity test (is that right?).  And Sayid and Hurley have an adventure.  Sayid has apparently gone rogue, doing the opposite of what Ben wants, he tells Hurley to do the same.  Sayid kills two more people and Hurley is seen with a gun, implying that he’s the killer.  Sun gets another conversation with Mr. Whidmore.  We learn that their common interest is Ben (luckily) and he demands some respect.

The skipping story element is glorious.  It has the potential to solve all of the mysteries of the island.  Now they can go back to any time period and learn everything about the people there.  We can see what happened with Rousseau, The Hostiles, Dharma, The Others and even the original people, the ones who built the four toed foot and Ben’s door.  This is very exciting.  Ironically the Oceanic 6 storyline, the exciting part of the last season, has now become the least exciting part this season.  Oh well, it’s still fun, just less so.

9.5/10.0  (Just because my brain hurts.)  It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the people on the island fail, trying to change the future.  They’re going to have a fun season.

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